Chris Brown - No Guidance (Official Video) ft. Drake

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
  • “No Guidance" ft. Drake out now!
    'Indigo' out now!:
    Director: Chris Robinson
    Executive Producer: Andrew Listermann
    Production Company: Riveting Entertainment
    Producer: Kevin Boston
    Creative Director: LCR$
    Miami Production: Sway Mendez & Blakpro
    Director of Photography: Joshua Reis
    Choreographer: Josh Smith
    Editor: Jeff Selis @ Bonch
    1st AD: Ev Salomon
    Colorist: Dave Hussey @ Company 3
    Casting Director: E-Mills
    Art Director: Luis Roman
    Location Manager: Roger Stone
    Miami Production Manager: Jermaine Anglin
    LA Production Manager: Erica Nagai
    Beauty FX: Max Colt @ Frender
    Online Editor: Michael Hull @ Riveting
    Audio Mixer / Sound Design: Tony Crowe
    Video Commissioner: Nicholas Robespierre
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  • Unwriitten
    Unwriitten 10 hours ago

    Someone said these two link up and prank call Rihanna 😂

  • Jack Andrew
    Jack Andrew 11 hours ago

    5:49 just trying to help out

  • k williams
    k williams 11 hours ago +1

    They get on ma last nerves 😂😂😂

  • TheMsLollidella
    TheMsLollidella 11 hours ago +1

    How u get music so loud there aint even speakers out here lollll

  • The Raining Sista
    The Raining Sista 12 hours ago +1

    Drake is really really funny 😂😂😂

  • David Wang
    David Wang 12 hours ago +1

    No one dance better then Chris ok this is a fact Jesus told me.

  • Gina Campbell
    Gina Campbell 12 hours ago

    Shocked he didn't bust out his adorable hotline bling dance...😆 But it's Drake. We love you nmw you're doing!! 😍🥰 And're the only one who can do a song with drizz and not have the spotlight taken off of you..both your flex is on OD lol #Genius LOVE this song!!!

  • Evolution Of Beauty
    Evolution Of Beauty 13 hours ago

    Drake and Chris has been canceled but DAMN I like this song. #DamnYouAmerica #DamnYouDrake #DamnYouChris 😩😩😩

  • David Davis
    David Davis 13 hours ago

    Hit that mf with the Kamehameha 😂😭🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  • Alexis Pierce
    Alexis Pierce 14 hours ago

    This is old school Chris Brown and I'm so here for it!!! 👌

  • gta5incool
    gta5incool 14 hours ago +1

    Damn this song is hella fire actually tho 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young 14 hours ago +1

    Canada and UK music > American music

  • Victoria Gabrielle
    Victoria Gabrielle 14 hours ago

    VVV.... This Song... 😁🌹😁 ....

  • GaytoHassemKader
    GaytoHassemKader 14 hours ago +18

    Chris Rap/ist !

  • Joe Walker
    Joe Walker 14 hours ago

    Wha...? No hotline bling moves??🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Nicole Spain
    Nicole Spain 14 hours ago

    This is #1 for 2019! I love this collaboration

  • X'OtilweO'D
    X'OtilweO'D 14 hours ago

    I'm just surprised Chris didn't mind dancing to Drake's part. Glad they could come together to make this song tho

  • Funkslave
    Funkslave 14 hours ago +1

    This song is dope, it actually deserves way more views

  • Balwinder Kaur
    Balwinder Kaur 15 hours ago

    Drakes an amazing actor he would kill everybody with acting skills. Who cares about dancing that’s for pop singers.

  • Darrien Carlos
    Darrien Carlos 15 hours ago

    Still drake is the wetman Chris u good

  • Romeo Dlamini
    Romeo Dlamini 15 hours ago

    Stick to rapping bra 😂

  • Lux Vivanova
    Lux Vivanova 15 hours ago

    This was better than any movie I've ever seen!


  • BigBoi
    BigBoi 15 hours ago

    0:00 - 5:46 Drake
    5:48 Aubrey

  • Jennifer Elzie
    Jennifer Elzie 16 hours ago +1

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Doug S
    Doug S 16 hours ago

    Chros brown looking ducking lost and weird with that hair and outfit bro haha. Kid can dance tho. Like a Little Black Mexican Chris hahahaha

  • Doug S
    Doug S 16 hours ago

    I’m happy they put aside there differences and came together man. I’m not the biggest drake fan and I do not bump his shit out loud hahahah. On the dL I do. But Chris I will bump haha. These two together though is a killer song man

  • Renata Gutierrez
    Renata Gutierrez 16 hours ago

    Chris brown got fine fine 😍

  • LifeofTori
    LifeofTori 17 hours ago

    Chris Brown's personally, like when the little boy messed up at the end is why I love and support him.

  • Zayda Harris
    Zayda Harris 18 hours ago

    drake tried to dance but he knew that Chris could dance better then he did

  • GhetRekted
    GhetRekted 18 hours ago

    This is going down as a classic!! I'm calling right here & now.
    This is one of those tracks where it doesn't matter where u at or whatchu doin', soon as it starts...u vibin'.
    Just like Tamia's "So Into You" & every rendition of it after that...

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 19 hours ago

    They need to gone head and do the album

    RED JACKAL 19 hours ago

    envidioso javier stupid qiere a sus padres muertos todos los dias asta la eternida

  • Shane Bailey
    Shane Bailey 19 hours ago +1

    How Chris Brown Lures girls to be his punching bag

    RED JACKAL 19 hours ago

    envidioso javier qiere a su hermano juan y su familia muertos

  • Venom Plays
    Venom Plays 19 hours ago

    I just wanna know what Drake was doing???😂

  • ILoveBallin
    ILoveBallin 19 hours ago

    6:26 6:32 wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

    MRIDUL TALUKDER 19 hours ago

    Okay okay

  • davidvillatoro123 roblox

    5:27 i dont wanna play no games, 8:13 and 2:25

  • Tinesha Cooky
    Tinesha Cooky 19 hours ago

    Love the video

  • abner juarez
    abner juarez 19 hours ago

    78 mil views... this music video is so underrated. I should be in the hundreds on million... I’m ganna keep watching until it gets there 😁

  • alisha caffey
    alisha caffey 20 hours ago

    Go Chris Brown and Drake

  • alisha caffey
    alisha caffey 20 hours ago

    All I got to say is that both of them are really good

  • sarahxney
    sarahxney 20 hours ago


  • sarahxney
    sarahxney 20 hours ago


  • monica
    monica 20 hours ago

    That is my favorite song you got it corisbrown and Drack

  • Dchi Giovanni
    Dchi Giovanni 20 hours ago

    Chris brown is a dancing legend

  • Gassed henrik
    Gassed henrik 20 hours ago

    its sooo cringe when chris fuckin dance ough...

  • No Name
    No Name 20 hours ago

    I thought it was about to be Hotline Bling all over again.

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato 21 hour ago +1

    4:13 OMG i love when He does that face .o.

  • Lazaro Renaud
    Lazaro Renaud 21 hour ago

    Ja ja ja desde cuba, el mio chris brown te best reapper con this fockin world

  • Renee Wood
    Renee Wood 21 hour ago

    This song was fine until chris brown showed up.

  • Fleabrain
    Fleabrain 21 hour ago

    Chris Brown is so much hotter than fat ass Drake, and Chris has a way better voice and is WAAAAYYY better dancer. Team Chris!!!

  • ipeleng mathabe
    ipeleng mathabe 21 hour ago

    All of the great songs we missed out on cause the two were beefing 💔😭

  • TTVGetClapped
    TTVGetClapped 21 hour ago

    I love this song bruh !!!!

  • prettythug2731
    prettythug2731 22 hours ago

    I See Sum PpL StiLL Worried abouT My ReVue
    SiLence .. SiLence .. 🇵🇷🧢🧢🇵🇷 ... !!!
    iT MusT oF Been his FLY Kicks *

  • Midwest Kandi
    Midwest Kandi 22 hours ago

    Drake is so basic..his lyrics NEVER match his actions.

  • Maddie Bridenstine
    Maddie Bridenstine 22 hours ago

    Chris brown tho 😩🔥

  • FlightReacts Plug
    FlightReacts Plug 22 hours ago

    Chris Brown I’m a youtuber

  • Aaron Wills
    Aaron Wills 22 hours ago

    7:07 Ightt ima head out 😂😂😂

  • Simply DeAndre
    Simply DeAndre 22 hours ago

    Da real Gangsta is the lil kid