Footballers FAKED these Tricks, But I did them for REAL!!

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Footballers faked these skills for commercials, I did them for real!
    Lional Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Marco Reus amazing skills and trick shots done for real!
    Kieran Brown.
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  • Seth Ennin
    Seth Ennin 46 minutes ago

    You just want attention

  • Anowar Hossain
    Anowar Hossain 2 hours ago

    You are aliar

  • Anowar Hossain
    Anowar Hossain 2 hours ago

    You are fake

  • Oscar Macoto
    Oscar Macoto 2 hours ago

    xD ok bro

  • Bảo Phú Huỳnh
    Bảo Phú Huỳnh 3 hours ago

    Next vid: these actors are fake stole but i do it in real

  • Om Tamang
    Om Tamang 3 hours ago

    Messi faked the ballon dor
    But i got them in real

  • tanav reddy
    tanav reddy 3 hours ago +1

    You are a big cheater you want to get famous so u are using their names

  • Nois3Bass
    Nois3Bass 4 hours ago

    Este es imposible, el reto de Kaka

  • Cody Sterben
    Cody Sterben 4 hours ago


  • Gabriel Sánchez
    Gabriel Sánchez 6 hours ago

    Te crees mejor que mesi o que

  • Dhruv Sachdev
    Dhruv Sachdev 6 hours ago

    very nice love u brother💜

  • Weirdo ‘
    Weirdo ‘ 6 hours ago

    Explain how they are fake.

  • maxxy watty
    maxxy watty 6 hours ago

    U mmother Fucker ...

  • Rihui He
    Rihui He 6 hours ago

    Next video

    Everyone plz stop saying Next video:
    Something something something

  • Always right Louie
    Always right Louie 10 hours ago

    This bitch ass dude just wasted my time, nothing to see here folks

  • Jules Warren
    Jules Warren 10 hours ago

    I was doing the bicycle kick when I was only 9 years old!!!💪😎⚽️

  • David Ramlianuk
    David Ramlianuk 10 hours ago


    The wwe players faked their fight but I did them for real

  • Valentina Lagunas
    Valentina Lagunas 12 hours ago

    You suck

  • Arnaud Kamdem Taka
    Arnaud Kamdem Taka 12 hours ago

    stupid click baiter...

  • Muddu mudassir
    Muddu mudassir 13 hours ago

    Example as he Shows hard work never fails anyone can do anything everything is of willpower and hardworking that's it
    By the way u nailed it boss😎

  • Tom Shepardson
    Tom Shepardson 13 hours ago

    for the bicycle kick he knew it was coming

  • ikonik_clan
    ikonik_clan 14 hours ago

    What makes you doing them not fake

  • Dino Bikkel
    Dino Bikkel 15 hours ago

    Some times I like my own comment just to get the ball rollin'....

  • DeathBringer Zen
    DeathBringer Zen 16 hours ago

    Man City Faked Winning the Leauge, But I did it for REAL!!

  • On Look Amazed
    On Look Amazed 17 hours ago


  • ColdLemonK
    ColdLemonK 17 hours ago +1

    Hitler faked WW2 but I did it for real

  • Melina Rahimi
    Melina Rahimi 17 hours ago

    How do u know it's fake

  • Zingy Ten
    Zingy Ten 18 hours ago

    The flip of messi was hard because it spin twice with also Pepsi bottle

  • Nozomu Magar
    Nozomu Magar 18 hours ago

    Hard work better pays of mf

  • Ali Ghalriz
    Ali Ghalriz 19 hours ago

    I wish I was Wrong but I will be glad to know that your videos title are not desinged to convinced us to view which will be very DIRTY trick.

  • Roselineees Gaming channel

    Next :
    The actor faked died but i did it for real

  • Prem lal Manhar
    Prem lal Manhar 19 hours ago

    Messi is best and you lol

  • Sax3r28
    Sax3r28 19 hours ago

    I did Alli's thing back when I was 12... had to run 10 more minutes 'cause I hit the guy next to the coach lmao

  • Buğra arslan uğural Uğural

    3.47 what omg jwuejaiwkwhsjsjshshshs

  • Shnamnee TV
    Shnamnee TV 20 hours ago


  • If The Potato Plays
    If The Potato Plays 20 hours ago

    Ok now i know you might not believe me but i remembered me throwing a plastic bottle into the air over the tallest tree ( 7 storeys high) and guess what? It landed and ALL my friends saw it! I SWEAR i landed it but i just wish i caught it on tape!

  • token
    token 21 hour ago

    There was a penny in the bottle faked a fake 👌

  • Owais Amin
    Owais Amin 23 hours ago

    Go to hell

  • RSherres
    RSherres 23 hours ago

    players did them for real bro

  • Karuki Kun
    Karuki Kun 23 hours ago

    You did it !!! And better !!!
    I wont skip the ads !!!

  • Sooraj Subramoniam
    Sooraj Subramoniam Day ago +2

    You should have worked a lot for these.. great job bro👌

    • Ahmed Jabir
      Ahmed Jabir 11 hours ago

      he faked it, but i did it for real

  • Dr. Kaustubh Kulkarni

    Bro they are pros and you are a f**king super bot thats why you think it is fake

  • Sarah Epper
    Sarah Epper Day ago

    How do u know if its fake dumbass

  • Miracle Isaac
    Miracle Isaac Day ago


  • Costel Baghina
    Costel Baghina Day ago


  • あんまんにくまん

    wait soo you know they did it first try?

    and if its fake why can you do it

    TUFFANI Day ago

    Ha ha maderchod Tu to Messi Ronaldo Ka papa hai

  • Abbi Rizaldi
    Abbi Rizaldi Day ago

    Fuuckk upp

  • PewDieBo
    PewDieBo Day ago +1

    Songs at 1:34 and 4:00??

  • Fintaly Yolontan

    You have no idea how many times I have tried to redo this

  • Mayur Dudhsagare

    Good Efforts Buddy.. 🤘

  • COMICY Logic
    COMICY Logic Day ago

    Its embarresing how professional football players have to fake it but this dude can do it 4 real

  • Rema Chhakchhuak

    I fool man

  • nicodylan faze
    nicodylan faze Day ago


  • nicodylan faze
    nicodylan faze Day ago

    Who say that is fake man

  • Sky Heng
    Sky Heng Day ago

    For MESSI it should be left foot

  • arteestic
    arteestic Day ago

    america = soccer
    every other single place ever: football

  • Kaleb Krapp
    Kaleb Krapp Day ago

    How were the “faked” ones fake

  • SaV Jxson
    SaV Jxson Day ago

    I love how he’s says he’s fake ok Kieran ur better then Messi?

  • Blaine Cunningham

    The footballers didn’t fake those shots

  • Samiul Alamsami
    Samiul Alamsami Day ago


  • Spicy Noodle
    Spicy Noodle Day ago

    First of all how can you tell that it's fake? Fucking dumbass, literally youtubers these days have some of the most retarded videos

  • Jake paul Anonymous

    So you don't like saying soccer because it has American connections , wow asshole you British people are snobby Fucks

  • TTV_Loxris
    TTV_Loxris Day ago +1

    And how exactly were they fake?

  • REALlhamagirl gamer

    How come you're not a professional footballer player

  • Orlis YT
    Orlis YT Day ago

    I did that messi bottle trick for 10 min

  • Atif aslam DQ
    Atif aslam DQ Day ago

    FUcK 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Day ago

    How do you know that they faked...


  • eon striker
    eon striker Day ago

    What all you know about all the football players and you do not have the right to say them fake

  • Eddie E
    Eddie E Day ago

    Why the hell was he in a squash court while doing boat flip

  • Jason Parsons
    Jason Parsons Day ago

    The pro soccer players actually did them you just want to seem like the first one to do it. Dislike.

  • Michiel Haegebaert


  • Abaan Hussain
    Abaan Hussain Day ago

    How can u compare yourself with messi

  • hello Gamer
    hello Gamer Day ago

    en la portada messi real aparece con nikes

    AMIT KAR Day ago +1

    If messi is fake...then u r double fake....because only messi has this power...not even *******


    Don't ambass the messi and messi fan will not leave you

  • Spidey Life
    Spidey Life Day ago

    Next: "These Actors FAKED Jumping Off A Building, But I Did Them For Real!"

  • Jisha Shaji
    Jisha Shaji Day ago

    Messi's trick is not fake

  • Clorox bleach bottle 500ml

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when he hits the trickshot?

  • Zarina Maroof
    Zarina Maroof Day ago

    You are lying😋😋

  • toxic gamer
    toxic gamer Day ago

    Are not fake

  • Julio Panganiban

    How could you tell that is fake if u know it prove it and upload it on youtube

  • elchabibi channel

    FUCK you

  • Ramila Khapangi
    Ramila Khapangi Day ago

    Hey you youtuber don't fake it loser

  • Wendy Septyandi
    Wendy Septyandi Day ago

    Karena lu coba coba dulu tolol

  • jónapot, fiam
    jónapot, fiam Day ago

    Wow omfg rly

  • Priyanshu Bisht
    Priyanshu Bisht 2 days ago +1

    Sorry, but I love Messi

  • Sakhsham Bhagat
    Sakhsham Bhagat 2 days ago

    Shut up

  • Great Story
    Great Story 2 days ago

    subscribe pls

  • mohammed saeed
    mohammed saeed 2 days ago

    It should be footballers faked these clips and so did i

  • Gegen haokip
    Gegen haokip 2 days ago

    Mr.fake may be we block your youtube account...

  • Jayden Martinez
    Jayden Martinez 2 days ago

    I didn't see any football

  • Johnny's hesha
    Johnny's hesha 2 days ago

    This was fake you would've heard the sound and how come they would switch the camera angle on that kick?

  • Fata Jr
    Fata Jr 2 days ago

    You fake

  • Ethan Letzer
    Ethan Letzer 2 days ago

    Why do you say they faked it?

  • Brandon Martinez II
    Brandon Martinez II 2 days ago


  • Top Strika
    Top Strika 2 days ago

    Practicing these skills you will become perfect

  • Saymon Official
    Saymon Official 2 days ago

    such a bullshit.. dont copy others..and look AT ur title.. so cheap and mean.. lol

  • argha dutta
    argha dutta 2 days ago

    And you think you are that grate player who can do all that tricks

  • Meliza Astriana
    Meliza Astriana 2 days ago

    Messi is real