Residents move in to new homeless shelter

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Residents move in to new homeless shelter

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  • Michael Lewis Jones
    Michael Lewis Jones 15 days ago

    I was homeless in San Diego for about 5 years. (2012-2017) I had the time of my life being on the sidewalk out there.

  • reality check
    reality check 19 days ago

    Local government are directly responsible for creating homeless populations. City and state government evict people from their property . Property taxes should be illegal outright because its like paying rent to city or state. Property rights continue to be a serious issue in many communities. Cities continue to demand more money in the form of taxes. They waste millions of dollars are various projects. A tax crisis is coming to America because the taxes are too high.

  • Mike Harrison
    Mike Harrison 20 days ago +1

    These people are tired of being, sick and tired? 😵 too much, partying 🎉

  • Mike Harrison
    Mike Harrison 20 days ago +1

    Looks 👀 like a prison camp? 😳

    • tammy goodman
      tammy goodman 12 days ago

      that's what it's gonna be. Remember when they said the homeless were being sent to these camps, including victims of disasters? No one believed them. Well it's slowly coming out that the concentration camps are real, and these will be run the same way as the concentration camps at the border. They aren't gonna care about trying to hiding it anymore.

    • Panter Panter
      Panter Panter 14 days ago

      Mike Harrison WHAT DO YOU EXPECT , HOTEL 5 STARS ?

  • Rosi Jhullur
    Rosi Jhullur 21 day ago +1

    Temporary solution.

    • reality check
      reality check 19 days ago

      They need to start building homes. Construction of two apartment buildings would have a big impact on the homeless population. A permanent address would allow stability for homeless. They would be able to retrain for employment. Homelessness is a crisis in the making because of wasteful government spending.

  • Total Control 871
    Total Control 871 21 day ago +3

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news to Dave and Darlene but they very much indeed have to be on guard when you stay in a shelter...they will rob you blind! And I also hate to break it to you but now that you're rounding up and putting people with highly contagious diseases such as hepatitis into a close cramped quarters it means that the uninfected stand a much higher risk of becoming infected. But of course none of this is the concern of the Jewish owned nonprofits that rake in the money hand-over-fist.
    Each one of those bunk beds cost the city $10,000 per month in nonprofit funding. Where I live it cost the state of New Jersey less than $12,000 a year to keep me housed in my own home. Those shelters are about to burn through record amounts of cash......fucking hundreds of millions of dollars just to keep the homeless Warehoused in a shelter that only cost 100K to build (actual cost not the inflated no-bid contract cost). So I hope the homeless understand that as the months go by thousands of dollars are being spent per month that could've been used to give them their own apartment but instead the greedy non profit are going to make a fantastic fortune off of your poverty and misery and in the end all of the services that you signed up for will go absolutely nowhere in terms of giving you permanent housing.
    It's my guess that when the spring rolls around the nonprofits will start handing out six-month or one-year hotel vouchers to empty the shelters and create false data so that they can claim that they gave you housing. But of course the housing won't actually be permanent and at the end of your hotel stay you're going to be dumped out onto the street and you won't even have the shelter to go back to because by then they'll have a fresh batch of suckers signed up for their so-called services and using their signatures and Social Security numbers to bill the state for hundreds of millions of dollars more!

    • Southern Pacific
      Southern Pacific 17 days ago

      They are doing that in Bakersfield right now. Lot of the homeless or desperate and very StUPid.

    • Total Control 871
      Total Control 871 18 days ago

      @the u.s. Nationalist. are you kidding me! The board of directors roll call of these nonprofits reads like the opening credits to PBS....JEWS FOR DAYS!!!

    • AlisaForestHills1989 Brigades
      AlisaForestHills1989 Brigades 18 days ago

      Oooh oh yes know the feeling of that I had my hotel and when check out time was near it sucks back to reality

    • AlisaForestHills1989 Brigades
      AlisaForestHills1989 Brigades 18 days ago +1

      Once again my friend you nailed it 100% correct yes it's very bad in shelters and yes they will Rob you blind we both know this cause we been thier done that and still doing it but problem s they don't see it out way and hepatitis is scary and these places can get that it's bad that's why I why away from shelters I'm scared scared to be robbed and scared if hepatitis scared of everything that goes with it it's such a survival for us keep's all we can do

    • Laurel Dunn-Scott
      Laurel Dunn-Scott 18 days ago

      You made some valid points, that got lost in your Jewish conspiracy crap.

  • Guillermo Hellmund
    Guillermo Hellmund 21 day ago +3

    Glad you guys didn’t cover this one up like you did for Epstein