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Pentagon probes Russia's role in Syria's chemical attack


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  • Hawk Who Knows All
    Hawk Who Knows All Год назад

    If there is a CHEMICAL ATTACK Oh It is ASSAD for SURE..............
    There is SOmething WRONG with AMERICAN INTELLECT Some Sort of BRAIN DISORDER from Start

  • Nelson King
    Nelson King Год назад

    Fox news denied the Russian collusion with the Trump campaign allegations but now they are pushing this Russian Syria chemical attack collusion?
    I don't get it.

  • Dante war
    Dante war Год назад +1

    Do those American supporters still have a brain? They lied about Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, they're lying to you again and you're falling for it again. To be honest, such stupid creatures don't even deserve to live if they are truly that dumb. Fucking USA attacking the army thats fighting ISIS! Americans are terrorist supporters!

  • Sigh Kronmiller
    Sigh Kronmiller Год назад

    Didn't the US blame faulty intelligence for accidentally bombing civilians? Great sources! So much for intelligence.

  • Sigh Kronmiller
    Sigh Kronmiller Год назад

    American Citizens are not as unaware as we once were. Knowing there is and will be propaganda.

  • DEUXSantos
    DEUXSantos Год назад

    Breaking: The Pentagon does not probe the use of depleted uranium weapons used in Iraq by the US military.

  • kreative Oras
    kreative Oras Год назад +1

    All lies

  • 12ttttttttt
    12ttttttttt Год назад

    That's the only language that criminals like Assad and Putin understand

  • Steve Adams
    Steve Adams Год назад

    What a bunch fucking lies.Hillary gave the gas once libya was destroyed

  • Power Projection
    Power Projection Год назад

    Yeah, this doesn't pass the sniff test.

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey Год назад

    somebody opened the Russian Pandora trollbox in the comment section

  • Nicholas Savino
    Nicholas Savino Год назад +3

    People! America IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FUNDING ISIS AND KILLING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE! AMERICA IS A TERRORIST NATION! www.slideshare.net/mobile/ndsavino/yahoo-9-18-15-american-isis-funded-terrorism-foreknowledge-russia-egypt-air-plane-crash-realism-of-a-boy-with-a-knapsack-color-masses-in-the-fourth-dimension

  • Muhammad Hamza
    Muhammad Hamza Год назад

    Here we are going to write history again

  • fc fcsoftware
    fc fcsoftware Год назад

    WW III (Satanic's warfare episode) US fake about everything.

  • steve Mor
    steve Mor Год назад +2

    usa is bull shet fake news trump fake news

  • Common Yunus
    Common Yunus Год назад

    What a farce? US will not look for the those behind the gas attack but after a reckless,
    knee-jerk '59-missile' reaction calls in Pentagon to incriminate Russia.

  • usa
    usa Год назад +1

    fox news is fake news it's a misinformation machine which the American people know about and basically disregard as rubbish and it dosnt matter how many stories they tell people are not buying into them

  • Ceasario Muran
    Ceasario Muran Год назад

    Yes u got proof 🇺🇸 now go strike Russia mainland than 🔥🔥🔥

    • vlad767
      vlad767 Год назад +1

      ...following Russian strikes of US mainland...

  • Uriel Reyes
    Uriel Reyes Год назад +4

    fake news as always

    DJAY GERRAD Год назад +3

    Are yo people SICK.!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING, ENDANGERING THE REST OF THE WORLD, HAVE YOU NO SOLE, World War 3 Just started, USA congratulations just add more tumours to the cancer.... Sick people

    WDEMMEL Год назад +1

    Fox was the on MSM source I didn't put in my video blocker. That has changed, right now.

  • Noneshere
    Noneshere Год назад +4

    TRUMP your being turned into a puppet. America just sucker punched WAR with the Syrian government.

  • substation
    substation Год назад +5

    Something's very wrong when Clinton,McCain, and the deep state suddenly praises Trumps actions, falling for their fake intel

  • D Z
    D Z Год назад +1

    It seems that it is so easy to frame someone especially if people are ready to buy it. Madness. How could Fax News fell for this scam?

  • BigSmartArmed
    BigSmartArmed Год назад +1

    This is the moment when Americans have a choice to either condemn themselves to death, or rise up and purge marxist-zionazi neocons once and for all.

  • BigSmartArmed
    BigSmartArmed Год назад

    Or there will be no 2018...
    These psychopaths will kill us all, rise up and live or die as slaves.

  • xearther
    xearther Год назад

    Jennifer Griffin is a despicable, lying neocon tool.

  • vwr32jeep
    vwr32jeep Год назад

    The politicians who outright LIED about Syria's chemical weapons capabilities need to be held accountable as well... starting with Susan Rice and John Kerry. It was done for no other reason than to allow Obama a pass on doing what needed to be done. The blood is also on their hands.

  • Keke*from* Shtcago
    Keke*from* Shtcago Год назад +3

    I don't believe Russia had anything to do w the chemical attacks and I also Believe putin believes Assad had nothing to do with it but that's ok I'm sure Rex tillerson will show them our video footage of 110% fact Assad did this. I think Putin is being played like a fiddle by Assad and when he finds out he's lying we will see what he does.

  • dacosta0656
    dacosta0656 Год назад +5

    I thought Barry Hussein got rid of all chemical weapons in Syria

    • sdkee
      sdkee Год назад

      WTF. You people are so deep down the rabbit hole you can't see reason. What we have here is a group of known liars has claimed that the Assad government has used Sarin gas against civilians. He has no reason to do so. He was winning the war, and chemical weapons are taboo. But WITHOUT CORROBORATING EVIDENCE you fuckers go with it. It is true because ... reasons. And then when the first responders on video are clearly not impaired by the sarin, that does not stop you from BELIEVEING. You now have TWO reasons to think the original report is fucking bullshit, but your BELIEF can withstand the withering assault of the facts.
      There is a reason that the Iraq war was supported by the majority of the USA population. And to see this, look in a fucking mirror.

    • ThrummerOfLove
      ThrummerOfLove Год назад +3

      He LIED.

  • Jordan Frazier
    Jordan Frazier Год назад +5

    fucking russian scumbags, dont mess with the USofA you fucks!

    • Jose  Herrera
      Jose Herrera Год назад

      sdkee don't bother man.. he is lost, he is just an ignorant and brainwashed, his truth is what he sees in television and that's all that matters

    • sdkee
      sdkee Год назад +3

      Who exactly are the Russians "messing" with? Do you not have any idea what is going on outside of your little democrat vs republican partisan window? Maybe you should go away and let the adults talk?

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf Год назад +7

      jordanfrazierful with fat ass USA ? :)) eat your fucking big macs idiot

    JUSTACHIPN Год назад +10

    Wow ... the amount of Assad lovers is amazing ... they need to be with the people he's been gassing and slaughtering of the years !!! Right on President Trump !!!

    • Jose  Herrera
      Jose Herrera Год назад

      proofs of what you're stating? you have none, and neither do your msm sources of truth.
      no country in the world has the right to attack any other sovereign country with such impunity and lack of evidence. none.
      so quit your double standards, and better think about the civilians the US is killing in Mosul. why aren't you complaining about that?

    • sdkee
      sdkee Год назад +1

      And by the way, the "Assad has been ... gassing his people". No evidence. At all. There have been several incidents where the US media made a big deal about how it was LIKELY the Syrian gov to have used chem weapons. Front page that one. Then the retractions were back page. So if you were not paying attention then you would see the ALLEGATION and not the rebuttal. You see how this works? ALLEGATIONS are not worth shit until evaluated with the rebuttal? Let's see how this works: I allege that YOU, JUSTACHIPN murdered JFK!. Suppose I get ten of my internet buddies to repost it? So now you should be assumed to have done this? Peeps have been saying you done it. You claim there is no evidence and I just claim that peeps have been saying.

    • sdkee
      sdkee Год назад +2

      So your if I ask you for the facts to support FOO killed BAR, you respond with FOO has killed BAR. You understand why sensible people laugh at you? You have no evidence. Only repetition of the allegation.

      JUSTACHIPN Год назад +1

      Assad has been killing and gassing his people for a long time ... FACT !!! All of your comebacks has been empty blablabla rumours and innuendos. Im not 100% positive he did it, but you catch a guy that hits you with a rock 2 times and you tell him to knock it off and you get hit with a rock a 3rd time and he's the only one standing there WITH A ROCK IN EACH HAND ... it's a pretty damn good bet he did it !!! That's not good enough for you lol keep standing there you deserve it !!!

    • sdkee
      sdkee Год назад +2

      For a fan of the "facts" you seem seriously deficient in them. If you are in possession of such facts you could just use them. Here is an example: The government of XYZ clearly engaged in chemical weapons attacks on its own population, the evidence is ABC. See how this works? What you have is rumours and innuendo. Spread by the likes of you. And if your "proof" of a thing is that rumours of the thing exist, then what home do you have to ever disprove it?
      And yes, I know about the chemical weapons disarmament. Russia has EVEN LESS reason to do this. Do you understand that foreign people are not retarded? Maybe that is your problem, you imagine that all people in other countries are James Bond villians or mindless robots?

  • killdriver a,k
    killdriver a,k Год назад +27

    Assad is Innocent this is lies American people just like Saddam Hussein having WMDs don't fall for this twice!

    • sdkee
      sdkee Год назад +1

      I am so happy that my fellow countrymen take the killing of foreign people so lightly. We as Americans, are obviously required by our status as hegemonic fucktards to kill foreigners for any reason we see fit. Thank you Daniel for providing the philosophical basis for this. History will know you as the FAGGOT theory of military conflict. All you need to do to justify killing of a foreign person is to call another citizen a FAGGOT (all caps is important). Then is is ok.

    • USA MOAB
      USA MOAB Год назад +5


  • Diego
    Diego Год назад +6

    Why someone like Assad who has now won the war should exterminate with gas his people who are waiting to be liberated by him ???. It seems Trump has now his Capital not in Washington but in Tel Aviv. And of course this changes everything. Too bad.
    Trump you are part of the swamp now !!!

    • Space Monkey
      Space Monkey Год назад

      Diego Lucatello won the war??? loool

  • Greg Underwood
    Greg Underwood Год назад +6

    this is the part where they turn Trump supporters against Russia... world war 3 is inevitable..

    • sdkee
      sdkee Год назад +1

      > this is the part where they turn Trump supporters against Russia... world war 3 is inevitable..
      No, this is the part where Trump turns Trump supporters against Trump. As for WW3 being inevitable, that is the old guard's doing. Trump is now the useful idiot in their schemes.

      IVA BIGGUN Год назад

      They , Turkey , are the ones that will profit from a pipeline through Syria . The one thing that Assad is standing in the way of . Celtics fan doesn't know what is going on ; See why the democrats are so desperate ; Go to George Webb's channel to see how Hillary was /is moving Sarin Gas, Stinger Missiles , Drugs , Gold , Oil , Natural gas , Human Organs, Minor Children . Well you get the point I hope . Flynn knows all of it . Start as far back as they haven't censored .

    • Proud Conservative
      Proud Conservative Год назад

      RightWing Angel Why hate Turkey? They are praising us for what we did to Syria. This is a legitimate question, not trying to patronize you.

  • Alexei Gladyshev
    Alexei Gladyshev Год назад +4

    When you cry wolf all the time people stop believing you!

  • El Luchador De Gullos
    El Luchador De Gullos Год назад +7

    Yeah now lets blame it on Russia . Could you clowns be a little less obvious on walking us into a major conflict . You are gonna take hits when you start with them . America first, yeah right.

  • Greg Underwood
    Greg Underwood Год назад +8

    make the military industrial complex great AGAIN!!!