Top 15 Creepy Secret Messages in Cartoons

  • Published on Feb 3, 2018
  • ► Narrated by Chills:
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    In this top 15 list, we look at creepy hidden messages that were secretly placed in movie and tv show cartoons. These included animated shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and Adventure Time. Enjoy our analysis of these entries.
    Written by: jessicaholom
    Edited by: Huba Áron Csapó
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  • Top15s
    Top15s  Year ago +1965

    *This video was narrated by Chills.*

    • thays hartmann
      thays hartmann 15 days ago

      That Disney lluminati means Bill Cipher

    • Pure Insanity
      Pure Insanity 3 months ago

      I thought is was chills I subbed to both of you

    • Evil Monkey66666
      Evil Monkey66666 4 months ago

      A113 is used by far more than Disney FFS I mean really

  • Chicken Stuff N
    Chicken Stuff N 10 hours ago


  • Andre Covarrubias
    Andre Covarrubias 15 hours ago

    I was 3 when i was watching jonny bravo but when i saw that episode i remember it very vividly it was late night but as i saw that photo my head hurt then passed out

  • Milky Way AUTTP
    Milky Way AUTTP 20 hours ago

    The Most Unknown Thing On Chills Or Top15s:

    J O H N C E N A

  • Axis
    Axis 22 hours ago

    My cousin is a meson...

  • noel jaylo
    noel jaylo Day ago +1

    I saw a MOTHER on the picture at 2:19-2:20

  • Ken Kaneki PH
    Ken Kaneki PH Day ago

    Whoa,so chill.

    COЯЯUPT GAM3Я6401 3 days ago +2

    Me: sees 5138008
    Me: ahh

  • Kisame- San
    Kisame- San 3 days ago


  • deemiquatro
    deemiquatro 4 days ago +1

    3:57 is what you came for

  • the wolf pack
    the wolf pack 5 days ago +1

    hey that's mean scar is misunderstood. 😂

  • the wolf pack
    the wolf pack 5 days ago

    kusgo i think was a llama, not a donkey!

  • LeO
    LeO 5 days ago

    The creepy thing about this video is your voice and the background music.

  • MoldyLemon 1041
    MoldyLemon 1041 7 days ago


    b r u h

  • Evelia Morales
    Evelia Morales 7 days ago

    What does 5318008 mean????

  • Macy Cann
    Macy Cann 9 days ago

    How was number 15 scary?

  • patatokitty
    patatokitty 10 days ago

    Number 13 is just the rockers sign when they go to concerts

  • sadboipro and hack_er2001

    It was mother now it's father

  • Shepherd Boy
    Shepherd Boy 12 days ago

    Flip 5318008 over and you get boobies

  • Patsy Kenyon
    Patsy Kenyon 13 days ago

    In the adventure Time part that code said

  • DamnSon Mat
    DamnSon Mat 13 days ago

    3:58 number 11 Y O U R F A T H E R W I L L D I E

  • Kwekong kwekang
    Kwekong kwekang 13 days ago

    A113 is not a Creepy😑

  • Diamond World23
    Diamond World23 14 days ago

    Ahh what a wonderful evening watching “THE DUCK TALES”

  • Freddy Master
    Freddy Master 16 days ago

    the number 5318008 means boobies

  • Luis Mendoza
    Luis Mendoza 17 days ago +1

    What does the numbers 5318008 mean?I didn’t get it

  • Felt Devil
    Felt Devil 17 days ago

    A113 is just an inside cartoon joke
    Who is agreed with me

  • TitanHunter
    TitanHunter 19 days ago

    Number 4: Hail satan

    D O R A T H E E X P L O R E R

  • •Rhapsodyz•
    •Rhapsodyz• 21 day ago


  • Ronald Brandon Martija

    Number 5 5318008 what does it mean?Tell me in the comments

  • BJ Severan
    BJ Severan 21 day ago

    Illaumanti Duck. talaes

  • Br uh
    Br uh 21 day ago


  • Benjamin Vasquez
    Benjamin Vasquez 21 day ago

    It is the room that the creators of Disney made or I forgot who made it but whatever they make it is the room number where they make it at A113

  • Hanma Yujiro
    Hanma Yujiro 21 day ago

    Number 15

  • Nandy de Jesus Besavilla

    A113 mean their classroom number Idk if I am right just search it on Google

  • gus peep
    gus peep 22 days ago


  • Daniel Fermin
    Daniel Fermin 23 days ago

    At 14:20 it says BODIES

  • Snow Queen
    Snow Queen 24 days ago

    Number 13 reason why they doing the devil's dog is because Satan worship.

  • YediViking
    YediViking 25 days ago

    Disney already is screwed up.. 666 LOOK IT UP

  • angela wood
    angela wood 25 days ago

    It’s not Thomas the train. It’s Thomas the tank engine

  • jack robinson
    jack robinson 25 days ago

    Thomas the train 🤬

  • creeper catcher 451
    creeper catcher 451 26 days ago +1

    Oooo so scary 5318008

  • Oscar HYDRO6
    Oscar HYDRO6 27 days ago

    Doof tea is eat food backwards I just wanted to say that

  • Rhimson plays
    Rhimson plays 28 days ago

    Your voice its annoying

  • Nightin- Side
    Nightin- Side 28 days ago +3

    I realized i can do his voice.

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 28 days ago


  • Trickz_zz ‘
    Trickz_zz ‘ Month ago

    hhahahaha *b o o b i e s*


    I want to get pinned

  • DK2342
    DK2342 Month ago +1


    MALAA Month ago

    I can’t take it seriously bc of his voice😂😂

  • SamsMemeArt 1608
    SamsMemeArt 1608 Month ago

    Who’s here from Pyrocynical ? Lol

  • arrianne gift vlogz

    why did you change your name to top 15's ..are your name chills sounds ugly..for me not so plss get back to its original name

  • Oliver j
    Oliver j Month ago

    Why creepy just tell them hidden messagesxd

  • Galactic649
    Galactic649 Month ago

    ah yes 5318008 is so scary aaaaaaa i have been spooked

  • Aron Emman
    Aron Emman Month ago

    i think on the three little pig is "your father is demon?"

  • baddie baddie
    baddie baddie Month ago

    my dad passed away and loved watching this show with me

  • Foop The Hoop
    Foop The Hoop Month ago +1

    “A113 is in every Disney movie”
    H O W A B O U T O S W A L D

  • Waflle Hat
    Waflle Hat Month ago +1

    Omg I just skipped the hail satan part and then I watched it over *I was like a 2 year old that didnt wanna hear the word satan xD*

  • Sarmad Anwar
    Sarmad Anwar Month ago

    What does 5318008 means..please tell me!

    • Cancer Edition
      Cancer Edition Month ago

      5318008 is the number that John Cena had written on his victims head when he killed them

  • Jessie Mecas
    Jessie Mecas Month ago

    Why does it have to be kid shows????

  • What is wrong with this society?

    number 4, hail satan

    d o r a t h e e x p l o r e r