LaMelo Ball DEFIES Lavar & Gets GIANT Tattoo Across His Chest!

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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    The youngest ball boy defies his father's wishes and decides to get a giant tattoo across his chest. and lonzo ball weighs in on his younger brothers career in the NBA. stay tuned to hear what Zo had to say and to check out Lamelos new tattoo!
    #lameloball #lavarball #lonzoball #nba
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  • The Fumble
    The Fumble  2 months ago +213

    Don't let anyone tell you you're too short to play in the NBA, these guys didn't:

    • Untouched Kid
      Untouched Kid 2 months ago

      I smell a snitch

    • Zavian Hayes
      Zavian Hayes 2 months ago +1

      The Fumble y’all dry snitching

    • Dev2nasty
      Dev2nasty 2 months ago

      U one hating ass person 😭😭😭😭

    • Brommiesfour Nicolas
      Brommiesfour Nicolas 2 months ago +1

      Get your facts straight Gelo got his tattoo first before everyone else

    • Cesar
      Cesar 2 months ago

      He doesn’t play in the league tho

    SOY INI 53 minutes ago

    Stop being a snitch ain’t no one asked u non a that y don’t u say something you did when u was underage!!!

  • Baiyina Jones
    Baiyina Jones 2 days ago

    Gelo was 1st one to get tatted

  • Pablo Sandoz
    Pablo Sandoz 3 days ago

    Lmfaoo this girl really trynna snitch on this tattoo shop like she’s FBI 😂😂

  • C Mccreary
    C Mccreary 3 days ago

    I would be more concerned with that gay pink do rag he wears around all the time

  • Joseph Galligar
    Joseph Galligar 4 days ago

    ZO2 drafted second MELO1 drafted first?

  • Mary Clark
    Mary Clark 4 days ago


  • ShuFLow Gaming
    ShuFLow Gaming 5 days ago

    Btw nice boobs 😂😂

  • james jackson
    james jackson 5 days ago

    Dang snitch in on the tatty plug

  • Emma Escobar
    Emma Escobar 6 days ago

    Zo isn't wrong in my opinion

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 7 days ago

    You should call me

  • LKgaming YouTube
    LKgaming YouTube 9 days ago

    This fool stupid

  • Herro Stfu
    Herro Stfu 12 days ago

    Lol my first tattoo was at 15

  • Jason G
    Jason G 12 days ago

    regrets...?soon to cum.... on his face

  • Tanatswa Mundawaro
    Tanatswa Mundawaro 19 days ago +1

    Don't blame the kid, he's following the brothers by breaking father's wishes

  • heightsfynest183
    heightsfynest183 20 days ago

    Is it me or all the women on this show always showing there Boobies?

  • Christopher Mathew
    Christopher Mathew 21 day ago

    When I say fumble u say snitch!!!!..................Fumble!! Snitch!!Fumble!!!Snitch

  • Ioannis Pampoukidis
    Ioannis Pampoukidis 26 days ago

    Looks like Shit the tatoo!!!!

  • Blacky KC.
    Blacky KC. 26 days ago

    DUMBASS tattoo! 😂😭

  • Ken Foee
    Ken Foee 27 days ago +1

    Why y’all dry snitching ?😂

  • Deranged fitness
    Deranged fitness 27 days ago

    She has the most annoying voice

  • Aunnie Aye
    Aunnie Aye 27 days ago


  • Freshprinceeggtv
    Freshprinceeggtv 28 days ago

    Damn why she snitching on the shop

  • merkulov száva
    merkulov száva 28 days ago

    Sirkle face

  • kay illa
    kay illa 28 days ago

    Cmon man, at least get a decent artist and get a decent tattoo.

  • Jovani Cruz
    Jovani Cruz 28 days ago

    Be your own man ! Get your own career and your own life fam

  • Jackson McFarland
    Jackson McFarland 29 days ago

    Quit snitching and trying to get a good artist/shop in trouble

  • Fuller Than Empty
    Fuller Than Empty 29 days ago

    Wrong. Gelo tatted up his front torso first, then Lonzo got tattoos on his wrists in solidarity. Then they both kept going.

  • Gerald Mendoza
    Gerald Mendoza Month ago +3

    The style of that no.1 is killing me, HAHAHA. Thats the type of no.1's you see in your kindergarten. He should've chosen different style of no.1 for that tattoo😂

  • Grady Turner
    Grady Turner Month ago +1

    Why y'all out here snitching? Giving the Fed's cases ain't cool.

  • Sack Sparrow
    Sack Sparrow Month ago

    We all got tats before 18 weirdo

  • Austin Gray
    Austin Gray Month ago

    Liangelo was the first to get one

  • Lisa Barnes
    Lisa Barnes Month ago

    His dad is CRAZY. .lol ..

  • The Gifted Prodigy
    The Gifted Prodigy Month ago

    We are worried about Tattoo Laws when Big Brother is trying to take away our RIGHTS to own firearms.

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C Month ago

    She on here snitching

  • Danny lobel
    Danny lobel Month ago

    Mmmm big titty Brit lol

  • Mae_ Channel
    Mae_ Channel Month ago

    She snitching on tht tattoo shop like crzy 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Mason FALE
    Mason FALE Month ago

    His tat looks fugly

  • BossMX Gaming
    BossMX Gaming Month ago +1


  • Landon Blanco
    Landon Blanco Month ago

    She don’t know what upset means.

  • Rhio Raye De Vera
    Rhio Raye De Vera Month ago

    Maybe a consent from LiAngelo

  • Landon Smalls
    Landon Smalls Month ago

    Britt you make me smile

  • Zavage OCE
    Zavage OCE Month ago

    In Aus you can get tatts at 16, USA hella stricked with the laws

  • ronnel laurente
    ronnel laurente Month ago

    Britt tryna catch that case

  • Savethepanda
    Savethepanda Month ago

    I feel stupid listening to this girl

  • Thatgamingman 3837
    Thatgamingman 3837 Month ago

    Actually Liangelo got tattoos first

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago

    The Lakers ball alot of people like first take thinks he garbage. I disagree he's like. Jason Kidd alil weaker he's not good to score he's gift he's speed so he would be a star if it's the right team like the bucks or Clippers the Lakers wasn't a good fit he needs centers or big guys to throw the Valley op to king James not he's style but Blake Griffin. Even the Denver nuggets would be a good fit for ball

  • X D
    X D Month ago

    Dame she snitching on all dem

  • xSnowpiratex
    xSnowpiratex Month ago

    Damn he is the same age as me and he got tats and more money

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips Month ago

    Damm That tat is brutal. Hope they give him a discount on the next one

  • Sebby1
    Sebby1 Month ago +1

    Big tit Brit be snitching like crazy 😂

    • Sebby1
      Sebby1 Month ago

      Blackgirlschannal ! Me

    • Bon Bon
      Bon Bon Month ago

      Wtf your profile picture

  • Jjejeje Papaaa
    Jjejeje Papaaa Month ago

    Brit kinda hot. I would fuck

  • Jjejeje Papaaa
    Jjejeje Papaaa Month ago

    Big tit britt

  • Eric Vega
    Eric Vega Month ago

    Tbh stop blaming it on the tattoo shop, all three of em pretty much men, and tbh you know well that you’ve done at least one illegal thing in your life ma’am, so stop act like the ball brothers are the only ones to do it lol.

  • Moose Df
    Moose Df Month ago

    Those titles are nice

  • iHitt Those
    iHitt Those Month ago


  • Crazy Hawk2828
    Crazy Hawk2828 Month ago

    Now every basketball fuck boi is going to get a chest tattoo

  • Johnny Sosa
    Johnny Sosa Month ago

    shanty you a rat

  • NaySay Network
    NaySay Network Month ago

    Big ol titties

  • IceFresh
    IceFresh Month ago

    Logic of MURICA parents " Getting a gun at age 8 and learning how to shoot and use it is totally fine" Meanwhile getting a tatto is god forbidden and make their kids leave their house. You americans are fucked up.

  • smart clever
    smart clever Month ago

    All the hashtags but no liangelo sad

  • D Mifflin
    D Mifflin Month ago


  • Andres Cordon
    Andres Cordon Month ago

    Be quite damn

  • Aw slurpy
    Aw slurpy Month ago

    But he #2😂😂

  • omakius inacio
    omakius inacio Month ago

    Is you the britt from pubg ? 😱 do you know rolex ?

  • Mazeks
    Mazeks Month ago


  • Brandon McCoy
    Brandon McCoy 2 months ago

    You’re too loud geez

  • Blake Hablay
    Blake Hablay 2 months ago


  • Aaron Diaz
    Aaron Diaz 2 months ago

    that small ass chest boi lmaoooooooo

  • Canjust Yt
    Canjust Yt 2 months ago

    You talk to much