Avengers Phase 4 Wolverine Teaser Easter Eggs and Secret Code Breakdown

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Avengers Phase 4 Wolverine Teaser Easter Eggs Explained. Marvel Phase 4 X-Men, Comics, Captain America and Iron Man Avengers Endgame Ending ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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    Covering New Avengers Marvel Phase 4 Wolverine Teaser, Mystery Marvel Messages, Secret Documents, X-Men, Captain America and Weapon X Program. Hugh Jackman Wolverine, Kevin Feige plans and Future Marvel Movies. The Multiverse in Spider-Man Far From Home will also be very important to future Movies too.
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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome  Month ago +315

    Here's my new *Marvel Teaser* video for the Secret Codes they posted recently and how it relates to future Marvel Movies outside of new comic book changes they're rolling out in the next year. Lots of big changes since they got the X-Men back, so let me know where you want to see X-Men recast inside the MCU!

    • Joe Farrell
      Joe Farrell 8 days ago

      One slight correction. I like the idea of Cap being weapon 1 but he would actually be weapon 2 in the mcu if this theory is true. Red Skull would be weapon 1.

    • Jason Lawrence
      Jason Lawrence 11 days ago

      Wait a minute if Wolverine was born in 1880 how in the hell did he fight in the Civil War in the beginning of the movie #Wolverine?

    • Mike Johnson
      Mike Johnson 15 days ago

      Emergency Awesome I hope so this time hope they stick to comics and give Wolverine his normal yellow outfit like in teaser Easter egg.

    • derek stone
      derek stone 15 days ago

      TheNewyorkdragon the civil war ended in 1865, but even if he was born in 1880 & the civil war ended on 1881? Would he have fought as an infant? Or how does that work? Hahahahooheehahoe

    • Alex Bueno
      Alex Bueno 16 days ago

      I like how you copy your own videos for more views. You have two videos explaining the Spiderman FfH post credits scene. Get a fucking job, stop taking advantage of the youtube system by making videos just barely over 10 minutes when u have a thirty second intro. Another pathetic RUclipr manipulating the system.....

  • Andi Moroso
    Andi Moroso 7 hours ago

    Spider-Man has always been my favorite super hero, in fact the character was released on my actual birthday in 1962! I am excited to see Tom Holland bringing the geekiness back to Spidey ☺️

  • Ray Deen
    Ray Deen 10 hours ago

    Hugh is NOT Wolverine. Never has been. He's what we got and people accepted him. Some people. He's a good actor. He's a likeable actor but, no. HE is not Wolverine I can't wait for them to recast Logan.

  • cocoa
    cocoa 17 hours ago

    Boy it'd be great to see Deadpool post credits of Spiderman 3 just a quick hello for giggles would do.

  • Mia Lovely
    Mia Lovely Day ago

    I would love it if the MCU gave us a Peter Parker and Kitty Pryde romance. I'm getting kind of bored of the whole MJ, Gwen, MJ, Gwen never ending loop. Let's hook Peter up with an X-men and finally get some new dynamics going.

  • Frank Hernandez
    Frank Hernandez 3 days ago +1

    0:00 *Previously... On X-Men*

  • Ron Bishop
    Ron Bishop 3 days ago

    Come on, don't forget about DP.

  • Jo Hodges
    Jo Hodges 3 days ago

    I loved the iron man reference when spiderman summoned his web shooters when they were on the bus.

  • joshua mora
    joshua mora 4 days ago

    Dude stfu and get to the point

  • PacWest Proud *Kendaya Thomas

    At 5:35 the boy in the red sweater looks like a young Benedict Cumberbatch...aka Dr. Strange. Lol.

  • richard prevost
    richard prevost 4 days ago

    wouldn't Captain America be the second? wouldn't the Red Skull be the 1st?

  • Anhad origami channel
    Anhad origami channel 4 days ago +1

    I like how it shows a stan lee intro
    Rest in paradise stan

  • Andrew Stephens
    Andrew Stephens 5 days ago +1

    Wolverine better be PRECISELY FIVE FOOT GODDAMNED THREE not six foot eight like Hugh Jackman

    • Christine Meighan
      Christine Meighan 3 days ago

      If you're not being sarcastic, I couldn't agree more 😤

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 5 days ago +1

    I need a break from all these superhero movies

  • James Davis
    James Davis 5 days ago +1

    They are def gonna bring wolverine in via old man cap following up on the weapon program. He’ll view them as family in some way.

  • Don Berry Sr
    Don Berry Sr 5 days ago

    I would love to see a Wolverine and Spiderman movie

    • Joseph Ramirez
      Joseph Ramirez 4 days ago +1

      Don Berry Sr include deadpool and it’ll be perfect

  • Jeffrey Cotton
    Jeffrey Cotton 7 days ago

    Spider man is my favorite character

  • Gilad Eshel
    Gilad Eshel 8 days ago +2

    there is also weapon X-23 - the daughter of Wolverine / New-Wolverine

  • ruel santiago
    ruel santiago 9 days ago

    So in short.. are you saying that the 3 different snaps made by thanos.. hulk and iron man not only creates the warps in the multi-verse but affect normal earth people.. making some.of them.mutants?? Hmm..great way of thinking to combine AVENGERS & X-MEN & DEADPOOL IN THE FUTURE MOVIES TO.COME..😂😂😂😂

  • Diana Smith
    Diana Smith 9 days ago

    Wolverine was likely born in the 1840's since he and bro fought in civil war .

  • Lunar Prism
    Lunar Prism 10 days ago

    I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but as long as they don’t fuck it with the actor I won’t care

  • louis shane
    louis shane 11 days ago

    thanks charlie for doing this video

  • brett baird
    brett baird 11 days ago

    heel risk nightmare ndkcg angel leader fortune laser global cost crucial lady.

  • Coco Fiend93
    Coco Fiend93 11 days ago +1

    You know somebody else that was apart of the Weapon X program? DEADPOOL.. wonder if that would tie him in as well 🧐

  • Alchemistic Academician
    Alchemistic Academician 12 days ago +2

    Isn't Red Skull technically the first Super Soldier? I guess this information is only 'Western Tests' 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Emergency Awesome
      Emergency Awesome  12 days ago +3

      He has an earlier version of the super soldier serum, yes.

  • Terrel Cater
    Terrel Cater 12 days ago

    Tom hardy = wolverine

  • GOD
    GOD 12 days ago

    All I want is Wolverine in his suit fighting hulk

  • Susan Cheng
    Susan Cheng 12 days ago

    quiksilver and scarlet watch could be weapons.just saying.

  • Lucas NewmarkRamirez
    Lucas NewmarkRamirez 13 days ago

    i also would very much enjoy seeing Namor

  • Lucas NewmarkRamirez
    Lucas NewmarkRamirez 13 days ago

    bro your videos are like so good i love 'em
    also, i read the Weapon H comic, they should totally try to put him in the movies

  • Orin Prime
    Orin Prime 13 days ago

    Not sure if anyone caught this, but Wolverine was not born in the 1880's. If there is anything to be believed of him serving in the Civil War, he wasn't.

  • Cman Abracadabra
    Cman Abracadabra 13 days ago

    Seriously where's Mulder I need to speak to Fox Mulder!!!!!!!!

  • Ethane Kiernan
    Ethane Kiernan 13 days ago


  • John Skinner Jr
    John Skinner Jr 13 days ago

    Who gives a crap about the weapon x program and Wolverine.That was explored in every X-men and wolverine movie

  • Young Mir
    Young Mir 13 days ago +1

    Amazing video!

  • M.R. M.A.C K.T.O.N.E.
    M.R. M.A.C K.T.O.N.E. 13 days ago

    🔴 #FuckingAwesome ✔

  • Blayne Myers
    Blayne Myers 14 days ago

    I kinda want wolverine to be added separately, give the other characters room to shine

  • TheRedJokerrr
    TheRedJokerrr 14 days ago

    If they really do a whole different origin like that, I will get a whole more hope for Marvel. Also, that origins Wolverine is to forget about

  • John Peterson
    John Peterson 14 days ago

    HA HA!! There is no multiverse, it was all BS!

  • CozyStudios
    CozyStudios 14 days ago

    Legit my lunch code when I was in school was 24569 🤣😂

  • Keith Chapman
    Keith Chapman 14 days ago

    I'd give everything to have fantomex and the story of baby apocalypse. Goddamn would be the greatest thing to ever happen.
    Fuck I want fantomex so much

  • DigitalYojimbo
    DigitalYojimbo 14 days ago +1

    Scott Eastwood, I think, will make a good wolverine.

  • stillatin
    stillatin 15 days ago

    Hugh Jackman shouldn't be wolverine in the MCU, they've had great casting and I'm sure they'll pick a perfect person

  • Mr Smiley
    Mr Smiley 15 days ago

    Tom hardy for wolverine

  • The killing joke
    The killing joke 15 days ago

    i hope they use that music for new x men films.

  • Adrenaline4P
    Adrenaline4P 15 days ago +1

    I actually like X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  • Plaz Flame
    Plaz Flame 15 days ago

    Hugh Jackman is legendary. I'm not one of those crazy fanatics that will be mad at the new actor. I'm a realist, the guy couldn't play the character forever. You should be glad he did it for so long and even did the Old Man Logan storyline.... so EPIC. Gawd. I don't know who they'll get who can play the character; it's a hard act to follow.

  • Bane Johnson
    Bane Johnson 15 days ago

    Okay.. Hear me out. But what about Dacre Montgomery for the new Wolverine.. Just think about it and ponder it for a while.

  • Just chilling Just chilling

    Spider man spider man

  • thefreshdelivery show
    thefreshdelivery show 15 days ago

    They should end Hugh Jackman series as Wolverine in Avengers and because of the snap, we will have a new Xmen series that will show a new Wolverine.

  • You know - I'm right
    You know - I'm right 15 days ago

    IDK but you are boring!!! To listen too. Your voice everything. Goodbye!

  • Horace Bull
    Horace Bull 15 days ago +1

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about “Alpha Flight”

  • Cosmic Nate
    Cosmic Nate 15 days ago

    Spider man spider man does whatever a spider doesn’t 💩

  • Pablo
    Pablo 15 days ago

    We need to keep Hugh Jackman on some HGH to slow down his aging 😬

    NOTAK BO 16 days ago +3

    Why did falcon get caps shield I feel like Bucky would’ve been a better fit

  • Stoney ya Blazed Homie
    Stoney ya Blazed Homie 16 days ago +1

    If he was born in the 1880's... why does it show him fighting as a union soilder against the Confederates in the civil war (1861-1865).

  • A E
    A E 16 days ago

    Eh Wolverine died with Logan, the entire MCU ended with Endgame, Captain America is old now. Not excited about anything new that comes out.

    • A E
      A E 13 days ago

      @David Vied i dont need to cry just stating a fact not interested
      Endgame was good but rest can suck it

    • David Vied
      David Vied 14 days ago

      A E go cry in the corner

  • Ishongar
    Ishongar 16 days ago

    Jesus!! Where's the tl;dr version

  • TheTrio3331
    TheTrio3331 17 days ago

    The snap's energy creating mutants would have consistency with the maximoffs being made with the energy from one of the stones, since they were originally supposed to be mutants

  • Jeff Liem
    Jeff Liem 17 days ago

    I didn't read all of the comments, but doesn't anyone remember what X stands for??? you know WHY its called X-MEN? Weapon-X like X-MEN stands for the X gene which is what makes them mutants. So the Weapon-X program is turning Mutants into weapons. I think thats simple enough. Came from those pesky comics from way back when. You know where all this stuff came from originally. The whole Stryker thing is a travesty to the heart and soul of the Wolverine character. Please let the Fox-verse die a much needed death.

  • siang hmung
    siang hmung 17 days ago

    X-Men better not make the avengers movie bad

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 18 days ago +2

    age and health and if studio willing to pay amount person wants as well any other terms or demands person wants could be also reasons for reboot or person think that it wasn't done right people who are now in charge and want make few fixes kind like what disney did in live action beauty and beast film.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 18 days ago +1

    hopefully if they redo x-men reboot they use more traditional costumes like we seen in animated x-men shows and films like Easter egg showed his yellow and black spendix outfit. yes I think for reason of Hugh Jackman being recasted by someone else it could have something do with actors age and him possible or just doesn't want to do it for some reason.

  • LunkovichTromofski
    LunkovichTromofski 18 days ago +11

    I have to assume that who ever decided Logan aka James Howlett was born in the 1880s can't math let alone timeline. He was born in the 1880s yet fought in the Civil War in the 1860s....Oooook.

  • BoostWillis
    BoostWillis 18 days ago +2

    “Nice Glove bud, but I’m real from bones to teeth.” -Wolverine

  • Douglas Angel-Luis PECKSON JR

    I hope they don't go woke and turn Wolverine into a different race.

    • Nick Jones
      Nick Jones 16 days ago

      I hope they do...I need a stronger push to get me to stop watching.

  • Brayden Skinner
    Brayden Skinner 19 days ago

    watch your language

  • bigtits4038
    bigtits4038 19 days ago +2

    Keanu Reeves will be playing phantom ex. He's the new actor there casting and he really doesn't have any real powers and is amazing at fighting and gunplay

  • Papa Genji
    Papa Genji 19 days ago +1

    It would be cool if the snap brought X men from the fox movies that would be cool I think

    • John GhostHunter
      John GhostHunter 18 days ago

      @Nano Violence nope as in you don't like it, I hope as in that is not going to happen. Please elaborate.

    • Nano Violence
      Nano Violence 18 days ago

      @John GhostHunter nope

    • John GhostHunter
      John GhostHunter 18 days ago

      Perhaps an alternate universe, like they teased in far from home.

  • Studio XC
    Studio XC 19 days ago

    No way

  • Scarlet witch
    Scarlet witch 19 days ago +1

    I want Evan Peters to play some one in the MCU

  • JS D
    JS D 19 days ago +1

    Spidey and Wolverine crossover

  • Jazzin8r *
    Jazzin8r * 20 days ago +1

    drax be like this is iron man he is not even made out of iron

  • Agent Hunk
    Agent Hunk 20 days ago

    little bird told me keanu looks a lot like johnny blaze

  • Never Sleep
    Never Sleep 20 days ago

    Please cast a new wolverine

  • Matt Rees
    Matt Rees 20 days ago

    Is Chris Evans is coming back then hes totally going to join hydra in the next version. I cant see them doing much else with him after the way they ended Endgame

  • Nova Beam
    Nova Beam 20 days ago +2

    Hugh Jackman is a great Wolverine, but he can’t play him forever. Give the guy a break he can’t stop aging. I’m really interested in see who they could possibly get to replace him though. It will be an exceptional hard role to fill.

  • Josh Blount
    Josh Blount 20 days ago +1

    [Deadpool doodling on a piece of paper]
    Spiderman: "It's...it's you...but how?"
    Deadpool: "Yeah, I know right!"

  • Dylan Downright
    Dylan Downright 21 day ago

    Gonna miss hugh Jackman as wolverine

  • Dragoner Productions

    The iron wolverine?

  • Ryan Alexander Bloom

    Jackman was great. On the other hand he was too tall and is now probably too old for a character that ages so slowly. They actually need to recast at this point. Someone under 6’, bearded, and jacked. I’m sure they’ll think of someone. That’s not a huge list of requirements. Not like Wolverine typically has a huge emotional range. Just someone who is a jerk will do.

  • I
    I 21 day ago

    Keanu Reeves = Wolverine???

  • invaders must die
    invaders must die 21 day ago

    Deadpool is Weapon XI, right?
    The externals movie could reveal the Celestials made humans with built in "mutateability" and high doses of specific types of radiation (vita rays, gamma radiation, the Sceptre, the gauntlet snaps, radioactivity in the spider, cosmic energy) accelerates the latent gene expression.
    Because half of life on Earth was exposed to the snap twice (when Hulk brought back everyone, when Tony snapped Thanos & co.) that would explain how mutants come in.
    A few early mutants Wolverine, Magneto, Xavier are just the outliers that didn't need an external trigger to awaken their mutation.
    The super soldier serum would be some attempt to manufacture a mutant.

  • Jayson Turner
    Jayson Turner 22 days ago +4

    Using the lines found within the Roman numerals you can spell X-MEN.

  • B-Lion Network
    B-Lion Network 22 days ago


  • Dylan Gruenloh
    Dylan Gruenloh 22 days ago

    Anyone else get a hint for the X-Men vs Avengers story line?
    Down as fuck

  • Dam_i_can Lex
    Dam_i_can Lex 22 days ago

    The only person who can replace Hugh jackman as the wolverine. Is the millverine!! Local guy who looks just like Hugh jackman look him up on google. Tell me I’m lying!! Take note Disney get this guy on board.

  • Tony Vo
    Tony Vo 22 days ago

    Marvel rule

  • JDTheReal SlimShady
    JDTheReal SlimShady 22 days ago +1

    Keanu Reeves said that he would like to be the new actor for Wolverine

  • mathew larue
    mathew larue 22 days ago

    With great power come great responsibility. One of the best lines ever to effect a hero

  • Benjamin Branchett
    Benjamin Branchett 22 days ago

    Spider man comment

  • Rubbish Sarah
    Rubbish Sarah 22 days ago

    Spider-Man is op he is the best

  • John Shepard
    John Shepard 23 days ago +1

    Do not recast the wolverine. Give him money and bring him onboard. DO IT!

    • John Shepard
      John Shepard 19 days ago

      @Peter S.Force I would enjoy what they did with professor X. A 'normal' aged version who then is replaced by a younger version due to something in the universe. Even if it is passing the mantle.
      It can't be young being replaced by old...for that would take far longer. But the other way would be a chance for Jackman to have a shot in the marvel universe. In all reality I want Jackman to be able to take part of the marvel universe.

    • Peter S.Force
      Peter S.Force 19 days ago

      You know that the man is getting older he can't play logan 4 ever. And I don't think the crossover coming anytime soon they just give ester eggs. That he will come in the future

  • Parkuss
    Parkuss 23 days ago

    Jimmy was in the civil war. Ergo, not born in the 1880's. Did you mean 1780's? That'd work.

  • Dan Brand
    Dan Brand 23 days ago

    I understood that Reference

  • Clifton Smith
    Clifton Smith 23 days ago +1

    That X-Men theme song sounds too close to a Whitney Houston song.

  • Adam Guar
    Adam Guar 23 days ago

    So he was in every war ... except infinity war ? Where the hell were the X-Men? How is this going to work without it being stupid??

  • Patrick Gagnon
    Patrick Gagnon 23 days ago

    PS4 😜

  • JKNation
    JKNation 23 days ago +2

    A whole document dedicated to number 13 Phantom x... “they don’t plan to feature him in movies any time soon”, I hate to say it bud but the evidence at hand shows you to be unbelievably and outstandingly wrong... why else would they include number 13 of all of them if they were just going to leave him out?

  • Carson Nova
    Carson Nova 24 days ago