10 Historical Mysteries of the Civil War

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    musket fire in the middle of the night? Paradise!

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    Aww we know the first one is fake ..

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    HexManiacMaylein 6 дней назад

    So much to complain about here
    For the record the bactieria Grows blue. Also really the thunderbird pictures are bad cg and bad anatomy. Asfor the keystone state those lakes sink alot of ships. As for a steam powered airplane there was a british guy who make one and made it even flew further and longer then the wright flyer. Also the Hunley is a Mystery how?

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    Please call it the 'American civil war'

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    This is a joke, right?

    Like, this video is supposed to be funny

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    06:16 Stolen Valor!

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    The first submarine created though was during the Revolutionary War. It was the USS Turtle or something. It was literally just a metal ball that sunk to the bottom of the ocean that you could stay inside

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    New sub.

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    I'd love to see a true mystery video that doesn't rely on ghosts, fake pictures, or rumors. At least the Hunley is right.

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    No fire is friendly fire

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    this dude cant pronounce anything

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    I'm from South Carolina

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    Matthew Pearson 26 дней назад

    This is horrible and if you are going for any authenticity you lost it." Where would people of that time get a photo of something like this? Seriously!?? These photos are easily replicated (hey man we should put a pterodactyl in this photo) everything you have shown is easily photoshopped. Who made this video? You need to keep trying. This is too lame to care enough other than commenting on how lame this video is. Good Luck uploader!!! I am appalled at how many likes you have. Idiot!!!

  • Glockmeister 357
    Glockmeister 357 28 дней назад

    The Confederate gold is in Abbeville S.C.,the location off Secession Hill

    SCRIBBLE MAN Месяц назад

    You lost me at the obviously fake pterodactyl pic. Unlike

  • Backwoods Bear
    Backwoods Bear Месяц назад

    When I went camping at Gettysburg me and my friend saw lanterns in the woods

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    grow up

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    Paulsilas Mills Месяц назад

    well the photo of the soldier was prob real because even when there is no reenactment people walk around in uniform

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    Im Edward Месяц назад

    The Chickamuga and Chattanooga battle field has a lot of ghost in it like green eyes and other weird things

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    The soldiers around the bird are enlisted {Privates} enlisted infantry carry
    no sidearms

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    it dosent sink the ship

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    P T Bogart. Uh I dont think so. And there is no way that New Orleans gold wold go anywhere except into the riddle of bayous that surround the city. No Yankee would have found his way through the bayous.

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    so fake lmao

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    Annoying nasally narrator. First 'mystery' obvious hoax. Fuck this vid.

  • Bob Burnitt
    Bob Burnitt Месяц назад

    This is claptrap.

  • Brian Schmidt
    Brian Schmidt Месяц назад

    At 6:20 it is highly unlikely that is an apparition. Civil War soldiers rarely traveled alone...mostly marching in small groups at least. I think someone dressed up in reproduction clothing and had someone take a deliberately blurry photograph. If we were witnessing some sort of time warp from Gettysburg, it'd be hard to imagine a lone soldier wandering around an active battle involving thousands of soldiers from both sides.

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    I have seen the thunder bird. That is not it

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    i just subscibed cool vids man i love civil war stuff and ww2

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    bogus theories that got more bogus as they went on...

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    Thesponge Elite Месяц назад

    The thunder bird was obviously not real it could've just been a figure from the madden days and they changed the photo to black and white

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    Dean Walters Месяц назад

    i've been to Gettysburg, devils den, but its the woods that is haunted. seen a few things on the battle field.

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    Chris m 2 месяца назад

    This is ridiculous. Lol. Freaking stupid.

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    all of these are probably edited

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    Learn to correctly pronounce and speak the names of your nation

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    I been to Gettysburg I didn't see it

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    first is fake its a dinosaurs costume

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    The Confederate gold was moved from Columbus into Savannah. When Sherman marched through Georgia, three wagons full of gold left for 45 minutes and came back and told the bankers "No one will ever find that gold." I know its at the Catholic graveyard, but it's seriously illegal to even trespass in the graveyard. Whoever goes there and finds it is a lucky man.

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    The real mystery: Why is this guy's voice so bad and why did he say cache like "Cash-ay?" xD
    (Jk bout the voice.)

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    Cache is pronounced "cash" not "cashey."

  • Starhunter Terra
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    Flying machines in the civil war is the most interesting one in the video. I agree that the design using a steam machine from their time could not fly, but using it as a tank might have worked.

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    A pterosaur?!

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    Those thunderbird pictures aren't even civil war era pictures lmao.

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    It went extinct in 65 million years ago.

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    My teacher told me that stonewall Jackson got shot from friendly fire, his wound got infected, and he died.

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    Is this narrated by Donald Duck?

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    This video will get viewers not because it is believable but because it is ridiculous. There are also civil war pictures with elephants in them.

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    that bird is obviously a hoax, you can see it's a canvas wrapped around a wooden frame

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    What a bunch of bullshit; I've got a mistery for you: Why were Southernrers such a bunch of worthless pusscakes?

  • G Scurf
    G Scurf 2 месяца назад

    I have walked through the cemetery at Gettysburg at night. No ghosts or smoke. Nothing. Another myth busted.

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    I thought the whole video was interesting. The most interesting to me was about Gettysburg. I've visited Gettysburg. It's a beautiful place. I didn't see or feel anything spooky. I did spend the night.

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    Pierre Gustav Toutante Beauregard.

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    Thunderbird story - A hoax perpetrated by union soldiers or simply a quality photo-shop job. Why jump to conclusions that a long extinct flying mammal existed during the civil ?

    Confederate gold - it maybe is still out there. The wild stabs at where it is comes from are the wild and unfounded imaginations of people making shiite up.

    I had to stop because I have no time for nonsense.

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    The first was fake as hell. Also Stonewall Jackson died from disease and infection from a battle wound and finally the Civil War was not fought over slavery.

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    #10 is a hoax photo..civil war soldiers did not carry pistols. Only Officers and senior non commissioned officers were issued pistols.

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    Thumbs down.

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    His voice is fucking annoying.

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    This video content was almost one after another a copy of another on YouTube

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    so God dam stupid

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    Stonewall Jackson died later that week from a diesease.

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    How does a boat vanish in midair?

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    Me and my buddies went to participate in the 150th anniversary reenactment and we went to the battlefield on the second evening we were there. We hid in the bushes and when tourist came by Wed hop out and try and scare them. Most just laughed but 2 ran the other way hard as they could. After that I went around screaming I'm a ghost and pissed myself laughing. I've been on every inch of that field there are no ghost.

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    society amazes me every now and then... i cant believe anyone who looks at that pterodactyl photo and thinks it is real is able to turn on a pc to see the image... it looks so photo shopped and the clarity is way to high for a real civil war photo.. plus its just recently been talked about lol dont you think if it were real the smithsonian would have snatched that up. but even that is far fetching it.. just looking at it you can help his fake as bruce jenners tits

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    we are all related to somebody in the Civil War

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    So the confederates were very inventive

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    My great great great uncle was one of the people on the U.S.S Keystone. I actually never knew until now they found the ship.