Lindsey Stirling - Prism

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**Thanks to Mars and M&M for sponsoring this video!

Also thanks to Kyle Hanagami for choreographing! Check him out at http://www.youtube.com/kylehanagami

Song produced by Robert Delong

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Длительность: 4:11
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Автор DADGBE ( назад)
how much to do this in my living room?

Автор Ricardo Wunderlich Ricco1887 ( назад)
Hi , whats happened? Can't watch your Videos on your Channel ....

Автор Nish Mohanakumar ( назад)
You are some kind of auditory and visual masterpiece. I love everything you do!

Автор MH Sarraf ( назад)
That's ur best music video ever

Автор Taco Cat ( назад)
Love it!!!!My favorite song in the world,i hope I can play violin like that in maybe 18 years or less 😉

Автор Danicha Estrella ( назад)
I can not stop watching the video, I love the movements, the violin makes magic in the dance. The structure of the video has been music, but the change of character, is everything is amazing.

Автор Tay Tay10 ( назад)

Автор Julianne Hardin ( назад)
why are they all half a violin?

Автор MH Sarraf ( назад)
this video is not available :v tell me I'm not the only one :'(

Автор Chris Daboss ( назад)
Has this been taken down? I'm not able to watch the video...

Автор Tyler Burch ( назад)
I really want to know, which Violindsey she most identifies with. I mean she shares a name with Lindsey so you might think her, but Lindsay seems to have the most screen time.. hmmmm

Автор Julianne Hardin ( назад)
ah...I love it when there are easter eggs in videos like 1 lindsey kicking another one or Lin-Z wearing a ponytail in one section of the video.

Автор Joey C. ( назад)
It's a shame illuminati has gotten her, such talent. One can see all the symbols in this vid :(

Автор Inplay` z ( назад)
I cant watch the Video. Pls help

Автор Seby Axinte ( назад)
prism is a fatastic

Автор Elyshia J ( назад)
the editors must have had a hard time doing this .-.

Автор 7Winterwind ( назад)
How is it possible to move like that?!

Автор Cloe McCloster ( назад)
havent music and m&m's already been brought together?

Автор Nya Vaness ( назад)
the artistry, the effects, the ridiculous number of hours you spent doing the choreography for ALL OF THE PARTS. out did yourself. go girl!

Автор Sergio Alberto Chac Koyoc ( назад)
Buen video lindura. hay tanto que preguntarte en este video sobre todo en los atuendos.

Автор J.Ashton Gagnon ( назад)
Did anyone else notice she does the American Sign Language sign for music during one of the scenes where she doesn't have a violin?

Автор p0pp4 ( назад)
My favorite of the clones is Lindsey.
Also the faux-mane on the purse-pomeranian was a nice touch.

Автор 3598shadow ( назад)
huh? it says video is not available? whyy i want to listen to this song! i love it

Автор Breno Fateicha ( назад)

Автор Mister Analogy ( назад)
I wish I was a girl so I could dance like that

Автор Jennii Salas ( назад)
Porque lo quitaron?

Автор Dismal Fire ( назад)
this is one of my favorite songs. keep it up Lindsey!

Автор Isabel Casique Mendoza ( назад)
music xd

Автор Ana Gonzalez ( назад)
It's that a Ghost in the shell inspirated video?

Автор Metzy De Paz ( назад)
soy la única que piensa que lindsey se parece a caelike?

Автор partygamer11 ( назад)
who is the real lindsey?!

Автор Jacob Lyden ( назад)
One of my new favorites along with Take Flight (in terms of music videos).

Автор Jacob Lyden ( назад)
Lindsey; when is an amazing music video for V-Pop coming?

Автор Unownzone ( назад)
Girl group members these days all look the same....

Автор Phelena Cramer ( назад)
would love a "behind the scenes" video for this music video....

Автор Depraved Indifference ( назад)
i have a Stradivarius for sale. Make me an offer.

Автор Z Michaluk ( назад)
I ❤ U Have you been in Poland ?

Автор Carolina Fabian ( назад)
she had to do the same dance 5 times just to do each girl, cool

Автор zorrononoa ( назад)
I didn't realise that all the other dancers were also Lindsey it's all so incredibly synchronised

Автор Soph O ( назад)
She slayed all those outfits.

Автор bpc ctm ( назад)
que hermosa perra

Автор N mdo ( назад)
i wish I was like u and I also wish that you teach me how to play it songs

Автор N mdo ( назад)
i wish I was like u and I also wish that you teach me how to play it songs

Автор mehirou younes ( назад)
This isn't music this is art

Автор Thorite Gem ( назад)
I dunno if M&M sponsored this...

Автор raquel ponce ( назад)
Lindsey es asombrosa es bien perronaaaaaaaaaaaa

Автор Julian Cordero Arroyo ( назад)
So cool... <3

Автор Marcel Fessl ( назад)
you r so pretty and beautiful

Автор Helianny Lopez ( назад)
Lindsey están genial me gusta mucho!

Автор LuKubko Ruckschloss ( назад)
verry prety

Автор Ahana Mitra ( назад)
all of them are so gorgeous but the black hair one is classy!!!

Автор felix cote ( назад)
lindsey looks like lindsay lohan

Автор Vinicius Giraldelli ( назад)

Автор Thigos Custodi ( назад)
Que charmosa!

Автор Olivia JT19 ( назад)
See, this is what the world needs. 500 lindseys.

Автор Family Mooney ( назад)
Too. Many. LINDSEYS!!!!!!!! (Or not enough depending on how you look at it)

Автор Elissa ( назад)
I can't with this choreography

Автор ShanI3lade ( назад)
this song is very different. i love it

Автор antoma4 ( назад)
crazy, cruely:)

Автор Amelie R. ( назад)
she looks like lindsey lohan

Автор Jessica Alonso ( назад)
I am getting a violin for my B day

Автор Alexis Smith ( назад)
she slays

Автор Tytygh ( назад)
The Ghost in the Shell sequel looks great

Автор Andrey Neverm ( назад)
not much to look at

Автор juemyza ( назад)
my study music for exam... i always repeat this song while studying. you should do more this type of music.... great job Lindsey!!!

Автор Walter Rivas ( назад)
I like your music very much, I congratulate you. Go ahead with great success.

Автор Adain Rangel ( назад)
Hi 🌮🍟

Автор Ammie Draws ( назад)
that hooked bowing at the beginning got me goin wild

Автор Kailee Walden ( назад)
Can we all take a moment to just appreciate the choreography? This is the coolest dance I've seen in a long time, even among Lindsey's other routines. And of course kudos to her for doing it five times for one video.

Автор lily9383 ( назад)
do you like dogs

Автор Lucy Matos ( назад)

Автор Aparajita Chowdhuri ( назад)
Lindsey you rock every dress and hairstyle....lysm.....

Автор Kate David ( назад)

Автор Riley Merchen ( назад)
it would be so awesome if you did a mashup of songs from moana.

Автор kil1_1mple ( назад)
She is hot af

Автор Kevin Cardenas ( назад)
Lindsey is part of the illiminati🤔

Автор Blanca Nieves ( назад)
lool now that I know that she is an illuminati girl... I still love her...

- Triangle (prism)
-triangle and the wink (one eye inside the triangle)
- pink hair and blue
- black and white stripes at the end
- she is in differents personalities (mind broken- monarch proyect, mk ultra)

that explains why she have changed...

I still love her, but now, I can understand the hidden messages☺

Автор Tbrous4 ( назад)
They should do a "making of" this video

Автор Micky Daly ( назад)
This is the only lindsey stirling song I can play after a whole 3 months of playing violin 😂 she's so amazing

Автор Gamer lilyHD ( назад)
lindsey do you have a behind the scenes of this?

Автор PunishThemMetal ( назад)
that red violin looks awesome!

Автор dandan pup ( назад)
U so cool and awesome I completely adore youuuu :D!!!!

Автор Zailey Uploads ( назад)
I love this, I have listened to it like a million times!!!😍😍😍

Автор Jeremi ( назад)
She dressed up as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Meghan Trainor?

Автор Victoria Lee ( назад)
ADORABLE!! Love you so much!!

Автор RyleeStrings ( назад)
I like this cause it's just her playing the violin and there's no singing.

Автор joshi thomas ( назад)
ure sooooo good at violine

Автор Markus Jordan ( назад)
Lindsey you are the best 👍

Автор NightMan77 ( назад)
Would love to see a video for Lost Girls....I bet that would be something amazing.

Автор Le Sanwiché ( назад)
I could watch this all day.

Автор Ömer Emir Bayraktar ( назад)
Thank you, God, for giving you this ability. And for you to develop your talent, you too. Greetings from Turkey

Автор Gamer lilyHD ( назад)
i love it i played it a thousand since i heard this

Автор E.R. Fowles ( назад)
I would love to hear her music on the radio.

Автор Phoenix95 Productions ( назад)
I love this so much! Am thinking about choreographing a dance to this <3

Автор Peter Halleffect ( назад)
that was amazing work!!!! BRAVO!!!!

Автор Redknight li ( назад)
When they ask you where your squad at.

Автор Janice Drummond ( назад)
what can i say but lindsey...YOU ROCK!!!

Автор Kirk Wasson ( назад)
Great work! Lindsey, if you see this... We are drawn to you because there is a big contrast between your style and everybody else. Other attractive female artists seem arrogant and (I guess) corrupted. The contrast between them and you is what makes us love you. This video has a level of arrogance to some of the personas that might be right on that edge. Just trying to help! Other than that, it is very well done in every aspect :)

Автор Berk Eren Koca ( назад)
Fifty shades of Lindsey :D

Автор Dennis Romero ( назад)
te amo lindsed a pesar de que tenga 10 años quiero ser como tu y yo toco violin por cierto

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