How to extract Silver from a Coin (or other silver containing material)

  • Published on Nov 3, 2014
  • In this video I show you how to extract silver from a coin or other metallic material. The coin that I used is 50% copper and 50% silver.
    I loosely followed the procedure from here:

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  • Js Yall
    Js Yall 8 days ago

    Since you added an excess of copper, isn't there quite a bit of copper left in the silver powder????

  • hay woods
    hay woods 14 days ago

    Hi. I want to make silver and i got tons of pennies and nickles but you need to tell me where to get a bucket of nitrous acid at. And does it cost alot? Does the hardware place have it?

  • Jussi Tuukkanen
    Jussi Tuukkanen 22 days ago

    thank you, very interesting process

  • Muhammad Saleh
    Muhammad Saleh Month ago

    hey guys, can anyone help me with the procedure of finding the copper content of coins

  • michael cham
    michael cham Month ago

    So you dissolve silver is blue so why some video is white ??

  • K9TheFirst1
    K9TheFirst1 Month ago

    You said that you used a silver quarter, and that you lost 10% in the process. Are you sure that it was lost in the reaction? US Silver coins were "only" 90% silver, with other less precious metals filling out the rest to ensure durability. So - going by the data provided - I can't help but feel that you did in fact get the silver, and the 10% of the original mass you lost was those non-precious metals.
    Could we someday maybe get a followup or redo video? Only with solid numbers of the mass of the coin, the expected silver amount, and what was produced at the end?

  • K. F.
    K. F. Month ago +1

    Can you purchase the chemicals over the counter? How do you measure/estimate 1 troy ounce of product? How do you know the purity? Great video. Thats for sharing.

    • hay woods
      hay woods 14 days ago

      Yeah. I got tons of pennies and nickles and dimes and i just need to get some nitrous acid. Like a bucket of it would be good.

  • Max Blay
    Max Blay Month ago

    You need to make more videos like this they're interesting as hell

  • Lui Mason
    Lui Mason 2 months ago

    So if the coin is 90 percent silver u get 92.5 Sterling out off it ?

  • Dom1118
    Dom1118 2 months ago +1

    From one 90% quarter? Looks roughly about the right amount of .999 by the end.

  • OfficialTechGamer
    OfficialTechGamer 3 months ago

    I have 2M Nitric Acid solution, however I only obtained silver nitrate with heavy heating of the reaction vessel. Is this becuase I am using a solution of nitric acid and not concentrated?

  • Хатабыч Старик

    И нахрена.

  • burntorangeak
    burntorangeak 4 months ago +1

    Fun to look back, and recognize how far Niles' on air persona has evolved.

  • Alex Siemens
    Alex Siemens 4 months ago

    Can you not speed up the reactions by adding heat?

    • Nake Fatty
      Nake Fatty 29 days ago

      yes, but its obviously important to keep it controlled.

  • Hardesty Hardesty
    Hardesty Hardesty 5 months ago

    That was cool! Can u do a US coin next like a 50c peice or dollar coin? Pre 65 is silver. I know it's the same as what you just did but it would be cool to see

  • Silvally_ GX
    Silvally_ GX 5 months ago +1

    First I will add 20 ml of water
    Me: ok maybe I can try.
    Then I will add 20ml of CONCENTRATED NITRIC ACID
    Me: ok that idea was immediately shut down...

  • ebayfools
    ebayfools 5 months ago

    Didn’t you just commit a federal crime?

  • Pocket Brainbook
    Pocket Brainbook 8 months ago

    One of your equations was wrong... it should be this... 2AgNO + (WTF) + eYe M (stuPid) = Couldn't understand 1 thing you said! ... Always double check your work before you post it live.

    • Billy Walker
      Billy Walker 6 months ago

      Pocket Brainbook if you can’t understand, you may be retarded.

  • Franco Redstone
    Franco Redstone 8 months ago

    Aren't the silver quarters "rare"?

  • Shinnakrit Tangsiriwattanakul

    Do you know that in Thai, the word for the colour "blue" is literally "silver liquid/water"...

  • blue smurff
    blue smurff 8 months ago

    You know it's safe to put your hands in something when it's bubling and fumes are coming out...

    • hay woods
      hay woods 14 days ago

      Do you know where to get nitrous acid at?

  • fighting flame
    fighting flame 9 months ago

    Cant we just melt the coin to get silver?

  • Kris DeVo
    Kris DeVo 9 months ago

    Interested in trying to extract silver from Galena ore? I could send you some from Alaska

  • Tirion Lanaster
    Tirion Lanaster 10 months ago

    Could you reactive the left over nitro acid to reclaim more silver

  • Shane Schmidt
    Shane Schmidt 10 months ago

    I love this

  • David Mason
    David Mason 10 months ago

    Phillipsolo is that you

  • Don Tuttle
    Don Tuttle 11 months ago

    how many quarters did it take to get that

  • Jeff McBob
    Jeff McBob 11 months ago +1

    Is it appropriate to assume when he says water he is referring to distilled or de-ionised water?

    • Awkward Seal
      Awkward Seal Month ago

      You can't go wrong assuming distilled

  • cookeddan1
    cookeddan1 11 months ago

    Is " glob" the technical term?.

  • darkSorceror
    darkSorceror Year ago

    Would be interested to see you do a video on the properties and uses of colloidal silver. All I know is it's sold by snake-oil merchants, and turns gullible people's skin blue.

    • Thomas Jensen
      Thomas Jensen Month ago

      There is very little silver in colloidal silver....and you have to take WAY more than recommended to turn your skin greyish blue. And colloidal silver is sold just about everywhere now. Silver is antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral.

  • Nicholas Worrell
    Nicholas Worrell Year ago

    Your finger nails are dirty. Looks like you've been scratching your crack.

  • Highways6
    Highways6 Year ago +1

    Put iron pipe in solution and get the copper back

  • Samuel B.
    Samuel B. Year ago

    Next video show us how to extract a silver coin from silver

    • Maggie P
      Maggie P Year ago

      Take ball of silver
      Hit with hammer until flat

  • Muneeb H
    Muneeb H Year ago

    Watching old videos 😁

    MILLEN LA FLEUR Year ago

    My god! There's nothing you can't do

    BIKASH RAY Year ago

    thanking from tau

  • Hassan Raza
    Hassan Raza Year ago

    Could this process be used to determine nickel content in a coin?

    • Maggie P
      Maggie P Year ago +1

      You'd have to find a way to isolate the nickel, but once you do that, you can weigh it, and compare the weight to that of the original coin.
      This should give you a good idea of %.

  • Brian Park
    Brian Park Year ago

    After the first silver extraction, add salt or hydrochloric acid to precipitate AgCl. Filter. To the AgCl, add NaOH in crucible and fire. Then add carbon powder and fire again to get silver metal missed in the 1st extraction. Some borax will help coalesce the silver. Dump while molten as you did first and wash in water to dissolve the borax & salt.

  • Ryan Salladay
    Ryan Salladay Year ago

    I’ve got a photo showing essentially the same process and two different beakers with the same solution yielding two different results. Can I somehow show you and take a guess at what went right and what went wrong? Great video and great channel thanks for sharing with us!

  • Aniket Kalekar
    Aniket Kalekar Year ago

    any ideas on how to cement silver from photographic bleach fix. Any suggestions appreciated.

  • osr ra
    osr ra Year ago

    Hello thank u for these video but can u teach us the ways to test stones that contains metals like gold silver ect and thanks again

    • FreakyFrizzle
      FreakyFrizzle 11 months ago

      Check out Cody's Lab for that kind of content!

  • Gustama Amanusa
    Gustama Amanusa Year ago

    Hi, i have an issue to make a hot fire, hot enough so the silver powder will melt
    I use fire torch just like you, but the silver didn't melt
    Any tips ?? Thanks

  • Gustama Amanusa
    Gustama Amanusa Year ago

    Hi, i have an issue to make a hot fire, hot enough so the silver powder will melt
    I use fire torch just like you, but the silver didn't melt
    Any tips ?? Thanks

  • Caters Carrots
    Caters Carrots Year ago

    Wouldn't HCl also work to separate silver from other metals and leave you with almost pure silver chloride which you can then add sodium hydroxide and dextrose to to convert silver chloride into fine particles of silver metal? I have also seen copper being used to form silver on the surface which then falls off.

  • Carson Allard
    Carson Allard Year ago

    What molarity should the nitric acid be?

  • Andrew Finley
    Andrew Finley Year ago

    You should do copper from pennies.

  • E T
    E T Year ago

    You no show a lot!

  • MrSparkle
    MrSparkle Year ago

    I know this is ages after the video was posted, but could you have increased your yield by letting the copper wire react with the solution in a flask with a stir rod to smash up the precipitated silver and remaining copper? Love your videos, just found this channel recently and I'm going through a bunch of your older material, still great stuff!

  • Shawn Hawkins
    Shawn Hawkins Year ago

    Do you own an analytical scale?

  • Egg Fella
    Egg Fella Year ago

    What kind of oven would you use to dry Powders like this? Would a toaster oven work or would I need to purchase a laboratory grade oven?

  • Leonard Frankel
    Leonard Frankel Year ago

    Coins almost always worth more as currency than the metals they're made out of. Otherwise nobody would use them as currency, they'd just extract the more valuable metals and sell or trade them, instead. This is why nations don't use gold coins any more - the gold was worth more by weight than the coins were supposed to be worth!

  • Dccracker
    Dccracker Year ago

    You can also drop the silver with iodized salt wich will then turn it into silver chloride(looks like cottage cheese) and then get rid of the water and add in a 1to 20 part mix of 1(hydrochloric acid) and 20(DI water) into a flat dish and add zink powder until there is no white(silver chloride) left and then you let it sit over night and you will then have pure silver with no zink or copper contaminants and it should look just like cement
    Look for bubbles before you dry it out and if so let it sit until it stops...

  • Akshay Bagal
    Akshay Bagal Year ago

    but you know that how to recover copper on water fom with aluminum......... I m from India can u answered me

  • Akshay Bagal
    Akshay Bagal Year ago

    bro I.m already knowing that how to refine silver because I m working silver refinery

  • Not Available
    Not Available Year ago

    Love your videos.. need to see if you did one already for a process that limits the silver lost

  • Babile Motion & Graphics

    Oh we Africans only learn the chemical reactions on black board theory without practice,

  • Bill P
    Bill P 2 years ago

    Great presentation. Thank you so much for this.
    Question: US War Nickels minted from 1942 - 1945 were 35% Silver, 9% Manganese and 56% Nickel. Would this technique work on that metal combination? I have heard that refiners pass over the war nickels because the melt temperatures of the Silver and other metal(s) are too close, also that the manganese is extremely hazardous, toxic.

  • espltdm155
    espltdm155 2 years ago

    extract silver from photographic fixer solution!

  • David Rissanen
    David Rissanen 2 years ago

    Hence why American pennies went to copper played zinc.. People melted them down and sold the resulting copper for some decent amount more

  • Mohd Aradi
    Mohd Aradi 2 years ago +1

    putting borax in the crucible will prevent the silver from sticking to it