How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring as a Beginner | Home Renovation

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring as a Beginner!
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    Installing vinyl plank flooring is an easy home renovation project that can totally change the look of a room. Avoid beginner mistakes with some tips and tricks I share along the way. This vinyl flooring can even be installed over other floors like linoleum vinyl sheet, wood laminate and tile. And best of all it can be done with basic tools. #flooring #vinylplankflooring #homerenovation
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  • Fix This Build That
    Fix This Build That  3 months ago +24

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    • Quisha Williams
      Quisha Williams 9 days ago +1

      when are you getting evicted? why would you be doing the floor if you can't afford 180.00 a month?

    • diab ayyad
      diab ayyad 25 days ago +1


    • Linda Bonaldi
      Linda Bonaldi Month ago

      Nathan Smith k

    • Sharting Khumbubbles
      Sharting Khumbubbles Month ago +1

      how exactly did putting in a floor " bring the room together " sounds like bs to me , thats idiot talk to sell a job . bring the room together ? was it apart before ?

    • Luigi R.
      Luigi R. Month ago

      can this floor be taken out if I am in a rental apartment and I lay it down in tile floor? does it leave any markings? thanks
      and great video btw

  • Mohammed ali Ali
    Mohammed ali Ali 12 hours ago

    Great work and experianced guy...

  • Dagoberto Araya
    Dagoberto Araya 23 hours ago

    very nice work but I have a question what happens with the expansion of the floating floor, I think we should leave a space on the sides or not

  • Ariete Arms RAMLITE

    Well done

  • Clarissa Hood
    Clarissa Hood Day ago

    I thought you have to remove the tile prior to installing vinyl... I was going to do the same, but the home depot employee told me that was a horrible idea.

    • Sheldon Woodhouse
      Sheldon Woodhouse 22 hours ago

      looks like linoleum flooring hes putting it on. hard to tell but either way this is a floating floor and should be fine as long as your flooring is all level

  • Texas Piece Dealer

    Behind my fridge. Hehe

  • Mohammad Taweel
    Mohammad Taweel Day ago

    مافهمنا تركيب الارضية بدون للاصق

  • Mahmood Patel
    Mahmood Patel Day ago

    I want to done in my house plz send me the address thanks

  • John Coughlin
    John Coughlin 2 days ago

    Just curious , if you were to put this in a bathroom do you need to remove the toilet or just go around it?

  • sillysausage72
    sillysausage72 2 days ago

    Great video! 👍
    Been thinking about doing this in my living room.

  • PaintFiicker
    PaintFiicker 2 days ago

    Thank you!
    I’m planning to remove all the carpet in our RV and replace with vinyl planking. Your demo is very helpful.
    BTW I’ve liked and subbed, too!

  • Steve Evets
    Steve Evets 2 days ago

    Cheers for the pattern separation idea worth watching for that

  • cimbakahn
    cimbakahn 2 days ago

    Fix This Build That: But you're putting it on top of the already existing tiles. I heard you should never do that. That you should take the old tiles out first.

    • No Thanks
      No Thanks 2 days ago

      cimbakahn i was thinking the same but perhaps the floor or slab was actually level. So whoever put the tile in did a great job and he had a true level surface to work with is my guess. Not bad in a high traffic but smaller area such as a laundry room. Looks good.

  • Onewokae Andrew
    Onewokae Andrew 2 days ago

    i love how you put into consideration how neat and flush things should look so you're not left with a pile of mess afterwards. Great video splendid explanations! thank you FTBT

  • kbpryor1
    kbpryor1 2 days ago

    There’s no paint behind several big furniture pieces, but the real secret is there’s no stacked stone on the wall~side nor floor tile underneath my huge bathroom vanity!

  • Wagner Ignacio da silva

    Está meio lento meu amigo demorou muito e preciso preparar a base

  • diego cortez
    diego cortez 3 days ago

    You better hope this video convinces my mom to let me buy my room a new floor 😂😂

  • john tran
    john tran 3 days ago

    What about vinyl on uneven tiles? Will it still work or will it bucket up and raise up one day?

    • Sheldon Woodhouse
      Sheldon Woodhouse 22 hours ago

      interlocking planks, i doubt it will but it probably depends on how uneven they are and you might hear/feel it push down if its bad enough

  • Gomer Pyle
    Gomer Pyle 3 days ago

    Unpainted walls behind toilets. Lol

  • artlitmusic
    artlitmusic 3 days ago

    Thanks! I didn't know you could use a utility knife to score them, and as a lady who has never done this before and is leery of saws, this is a really terrific find.. :)

  • Trix 1975
    Trix 1975 3 days ago

    Way too fast

  • Van Le
    Van Le 4 days ago

    Nice job bro I wish you can come my house do all that lol!

  • Brooke S
    Brooke S 4 days ago

    I just watched your bathroom reno. and was wondering if in the future, you would redo the sink (the cupboards and sink) as well as adding cabinets or other additions in here. Just curious!

  • matt man
    matt man 4 days ago


  • MrYoucandoityourself

    Hi, very good idea put a plank over the foam and cut it!

  • Didin andrianto
    Didin andrianto 5 days ago +9

    why you not using underlayer foam to reduce step noise like common hpl flooring

    • Eric Umbarger
      Eric Umbarger 4 days ago +3

      These thicker vinyl planks have it built in

  • ThatGirlK AllDay
    ThatGirlK AllDay 5 days ago +5

    See! That's why I need a man who can do all this! My eyes hurt watching this! 😩😂 But great damn work!!!! 💯

    • Orhan Gecer
      Orhan Gecer 3 days ago

      I m the best in this work. Think about.

  • Solrac Leunam
    Solrac Leunam 6 days ago +2

    Mal instalación con el
    Peso se va a ir marcando las lozas de abajo tenias q preparar el piso con panel liso antes

  • Adenilde Nilda
    Adenilde Nilda 6 days ago

    Trabalho lindo demais.parabens

  • Vera Josef
    Vera Josef 6 days ago

    Good job 👍🏼

  • Jhon Dumaop
    Jhon Dumaop 6 days ago

    I don't think double tiling is good in a washroom.

  • carlos garcia
    carlos garcia 6 days ago


  • Moises Garcia
    Moises Garcia 6 days ago


  • jay Chuck
    jay Chuck 7 days ago +1

    What was brand and dimensions of that tile ? That's
    exactly color and style I'm looking fro Thanks.

    • Michael Arnold
      Michael Arnold 7 days ago

      Yes, please. I want to replace my grey vinyl-strip flooring, lol!

  • I.M. Grimripperroo
    I.M. Grimripperroo 7 days ago +1

    NEVER, EVER, think, look at or consider buying this type of flooring for your home or dog house...

    • A W
      A W 7 days ago

      I.M. Grimripperroo why

  • Moses
    Moses 7 days ago

    My unpainted walls are in plain sight. Good video👍👍

  • Masi Adood
    Masi Adood 7 days ago

    Most of the steps are unnecessary

  • Risky Nights
    Risky Nights 7 days ago

    Don’t need to glue down your floor?

  • michael taylor
    michael taylor 8 days ago

    Behind the toilet 😂

  • the way I see it
    the way I see it 8 days ago +2

    You must have a lot of time on your hand to replace your old laundry room floor, it looked ok.

  • Jonathan The Mad
    Jonathan The Mad 8 days ago +2

    Whats the software that you are using for the 3D moduling?

  • Terry Ishless
    Terry Ishless 8 days ago

    Aaaahhh the poor home owners carpet

  • saravis56
    saravis56 8 days ago +1

    Nice you showed what can go wrong. Excellent.

  • Steven Stewart
    Steven Stewart 8 days ago


  • LuV-AlL-CaRs
    LuV-AlL-CaRs 9 days ago +1

    What 3D planning software did you use?
    Great work btw!

    • ChloeG.
      ChloeG. 8 days ago

      Looks like sketchup :)

  • Xea On aka Bibi On
    Xea On aka Bibi On 9 days ago +5

    This is the 1st video that included real issues doing flooring, moving, measuring cutting having power tools no joke. Good stuff

  • X1SoccerGamer
    X1SoccerGamer 9 days ago +2

    That's cool. I usually get rid of this stuff. Now I see the people that leave vinyl under vinyl lol. I do water mitigation and demo and wet damaged materials

  • Anthony Intelisano
    Anthony Intelisano 9 days ago

    Thanks for this. I laid tile before and that was a pain. Mostly the cuts. My whisky collection has grown so large I thought about converting a unused bedroom into a whisky room. I figure rip up the carpet , lay down some hardwood floors and some bookcases for the whisky. I didn't want to spend 800+ though. I'm assuming the spare bedroom is 10×10. Ive seen some flooring start at $2 and change per sq foot. So for $300 ish . yeah. Its a no brainer. Looks like this method is easier than glue down. I thought floating hardwood floors needed a foam layer under them to dampen the sound? I guess that's optional?

  • Steve Ryan
    Steve Ryan 10 days ago

    Aren't you suppose to use a felt pad under the planks?

  • بنت الشيوخ
    بنت الشيوخ 10 days ago


  • Honu425
    Honu425 10 days ago

    @9:45, A hole saw works better and cleaner.

  • Honu425
    Honu425 10 days ago

    Behind the toilet!

  • bunhead8
    bunhead8 10 days ago

    this is far from a beginner video...

  • tammy kim
    tammy kim 10 days ago

    Thank you !!!

  • Sarah Rumzis
    Sarah Rumzis 10 days ago

    unpainted behind the stove lol thanks for the video!

  • Luke Peters
    Luke Peters 11 days ago

    what software do you use for your layout?

  • Shab Kopra
    Shab Kopra 11 days ago

    I don’t understand why u guys make very difficult for the people watching this videos at home it’s very simple to insulated any floor

  • Amir kashaniPour
    Amir kashaniPour 11 days ago +5

    Love that you are showing all the ways this can go wrong...thanks!

  • Richard Bricker
    Richard Bricker 11 days ago

    After a water leak destroyed our Pergo flooring the disaster restoration company the insurance company sent out tore it all out including the sub floor down to the joists, They treated and sprayed the floor joists then installed new sub flooring. The guys were saying we should look into luxury vinyl. We found a wood look planking online and used the manufacturer's website to find a local dealer. After choosing "their" factory authorized dealer who installed the floor we felt the extra $1,400 we paid above the insurance company allowance was worth it. Fast forward around 8 months. The short ends that interlock together started lifting. We notified the installer who brought a roller and rolled the floor and tapped down the interlocking short ends. Some ends wouldn't stay down. They used a plastic pry bar to pry up some ends enough to inject a glue in the seam. They laid a heavy disc to hold together while glue dried. Said it was standard in the industry ? Glue bottle had floor manufacturers logo and name on it. Seemed legit. They left and a week later unglued ends lifted back up. Called once more. Installer came and said the manufacturer needed to be notified of issue. Manufacturer sent out a inspector. Asked how long floor was acclimated before installing. After explaining what that meant to me I stated they took it out of the van, brought it in and installed it. He said it was supposed to sit in our home for 48 hours before install. Said it was improper installation so warranty wouldn't cover it. Contact installer. I told him to contact the installer, the company said he was factory authorized. I called the installer who came and removed the floor marking planks. They reinstalled the same planks gluing every joining seam. Assured it was OK as it is a one piece floating floor. Within 3 months the short ends were cracking where the over lap interlocked. Called again. Installer came and put some type of caulking in the short end seams. Manufacture's name & logo on tube. Seemed legit ? So they razor knife all the short ends off and caulk between short end of planks. It actually looked pretty good. "For a week". Naturally the caulking didn't hold. So, took pictures, called our lawyer and let him handle it. Went back to a Pergo floor after reading bad vinyl floor reviews on about all the products.

  • Snow Bird
    Snow Bird 11 days ago

    You never said what kind of floor you are going over. Is it vinyl too?

  • Luis Aguilar
    Luis Aguilar 11 days ago

    Saludos Bety good

  • Team Pennick
    Team Pennick 12 days ago

    Do you recommend using a product like Ardex feather cement first on old wooden floors before laying down luxury vinyl planks?

  • Bricksandmortars
    Bricksandmortars 12 days ago

    Recently fitted similar stuff without the use of power tools can be done even the long board cuts with a hand saw, but otherwise pretty accurate

  • Kexin Li
    Kexin Li 12 days ago

    What’s the modeling software you used? Is there any free version? Thanks!

  • Hamp Repper
    Hamp Repper 13 days ago

    I can't find the link to the "layout" software you use. Nice clean explanation & video. Thanks

  • daveat191
    daveat191 14 days ago

    Does it sound like thin junk when you walk on it?

  • bob caygeon
    bob caygeon 14 days ago

    That water drain in the floor is a great addition and often overlooked. They are a necessity in laundry rooms and below dishwashers.

  • Antii_fame
    Antii_fame 14 days ago

    Should placed it in a pattern looks good still though

  • Tuấn Bolero
    Tuấn Bolero 14 days ago

    Thank you so much. Subscribed!

  • Donald Mousseau
    Donald Mousseau 14 days ago +1

    Why no underlayment?

  • Ruel Funelas
    Ruel Funelas 14 days ago

    Good stuff..thanks man

  • scott young
    scott young 14 days ago +3

    Use a pliers to snap the long cuts, my dad used this exact stuff for his living room

  • Luna the Coyote
    Luna the Coyote 15 days ago +1

    *hMm YeS tHiS fLoOr Is MaDe OuT oF fLoOr*

  • Flatrell Cluggins
    Flatrell Cluggins 15 days ago

    On the walls

  • MsTanner18
    MsTanner18 15 days ago

    How much are those beautiful flooring?

    • scott young
      scott young 14 days ago

      If you find a good deal, they can be relatively cheap per square foot

  • Zach Coleman
    Zach Coleman 15 days ago

    What's up with that weird inside corner where the dryer exhaust vent is?

  • PJ stewart
    PJ stewart 15 days ago +1

    Amazingly nice

  • PJ stewart
    PJ stewart 15 days ago

    behind my radiator

  • Phuoc Nguyen
    Phuoc Nguyen 15 days ago

    That's weird. I just ordered from Filterbuy for the first time last week.

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness 15 days ago +1

    Your laundry room is beautiful. It is the laundry room of my dreams. I love that shade of blue, and the bright, sunny window, and the new floor. Lovely.

  • ramiro rodriguez
    ramiro rodriguez 16 days ago

    Funny. Just came from looking at a job where the lady wants 1100 ft of this installed. 🤔

  • S Salman
    S Salman 16 days ago

    I prefer your previous floor.
    But can we apply it on the kitchen countertop

  • Livereater00
    Livereater00 16 days ago +3

    great video... verifies why I had the flooring store put the floor in for me, haha

  • syed hasan
    syed hasan 16 days ago +1

    Nice Video 👍

  • Canada Eh
    Canada Eh 17 days ago +2

    Nice and Clean....

  • Fix it Force Morrissey

    For all beginners out there. Get a floor scraper and scrape off the old flooring. Your future self AND whoever does the floor after you will be thankful.

  • akidojlaw537
    akidojlaw537 17 days ago +2

    Thank you for taking the extra time to do this video; the camera angles, explaining everything and helpful hints.

  • JTrader1981
    JTrader1981 17 days ago +5

    What program did you use to 3D render the floor?

    • Honu425
      Honu425 10 days ago

      Looked like Sketchup.

  • Craig Maritza
    Craig Maritza 17 days ago

    you're fit!

  • Spongecake Squareshoes
    Spongecake Squareshoes 17 days ago +1

    You shouldn't really fit vinyl on top of vinyl as it sweats, due to being non porus.

    • Chado
      Chado 16 days ago

      Then why do they use the bubble wrap under the vinyl?

  • S S
    S S 17 days ago +1

    Those errors will cause me to want to refer to just this video should I ever use the plank flooring I bought back in dec

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe 17 days ago +2

    I'm wondering how long before the tile gaps show thru the floor. I would have done an underlayment or quickset before installation.

    • Dan Morris
      Dan Morris 17 days ago +1

      Its supposed to float on a very thin foam type underlayment. This aids in expansion and contraction. Also helps hide imperfect original floors from telegraphing through to new floor. Like nail pops or cracks. Not good time to skimp. Use underlayment.

  • mrwascally t
    mrwascally t 17 days ago +3

    the drain pipe may work , but a floating floor of that type will leak thru the joints and around the edges .

  • Romildo Carlos
    Romildo Carlos 17 days ago

    fico muito bom!!

  • ld2102011
    ld2102011 18 days ago +1

    Nice job, great video! You make it looks so easy, very helpful hints and so informative. Very motivating, thanks!!!

  • Lowered Expectations
    Lowered Expectations 18 days ago +2

    Thank you for including your errors and subsequent fixes. That is really helpful to us non-pros.

  • James Harder
    James Harder 18 days ago +1

    Yeah this is the long way to do it, but not the best I would patch the vinyl, glue down vinyl plank, because any water goes under the plank from the washer will cause mold, glue down will protect you upon any issues, plus cheaper and you don't need power tools!

  • Vanessa Contreras
    Vanessa Contreras 19 days ago

    Missing paint behind my toilet tanks!

  • rjtumble
    rjtumble 19 days ago +1

    So frustrating. We did a similar vinyl floor install, but we didn't know about the tapping block or install kit (HD people didn't even mention it). Watching how you used yours made it clear they were a huge help compared to how ours went.

  • ZekeHURDLER21
    ZekeHURDLER21 19 days ago

    My “hiding” unpainted walls are in plain sight... lol 😂