Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Final Trailer Easter Eggs

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    The final trailer for #StarWarsTheRiseOfSkywalker is here - and so are a ton of #StarWarsEasterEggs. Check out all the #StarWars secrets in the new trailer right here.
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    By Ryan Arey ( ryanarey/)
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Comments • 1 090

  • ScreenCrush
    ScreenCrush  22 days ago +85

    What is happening to C-3PO?

    • Jesse Stirling
      Jesse Stirling Day ago

      Sorry for the double-comment, but also want to say that if Chewbacca dies in this flick, my nephews will see a grown man cry.

    • Pro Ewok_Gamer495
      Pro Ewok_Gamer495 4 days ago

      @Jakey Lyons now that would be cool!

    • Draconian's Lair
      Draconian's Lair 5 days ago

      C-3PO do what the kids do now they vape to much

    • TJ Johnson
      TJ Johnson 6 days ago

      Feminist are going to love this!!!!!!!

    • Marco Aguila
      Marco Aguila 10 days ago

      He lagged the order 66

  • bryan wolstenholme
    bryan wolstenholme 47 minutes ago

    Hmm mmmmmmm wreckage of the second death star?what wreckage the two death stars that blow up are blown to smithereens there IS no wreckage!!!!

  • Kit Kat Gamer
    Kit Kat Gamer Hour ago +1

    If c-3po dies I die

  • The Iron TAYLOR
    The Iron TAYLOR 12 hours ago

    Anakin is the chosen one

  • john woods
    john woods 13 hours ago

    good ideas!

  • Lorenzo Bryant
    Lorenzo Bryant 23 hours ago

    This is where it all ends. I might cry when its all over after watching what I think is building up to be the movie to end it all.
    Overwhelmingly cry when I see Princess Leia again and 3PO saying goodbye....

  • Nub93
    Nub93 Day ago

    Palpatine's plan is to be the evil bad guy that will be used as a prop device so Ren can be a "good guy" while simulationously bringing back an old villain to encourage the fan base to watch the last film and boost viewer numbers as the Disney Star Wars Movies have preformed poorly at box offices.

  • JediHobbit007
    JediHobbit007 Day ago

    Neither JJ Abrams nor Rian Johnson has done an adequate job of explaining why I should care about any of these new characters, especially Rey. Unless she is the bastard daughter of some chick Luke fucked on Tatooine, there's no reason she should be more powerful than a true Skywalker.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Day ago

    Ps those are imperial ships look at the red outline those are not the first order

  • Breaker HUN
    Breaker HUN Day ago

    I beleive we are going to see a similar scene like we did in "The empire strikes back", where Luke fights with "himself" in the Darth Vader suit. Rey will have that vision as well, fighting with the dark herself in this bad Rey scene.

  • Jeremy Gaydosh
    Jeremy Gaydosh Day ago

    I just want to see Lando blow up more Death Stars and shit.

  • Jesse Stirling
    Jesse Stirling Day ago +1

    Bet we’re gonna see force ghost cameos from: Yoda, Obi Wan, Anakin, Luke, and... Qui-Gon Jinn!
    Who has a very particular set of force skills; skills he has acquired over a long Jedi career. Skills that make Qui-Gon a nightmare for people like Siths.
    All kidding aside- nice analysis & this movie looks lit 🔥 Hopefully ends the saga on a high note, redeems Luke Skywalker, and makes us true Star Wars forget the the god-awful Last Jedi, which was a total F-U to the fan base.
    May the force be with you... always.

  • DekuGames
    DekuGames Day ago

    I really hope this movie is good I really do!

  • WaterDQ
    WaterDQ 2 days ago

    Sorry but Rey cannot be the chosen one as it would nullify not just the first 6 movies but also the creator's own words from the start of Star Wars. Many people speculated during Episodes 1,2 and 3 that luke was the chosen one since he defeats his father but Lucas insists it was always anakin and it makes sense. The jedi were more numerous than the sith and therefore the force was unbalanced so anakin came along and destroyed most of the Jedi making their numbers about equal, thus balancing the force. The purpose of balancing the force isn't to get rid of the sith completely nor is it to destroy both Jedi and Sith but to have both in a perpetual battle until the end of time. To have balance you will have equal number of light and dark.

    • WaterDQ
      WaterDQ 2 days ago

      If they do make Rey the "chosen" one then it will ruin the franchise for any star wars fans that existed prior to this trilogy. Additionally one possible outcome is that Rey is a clone and was discarded because she had an affinity for the light and so Palpatine kept the clone that had an affinity for the dark, as to who she is a clone of, remains to be seen.

  • C W
    C W 3 days ago +1

    Rey’s obi wans daughter that why they have the same accent duhhhh !

  • peter
    peter 3 days ago +1

    I'm just hoping that Rey ends up being evil

  • Cunnilingus Messiah
    Cunnilingus Messiah 3 days ago

    Easter eggs? I think you meant tumors.

  • Charles Ruffing
    Charles Ruffing 4 days ago

    Really? All that technology and no treatment for the fat ass X wing pilot.?

  • Craig Paul Thomas
    Craig Paul Thomas 4 days ago

    U have no idea.wrong. U have no clue

  • Lost Boi
    Lost Boi 4 days ago

    I bet Palpatines plans are to be evil

  • Carmine Bokesch
    Carmine Bokesch 4 days ago

    Not the Final Trailer... yet again

  • Themaze 23
    Themaze 23 4 days ago

    The dearh star 2 didnt crash on endor there are no big ocean like bodies of water on there. The death star 2 crashed on the ocean moon of Kef bir

  • you tube boy
    you tube boy 5 days ago

    Maybe it's Palpatine and his master and making a rule to have more than 2 and bring them back from the dead and fight bane that made the rule of 2 and reprogram c3po and make him hunt down the resistance and all of them will fight Rey and kylo Ren and have a massive battle and fight the sith and reprogrammed 3po what do you think tell me in the reply buttons

  • sealejes
    sealejes 5 days ago

    Still, what of the droid attack on the wookies?

    POOTIS PENCERHERE 5 days ago +1

    those were the class 1 star destroyers which means they were realy old

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan 6 days ago

    Well done on this break down, my only question is, what about r2d2, no one seems to notice him missing

  • Adi Edwards
    Adi Edwards 6 days ago

    Are they Easter eggs if they reference the source material?
    In gaming Easter Eggs reference everything other than the game it’s self, whether it’s a Meme or iconic scene, line etc.
    Surely then none of these are Easter Eggs, they are Lore or references from past movies.

  • Philip Cao
    Philip Cao 6 days ago

    My theory on the chosen one prophecy is that the chosen one isn’t one person but rather two, two beings who represent both sides of the Force, the light and the dark. Their cannot be true balance without either one, so Rey and Kylo must join forces and defeat evil (Palpatine) together and fufill the prophecy together.

  • Anai Bendai
    Anai Bendai 6 days ago

    Why were the CLONE WARS episodes SOOOOO much better than Episodes 1,2,3,7,8 and maybe 9?

  • Omega Ultra
    Omega Ultra 7 days ago

    Boba needs to be movie cause it would be unexpected

  • Jake Black
    Jake Black 7 days ago +1

    I really hope anakin comes back

  • g davis
    g davis 7 days ago

    the "Twins" theme. "Dearth Rey" may be Rey's twin. Unbeknown to Rey's dad

  • Forum and Brim
    Forum and Brim 7 days ago

    That pristine white city is obviously Cloud City.

  • cofside
    cofside 7 days ago

    good story tellin chap but its all not true. Every speculation I have ever read about a future star wars movie has been balderdash. Oh, unless YOU are the first one to ever do it for the first time ever ever......

  • Jennifer Yaner
    Jennifer Yaner 7 days ago

    Neat theory about Rey being the chosen one and ending it all, but aren't we suppose to get a whole other trilogy now (according to news)? So I doubt she ends it. I also feel that'd be a bit of a cop out and ruin the old films, but they clearly don't care about the originals so that's a moot point at best.

  • xShadow
    xShadow 8 days ago

    No Ahsoka Tano ??:((

  • LilChops Legends
    LilChops Legends 8 days ago

    There was a thing about Rey turning evil in the last jedi where Finn used a light saber to kill the person that manipulated Rey but that didnt happen so it could be possible he does it now.

  • Mr. Box
    Mr. Box 8 days ago

    Admiral Ackbar died on The Last Jedi

  • One-Shot_Jester
    One-Shot_Jester 8 days ago

    Just as long as the story is solid and the acting is believable...I know I'll have fun.
    However, after reading the earlier comments, I'm a bit reticent. Ben Solo may in fact get his redemption arc...Rey may be the true Chosen One and Palpatine may have had a hand in her creation....but the line 3-PO gives may be only because no one is sure if the uploaded new data will corrupt his cpu or not. Ben getting a galaxy hoping power would just be so superfluous to any plot that's meant to carry the film. As for horse back charges across what looks like a star destroyer, there better be cutie marks on those ponies or I will rage.

  • Noah N.
    Noah N. 8 days ago

    Will there be two different Anakins one as Anakin and one as Darth Vader🤔

  • AVP1000
    AVP1000 8 days ago

    Palpatine is gonna bring rey and keylo together to fight and rey is gonna win and turn into darth rey

  • AVP1000
    AVP1000 8 days ago

    The trailer was very good

  • Emerald001
    Emerald001 9 days ago

    You are saying Monaghan wrong. It's not a hard g sound. It's the h. Mon uh Han.
    I assumed this had been addressed, but Anakin brought balance by eliminating most of the Jedi, so... Yeah.

  • ciberneche
    ciberneche 9 days ago

    Spoiler: it going to suck big time

  • Suddenly Dumbfounded
    Suddenly Dumbfounded 10 days ago

    I have to fight this overwhelming desire to vomit every time you say clone wars, rebels, or the last jedi.

  • Matrix Overshock
    Matrix Overshock 10 days ago

    No ones talking about seeing The Outrider! Freaking Dash Rendar Baby! How was that not one of the biggest "insert number over 61" references? that connects game cannon to movie cannon!

    • Matrix Overshock
      Matrix Overshock 10 days ago

      than again it could just be a normal YT-2400 but a man can dream!

  • Jestex Garcia
    Jestex Garcia 11 days ago

    Does it explain how Maz Kanata got Luke Skywalkers lightsaber!!! Or how Kylo Ren came into possession of Vaders helmet when it was burned with him in "Return of the Jedi" at the very end!!!! These questions still have not been answered.

  • ståle hansen
    ståle hansen 11 days ago

    I dont think i will bother to watch this Fake Star wars.. Disney killed Star Wars, and the murderer(K.Kennedy), is hard at work

  • LeanderGaming10 Caballero

    Still Anakin

  • Darth Taco Slayer
    Darth Taco Slayer 11 days ago

    8:45.. im hoping hes talking about rey force walking and binding herself with all the past force ghost

  • doom 1993
    doom 1993 11 days ago

    My theory would take way to long to explain

  • Simon Brimhall
    Simon Brimhall 11 days ago

    If you look at these videos, I think that it's gonna be one of those time travel events in which as her last act before she dies, Rey uses the force to go back in time to where obi wan left anakin on Mustafar to, in the astral form of Qui Gon Jin, tell obi wan to never leave Anakin to die. Anyway, bottom line is that she uses the force to go back in time in order to fulfill the long forgotten profecy of balance to the force.

  • TheStarflight41
    TheStarflight41 11 days ago

    Kathleen Kennedy destroyed the franchise.

  • The Popcast
    The Popcast 11 days ago +26

    Hey Ryan your Easter eggs are SPOT ON. I just recently uploaded a theory that will blow your mind and I based it on a few of these easter eggs when I saw them. We are on the same page here, check out my theory when you get a chance I think you will find it very compelling. It's one of my most recent videos. Good job!

  • Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers 11 days ago

    Biggest click bait ever

  • Drake Drake
    Drake Drake 11 days ago

    This movie look like shit

  • Drake Drake
    Drake Drake 11 days ago

    Fuck Ray she trash

  • Super Spencer 64
    Super Spencer 64 11 days ago

    So what happened to the emperor after Darth Vader through The emperor down in to the hole ? Did ankain tell Luke that Rey and kylo Reno will fight the emperor. How did emperor papa tent survive his death?

  • Dman W
    Dman W 12 days ago

    Rey is the Chosen One and is a Skywalker and the granddaughter of Palpatine. All of this was about Rey in all these movies. You are welcome. I just saved you $15 and 2.5 hours of your life

  • Bryon Lape
    Bryon Lape 12 days ago

    If this guy is right, this movie will be far worse than I could possible imagine.