Updates, Fuji XH1 and why some of us Pay $7000 for a Leica M Camera.

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
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    All of the gear in this video:
    Leica M: www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1312198-REG/leica_20000_m10_digital_rangefinder_camera.html/BI/4399/KBID/4837
    Sony A7RIII: amzn.to/2GA7x6I
    Zeiss Batis 18mm: amzn.to/2GAWFpk
    Voigtlander 40 1.2: amzn.to/2GCddx0
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Comments • 129

  • David Pullum
    David Pullum Month ago

    Completely agree. I shoot Sony A9’s for work and it’s like shooting with a computer. I have my Leica to slow me down and appreciate and fall back in love with photography

  • Gary Compton
    Gary Compton 2 months ago

    Couldn’t understand why Leica designed a camera where you need to take it to pieces, to load a roll of film ?
    That would drive me nuts !!

  • Robert  Bland
    Robert Bland 2 months ago

    Always trying to make excuses why you just don’t stick with the camera you really like that as Leica a fan boy !!!

  • noonsound
    noonsound 3 months ago

    Gees.. Was your mum 5 when you were born?

  • Michael Russo
    Michael Russo 3 months ago +3

    "why some of us Pay $7000 for a Leica M Camera" Because you can.

  • Judo Chop
    Judo Chop 3 months ago +1

    Ken passed away.

  • Michael Nikonfuji
    Michael Nikonfuji 5 months ago +1

    Just not convinced that the $7k is worth it
    I just don’t want to describe my camera as clunky

    • Michael Russo
      Michael Russo 3 months ago

      I don't think one is buying $5500 more camera.

  • andy van
    andy van 5 months ago

    yes, that is a problem, however this can fit on the cl body or a T/TL camera, which is auto-focus capable, in the M line this is Manual focus only, also the M mount is a great one to have, as both Fuji film and Sony have a mount adaptor for this, and they also feature IBIS & 5 axis stabilisation, Which is a GOD-send for the shallow apertures of the 75 & 50 mm Noctilux that are a chore to focus due to such a shallow D.O.F. ( these body options also allow live view and exposure simulation which is another great addition to the creative tools, so you do get what you want, not what the lens, etc. tells you).

  • Terence Tay
    Terence Tay 6 months ago +2

    I bought a Leica 2 years back. I own a bunch of cameras before that. It's probably the only camera that I'll be keeping for the foreseeable future. Simply because it gives me great pleasure to use it.

  • Ping Wong
    Ping Wong 6 months ago +1

    Yeah have fun to take a dig at a Instagram attention whores for owning a Leica but criticising a professional with words such as "posers" is just a pure lower class attitude.

  • Terme Bergamo
    Terme Bergamo 9 months ago +9

    If you are bored, why bore us?

  • Jeremy Hetrick
    Jeremy Hetrick Year ago

    The Big Texan is a must eat steak house while traveling through Amarillo

  • D R
    D R Year ago +4

    Fuji hater!! You dont own any!

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Year ago +4

    You nailed it. Leica M designs speak to my heart and do not interfere with my enjoyment of shooting, which involves the sense that I have to be fully engage, I can't slack off. It enhances my enjoyment of photography and the satisfaction of nailing a beautiful photograph. Looking forward to that Nokton 50 f1.2.

  • Vlade Past
    Vlade Past Year ago +3

    the answer is" because you can!"

  • tony james
    tony james Year ago +10

    Always cautious when I hear someone's a 'street photographer' and even more so when they are Leica shooters, in my experience the results are often mundane snapshots presented in B&W. Not anti the art form but it's true to say there are very few who are masters in this field and the work they produce is stunning. Following on from that some of the best I've seen recently has been taken on a smartphone so you could so the opposite end of the spectrum from a Leica.

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega Year ago +5

    I feel the same way about the X-T2.

  • ShaneYetti
    ShaneYetti Year ago +12

    When the sensor and processor renders images 4-5 times better than a comparable camera your argument will make sense. Until then................ Leica ruled film. Digital, not even close.

    • GhotingGoad
      GhotingGoad Year ago +2

      ShaneYetti For some, it's about the experience. Why would I get the Pen-F if I can get the A7ii here in SG for the same price? Simply because Pen-F feels better and the JPEG is amazing! However, I also understand that the financial situation of the Leica M is WAYYYY different. I do support buying the Monochrom M though haha

  • Matt Bertram
    Matt Bertram Year ago +3

    This cracks me up.

  • Nate Kong
    Nate Kong Year ago +5

    I would love to own a Leica one day and totally understand the term “shooting experience.” It’s the same reason I switched from Canon to Fuji. I love the dials and how Fuji Camera handles. It makes shooting so simple and make me want to go out and shoot everyday.

  • Paul deTorch
    Paul deTorch Year ago +5

    Leica Q. Best 28mm lens and auto focus ever. Love it! Leicas M8, M9 etc were too thick, felt like holding a brick. Haven't tried the M10 (and don't need to)

  • Nando & Blonde Moby Dick

    i used two Leica M in the past, the MP, then i switched to digital M8, no color! MP is hyper quality construction and worth every penny, i can´t said the same about Leica M8, this are chalenging cameras mostly made for street photography and you have to be fast to focus and capture a particular interesting scene, the best are the Lens i used the 35 mm 1.4 summilux and to me wow!!! but the digital version of Leica M are bad inversion they drop in price very fast, it´s like Hasselblad digital they just don´t worth the money to me cause they devaluate too fast, chemical for this cameras was better days. Mostly hobbyst rich people buy this cameras or rental enterprise, Even best paid fashion photographer don´t use to buy Hasselblad, they rant do the work and bye bye see you in the next versio MKxxx

  • Chris Simmonds
    Chris Simmonds Year ago

    I'd like a Leica

  • Nick Chiarizia
    Nick Chiarizia Year ago +5

    I had an M7 - so glad I got rid of it !!

    • David McClean
      David McClean Year ago

      You did bad. M7 is fantastic, one of the best film camera's ever.

  • David Wamback
    David Wamback Year ago

    Had the M3 and loved it (back when). Also the Contex G and G1. That 45 Zeiss was outstanding. Looking for a good adapter for Sony.

  • Suhail Ahmed
    Suhail Ahmed Year ago +16

    Those who can afford one and have used m10 will say it’s one of the best cameras period. Before you start your arguments, I own Nikon D810, x100f, xPro2, m10 and Sl. And I love my Fuji’s but the quality what Leica images gives is special. And it’s easy to tell when I compared my images that I got from Fuji and Leica. So to those keep whining about prices, stop watching reviews of cameras you cant afford or are not interested.

  • Chi Zhang
    Chi Zhang Year ago +13

    the leica experience is total BS marketing, you can use full manual on any mirrorless camera if you wish

    • Judo Chop
      Judo Chop 3 months ago

      It's not about using all manual.

    • Terence Tay
      Terence Tay 6 months ago

      Sorry to hear that the Leica experience wasn't for you. I was curious about the Leica and got myself a M9 to learn what it's like. Well, it's very different from any other cameras I have owned prior/since. It's a camera's camera. I have a fuji xt1 and x100s and they work fine but the leica makes me think more about how I approach the subject matter. And for that reason and that reason alone, it might not be for everyone.

    • Robert Estiandan
      Robert Estiandan Year ago +3

      Sorry but it's not the same experience. I have Sony, Panasonic, and Fuji cameras and nothing comes close when it comes to shooting experience. Forget about having a soul, it's alive and it wants you to get out and shoot. No regrets. Love my M9 and M10.

    • Tj Holowaychuk
      Tj Holowaychuk Year ago +4

      Not sure you understand what the experience is then :D no offence. Shooting with a range-finder is not simply "shooting manual", and the feel of shooting a Leica is much different in general. The only thing that is reasonably close would be the Fuji's in terms of aperture dials etc, but even then it's focus-by-wire and plastic all over the place. It's not "better", but it is different.

    • Sam Bulleit
      Sam Bulleit Year ago +3

      Trust me, I owned Sony, Oly, and Panasonic mirrorless cameras before I first tried using a Leica. At first I thought Leica was all hype and prestige, but it genuinely is better than that. There's something pure and refreshing about using a Leica that i haven't found from any other manufacturer, though Fuji is the closest. The draw to Leica isn't just about the manual experience. If you haven't just tried one out for fun I really recommend it.

  • Chris Pickard
    Chris Pickard Year ago +2

    I see dead people 😂

  • Tim
    Tim Year ago

    I have the same M10 and same case and agree with everything you say BUT would add that live view is very useful for checking focus and exposure peaking. I would also add that the overpriced, add-on EVF is invaluable to me (an amateur with a rangefinder) for composition, focus, and exposure. Too bad the EVF is so awkward vis-a-vis the way it sits on the camera and partially covers the shutter speed dial. I love your channel.

    • moo
      moo Year ago

      But the rangefinder is the main appeal of getting a Leica M! I encourage you to get more familiar with the built-in viewfinder because you will find yourself enjoying the camera way more once you get the hang of it!

  • Emmet D
    Emmet D Year ago +1

    I am impressed mate though I find Fuji is now moving away from what makes mirrorless unique, its size. I have the 50 - 140, 35/f1.4 and Samyang 12mm. I don't know whether to keep it all and upgrade to xh1 or sell it all for A7iii. Thing is Sony changes bodies too fast and also the lenses are so expensive, though Sigma art are now available but im yet to see a review of the Sony mounts ;/

    • moo
      moo Year ago +1

      RailTime Photo This won’t happen probably. They don’t make their own sensors. Large format is pointless anyway.

    • RailTime Photo
      RailTime Photo Year ago

      You are wrong there, the XH-1 is for a different user than the XT or XE range of cameras. The GFX is for another type of user. THe XH-1 is still considerably lighter than a Canon or Nikon camera and so are the lenses. There was no way but to make it bigger when adding IBIS and bigger heat sink. I am waiting for the day that Fuji brings out the first LF digital camera. Now that will be something.

    • moo
      moo Year ago +2

      The X-H line is bigger on purpose. They will keep the form factor with the X-T3 and X-Pro3 later this year.
      The A7 II, A7R II, A7S II got a successor (A7S III pending) after over 2 years each. This is not really fast considering mirrorless had to play a catch-up game the last few years.

  • Dane Liberatore
    Dane Liberatore Year ago

    Looks like you need to treat yourself to an SL!!

  • Jeff Rendered
    Jeff Rendered Year ago +16

    The reason some people love Leica cameras is because they are expensive. All that soul, or character stuff is utter nonsense. If I told you when you opened up a Leica and there was made in China sticker inside...weird thing happens....suddenly it doesn’t have as much soul...suddenly it doesn’t inspire you as much. Leica makes the “experience special” because people tend to think expensive stuff is better and therefore, more special. That’s also how the wine industry get away with selling a bottle for hundreds of not thousands. Buy and use whatever you want, but that tired “Leica experience” is just that, tired.

    • Terence Tay
      Terence Tay 6 months ago +1

      Leica isn't for everyone. Just like cheese fries or durian steamboat. But if a Leica speaks to you, you're definitely in for a good time. And you won't want anything else.

    • Ping Wong
      Ping Wong 6 months ago +1

      Nah mate Leica colour is a thing.
      If you don't get it then good for you and your wallet.

    • Chris M
      Chris M 7 months ago +1

      Jeff Rendered I haven’t used Leica digital but have a Leica 90mm 2.0 lens and I have to say that it kills the 90mm Sony Macro. There is something about the images that makes skin tons so nice and the look so pretty that a super sharp #4 DXOMark Sony can’t match. There is a soul as they put it but the best way of putting it is that Leica knows how to make an image special so you love the photos. It’s not just sharpness, it’s the color and the bokeh and the feeling like it’s perfect even as it shows the imperfections of the skin. You look at it and you don’t even want to edit it because it’s so nice. I can’t say that for other lenses I’ve owned. I always felt something was off with contrast or color or grain or whatever. You just look at Leica photos and think, no post processing needed

    • RailTime Photo
      RailTime Photo Year ago +2

      I agree with you. It is just bragging rights, oh look at my expensive Leica camera and ... I struggle my butt of to make a decent photo but it is worth it. I can't shoot sport, but hey my Leica is 7 grand and I carry that expensive camera around... :)

    • ca m
      ca m Year ago

      Ziggi Mon Brass not aluminum,

  • John Fazio
    John Fazio Year ago +2

    Thanks for finally getting to some point.

  • ubarhd1
    ubarhd1 Year ago +1

    Great review thanks

  • Steven Foon
    Steven Foon Year ago

    Welcome back !

  • Jerome Kwok
    Jerome Kwok Year ago

    Do you think using a Fuji X-Pro2 and adapt vintage lens will give you similar experience as Leica at affordable price? and why?

    • Judo Chop
      Judo Chop 3 months ago

      @Jonathan you missed the point. He's talking about the images themselves.

    • Jim Barcelona
      Jim Barcelona Year ago

      I have both. For portraits and landscapes the framing is always dead on with Fuji. I adapted the Fuji to take a 28mm Elmarit lens but honestly, I don’t have as many keepers as with the Leica M2. The autofocus always gets in the way of a shot that would’ve hit with the Leica.

    • Elvis Presley
      Elvis Presley Year ago +1

      Exactly, you're justifying it, not actually telling us the real reason. The reason i bought my Leica was because i have the money to do so, that's it, no other reason. Now that i've tried it, nothing special. Other cameras i own do the same thing...oh yes, the "Leica experience"...there is none. It's a status symbol. You should study the "hedonic treadmill"....we have all fallen for it.

    • Josh
      Josh Year ago +2

      Not really. It might if you shoot 50mm FOV and above only. But if you want to shoot wider eg 28/35 FOV equivalent, it’s harder to find nice, fast lenses to adapt.
      I still prefer Sony for adapting glass. Where Fuji wins is the better VF for bodies under $2K, and in slightly more accurate peaking.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan Year ago +5

      I can justify my purchase however I like.

  • mds19238
    mds19238 Year ago +1


  • David Murray
    David Murray Year ago +6

    All the cameras you own are worth nearly as much as my house. Yes, it's a rubbish house but there you go.

  • Maurizio Mauricone
    Maurizio Mauricone Year ago +5

    72oz steak? no wonder americans are fat LOL

    • jcnash02
      jcnash02 Year ago

      Maurizio Maurricone it’s pretty rare, if you pardon the pun

  • phototristan
    phototristan Year ago +2

    I love my Leica M 10 best camera ever

  • leicanoct
    leicanoct Year ago

    Sony doesn't have any long telephoto lens..

    • leicanoct
      leicanoct Year ago

      Jayvee Huerto it’s like saying you start with a Seiko then move on to a Rolex.

    • Shang-Hsien Yang
      Shang-Hsien Yang Year ago

      leicanoct You can get close if you are a "pro" who gets hired by the organizer. You shoot from a distance because either you are an amateur or a working pro for a press not affiliated/authorized by the organizer. Sure, maybe soccer, football, field hockey, rowing require long lenses, but neither of these sports is popular nor is there any major event here in Taiwan. Baseball, on the other hand, is a big deal, but even if I shoot on a Nikon/Canon I would never bother myself with a prime, I would rent a 200-400mm f/4 lens (with teleconverter built in) for the versatility.

    • Jayvee Huerto
      Jayvee Huerto Year ago +2

      @leicanoct if u can't shoot a sport or wildlife using the 100-400 on a sony then you have really no idea what a true pro is. A true pro starts on those lenses before they jump to the ultra expensive ones, if you cannot do pro sports or wildlife with those lenses then you are not a true pro.

    • leicanoct
      leicanoct Year ago +1

      Shang-Hsien Yang first off the 100-400 is to slow for indoor sports. Unless you are shooting high school sports a 80-200 is to short as your main lens. You need at least a 300/2.8 or 400/2.8. There are very few sports you can get very close. Basketball you can get away with a 80-200 but its no help when the ball moves down court. Of Course a short lens can be used for part of your coverage. Baseball, soccer, football, field hockey, rowing, all these need a big lens. Even football that having a 400/2.8 plus a 1.4 tele converter was find. But some many people are on the sideline that I reach out for the 600/4.0 because photographers have been moved down field.

    • Shang-Hsien Yang
      Shang-Hsien Yang Year ago +2

      No pro shoot sports with 70-200 or 100-400? In my country, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, golf, sprint, and marathon are regarded as "sport".

  • byebyebeano
    byebyebeano Year ago +3

    Just get a M6 and pay for the films. The camera is flawless and it's half the price of an M10.

    • moo
      moo Year ago +1

      If there was a straight-forward process from shooting to getting scans into lightroom I would go analog. Sadly the process is too much hassle for me.
      And the M10 is more like 3-4 times more expensive than a M6 (non TTL) where I live.

  • Vincen Cohan
    Vincen Cohan Year ago +6

    Brand sucker perhaps ☘️

  • Brandon Chung
    Brandon Chung Year ago +14


  • LeicaM82
    LeicaM82 Year ago +2

    Welcome back to M-town!

  • Dave Seargeant
    Dave Seargeant Year ago +1

    Good to see you back, I am with on the M, its awesome.. just gotta save a few more pennies to buy my own.. Might be dimes in your back yard of course.

  • Mike Whiles
    Mike Whiles Year ago +1

    Any of the Leica digital M's drop off a cliff once second hand (apart from perhaps the Monochrome) best to stick to real film Leica's which increase in value. Fuji Xh1 rocks....

    • Judo Chop
      Judo Chop 3 months ago

      Not true. Try and find me a mint m82.

    • moo
      moo Year ago +4

      Mike Whiles The X-H1 has a hard time selling to people who are looking for a new system simply because of the Sony A7 III. And many people who are invested in Fuji already just wanted a X-T2 with IBIS. The new X-H1 shutter is nice but it lacks the size, flair and controls that people loved on the X-T2 and X-Pro 2.
      I really love Fuji but as soon as there were 95% accurate rumors about the X-H1 I decided to switch to Sony FF after also trying Nikon and Canon FF. Haven't looked back but I hope that the X-T3 will be great!

  • Soto Cine
    Soto Cine Year ago +1

    Best wishes from Wetzlar! 😍

  • Justin Kim
    Justin Kim Year ago +1

    I got M10 about 3 months ago and after 2 weeks, I found out that there’s an issue with the ISO dial. In my case the ISO 200 was not working with the dial. The SF Leica store told me that it’s been a known issue. I’m still waiting for NJ to repair my camera and it’s been over a month without any updates. According to SF Leica store, it will take about 2 months. Also I had a mounting issue with VM Heliar M mount lens. The M10’s mount seems to be very tight. :( I love Leiva but I am disappointed by its repair service and quality.

    • Dread Pirate Tom
      Dread Pirate Tom Year ago

      Hey guys, Auto focus has been a thing for quite a few years now? It works great, like really great.

    • Andre 1,000
      Andre 1,000 Year ago

      My M10 is flawless. Love it and don't miss my 5DIV and L lenses in the slightest. Sorry to hear about the issues. I'm sure they will get sorted. Just like with cars, if you don't want any issues, get a Lexus. Otherwise go nuts and get an exotic!

    • m j
      m j Year ago

      I think you need to calibrate the rangefinder. Not too hard to do on your own. I did it last week.. www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/118043-m9-coincidence-at-infinity/

    • leicanoct
      leicanoct Year ago

      Jonathan Danforth I use my Noctilux wide open with no focus issues. I know some people have had to get their lens calibrated with the body. Usually that’s an issue with the newer Noctilux.

    • Jonathan Danforth
      Jonathan Danforth Year ago

      leicanoct I’m happy to hear that! My rangefinder is consistently out of focus no matter the lens. When I switch to live view or use the awful add-on EVF the focus is spot-on. I know how to zone focus of course but that’s not as useful at or below f/1.4!

  • Daniel Spaniel
    Daniel Spaniel Year ago

    You couldn’t use a 100mm focal length through a Leica viewfinder anyhow, that probably why there is no focus coupling.

    • Daniel Spaniel
      Daniel Spaniel Year ago

      Your one in a very small minority who would use a 135mm through the viewfinder on a leice.

    • leicanoct
      leicanoct Year ago

      Daniel Spaniel ive used a 75/1.4, 90/2.0, and a 1352/2.8 with goggles. Focus is not an issue but framing is not as precise as a DSLR. But I use a Noctilux on a regular basis.

    • Daniel Spaniel
      Daniel Spaniel Year ago

      Rediscover Film
      Are you telling me you can actually focus and frame a 135mm well on a Leica ? 😂 thanks for the giggle my friend. Leica optical viewfinder is really only suitable for 24mm minimum to 50mm maximum, after that you’re going to need live view or an evf to focus and compose.

    • Rediscover Film
      Rediscover Film Year ago

      Daniel Spaniel many Leica’s have 135mm frame lines so what are you talking about?

  • Hatef Yamini
    Hatef Yamini Year ago +1

    Totally agree. I have Sony and I have Leica cameras and both are technically excellent but I just love using my Leicas. The menu and handling on the Leica Q and the rangefinder on my M8 are just awesome.

  • Hu Ko
    Hu Ko Year ago +2

    I bought my first Leice in my last high school year in 1972. since this time I shoot with Leicas. I don‘t know how many I have right now. I love them.

  • Konad Benz
    Konad Benz Year ago +1

    got my little leica about 10 ys ago.
    i never buy anything else.
    like klipsch
    love it or don't

  • Thomas Gentil
    Thomas Gentil Year ago

    Did you film in super35? I’m looking at the batis 18mm 2.8 for my A7RII or 6500 for filming purpose (but not only).

  • ca m
    ca m Year ago +4

    Just stop selling your personal M cameras and repurchasing them. Keep them, you need them.

    NETVO TV Year ago +2

    I also love Leica philosophy and I’m 22, I hope I can get my dreamed camera while I still young, a Leica M10, life is too short to live in a rule, I wanna do what I wanna do, experiences what I wanna experiences while I’m still as young as possible!

    • Alberto Genato
      Alberto Genato Year ago +1

      NETVO TV I would suggest getting an older Leica film body. I was able to get an M4 for not that much. They will never but outdated, value will stay the same, and to me, film looks better. And you can use your lenses when you get a digital body

  • Dr. Michael Braida
    Dr. Michael Braida Year ago +3

    Your comments on Leica are spot on! Good to have you back "online"!

  • Wilfred Kwok
    Wilfred Kwok Year ago

    Please please review the GFX! Maybe pop some m lenses on and see if there’s any magic. Nobody knows better than you do!

  • Zheng Ricky
    Zheng Ricky Year ago +1

    You might have forgotten to put the link of the case.

    • Tony Bennett
      Tony Bennett Year ago

      Oh, just found it on the Leica store itself

    • Tony Bennett
      Tony Bennett Year ago

      Would like that myself, a search hasn't found it yet

  • One Lens
    One Lens Year ago

    so glad you are back! nice and refreshing!! welcome back!