John Stossel - Failed Education Monopoly

  • Published on Apr 1, 2011
  • John discusses the problems of public school with guests Sherry Street (school voucher advocate) and Joel Klein (former chancellor of NYC schools).

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  • Joseph Geiger
    Joseph Geiger 2 months ago

    That's the racist bitch that dared to give black people a shot at a good education.

  • Rick Uyeda
    Rick Uyeda 2 months ago

    I voted for Vouchers. I don't have any children so I see no benefit to my tax dollars. With Vouchers, I could give mine to my sister. Her girls go to private schools. My nieces have never gotten less than an "A".

  • allan gill
    allan gill 9 months ago +4

    i watch this seven years later and nothing has changed!
    America is DOOMED!

  • Joel
    Joel 11 months ago +1

    I say do away with public schools all together. There should only be private schools held by lottery, and a fixed rate.

  • Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera


  • myphonyaccount
    myphonyaccount Year ago

    How quickly conservatives forget what private education was like in the Oliver Twist days before public schools. Why not FIX instead of privatize?

  • Optimistically Skeptical

    For the money we spend and for our placement in comparison to foreign nations, our school system sucks major A&%!!! Allow the free market to find solutions and force the public education system to improve or follow the dinosaurs! Of course they won't reduce tax burden, they will keep that.

  • Latvija27
    Latvija27 Year ago

    Schools don't need money they need whiteboard markers.

  • Toby & Jenny
    Toby & Jenny Year ago

    Do you really want the churches running the schools again?

  • Tom Evans
    Tom Evans Year ago +1

    "Oh, can't have THAT! I'm ENTITLED! It's good for SOCIETY!" Blah blah blah.
    What's next, public obedience-school for dogs?

  • Rafał Kamiński
    Rafał Kamiński Year ago

    ... and the money goes round and round :)

  • Choose Life
    Choose Life 3 years ago +2


    • Raspian Kiado
      Raspian Kiado Year ago

      Choose Life Do it become a Conservative-Libertarian I'm a Libertarian-Conservative and believe me, these groups joint together leads to the best future for this country.

    • Optimistically Skeptical
      Optimistically Skeptical Year ago +1

      I know this an old post, but I would like to reply. I am a registered Libertarian and I do not agree with everything they propose, but I am a conservative at heart and simply vote for the most conservative candidate that I believe represents my closest values. We need candidates that allow business to prosper and preserve individual freedoms. I would also want a candidate that tries to limit government's role in our lives. I am very confident that the majority of families will make an effort to raise kids in a moral and ethical way and that interference from the government just usurps a parent's leadership and responsibility. So while my change to the Libertarian party may be more of a protest to the RNC, I have no conflicts with my faith or political beliefs. I still force my own conduct to that which would convey a good example to those that are around me. I don't agree with all the Libertarian views, but individual liberty coupled with personal responsibility is the behind the qualities I hold dear.

    • Christopher Rinker
      Christopher Rinker Year ago

      Choose Life quit defining yourself.. act bipartisan

    • Jeremy Juckett
      Jeremy Juckett Year ago +2

      Choose Life I understand what you mean. I'm a libertarian economically, but a conservative on many social issues.
      Yeah, legitimizing the prostitution and heroin markets may have fiscal benefits, but at what cost? Moral decay?
      I believe in extending a class of standards. To me, it is about setting an example for future generations and saying, "If you strive for health and prosperity, this is what's required."

    • 31T3 1337 N008
      31T3 1337 N008 3 years ago +5

      +Trump 2016 A system is not moral if you have to force it on people. The gov't is not the solution to upholding the family; that is up to the people.

  • Choose Life
    Choose Life 3 years ago +11


  • randknu1
    randknu1 4 years ago +1

    It' looks like they are discussing things but they all agree with eachother, Get a few representatives from the other side so you can have a real discussion. Maybe something useful will come out of it. Asking only neo-liberal market fundamentalists will only get the answers THEY want. The public scool is owned by the american people, it is there to make sure that companies have a reliable and skilled workforce to hire.

    • Captain Virgil
      Captain Virgil Year ago

      A normal Stossel episode is around 44 minutes long. This is a segment from one of those episodes. There were plenty of opposing viewpoints in the whole of this episode as well as the many other episodes on this topic.

    • Sonny Parker
      Sonny Parker Year ago

      randknu1 yes, me knowing the square root of pie and how to properly mix chemicals is going to ensure I get a good job at a law firm.

  • Rik Schneider
    Rik Schneider 5 years ago +1

    There isn't any education monopoly because of the fact that we also have private schools in America where parents with means or live in cities or counties or states that have private school vouchers they have the option to send their kids to private schools.

  • teerexness
    teerexness 5 years ago

    Stossel's right, except for his attributing the problems to teacher's unions and the DOE. The problem with those is just plain old cronyism and theft. The worse problem is the financial elite's non-profit foundations and government manipulation of all of us. That all goes back to Prussian schooling with the goal of creating compliant and obedient employees and soldiers with a deep allegiance to the state. Shouldn't the parents have 100% control over their schools? Or, educate kids themselves?

    • Joseph Geiger
      Joseph Geiger 2 months ago

      So it's rich people's fault. And I thought it was overpopulated classrooms, Under funded curriculum and over paid administrators. Wonder if the rich making parents not disaplin there kids, so thay know how to act in school? Must be.

  • dawn castillo
    dawn castillo 5 years ago +2

    i need help, they have my child in a disabled special ed program she is at least a year behind of the other kids. but they keep passing her. she is just keeping the seat warm my daughter is not disabled. if you teach her like one. then she will be. I talked to the school plenty of times. I want her out of the special ed and held back one year. so she could be in a real classroom so she can learn the right way

    • Mathew Sylvia
      Mathew Sylvia Year ago +1

      dawn castillo Your daughter could have a learning disability, or a language barrier.... Pull her out of the school

  • LibertarianUSA1982
    LibertarianUSA1982 6 years ago

    You're a moron

  • Eric
    Eric 6 years ago

    An uncreative passive and obedient employee sitting at the computer desk is exactly what a corporation needs. A few creative people at the top like steve jobs who dropped out of high school will then give the well schooled employees orders. You can find many examples of this.
    The state however is like a big corporation, it is almost the same thing.

  • nustada
    nustada 6 years ago +1

    I watched the video with Chomsky, he said basically the same. School makes you do stupid stuff, so the ones who are motivated, honest, industrious, creative... are punished. But they are the ones most useful in business.
    However the jerk-off who does stupid shit just to get the grade (paycheck) are perfect government employee.

  • Eric
    Eric 6 years ago

    RUclip "Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young" it should be the top video. He doesn't cover everything the schools do but it is the gist of how they are designed to indoctrinate.

  • nustada
    nustada 6 years ago

    The term "corporations" is too nebulous, everything from local non-profit charities, to international behemoths are corporations.
    I don't remember any indoctrination about how to be a skilled, honest, motivated and industrious, which is what businesses want. I had a ton of indoctrination about how government is God, and apparently they even screwed that up.

  • Eric
    Eric 6 years ago +3

    Lets call schools what they really are, Indoctrination centers to turn people into easily exploitable items for corporations.

    • Mathew Sylvia
      Mathew Sylvia Year ago +1

      E Rich Corporations pay the best wages and salaries in the world Einstein.... All corporate positions are middle class positions

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 years ago +1

    Specific interest? Schools teach pretty much the same shit.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 years ago

    To the contrary, people still fail under government. Just look at black drop out statistics. Despite government,and the lack of it, i think people would still slack off regardless.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 years ago

    CAn you please explain what quality means.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 years ago

    Can someone tell me why student will never comes into these debates? I was a terrible student for the most part, it wasn't the lack of money in schools or teacher quality that didnt make me do the work. It was myself lol

  • James Reed
    James Reed 6 years ago

    At first, I thought that was Condoleezza Rice

  • Mark Drake
    Mark Drake 6 years ago +1

    the problem with the public schools system (and for the higher education too) is that 1). the textbook publishing industry have a monopoly in the US public schools. the PAC's on behalf of the textbook publishing industry donate $100's of thousand of dollars money to political campaigns. 2). speaking from parents who retired as teacher/school administrator, the of majority of parents today are not sitting down with their kids to see what they have learned b/c they are working longer hours.

  • NomSkull
    NomSkull 6 years ago +2

    I failed my U.S. History class my junior year of high school. It wasn't until I got a private tutor that I realized that it wasn't me, but the my union teacher who didn't do shit but had tenure.

  • Overfiend002
    Overfiend002 6 years ago

    and for the record, Scientology's Applied Scholastics is verifiable horse shit which causes loads of problems for the poor kids who have to put up with the material because their parents thought they were choosing what was 'right' for their kids. If you don't want garbage in - garbage out, you need a consensus enforced with regulation on what you're going to teach kids. Please try living in the real world.

  • Overfiend002
    Overfiend002 6 years ago

    No, I'm just placing doubt in your views that private corporations should be given free reign in determining school material. Especially in the US of A where you already have fundie private universities that cause problems with their fucktarded views on things like science, but that's alright. It's adults making the choice to go there. Over here in Britain, the govt is trying to make a 'free school' system and we've already had schools try to get away with teaching creationism.

  • Overfiend002
    Overfiend002 6 years ago

    It appears that Joel Klein just likes saying 'Government Manahhpaly" more than actually giving a reasonable, evidence-based reason. Might as well be saying that the problem is that there aren't enough magic elves teaching the kids stuff

  • Overfiend002
    Overfiend002 6 years ago

    by your logic, you should have nationally-run Church of Scientology schools - in a free market, everyone has a choice right? Not the children of course, they generally have no choice in their schooling. What these 3 dunderheads have so helpfully pointed out is that there are no changes (according to whatever data they've fished out) in Reading, Writing and Math - not business-specific stuff. Mind, that's relative to federal spending, you might find that scores actually weren't that bad >_>

  • tipofmytongue1024
    tipofmytongue1024 6 years ago


  • rogerklotz80
    rogerklotz80 6 years ago

    john stossel confirmed for god tier

  • Leandro Avila
    Leandro Avila 7 years ago

    It's not my fault yt has character limits otherwise I would elaborate/spell properly. Stossel had nothing with you earning your degree except he and every tax payer essentially fund the cost increasing mechanisms that make it harder for you to earn one. No one owes you an education, a house, or food. Subsidizing "need" markets for the general citizen does much more ham than intended good due to the general market effects afterward (bubble pop). Personal risk = personal reward = principles of USA

  • Leandro Avila
    Leandro Avila 7 years ago

    This was genius ad hominem. His moustache has everything to do with his argument right?
    He's not saying average families should never go to college but rather to provide the average family with undistorted and competitive choices that drive prices down naturally rather than create that illusion through public subsidy which inherently increases them. If you want education, earn it. The free lunch your expecting only makes your struggle worse for exchanging choice for a temporal sense of security

  • loqiloqi
    loqiloqi 7 years ago +1

    >"You're comment wad asinine."
    I can see *you're* not benefiting from *your* educational investment of *yore*.

  • ivjdivfjalekvvjp
    ivjdivfjalekvvjp 7 years ago

    it's a positive step, though

  • Tabris Hayayi
    Tabris Hayayi 7 years ago +1

    @richardcadbury I honestly loath myself for sounding like a democrat, but this is valid question I think, how would we allow the poorer children to go to school? or would they not go? I'm against government assistance programs usually, but I could see a voucher being more reasonable than privatizing it all right away.

  • endwelfare
    endwelfare 7 years ago

    @richardcadbury amen almost everything government run is crap. need proof just go to your local dmv

  • AstroAdam
    AstroAdam 7 years ago

    @StupidCommentsMademe how is letting kids choose where to go to school going to help bring test scores up?

  • AstroAdam
    AstroAdam 7 years ago

    maybe the spending has gone up because of inflation and increased population

  • Janet Wood
    Janet Wood 7 years ago

    Once again, the teachers do not make the most money! It is the administrators, educational consultants, and publishing companies, that make the big bucks!

  • LeonSkottKennedey
    LeonSkottKennedey 7 years ago

    @carcabe actually the religious schools i'd attended actually taught math and science, but you have right to degree

  • adulby
    adulby 8 years ago

    *helicopter* *Intriguing tune* *White Caption Title* Its LibertyPen. love these videos and the awesome intros.

  • Frank
    Frank 8 years ago

    Funny how no mention bush's no child left behind

  • Janet Wood
    Janet Wood 8 years ago +9

    Taxpayers would be appalled, if they knew the amount of money that goes to pay the exorbitant salaries of so-called administrators!
    People with fancy titles by their name, but do NOTHING that benefits students.
    (e.g. Curriculum Directors, Assessment Coordinators, Program Managers, Educational Consultants, etc!)
    People that have been out of the classroom in years, and are absolutely CLUELESS!
    " . . . wined and dined by the big publishing companies!"

  • ParrhesiaJoe
    ParrhesiaJoe 8 years ago

    Oh yeah... this never gets said. The institute doing testing should be separate from the one doing any sort of teaching. A teacher's grade of a student is also an implicit grade of themselves. It is a conflict of interest, and it makes any sensible measurement nigh impossible.

  • ParrhesiaJoe
    ParrhesiaJoe 8 years ago

    Hehe... just get rid of education =P Everything I learned as a kid was because I wanted to learn it. In School, out of school. I learned to read when I wanted to read. I learned math playing with computers.

    "Sudbury schools" are the right answer. Give the kids a place to get together and play, and they end up learning if you give them access to tools.

    It is easy to teach someone that wants to learn, and almost impossible to, otherwise.

  • Othello Moor
    Othello Moor 8 years ago

    Sherry Street = Condoleezza Rice

  • bjarnet3
    bjarnet3 8 years ago

    Everything from LibertyPen is good stuff!!! Keep up the good job!

  • SuperGuitarman69
    SuperGuitarman69 8 years ago

    I have an idea. An opinion on how we can reverse course on this relatively painlessly. There is without question that home schooled children far out perform public education. Why doesn't the government give the family a 12,000 tax credit. If there income doesn't add up to 12,000 in taxes? Then pay the family the 12k to teach their child or hire a tutor. Then take 12k out of the funding of the school in their district. If they did this? Our problems would end quickly.

  • SuperGuitarman69
    SuperGuitarman69 8 years ago

    @carcabe I have NEVER seen that point of view that clearly. That was brilliantly stated my friend.

  • longlivecrow
    longlivecrow 8 years ago

    @carcabe this is a great, great comment.

  • carlindelco
    carlindelco 8 years ago

    Pouring more money into the hand of incompetency and a failed plan does NOT make it work. More teachers = good BUT no returns. ahh well I guess the "good" only serves the teachers. The fed ed. is a classic example of liberal static/artificial world creation AKA stagnation The world and humans are dynamic that is why free market capitalism works, it adapts and gets better. The people who oppose choice are the ones who HATE children. Thanks to all in vid, especially Sherry Street.

  • allksjndlkasjdkl
    allksjndlkasjdkl 8 years ago

    Oh man, seniority. There's at least four teachers at my high school who should not have their job, but are safe because of their seniority.

  • cevansroxy
    cevansroxy 8 years ago

    So THIS is where all the intelligent people on youtube hang out!

  • Elton Robb
    Elton Robb 8 years ago

    @BlameTheFirst I am beginning to wish that the nukes came down earlier than later. Government run schools are quickly becoming the bane of our nation. I'm sending my kids to private school.

  • Zendout1
    Zendout1 8 years ago

    Thank the Liberals.

  • Rik Schneider
    Rik Schneider 8 years ago

    I actually I agree with John Stossel here, when you force someone to go to a certain school. Instead of competing for students, you leave them without competition and they don't have to improve their service to stay in business.

  • Len Schulwitz
    Len Schulwitz 8 years ago

    Humorous subtitles on the 1911 version would be awesome IMO.

  • Len Schulwitz
    Len Schulwitz 8 years ago

    Condoleezza Rice lookalike

  • iLindahLIFE
    iLindahLIFE 8 years ago

    this is like buying cheap labor (most teachers who don't give a real shit) and the government not doing anything to 'change' the actual approach/system...instead throw more money to nothing. this is a strategic plan governments all over the world operate...they dont care about the real issue and use the education department to keep people dumb and make HUGE money for themselves to afford 'private' schools set up by their mates to educate their children...cunts.

  • krillin876
    krillin876 8 years ago

    To get better teachers you need to actually pay them less. I know this sounds counterintuitive( ikes?) but you need would then weed out the teacher who are in it for the money or for the passion of teaching.

  • freesk8
    freesk8 8 years ago

    @carcabe Well said! I always call them govt schools. In fact, just as a 7-11 is considered a "public accommodation" even though it is a private corp, private schools serve a public purpose. The private schools deserve the term public as well. So govt schools should not be called public. It creates a false distinction. But govt schools ARE owned and run by the govt. This DOES distinguish them from private schools.

  • MrWagman11
    MrWagman11 8 years ago

    Educating kids in public schools is such a multi-layered problem that I've come to the conclusion it's pretty much an impossible task.

  • TheLegalImmigrant05
    TheLegalImmigrant05 8 years ago

    The best way to ensure that the money is attached to the kid is to not have the money come from taxpayers through gov't (via taxation) through gov't education apparatus to parents in form of vouchers to schools, but rather directly from taxpayers (parents) to schools of their choice.

  • TheLegalImmigrant05
    TheLegalImmigrant05 8 years ago

    @58robbo "vouchers are education subsidies" Not quite, but I think I know where you are coming from. I advocate complete privatization of education. I don't want childless people to subsidize my children's education. I am quite happy to pay for it myself.

  • TheLegalImmigrant05
    TheLegalImmigrant05 8 years ago

    @scepticsteve ""Some of the programs may be good"
    I think we can safely assume that none is."
    Exactly. "Good" is in the eye of the beholder. To say that a gov't program is "good" is meaningless: good for whom? Since they are outside of the marketplace, there is no way to determine whether parents and kids are getting their money's worth.
    Throw gov't out of education. In fact, throw gov't out of everything.

  • fzqlcs
    fzqlcs 8 years ago

    @shaqdaddy11 when government shrinks.

  • David
    David 8 years ago

    @bluefootedpig Dependence on anything is just the same as slavery. I have no negative opinion of religion itself. I do have a problem with organized religion. Just the same as I have against Governmental education.

  • optionsupdate
    optionsupdate 8 years ago

    stossel needs to build a better chart

  • bluefootedpig
    bluefootedpig 8 years ago

    @carcabe Glad to see someone else who recognizes that. I often try to talk to atheists that spout about removing religion from schools when I point out that schools are just indoctrinating kids into the morals of the government. Not to say that religion is better, but we must realize that when you teach a child anything, look at who is teaching and why. Government teaching is going to teach people to follow and depend on the government, just as religious schools teach dependence on a God.

  • robertmike57
    robertmike57 8 years ago

    John Stossel is skull fucked. Look at the 120 Gulen schools that have sprung up. As well as my video on the topic: /watch?v=SsdJbAS8jD4, titled How Fetullah Gulen Islamic Public Schools Rip Off Taxpayers .

  • DDG993
    DDG993 8 years ago

    What a kid gets in school these days: Watching an inconvenient truth > obama speeches > cultural marxism... > more inconvenient truth > more Obama speeches > more cultural marxism...