3900X + A320 | It Works... But Don't Try It

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    In our last "cheap motherboard + expensive CPU" video, we paired a 3900X with a B350 board from ASRock. Now, let's see if the same CPU will work with an A320 motherboard from Gigabyte. Don't try this at home.
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Comments • 80

  • Atoopen
    Atoopen 8 months ago +485

    Other reviewers: the 3900x is an absolutely amazing CPU, only to be rivaled by the yet-to-be-released 3950x.
    Greg: heh heh heh... Let's shove it in a $30 motherboard 😂
    I love it 😂

    • vgchat
      vgchat 4 months ago

      Looks like you forgot to install the chipset for that motherboard. You can't just update the bios alone & say "Ok let's go!"

    • BlackBullPistol
      BlackBullPistol 8 months ago +4

      @John Ruben Saragi depends on where you live...

    • John Ruben Saragi
      John Ruben Saragi 8 months ago +1

      A320 motherboard is $50, not $30.

    • Fox Boi
      Fox Boi 8 months ago +1

      Carefully....he's a hero.

    • Mantis Shrimp
      Mantis Shrimp 8 months ago +4

      and to think I was worried about getting an x470 lmao

  • I M A
    I M A 6 hours ago

    Please install heatsink for VRM on motherboard

  • Jeferson Vasques
    Jeferson Vasques 14 days ago

    its ok for me

  • Marcos Alvarenga
    Marcos Alvarenga 23 days ago

    Testing how the Ryzen R9 3900X behaves on the A320 motherboard, just checking the temperatures and frequencies is just scratching the surface.
    You should do synthetic tests, benchmarks and others.
    And, from what I saw in the video and what was not mentioned, the CPU was limited to 6 cores. Or am I mistaken?

  • Compu Geeks
    Compu Geeks Month ago

    Awasome #Compugeeks

  • Harmen Liefhebber
    Harmen Liefhebber Month ago

    Highly unlikely as a couple, but remember, VRM's are made to withstand temperatures up to 115 degrees. This is of course terrible for the longetivity of the board, but the temps you got are actually fine. The rated boost clocks are unlikely to occur during a stress test due to the voltage draw and heat output, even on more expensive boards. Even people with high end boards are complaining their 3900x's aren't hitting their boost speeds, well duh. The 4 + 2 hase design on these a320 boards makes for a hotter running VRM and even then it's still well withing spec. VRM heatsinks aren't really ideal tbh, good airflow and VRM design beats a gaming motherboard with edgy heatsinks and crappy phase design all day. Overclocking is out of the question on these VRM's, but for stock speeds even these cheap boards are "fine" if airflow is decent.

  • tony lai
    tony lai Month ago

    Try asrock a320hdv
    I heard some news this a320 would be overclock

  • Alpaca Mofu Mofu
    Alpaca Mofu Mofu Month ago

    What is secure for long life temps on a320m vrm full load? Maximun 65w cpu is recomendated?

  • TheLanceAsian
    TheLanceAsian Month ago

    So i can put a 2700x into my asrock a320m-hdv r4.0 mobo? I heard that it draws more power than 3700x but less than 3900x

  • 기꺼이 웃다YOU
    기꺼이 웃다YOU 2 months ago

    what about an 8 core ryzen cpu??

  • J. Doe
    J. Doe 2 months ago

    These results are actually pretty good for a board this cheap. I was expecting it would thermal throttle to 3.0ghz. Not bad at all.
    It would probably die in a year though if used with a r9 3900x like as a rendering machine. A fan on top of those vrm's will definitely increase the board's life expectancy. :)

  • Jeremy Tines
    Jeremy Tines 2 months ago

    I don't think you temp measuring methodology is accurate. It looks like you are holding the ir gun 2-3 feet away, which according to flukes specs is averaging the temps of a 2-3" circle around the lazer dot. I would get very close or better yet use a contact probe like Gamers Nexus.

  • seb0 seb0
    seb0 seb0 3 months ago

    I did the same test with a 1600x and the temps were exactly the sams as your videos so... i duno if pairing 3950x with a a320 board is even a bad idea cause im getting exact same resault as my 1600x

  • Ramione Clint
    Ramione Clint 3 months ago

    How about ryzen 5 3600? it's a 65W CPU, will it limit the performance of the cpu?

  • Simranjeet Singh
    Simranjeet Singh 3 months ago

    A 8 core should be fine on a320, i if im building a system i will not go for more than a ryzen 5 3500 on a320

  • Rohan Jose
    Rohan Jose 3 months ago

    What about ryzen 7 3700 md a320 its rated 65 watts so at stock a320 should handle it

  • Lardext
    Lardext 3 months ago +1

    Can anyone tell me how well a 3700x would work on a A320?

    • Christian Glanville
      Christian Glanville 2 months ago

      i would think it shouldn't be a problem its a 65watt tdp chip , just don't overclock it

  • FiasaPower
    FiasaPower 4 months ago

    So basically the problem is vrm cooling. The power circuit provide enough power to the CPU.
    Not a surprise, since this vrm setup is pretty decent considering the cheapness of the motherboard.

  • SunsetRider
    SunsetRider 4 months ago

    Greg earlier: "Ok, let's try the 3900x on a b350. Don't try this at home.... ok. it works..hmm..but don't try this at home". A few weeks later: "Ok, let's try the 3900x on an a320. Dont try this at home... ok. it works.....hmmmmmm....but do not try this at home. Seriously guys".

    Me: Gonna try this at home

  • Smoke Inc
    Smoke Inc 4 months ago

    will a 2600 work

  • Brian Deihl
    Brian Deihl 4 months ago

    You can't point those guns so far away when measuring such a small area. The further back you go the wider area it covers that's why temps are all over the place it don't know what to measure

  • MrDeathknight1
    MrDeathknight1 4 months ago

    What's the best chip you can get to run at max speed on that board .. my mate has a msi one and he won't to upgrade in the future from 3200g and I said next gen I'll sell him my 3600 but I'd just like to know what u can go up to on a a320m board lol

  • One Piece Vines
    One Piece Vines 5 months ago

    hey im planning to use ryzen 5 3600 on my asrock a320m hdv board. will it be ok?

  • Moonlight Sculptor
    Moonlight Sculptor 5 months ago

    Not really a problem a actually..
    A320m original designed as small build n for somebody who is tight on budget the most important actually is PSU, get the quality one..

  • SharkTank
    SharkTank 5 months ago

    I have this motherboard it is AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Bonson Pylon
    Bonson Pylon 6 months ago

    Dude that ad for an intel board on an AMD video confused me for a second

  • TheWretchedWorld
    TheWretchedWorld 6 months ago

    meanwhile with intel you cant run more than 4 cores in a z170 board with good vrms

  • iTechGaming GR
    iTechGaming GR 6 months ago

    So i own this motherboard, i was about to buy the 2600 but after seeing this i am considering to buy the 3600 which has the same TDP which is the recommended for the board, should i go for the 3600 or keep with the 2600? Would there be any problems if i went with the 3600, i don't plan overclocking and work with the base stock speeds.

  • Ravi Pratap
    Ravi Pratap 6 months ago +1

    Can you test 65W ryzen 7 3700X on a320?

  • Pavel Jelínek
    Pavel Jelínek 7 months ago

    3900X is too much for this board obviously but my friend has the very same board paired with 3600 and it runs blazingly fast.. It has even better results than if it would bee paired with X570

  • Loool Danica
    Loool Danica 8 months ago

    Как по мне самая лучшая связка процессора и материнской платы, так как можно не покупать чайник и плиту.

  • Tablante Rolando lll
    Tablante Rolando lll 8 months ago

    How bout 3600? Since it only requires 65tdp and a320 is only 65

  • MapOfEurasia
    MapOfEurasia 8 months ago

    Try the V2 version of this board. It has the B350 chipset instead of the A320.

  • Smoke Inc
    Smoke Inc 8 months ago +1

    pls ryzen 3700 that has lower frequenct and tdp

  • Daevster 666
    Daevster 666 8 months ago

    You think this board would be fine with a 3600?
    Edit: Sorry should of watched until the end.

  • Jonathan Saldanha
    Jonathan Saldanha 8 months ago +1

    hi can i put a ryzen 3600 on a320 msi gaming pro?? it will be fine ? thx

    • Eldo Eldon
      Eldo Eldon 8 months ago

      I would go with at least B450 and you are good to go

  • MTB Scotland
    MTB Scotland 8 months ago

    Wonder if it would change if you put active cooling on the VRM

  • free thinker
    free thinker 8 months ago

    Aren’t you udapting the driver like network and gpu before installing window ? Like in the window option load driver (when ms format for their reserved partitioning

  • free thinker
    free thinker 8 months ago

    Pretty aure everybody is waiting for asus the release their new a320i something. Soon

  • free thinker
    free thinker 8 months ago

    Couldn’t you do like an historical bios update review? Meaning the multiple ways supported cpu can be updated ! Sound silly but I didn’t know that some motherboard needed to be updated sequentially from oldest to newest

  • Edwolf008
    Edwolf008 8 months ago

    My asus A320 can handle the ryzen 9 3900x? Thanks

  • David Tyson
    David Tyson 8 months ago

    So new graphics cards are a big topic atm, for old setups to get a boost is this legit/safe from Thiojoe??? ruclip.com/video/0T_IHdOnc3w/video.html

  • Murilo Rezende
    Murilo Rezende 8 months ago

    I'm thinking about buing a ryzen 3700x and, eventually, a x470 motherboard.
    It's a bad idea using the 3700x in my a320 until i have money to change my motherboard? For, like, 6 months.

    • Murilo Rezende
      Murilo Rezende 8 months ago

      Nice. I'll do that. Thanks for reply.

    • Smoke Inc
      Smoke Inc 8 months ago +1

      3700 has a little lower tdp might go with that i also have a a320 board gonna update cpu first then mobo ill go with 370p since lower tdp lower power consumption lower heat some gamers used a ryzen 7 2700x just fine

  • Victini HaloFang
    Victini HaloFang 8 months ago

    The mirage effect of amd fan system always destruct me

  • Bryan T
    Bryan T 8 months ago +1

    Find an a320 board that uses an 8 pin CPU power. Seeing a 4 pin it was obvious it wasn't going to run to spec.

  • Max Xlr8tion
    Max Xlr8tion 8 months ago

    A video of you disabling the thermal/power limits in bios and doing this again would be awesome, for science.

  • ramair325
    ramair325 8 months ago

    learn how to use a IR gun before making a video lol. (chokes dont get hot at all)

  • Ross Martin
    Ross Martin 8 months ago +1

    Would love to see the 3900x on and itx am4 board. Preferably x370 or b450. Thanks Greg!

  • Maxxarcade
    Maxxarcade 8 months ago

    It's still pretty cool how much performance you could get out of a budget build with Ryzen 3000. A 3600 with one of these boards and some decent RAM would still be a very capable machine for most people. And I still think the new APU's that are coming out could change the face of cheap OEM computers soon.

  • Blake West
    Blake West 8 months ago

    I get if total throughput wattage is the issue with this board, as vrm temps being only 70-80C is far under their safety temp of 100-150C. That can be significantly helped with putting some top of the line or even just BETTER thermal pads on those VRM. Even upgrading to a 6w/m*k pad from arctic would do wonders, let alone a 24 w/m*k proper FujiPoly thermal pad. It is doable if heat REALLY is the only issue.

  • La marmotte des internets

    This motherboard looks so empty

  • Rodrigo Martincic
    Rodrigo Martincic 8 months ago

    This board is perfect for Ryzen 3200 or a 3400 .. so i think is great..

  • Dumal
    Dumal 8 months ago +2

    So a b450m from gigabyte(unfortunately not the gaming variation, because here in my country Mobos are a little bit expensive) would fit with a Ryzen 5 3600(without OC)?

    • The True Inferno
      The True Inferno 8 months ago

      Yeah, itll be fine. Considering they were meant to be able to handle at least 8 core cpu's it'll work good, even with the 3800x as the cpus take less power than the 2700x due to the new 7nm process

  • mystery chemical
    mystery chemical 8 months ago

    2:51 Power Comapny : Hehehe YEAH BOI!

  • Ayu Natsume
    Ayu Natsume 8 months ago +2

    What if you install some heatsinks on those chokes/VRMs? Like those you can get for GPU Ram chips.

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 8 months ago

    I had that sensor but returned it cause wasnt what I expected

    UBRESO 8 months ago

    Hey Greg!
    I'm planning to buy a Ryzen 7 3700X and I was wondering if it works on a B450 PLUS motherboard with those huge vrm heatsinks.
    Nice video man, cheers from Brazil.

    • The True Inferno
      The True Inferno 8 months ago +1

      Get the B450 Tomahawk, Mortar or Gaming plus from MSI. They have the best VRMs out of any of the b450 motherboards and rival some of the X470 boards too

  • anikanbounty97
    anikanbounty97 8 months ago

    love it!

  • Rob Mac
    Rob Mac 8 months ago

    Please try the Crosshair hero vi.

  • John Connor
    John Connor 8 months ago

    Dude, production quality + b-roll music game is on point!

  • björn sjöblom
    björn sjöblom 8 months ago +2

    great content:)peope should chill out with buildzoid talks and think they are experts after this and say u need the most expensive asus bords only because of vrms or the cpus gonna blowup and shit:S

  • Demorthus
    Demorthus 8 months ago

    Prime95 is for thermal-solution(s) testing more than it is stability.

  • Demorthus
    Demorthus 8 months ago

    Shout out to the small wireless keyboard + mouse btw! I use it all the time for my raspberry pi's & when I'm also traveling for IT related stuff or also troubleshoot @ home other devices. SUPER underrated tool. If you're into IT or troubleshoot alot- seriously grab this thing, it's cheap and it works. I've never ran into any 'compatibility' issues thus far. There's no gimmicks nor backlighting but again that's kind of the point- no frills- just works.

  • Helge Schaare
    Helge Schaare 8 months ago

    The Gigabyte A320M-S2H is one of worst A320-Boards you can buy, its crap!!!

  • Keviny Oliveira
    Keviny Oliveira 8 months ago

    R.I.P A320

  • TelefonMann
    TelefonMann 8 months ago

    Screw in the goddamn m.2 xD

  • Pete Browne
    Pete Browne 8 months ago +6

    Great test, I love that A320 board. Could you test a 3600 on that board please and give some benchmarks. It's an upgrade I think most budget builders would like to try

    • Dhanar Putra
      Dhanar Putra 2 months ago

      Search his other videos. It's been tested.

  • Jorge Rosa
    Jorge Rosa 8 months ago +1

    Add some copper cooling in these naked components. Maybe it will boost, like Brian from Tech Yes City did with older boards.

  • Maker Guy
    Maker Guy 8 months ago

    Just diy put some heatsinks on the vrm s and do the test again

  • T Bone
    T Bone 8 months ago

    dat gpu sag

  • Дмитрий Нагиев

    Sry, but why he act and looked like a gay? /

  • Tadej Danev
    Tadej Danev 8 months ago

    where is 30$?

  • bestbattle
    bestbattle 8 months ago

    So the limitation is from the VRM, not the chipset. Can you get a A320 with a better VRM?

  • Yusuf Sulaiman
    Yusuf Sulaiman 8 months ago

    This is a very good information.
    Maybe we could as well have "most" data for temperature and boost speed on each motherboard pairing with all CPU. It doesn't have to came from the same source.
    Tech youtubers my suggestion could have their agreement to test on different motherboard thus the data will be completed. I assume that every Tech RUcliprs have their complete CPU'S but not complete on the motherboard.
    Am I Dreaming :-D

  • rawdez
    rawdez 8 months ago

    should've tried to downvolt it...
    or you can't control voltages on a320 boards?

  • G GG
    G GG 8 months ago

    It ran it,thats the simple fact.The A520\B550 boards due next year or the MSI A320\B350 refreshes might fare better.Good video.

  • Ryan Watson
    Ryan Watson 8 months ago +7

    I saw A320 and instantly thought of the plane lmao

  • Sanity Logic
    Sanity Logic 8 months ago

    Has intel ever tried to do something like this in the past? The shear thought that you can put a high end chip with previous generation motherboards is really neat!

  • PlasmaPower
    PlasmaPower 8 months ago

    So I guess something like the 3600 would work better in an OEM motherboard like that.

  • erwin pialago
    erwin pialago 8 months ago

    Pls upload using 3600 on a320m would really help