Etna Volcano eruption in Sicily, Italy (July 27, 2019)

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • Amazing videos! Etna Volcano eruption in Sicily, Italy 2019. Lava from Etna Volcano! An unexpected explosion of a volcano in Italy. Tourists managed to make a video with a volcanic eruption.
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    FOBOS PLANET  4 months ago +9

    Eruption in Italy again! Where do you live?
    😯 Thanks for subscribing.

  • Fire Lost
    Fire Lost 7 days ago

    I was there one month later ;w;

  • The Wizard
    The Wizard 19 days ago

    Check out Edgar Cayce on Mount Eta and end times.

  • Cecilia Olivieri
    Cecilia Olivieri Month ago

    That people, deserve to die for their stupidity and for being more interesting, in take good picture.
    Why the hell are they standing there?, this remember me to all the stupid people filming the pyroclastic material in Guatemala. Those ignorants, are made of stone now because Volcano of fire, was the modern Pompeii. We never learn, about Mother Nature's signs or how powerfull it is.

  • d walker
    d walker 3 months ago

    Question. Why were wide screens invented?

  • Tammy Leeder Whitaker
    Tammy Leeder Whitaker 3 months ago


  • Tammy Leeder Whitaker
    Tammy Leeder Whitaker 3 months ago


  • etna walk
    etna walk 4 months ago

    It will be a big pleasure to report this video and have it removed from RUclip.
    Shame on you for downloading and resetting our video without authorization.

    • etna walk
      etna walk 3 months ago

      @bone stone RUclip removed the clip of our video inside this collection, this means that Fobos Planet said bullshits.

    • bone stone
      bone stone 3 months ago

      Please let us know what happens I'm very curious

    • etna walk
      etna walk 4 months ago


      FOBOS PLANET  4 months ago

      Good luck))

    • etna walk
      etna walk 4 months ago

      @FOBOS PLANET On July 27th we have not yet put our clips for sale at any media agency.
      But on July 27th you uploaded this video.

      I imagine you have how to prove what you're saying, otherwise it would be a big problem. See you really in court.

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread 4 months ago

    Thank you.

  • nicholas cuss
    nicholas cuss 4 months ago +3

    Those people near the lava.... idiots.

  • Jori Kayla Mercredi
    Jori Kayla Mercredi 4 months ago


  • Marcia Silva
    Marcia Silva 4 months ago


  • OTP Metairie
    OTP Metairie 4 months ago

    Thank you for the video

  • Jolene N
    Jolene N 4 months ago +3

    Isn't that stuff gonna rock down on those people?

  • Mi leydy oficial
    Mi leydy oficial 4 months ago

    Ayer uno y hoy otro 😯😯

  • Melissa Walker
    Melissa Walker 4 months ago +2

    Looks like a fun eruption. I still hope for an eruption of Pompii, Vesuvius or Krakatoa size. With modern technology, we could learn so much

  • Andy Spark
    Andy Spark 4 months ago +6

    We had this week record breaking heat wave in Europe.
    Now Etna is acting out.
    What's next ?

    • Alexander Sviridov
      Alexander Sviridov 4 months ago

      Our planet is on the brink of some terrible changes. Mass death of bees, forest fires, record heat / solar radiation, earthquakes, now eruptions. Something is coming. Be safe out there everyone and be PREPARED! Cheers!

    • Damian Slowik
      Damian Slowik 4 months ago +1


  • cavscout888
    cavscout888 4 months ago

    Come on volcano, papa needs himself some new basalt rock fiber rebar!

  • Rea Lachney
    Rea Lachney 4 months ago


  • Marilza Faria
    Marilza Faria 4 months ago

    Meu Deus a palavra está se cumprino

  • Joe Vern
    Joe Vern 4 months ago +2

    Incredible ❤️

  • Tim Leeuw
    Tim Leeuw 4 months ago +7

    Great footage! Keep this kind of videos posted!