Korean Elephant Fish

We're eating a Jeju specialty here today: Galchi Jorim, Korean elephant fish, in a giant troth, all in a sweet and spicy stewed broth. DELICIOUS! Check it out for this week's Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

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Автор GirlWhoGames ( назад)
and from this point on the app was never mentioned again 😂

Автор iamamathfreak ( назад)
may i know where in jeju is this restaurant located?

Автор Joy-Colleen Murphy ( назад)
This makes me so hungry

Автор unicesawmhalT-T ( назад)
can we justs talk about the guy at the back of them and how much he looks like D.o

Автор Alexis Suzanne ( назад)
Uk can't get the app I love you guys :(

Автор Confessions Of A MeatEater ( назад)
Oh my gosh u weren't even joking about the trough ahhahahah

Автор 이경진 ( назад)
나도 안 가본...제주사람인데..

Автор Gotsvxn Mochi ( назад)

Who knows who said that?
I'll give you a virtual Hug

Автор Kpop_Neko :3 ( назад)
At 5:04 when Simon said that I just see a little girl in the background.

Автор Yaliema Kickass ( назад)
My type food

Автор Noel Simon ( назад)
0:34 lol Martina's eye glance 😂

Автор Average Misfit ( назад)
Even though these videos are older. Your food videos are so comforting to me when I'm having a shitty time.. thank you guys so much. Sometimes these videos are the only thing that comforts me..❤️️❤️️❤️️😙 I hope you guys had a wonderful new year..

Автор Edwin Manzanares ( назад)
Thats discusting spreading their mouth germs on the food.

Автор AnaxErik4ever ( назад)
Bizarre Foods has nothing on you guys. Then again, I haven't seen the Korea episodes yet, if there are any. This Jeju looks similar to Japanese Hot Pot, which is either clear dashi broth or spicy broth with thin slivers of meat and chopped vegetables that you cook in it over a kotatsu table or at least a communal dining table.

Автор linhill joy ( назад)
is like a familly dining :)

Автор Important businesseu ( назад)
Tasty food....mmmm.
*drops ramen*

Автор Justine Li ( назад)
@2:04. I laugh at that guy's judgment of y'all every time. 😂😂😂

Автор king juan ( назад)
lots of love

Автор stabulous Koda ( назад)
when he says they're the only ones under 50 in there and the person directly behind him is more than likely maybe 20's

Автор Lynne Bass ( назад)
I miss susie and lee 😫😫😫

Автор annabelle frost ( назад)
I love this video cause it reminds me of a way fish is made in Bangladesh

Автор Annika Nin ( назад)
When Martina accidentally said Faces instead of fish I immediately thought of llamas with hats.

Автор Sage Weidenbaum ( назад)
Someone count how many times this video says fish!

Автор Sara Yumiko Rase Fros ( назад)
porque no esta en español!!! antes si estaba porque porque!!!!!!????:´(

Автор AkwarT ( назад)
I still come back to this video because I still forget that join is also another word for stew instead of just jjigae (I pray I spelled that correctly)

Автор Balling Like Choji ( назад)
@ 3:47 the lady in the backs hat is fresh af. I want it

Автор M Skallywagg ( назад)
just discovered you two and I'm glad I did x

Автор Robert Stevenson ( назад)
In this day of turmoil and political craziness... It's so refreshing to see two intelligent people, doing their own thing, without remorse or inhibitions ... You can just see how much these two people love each other... It's the best part of the channel... the content could be anything.... it's nice....

Автор Lily O ( назад)
Ermmm guise I love you but you probably meant to say trough in the description not troth 😅😘

Автор TheAquamarius ( назад)
I would love to work for you two, i would get fed so well!

Автор ArieTv ( назад)
I miss their intros to the adventures, I hope they make it again for Japan adventures

Автор Nobody ( назад)
I would eat most of that if I went the whole day without eating because I'm a fat ass and I'm proud

Автор God Of Fire And Thunder ( назад)

Автор Ivy ccaii ( назад)
i love how the people in the background look at you guys like you guys are weird. SO FUNNY

Автор Anna Ly ( назад)
i really wanna try this so much!

Автор Donald Sikes ( назад)

Автор Scuzzball ( назад)
Martina looks so sad in this video >~< <3

Автор Lancelot Knight ( назад)
2 retards! but the food looks good..

Автор luvhowl ( назад)
I ate Korean food for the first time today because you guys make it sound amazing. SO YUMMY. Thank you for opening my mind to a whole new type of food!

Автор Lesly Santos ( назад)
keep coming back to this one cuz it just looks soooooo goooddddd XD

Автор Blitzkrieg2 ( назад)
Yup! Radish is the best part in jorim. ^^* It should be overcooked. xD

Автор Justin Kwon ( назад)
곰피 미역 ... 맛있게 보이네

Автор soner akıllı ( назад)
Amina kodumunun Salaklari ..
mather Fucker. ... !!

Автор shizukagozen777 ( назад)
Oh Simon, I looooove your mustache ! 😮

Автор El Jefe McLovin ( назад)
I love how there's some seemingly casual customers in this establishment. Than you have these 2 overzealous weebs with the manners and behavior of 3 years olds with ADD.

Автор Arlene S ( назад)
Do you eat the bones as well? Or did you pick them out as you went?

Автор Sid ( назад)
I just now realized what F.A.P F.A.P meant. *face to palm

Автор ccross04 ( назад)
I immediately went to the app store and downloaded your app! Love it! ♡♡♡♡

Автор Chanel Ly ( назад)
They kinda like kids...but it's kinda entertaining

Автор Be Andal ( назад)
Looks tasty! XD You guys are monster eaters! There was so much and you ate it all! O_o

Автор Fan Zhang ( назад)
2:05 the guy in stripe shirt. His face is priceless.

Автор Jerlan Jorge ( назад)
martina é muitooo bonita.

Автор Shanya Majeed ( назад)
Wish you could write the name of the restaurants that you guys visit every time

Автор Jessica Salazar ( назад)
I don't like that much fish but it look so food guys....

Автор Nicholas Lohr ( назад)
that food looked intimidating!! lol

Автор Izzy Kin ( назад)
I'm 150... sooo its 50cm shorter than me :D....

Автор walker dog ( назад)
you no simon if you would chew with your mouth shut . who wants to see you smacking like a piggy. lol

Автор Bethany Masters ( назад)
How can you eat that Simon and Martina it look like fitchaed fish

Автор Lucarelli ( назад)
0:44 dude with grey pants ass looks like a troll face

Автор Kelsey Atwill ( назад)
just wondering. What is "fermented?" Doesnt that mean rotting? wouldnt that taste bad?

Автор Obnoxious Fandom Name ( назад)
isn't spelt and pronounced "trough" ?

Автор jyl3570 ( назад)
I am Korean but I haven't tried this one, including some others. Living in Toronto doesn't offer this much variety of Korean food :(

Автор Rachel Henning ( назад)
+Simon and Martina you are my new favorite youtubers. I told my boyfriend that the way he eats food it looks so much better, and like him you guys make it look sooo much better. *drools*

Автор CupcakeKingdom ( назад)
I love the guy in the background with the striped shirt XD he's all like ".......crazy foreigners. I must watch them to study them."

Автор Suhad Al-Jaberi ( назад)
Where in korea can you find this? And I was wondering if you could find it in many places around korea and ep in seoul :)

Автор kajacamorra ( назад)
What was that long thing they cut up with the scissors at around 2:45?

Автор Yellow ( назад)
Looks so good

Автор Bubble TAE ( назад)
I'm just looking at the other people cause they look at them crazy😂😂

Автор tenzin palmo ( назад)
Soooo good

Автор Mis Click ( назад)
The dude over Simon's shoulder at 2:05 is just like... WTF?!😂

Автор Zara Zulfaa (362 года назад)
Are you guys have Kids

Автор Zara Zulfaa (374 года назад)
Are you guys have Kids

Автор Marissel Llavore ( назад)
lol the guy in the background at 2:03

Автор hopemundeadart ( назад)
I must truly hate myself. That squash looked sooo good and I'm trying so hard not to eat right now because I'm like 5 seconds away from going to bed xD UGH

Автор Keri Lawson ( назад)
Martina eats like I do - get as many flavours as you can in a little package, and use your fingers :)

Автор Abigale Richard ( назад)
dibs on the eyeballs!!!!

Автор SonOfASpudgy ( назад)
0:48 Translation: Tiny, little baby myeolchi (fermented anchovy)

Автор Min Yee ( назад)
the man at 2:05 in the striped shirt judging them kind of ( kind of ) reminds me of park yoochun?

Автор Lee Kangeun ( назад)
Jorim is definitely the best way to cook fish!

Автор AA Rocks ( назад)
It looks so delicious

Автор Pe Graf ( назад)
great video ! but did i mise the price ? for that meal

Автор えー! すごいですね ( назад)
In Spain you also find boned fish c:

Автор Moomooflower :3 (151 год назад)
Can I order this non spicy?

Автор kyleboohoo ( назад)
SooZee is very beautiful :D

Автор Handsome Pickle ( назад)
Im hungry why did I click on this

and on the other 100 food videos

*let me grab my chocolate*

Автор MrZiachi ( назад)
fun fact, when a human being drown galchi is often found around the corpse fitting off the flesh! hehe

Автор Katana Sword ( назад)
She so pretty

Автор 어흥호랑이다 ( назад)
아 갈치조림에.... 맛 베인 무우.... 제일 맛있음.
난 집에서 엄마가 해주믄 생선 안먹고 무우만 골라먹음...
먹고싶다 하앍.

Автор ashley solo ( назад)
you guys are goalss

Автор axpuaa ( назад)

Автор Vexyvampire ( назад)
dool very tasty omg i would love to try this out one day. almost look like something i make at home .

Автор Katrina Foster (1608 лет назад)
I'm just laughing at all the people watching in the back ground xD

Автор 10111Tiger1998 ( назад)
"I don't think anyone under the age of 55 is in this restaurant apart from us."

LOL the little girl behind Simon as he says this

Автор Kimberley Chan ( назад)
Planning on visiting Korea in a month or so and was wondering if I could have the address to this place, please? :) I know it's in Jeju and that's on my list too!

Автор Deborah McCollough ( назад)
Did anyone else see the people behind them looking at them weirdly

Автор kil koh ( назад)
lol...simon....its so perfect! ....

Автор Xylina Lee ( назад)
Where is this at? Looks so delicious !

Автор catsncilantro (1660 лет назад)
your fap fap and wank videos always make me dizzy..can you guys slow up the close shots of food/whatever view you're trying to show us? ~_~ @__@ x__x

Автор Ahsayuni Carca ( назад)
you guys are awesome! you're leaving my dream!!

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