Ancestry DNA results: I am what?? I'm confused!!

What's up guys?!?!?!?! Finally!!! My ancestry results took forever to come in but it was expected (6-8 weeks). I think you guys are going to be shocked at the results!!
My husband always said that I looked exotic but I didn't know I was truly exotic!!! Stop reading now because this will be a spoiler alert!!!


40% Native American!! What?! lol
30% Iberian Peninsula (Spain)
10% Italian
7% Irish
4% Black
3% from Great Britain
2% Europe West
1% European Jewish
more than 1% Asia East
more than 1% Middle East
more than 1% Caucasus

You'll have to excuse our ignorant behinds, Caucasus is somewhere ranging from Armenia, Iran, Turkey, or Greece, Italy, Romania, etc. We were just having fun reading these results! But had no idea what we were talking about, haha.
According to mom, Mexican is a mixed race, It is primarily Native American and Spanish. Which makes much more sense to me.

I highly recommend this test to everyone. It is so enlightening! If I find a lot more about my ancestors I will be sure to film another video on it! Thank you so much for watching! Don't forget to subscribe, love you guys!!!

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Автор Andrea McCray ( назад)
Before anyone else comments, yes I know I look ignorant in this video. No, I wasn't taught about my culture, races, or ethnicities in school. The only culture that seems to matter in school is American culture and even then, some things are falsified. I never desired to look deeper into my roots as to where I came from because being told I was Mexican, was sufficient for me. It wasn't until recently I found out about this test and became curious. Immediately after filming, I told my mom about my results and she explained them to me, however I still did further research. Caucasus is not Caucasian, obviously. This is real raw footage of us reading our results for the first time. We were having fun! Enjoying ourselves! Seems like some of y'all view that as a crime. I wouldn't have re-recorded after deciphering the results. Me and my husband actually enjoy each other and love each other's silliness. Stop trying to force us to take life so serious.

Автор lisa mac ( назад)
hubby is really pure african u are african african

Автор Sherry Moon ( назад)
sounds like you got mostly figured out. just a side note.. north Africa is the same bloodlines as the middle east so you are even more middle eastern than you thought.. as is parts of Asia. . you both turned out gorgeous :) enjoy each other :₩

Автор nitsrah ( назад)
Yes Mexicans are considered native Americans

Автор Antonio Brown ( назад)
Mexicans and Native Americans are the same thing

Автор C Roberts ( назад)
For example the mayans

Автор C Roberts ( назад)
Native Americans are Hispanic people

Автор bigh00 ( назад)
Mexicans are descendants of Native Americans. Aztecs were the main group that populated what we know as Mexico today.

Автор avilik13 ( назад)
Caucasus countries are Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Iran etc. They look Middle Eastern but they're not really. We use the term Caucasian nowadays in reference to white people usually with Aryan features but those from the Caucasus are generally olive skin dark-haired people.

Автор Pwing Minecraft ( назад)
Hey it's Morpheus in his younger days ! :D

Автор D muhammad ( назад)
Mexicans were given that name by Spaniards so they say native American they mean indigenous Americans.

Автор Kevin Amy ( назад)
Do not be confused 30%Iberia is Spain and Portugal, 40% Native American , Mexican is your NATIONALITY NOT RACE! You can be a Native Mexican or Spanish Mexican or Afro-Mexican last mixed with Spanish & Native ,in your case with a touch of African(Afro).

Автор Edward Lemus ( назад)
Mexicans are a mix of native, European, and Asian.

Автор Jefke Theboss ( назад)
lol funny

Автор Ore B ( назад)
lol y'all are so cute. I died when he was like I'm not confused I'm 95% African. Also ignore negative or weird comments. These ancestry tests bring out a lot of weird people lmao.

Автор Anileh t ( назад)
why so many dislikes?

Автор Anileh t ( назад)
Mexicans = Native American, Spanish and sometimes a bit of West African

Автор sworc ( назад)
Spanish Spain Spaniards =European native American Aztec olmec Mayan northern tribes Hawaiian Islands Eskimos etc are migrations of Africa Asia mongols and barbarian decent. Google the original indigenous people of most nations and you will find the black race staring back at you. These DNA testing companies are not adequate and personally I suspect that they have hidden agenda to catalog codex trace and track specific bloodlines. We ultimately evolved off world before arriving on earth millions of years ago history has been infected manipulated distorted and distributed to the masses to keep control through racial social and territorial segregation.

Автор Selena Gomez Acapella ( назад)
Smh at all of the hating bitter Bettie's in the comments, y'all are cute and fun to watch. Don't pay no attention to them.

Автор The Ordered Spirit ( назад)
60% of Mexicans are Mestizo meaning that they have Indigenous Mexican, European(mostly Spanish) and some African ancestry just like you.

Автор Designs By Sher ( назад)
Native American means Indian

Автор Micca Santiago ( назад)
Caucuses is not Caucasian it's middle eastern

Автор Micca Santiago ( назад)
Hispanic/Latinos usually consist of African, Native American & Iberian

Автор yes indeeded ( назад)
idris alba is from uk but father from Sierra Leonean and mother is ghana

Автор Ted forgetaboutit ( назад)
a lot of make-up brah

Автор MarQus Romelle ( назад)
This was great to watch. I can't wait to get mines done as I'm always claiming 102% African with a 2% margin of error lol. Much Love and respect to you both; it's amazing how intertwined we are as people without even knowing it :-).

Автор Savannah B ( назад)
I love your hair and makeup!

Автор Barbara Bach ( назад)
Those kids are cute

Автор joe smith ( назад)
Mexican mestiza = Native American and Spanish mix.

Автор kia bey ( назад)
Yes Mexican ancestry means indigenous to the Americas ie Native American....I am suprise your husband doesn't have indigenous Ameriacn ancestry...I would suggest you dig deeper also you and your husband can upload your raw data to GEDMATCH (if you used ancestry.com or 23and me) to test against archaic DNA I can guarantee your husband will match the Kenewick man, Anzick child and other ancient Americans congrats on your journey to want to now more.

Автор paulina9077 ( назад)
Before the Spanish (Iberian Peninsula) came Mexicans were Native American. As was everyone from North to South America before Europeans came. That's why Mexican people today (and other Latinos) have Native American & Spanish ancestry (as well African, Italian, Middle Eastern, etc.) It's no surprise you have that mix being of Mexican ancestry.

Автор R RUSH ( назад)
Native Americans were actually Siberian Asian people that migrated to the Americas 20k yrs ago from Siberia.

Автор Note To self ( назад)
I subscribed as soon as she said Kevin hart

Автор Rally The Wicked ( назад)
y'all are SOOOO cute!! great video..

Автор Architecture Whisperer ( назад)
cute couple

Автор MsCasualviewer ( назад)
Mexican is not a race of it's own it is a mixture of Spanish and Native American which is what you find in the States and Mexico mostly of course. In Canada we have French mixed with Native American and English but up here they all maintained their separate identities pretty much.

Автор Samira Girl ( назад)
She is too cute! She reminds me of Liz Gillies...

Автор nicole clark ( назад)
I hope you apply for your Native American check if you live in the United States

Автор Hey, that's pretty good ( назад)
"IM SO CONFUSED!" "Well, I'm 95% African so I understand." Lmao

Автор Jungle Queen ( назад)
I wish I had your enthusiasm. Where the hell do you get your energy from, girl? Lol.. Love your hair and makeup btw.

Автор Mel Bosley ( назад)
I really enjoyed your reactions to your results.  They made me smile.  You two are a perfect couple!!  God Bless!!

Автор Nur 23 ( назад)
Native american includes mexican, because practically mexico is in south america, where native americans used to live

Автор Little Lady93 ( назад)
he said your not jewish LOL

Автор Lisa Anli ( назад)
You two are so cute.

Автор Sonja Bates ( назад)
I'm northern Native and people ask me if I'm Mexican. But I also learned the Mexican People are indigenous like Northern Native people's, I'm lots of other races too. I'm ordering my test tomorrow. I'm super excited and scared 🤗😓

Автор Mr Skull Top ( назад)
Alright, I'll say it, I HATE your lipstick. There.

Автор Tal Buset ( назад)
Iberian peninsula is Spain...your test results are consistent with a Mexican American...your husband at 95% African is the true surprise...most African Americans are in the 70-80% range..

Автор ang 85 ( назад)
lol I don't know why I thought the dog was gonna be a small puppy. ❤

Автор Fawnia Franklin ( назад)
Yes, a lot of Mexicans are Native Americans.

Автор Wonderland Boudoir ( назад)
You guys are so cute!

Автор Lei Runnels ( назад)
I know it's about the DNA test, but her make up is mad lit💄🔥

Автор Anita Bolivar ( назад)
ugh i would love to do this!

Автор George Claxton ( назад)
You do realize that Mexicans generally have Native ancestors, right?
By the way, the Iberian Peninsula includes Spain and Portugal.

Автор Black Orchid ( назад)
"I'm 95% African, so, I'm not confused." Best comment ever. Lucky ass pure-bloods. :)

Автор Chris Allen Arnett ( назад)
Mexico was native American's until Europeans came and killed 15 million and raped the remaining 1 million and enslaved them. Mexican's are really not a race but a country.

Автор Wyse Solomon ( назад)
What dna site did you get results from?

Автор Vee B ( назад)
That man has a beautiful smile!

Автор Witknee Hix ( назад)
You guys were really entertaining to watch lol.

Автор LOLO Crazy ( назад)
Your man is funny☆☆

Автор LOLO Crazy ( назад)
You are both very mixed♡♡♡♡♡♡I ALREADY KNOW☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Автор Diane Mbarushimana ( назад)
you're just cute!

Автор Tamar Charmaine ( назад)
Upload your dnas on gedmatch and ancestryland for free and it will break it down better for you

Автор God's Jewel ( назад)
i bought mine today i can't wait!!!

Автор God's Jewel ( назад)
your mexican roots include native american

Автор Shamira Williams ( назад)
Mexicans (mestizos) are mixed with Native American and Spanish

Автор sulaak ( назад)
Nice video , I enjoyed the content and presentation

Автор Luc Aux ( назад)
Iberian = Spanish/Portuguese. There is nothing confusing about your results . You are a mixture of Native American and European Spanish, just like almost everyone(different levels) in Central and South America.

Автор Chanel Seraphin ( назад)
A lot of black ppl have Great Britain ancestors considering they were slave owners & some slept with slaves.

Автор Beba Martinez ( назад)

Автор zabbygrl ( назад)
You guys are cute! ❤️ Love seeing you're genuine first reactions!

Автор Raquel Velazquez ( назад)
For so long "they" tried us ! Thinking we were all never speak up and disappear within time . They don't tell the truth in schools. What they did to Native Americans was tragic! Yet they hash it all out 🤐 And have the audacity to say go back to where you came from????? 😡bitch you go back to Europe you ain't got shit here ! This is my ancestors land and I have more rights than you to be home. 🇺🇸 And one more thing... we're all Africa like it or not long ago we were all in Africa then migrated out of Africa . Mother land; I respect that, we all should. ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼✊️

Автор Danny Johnson ( назад)
You're so confused, because you're dumb as fuck, doesn't have anything to do with being Hispanic.

Автор swampzoid ( назад)
I've learned from watching these videos that many Mexicans and Latin American descended from Native Americans. Culturally you are Latin. You have Iberian Penennusla too and that's spanish. Latin America is truly a melting pot.

Автор Ben Shannon ( назад)
Lol...You guys are too funny. Great video!

Автор Vincent Henry ( назад)
Mexican,duh!!! A lot of Mexicans are a mixture of everything

Автор Crystal Perez ( назад)
And thank you & your husband for sharing y'all ancestry results with us.

Автор Crystal Perez ( назад)
Haha you guys made me laugh! I needed that so much right now 😂 I am Puerto Rican & I so badly want to do ancestry for nearly a year!

Автор Javiel Alvarez ( назад)
They should put Cape Verdean or Hispanic on the DNA too!

Автор Javiel Alvarez ( назад)
I'm Cape Verdean & Puerto Rican! And I just did my Ancestry DNA! I hope to find my results!

Автор Melia Anders ( назад)
Native American, includes all of north and South America therefore being that you could be native in the area that Mexico is in so if you are actually positive you are Mexican, than you would be native in the area of Mexico. *NO HATE*, just information😘

Автор chrisrockslol ( назад)
You look like Tyme the Infamous

Автор Danielle Pate ( назад)
I came back 12% Caucasus and I also thought it was Caucasian. But it's really just more Middle East regions outside of what was considered "Middle East"

Автор Danielle Pate ( назад)
I love the hair and lip color. Also, we all were hunters 🦌

Автор John NY ( назад)
I think you appear to be of mostly Italian descent. That 40% NA is surprising. Although 4% is low, I would expect some African. You're a nice looking couple.

Автор Reggie Muhammad ( назад)
Andrea , you're a beautiful young lady with a GREAT personality ... peace !

Автор Reggie Muhammad ( назад)
The dog looks 90% Rottweiler and 10% Pitbull Terrier . 😂

Автор Reggie Muhammad ( назад)
Europe doesn't mean White .. White people are not indigenous to Europe ... White people are nomadic (wondering) tribe's ... Actually they are Central Asian albinos

Автор RosalieHale101 ( назад)
Native American and Iberian Peninsula encompasses Mexico, Spain and Portugal. Caucasus is Turkey & The Middle East. Scroll through your maps.

Автор Elyssa Chavez ( назад)
Giiiiiiiiiirl you best go get that check you native sexy ass lol

Автор JeremyWK ( назад)
"Caucasian" = Indo-European, Arab, Persian, Turkic, Armenian, Georgian, etc.

Mexican Genetics Study Reveals Huge Variation in Ancestry

Автор Katieee ( назад)
Yeah Native American includes Native Americans. Most hispanic people get a mix of European, Native American and African and depending on where you're from you'll get a different percent of those mixes.

Автор putins lover ( назад)
Mexicans are mestzos on average native plus european

Автор putins lover ( назад)
why you surprised Mexicans called themselves indios all the time

Автор Britanita ( назад)
You guys are mad cute together! Great results guys :)

Автор A Musa ( назад)
thumbs down are so petty lol

Автор Aimee Academy ( назад)
One thing I learned is that just because you're raised in a certain place or in a certain culture doesn't mean that what you are. We were always told in my family that we were mixed with French and Indian. We come from New Orleans. That's the culture down there... black, french and Indian... Well I have NO Indian in me and Im only 3% French.

Автор Chukwuemeka Anyimukwu ( назад)
The 40% Native American is your Mexican heritage, lol!!! ;)

Автор Numb Feeling ( назад)
Spanish is European lol the native american is Mexico lol its apart of the indigenous lands lol

Автор Autumn Smith ( назад)
What's wrong with Caucasian? lol

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