Voice Teacher Reacts to KPOP High Notes Compilation Part 2

  • Published on Sep 9, 2018
  • Voice teacher Sam Johnson's reaction to a compilation of many KPOP idols singing high notes live in concert.
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    I hope this observation on how they sing helps you figure out how the voice works better, so you can learn how to make smart choices in your own voice.
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  • weightycarlos
    weightycarlos 2 days ago

    "...big, impressive, best high note in live performance." DAAAAAMN! 💖

  • ian TV
    ian TV 3 days ago +1

    among all girlgroups, on twice he was unimpressed, my bias group lmao

  • Matt
    Matt 3 days ago

    God I’m so glad the Wanna One performance of never was in here ;-; same with Wendy because I adore her vocals so much

  • Sade E
    Sade E 5 days ago

    Choi Youngjae 💚

  • nea r
    nea r 8 days ago

    *voice teacher*

  • Ariana Bello
    Ariana Bello 9 days ago

    Please react to Seventeen!

  • Dear Sugga
    Dear Sugga 11 days ago

    I got annoyed because you talked so much during the video but love your videos.

  • Lirium R
    Lirium R 12 days ago

    Min 11:00 why my angel isn't appreciate 😮

  • vanesa cumaku
    vanesa cumaku 16 days ago

    Waiting for these moments
    5:30 13:46

  • shanghai.prince
    shanghai.prince 17 days ago

    Check out Pentagon. They have a lot of great vocals. Especially Jinho and Hui.

  • Meo Pan
    Meo Pan 22 days ago

    You should check out “Pentagon’s amazing vocals”. They are unbelievably good for a kpop idol group!

  • mee 3
    mee 3 27 days ago

    Sam you should listen to this triple high note from BTS' Jin. Its amazing

  • Ulani Meas
    Ulani Meas 28 days ago

    Exo does higher notes than what this video had😭

  • Tania Das
    Tania Das 29 days ago

    I'm still disappointed that Taehyung's Stigma performance here too...

  • highfallentv
    highfallentv Month ago

    Suprised Jin epiphany is not in this

  • Katorce
    Katorce Month ago

    I don't understand why Seungkwan isn't here

  • L.K music studios
    L.K music studios Month ago

    I felt sad when jonghyun came on☹️😔😞😭😢

  • chilly
    chilly Month ago

    i am a Voice Teacher.

  • Tiny tula Gaming
    Tiny tula Gaming Month ago

    When the bell rang in the video my dead ass got up to check the door at 4:30 am 😂😂

  • Morelia Tapoc
    Morelia Tapoc Month ago

    The part when Jk of Bts did highnote (9:23-9:32 min.), he's not the only one who did the highnote. He's actually accompanied by Jimin doing the highnote there.

  • tomatoherb
    tomatoherb Month ago

    suhyun from akmu deserves all the praise! she’s amazing

  • miey ara
    miey ara Month ago

    Why you just smile on that guy in white ? Is that an approval ? 😭 I want to hear yr comment...

  • Byun Dae Hwi
    Byun Dae Hwi Month ago

    i can see from the video u watch, that he/she fan of snsd and bts. because only 1 exo's cut (their main vocal are no kidding) and apink's cut (these girls also have so many good high note vocal like eunji, bomi and namjoo)

  • Petit Angie
    Petit Angie Month ago

    3:22 you should see more about APink vocals (or maybe only Eunji, but all of them are great when it come to vocals)
    In my opinion Eunji is one of the best (maybe the best) vocalist in kpop, she has a great technique and such a emotion on her voice

  • Anna
    Anna Month ago

    pls part3🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Risha Jungkook
    Risha Jungkook 2 months ago +1

    *grin like a Cheshire cat * when he complimented jimin voice 😂😂😂

  • Kayla Bee
    Kayla Bee 2 months ago +2

    i actually thought the doorbell sound in ur vid was my doorbell ringing lol

  • panda escape
    panda escape 2 months ago

    Ok suddenly jyj out😆

  • reem. dll
    reem. dll 2 months ago

    so many people trash talk IU's high note in that song and I'm glad you didn't

  • cheesu.kimbap
    cheesu.kimbap 2 months ago

    It’s Wendy,
    Ofc it’s good

  • Alyssa Lilly
    Alyssa Lilly 2 months ago

    "Hi my name I Sam Johnson and I'm a *zooms into face* voice teacher" So passive aggressive I fucking love it 😂😂😂👏👌

  • jiamienie
    jiamienie 2 months ago

    Please react to ruclip.com/video/OOuou1PJMmc/video.html I don't even a fans of him but his voice is really something 😢

  • Kirtana Pillai
    Kirtana Pillai 2 months ago

    Hi can you react to tears by all the idols

  • Rinrin chan
    Rinrin chan 2 months ago

    10:26 Ding Dong

  • Park Chorong APINK
    Park Chorong APINK 2 months ago +1

    3:18 eunji one of the best vocalists in korea.. You should react more to her high note.. I love to see when you said " the best live performance " thank u 😭😭

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep 2 months ago

    the kihyun example was kinda weak imo, there's so many other better examples of what he's capable of so that made me a little disappointed.

  • Hilal Kılınç
    Hilal Kılınç 2 months ago

    Could you please react to Yoo Kihyun from Monsta x? He is a pretty good singer and the video used here was old and cut off before it finished. His Lost In The Dream high note is amazing * - * i want to add that he also featured in a song called grandma bird and although he's been an idol for a year, his high note was pretty good -at least better than the one used in this vid 😅 lastly, he hits a high note in their Mirotiq cover very well and you should check it 😊

  • Elite PvP
    Elite PvP 2 months ago

    That pause tho at 10:00

  • Nicole Mikloiche
    Nicole Mikloiche 2 months ago

    So far, I’m 2 secs in and am now sure K-Pop is not an off brand lemon lime soda.

  • The Might of Demacia Garen

    I just finished PART 2 of KPOP High notes, still waiting for *IU* 's 3 high notes from "Good Day" to come....

  • Marcelina Cabana
    Marcelina Cabana 2 months ago

    Why I didn't see EXO and Jinho Pentagon?

  • Goth Pandasister
    Goth Pandasister 2 months ago

    I love your videos

  • Kuri Chan
    Kuri Chan 2 months ago

    Yes! The Queen of Kpop-put some respect on Hyolyn’s name 👌🏾👸🏻

  • Shin chan's Crayon
    Shin chan's Crayon 2 months ago

    That would mean so much please 😳😳

  • Epicly ünicøre
    Epicly ünicøre 3 months ago

    I loved Apink, but I still love Apink...Sadly some of them have to go...

  • Su Eats
    Su Eats 3 months ago

    Yoo kihyun deserves to be in the video

  • Samantha Toussaint
    Samantha Toussaint 3 months ago +8

    out of all the clips of Kihyun, they had to use that one

  • Puteri Najihah
    Puteri Najihah 3 months ago

    3:18 she's Apink main vocal,the video u watch is when Apink still rookies..that their debut song..she's trained only 2 month B4 debut..she's joined special audition to find Apink main vocal n success only with 1st try.. she also didn't do any evaluation like other trainers.

  • Eunice Pampilon
    Eunice Pampilon 3 months ago

    Am such a proud moomoo, such a music to my ears as he complements our queen. 7:52

  • jihyuk
    jihyuk 3 months ago

    that jonghyun part made me sad

  • --•최영재•
    --•최영재• 3 months ago

    _i need more got7_

  • Genni L
    Genni L 3 months ago +6

    Sam would you please consider reacting to Monsta X’s cover of Versace on the Floor? I think it showcases all of their vocals very well. Especially the lead rapper Joohoney’s voice 🖤

  • Just a fan
    Just a fan 3 months ago

    Still waiting for Twice “one in a million “

  • Aisa
    Aisa 3 months ago

    Didn't even stop for Mamamoo coz they are that good. Proud moomoo here 👏❤️💞

  • Krystal Vampire
    Krystal Vampire 3 months ago

    Please react to yoo hwiseung and lee hongki "Still Love You"

  • xotai
    xotai 3 months ago +1

    Somehow it just blows me away that Seventeen's DK hasn't been in any of these videos. That dude goes so high with such stability he could probably shatter glass xD

  • Ruffa Mae Deslate
    Ruffa Mae Deslate 3 months ago

    No EXO?

  • Jayden Ruangroj
    Jayden Ruangroj 3 months ago

    please react this high note ruclip.com/video/6wuquOhQgFk/video.html

  • Akire AFl
    Akire AFl 3 months ago +1

    Hi, I have watched some of your videos and I have learn so much by hearing them only, and this video was one of the ones we're I learned a lot, the only thing that I didn't like about the viveo that you watched was that they put a really bad moment of kihyun from Monsta X when he has shown to be a really good singer, I would like to ask you to watch a video about him if you don't mind.
    I like your videos and hope you keep growing here and helping people, have a nice day.

  • eizza Javier
    eizza Javier 3 months ago