The Addams Family Teaser Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Check out the official The Addams Family teaser trailer starring Charlize Theron! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: October 11, 2019
    Starring: Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Oscar Isaac
    Directed By: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon
    Synopsis: An animated version of Charles Addams' series of cartoons about a peculiar, ghoulish family.
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Comments • 1 986

  • Konstantine
    Konstantine 11 hours ago

    Hmm I wonder why they used Sherlock Holmes soundtrack

  • michael ojeda
    michael ojeda 19 hours ago

    I miss Raul Julia. I wonder if Gomez and Fester we'll sing the mamushka again? To bad Christina Ricci didn't play Morticia given that she's too old to play Wednesday again.

  • Ecija Tomee
    Ecija Tomee Day ago

    That was my favourite cartoon when I was a kid and it still is now

  • Jordan Robinson
    Jordan Robinson Day ago

    Looks interesting

  • X Lu
    X Lu 2 days ago

    Where’s Grandmama

  • Emerald Dream
    Emerald Dream 3 days ago

    I love how this weird looking family is more accepting and loving than most of the western families.
    You can clearly see how Morticia and Gomez love each other so much and so devoted to each others.
    How Gomez is proud of his son for bombing his house xD.
    How caring and advising Morticia is to her daughter.
    They are all weird but they accept each others for who they really are and that is why we love them because Addams Family are Family Goals 100%.

  • Noemi Rubio
    Noemi Rubio 4 days ago

    So Wednesday is kind of it's kind of power in the balloon I don't know she come from Bert's you have a balloon

  • Ahk Cho Lee
    Ahk Cho Lee 4 days ago

    This looks..... this looks.... It looks goddamn terrible 😢

    • Ahk Cho Lee
      Ahk Cho Lee 3 days ago

      @Angus Ng I wouldn't go that far dude.

    • Angus Ng
      Angus Ng 3 days ago

      Worse than MIB international.

  • Jessica Blossom
    Jessica Blossom 5 days ago

    I just finished the live action movies then came to this and....its not bad. I like how they used the original character models from the comic strips, brings back memories...

    PRO TAG 5 days ago

    0:44 the reference about pennywise the clown yes it is

  • Thomas Bottorff
    Thomas Bottorff 6 days ago

    Mrs. Adams looks like the one of characters from Hercules

  • Leah Furniss
    Leah Furniss 6 days ago

    Dang it did not work DONT DO IT

  • Leah Furniss
    Leah Furniss 6 days ago

    Pause the video and click this -> 0:11

  • Kitten 42809
    Kitten 42809 6 days ago +1

    I love that her braids are nooses

  • Reyna Pineda
    Reyna Pineda 7 days ago

    Yes it's here I love it

  • Kitsune Teodora
    Kitsune Teodora 8 days ago

    I'm so sad that when I was born this series wasn't anymore being quite old. I'm so happy that they brought it back!

  • ultraviolet death
    ultraviolet death 8 days ago

    Miss Addams Family so much, the old cartoon😭

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 8 days ago

    Wednesday is holding it in her right hand at 0:40 then at 0:44 it’s changes to her left hand. I know it’s a trailer and I’m looking forward to it but I just needed to point it out

  • Lazy Artist
    Lazy Artist 9 days ago +1

    I WILL NEVER GET OVER THE NEW THEME FOR *THE ADDAMS FAMILY* 0:33 look at that award winning smile

  • Oliver O
    Oliver O 9 days ago

    You were expecting maybe the Ninja Turtles???

  • Spicy Cake
    Spicy Cake 9 days ago +1

    It’s hideous
    It’s horrible

    ITS ME

  • Oscar Fuerte
    Oscar Fuerte 9 days ago +1

    1:28 y'all like my movie

  • Joanne Garcia
    Joanne Garcia 9 days ago

    Wolfheart is in Addams family what he's on stranger things

  • Lana Lllama
    Lana Lllama 10 days ago

    The art style is so ugly I hate it.

    FAKOTZA 10 days ago

    i hope this trailer just sucks, and the movie is something else.

  • Deadpool throne
    Deadpool throne 10 days ago


  • Miss G
    Miss G 10 days ago

    My family is like the Addams family

  • Gabriel Melchor
    Gabriel Melchor 10 days ago

    weird ❣❣❣💖💖

  • I G
    I G 10 days ago +1

    The remake is better than pg 13 one

  • Darren 0613
    Darren 0613 10 days ago +3

    “Strange...there’s usually a murderous clown attached to the other end of these...📍”

  • Lennon Eagletail
    Lennon Eagletail 11 days ago

    It’s funny I love the part were the man say you sink my battle ship

  • Lil Alice
    Lil Alice 11 days ago

    No offense but their body shape is so weird af 😂

  • Charlie Premo studios
    Charlie Premo studios 11 days ago

    Let's be honest, the Addams family is the only true functional family to exist.

  • ShaBon
    ShaBon 11 days ago

    *I can't wait*

  • Lil Law
    Lil Law 11 days ago

    Spiders coming out of her dress
    Me: jesus how long you guys

  • Bio Goji
    Bio Goji 11 days ago

    Why would puglesy have a bomb detonator

  • Summer LPS
    Summer LPS 12 days ago

    This is not what I grew up to love..

  • bfdi match
    bfdi match 12 days ago

    Fire in the hall

  • Todoroki is Gay
    Todoroki is Gay 12 days ago

    Finn wolfhard voices pugsly, I’m crying

  • Brostypipe Show
    Brostypipe Show 12 days ago

    This movie is toxic

  • BooBop1987
    BooBop1987 12 days ago +1

    I can't wait to see this movie!

  • Joel's Playhouse25
    Joel's Playhouse25 12 days ago

    Count me in

  • PhilPower134
    PhilPower134 13 days ago

    Oh Christ...and it's not even directed by Tim Burton

  • Isabella Bravo
    Isabella Bravo 13 days ago

    Why don't they bring out Pinky and the Brain???

  • Christian Bates
    Christian Bates 13 days ago +1

    The theme song keeps getting stuck in my head

  • Zita Macwan
    Zita Macwan 13 days ago

    I love you 78

  • Garth Davis
    Garth Davis 15 days ago

    I hope this becomes a series.

  • 4B Studios
    4B Studios 15 days ago

    With a Charles Addams style. OMG, I can't wait to see this.

  • Cansusie IS awesome
    Cansusie IS awesome 15 days ago

    It’s’s horrible... its-

    *This movie*

  • Eljunior Cen
    Eljunior Cen 15 days ago

    Chloë Grace Moretz

  • The Aarshia Bhagat's
    The Aarshia Bhagat's 15 days ago

    It was surprising....the reference to it

  • lilchild
    lilchild 16 days ago

    i love the muisc

  • Dan Horowitz
    Dan Horowitz 16 days ago

    In fall 2019 Elmo in Grouchland will be re realesed in theatres

  • Megcandygirl2019 It’s sugar2019

    Wednesday’s braids look like hanging ropes 😱

  • Megcandygirl2019 It’s sugar2019

    This movie shall never be the same as the 90,s live action television show.. or the live action movies. There ruining one of my favorite things. This movie is ruining the Adams family. But that’s my opinion.💔

  • *-Madison-*
    *-Madison-* 17 days ago

    We’re kooky
    And we’re spooky
    We’re creepy
    And blah blah
    Blah blah blah blah
    Blah blah blah blah
    The Addams family
    Days of the week:
    Days of the week *clap clap*
    Days of the week *clap clap*
    Days of the week days of the week
    Days of the week *clap *clap*
    There’s Sunday and there’s Monday
    There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday
    There’s Thursday and there’s Friday
    And then there’s saturday

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith 17 days ago

    Yeah I love the 1991 version too much... it’s just not the same animated

  • Cdawg33EX [GD]
    Cdawg33EX [GD] 18 days ago

    is this supposed to be a kid's film? just made me question cause that one chick's braids are tied like nooses

  • Mitsuki Gacha
    Mitsuki Gacha 18 days ago

    Anyone notice that Wednesday’s braids are shaped like nooses?

  • Flipsceey
    Flipsceey 18 days ago

    R.i.p Wednesdays chances of a relationship

  • JB Studios
    JB Studios 19 days ago

    The second time are I saw this which was in a theater, I realized Wednesday's braids are nooses XD

  • Cherry Blosson
    Cherry Blosson 19 days ago

    I literally spit out water when I saw Wednesday forehead and the father

  • Love Child
    Love Child 20 days ago

    “Strange there’s normally a murderous clown on the end” 😂😂😂

    LELAND KINDEL 21 day ago

    this should be called the goth family

  • charles mathis
    charles mathis 21 day ago

    EVERYONE in the comment section MUST BE under the age of at least 40. WHERE IS COUSIN "IT" ???🤔 I won't see this movie if he's not there. So drop a spoiler!!

  • Aries sky
    Aries sky 21 day ago

    I have to say Wednesday is my favorite character😂

  • Madison Amber
    Madison Amber 21 day ago +2

    Me and my grandma were in the movie theater waiting for our movie to start, and then this trailer came on. I just became a teen and therefore have just a bit more freedom to watch scary (not like Annabelle tho) movies, and my grandma looked at me as if I was crazy when I said I wanted to see it.
    This movie reminds me of tim burtons coraline. (which is one of my favorite movies)

  • Smurf Fan 456
    Smurf Fan 456 21 day ago

    MGM make a second Trailer Please plzzzz

  • manjobanjo57
    manjobanjo57 22 days ago

    Lol Pennywise reference