Video shows students hiding as shots are fired

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • A student took this video of classmates hiding in a classroom at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, as a gunman opens fire.

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  • Adam Zaiser
    Adam Zaiser 59 minutes ago

    For me, seeing this was when lockdowns stopped being just another part of the routine and started being a constant remainder of how little my government is doing to keep me safe, how little they actually care about me.

  • Nick Beerd
    Nick Beerd 4 hours ago

    Still films it...

  • I t s m u t e d
    I t s m u t e d 17 hours ago

    Fuck nik

  • Jane Davis
    Jane Davis 23 hours ago +1

    Sorry but I am so annoyed by the people who were snap chatting like people are dying I-

    ARYANA LAWSON 23 hours ago

    I still dont understand how people dont have any heart just to go and kill 17 people not even caring not even wondering what there family will go through

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 12 hours ago

      It's the mind of a sociopath, "Nobody else matters but me." They have no empathy, they never learned, and you can't grow a conscience, if you're not taught that as a child, it never develops.

  • White Diamond
    White Diamond Day ago

    When there was a school shooting
    In my school I was in a hallway
    And I heard like boom ,boom,boom
    And I was like running to my class
    The shots look like they are getting closer Soo I took my favorite pencil with a puppet thingy and run
    I run so fast. I actually could get out, and when I get out there was like police and my few classmate
    I was screaming help! Help! And OMG not many people died
    Only 6 and 17 injured

  • super puppet Austin

    I already sceen the students faces unblured

  • clayboi animates
    clayboi animates 2 days ago

    I just watched the reddit video of this 🤤

  • Biamungu Nkere
    Biamungu Nkere 2 days ago

    I pray for all you kids who were victims
    God Bless

  • Pixel Pug
    Pixel Pug 2 days ago +7

    My worst fear is lockdowns imagine dropping ur kid of and not see them again 😭

  • Nalae Duncan
    Nalae Duncan 2 days ago +1

    imagine leaving a kid at school and never seeing them again

  • - jyqub
    - jyqub 3 days ago +1

    Arm our staff

  • Lizzie Allen
    Lizzie Allen 3 days ago

    Does anybody remember anybody taking out their phones and making videos of any other school shooting for CNN to have?

  • Travis Cottrell
    Travis Cottrell 4 days ago

    I live 30 min away from parkland and it had a Huge affect on our surrounding schools. It’s terrible how someone can take someone’s life and try to play the victim card.

  • J Dmitri
    J Dmitri 4 days ago

    If this was 1800s just grab a thick book

  • Deathro
    Deathro 5 days ago

    this is so sad this is why kids should stay in england or somewhere safer than a horrible country

    • Deathro
      Deathro 4 days ago

      @Chandlez i did say or somewhere safer and i meant somewhere safer country

    • Deathro
      Deathro 4 days ago

      @Chandlez and england is not better than anyone else think twice before you become an dumb person who doesnt ignore like a normal person does

    • Deathro
      Deathro 4 days ago

      @Chandlez can you not

    • Chandlez
      Chandlez 4 days ago

      Deathro what? Your replies make absolutely no sense. Just stop trying to use sad stories as a way to say England is better than anywhere else. No one cares

    • Deathro
      Deathro 4 days ago

      @Chandlez and delete your comment now why even read? cant you do the most simple thing ever which is to ignore!

  • EnigmaDrath
    EnigmaDrath 5 days ago

    When you as a parent are waiting outside, unable to find your child, and word spreads students have been killed in the building and you actually HOPE the deceased are other peoples' kids and not yours. No parent should ever have to be put in a position where they resort to that :(

  • Pillow Cat
    Pillow Cat 6 days ago +1

    this seriously sent shivers down my spine

  • Crusoe VB
    Crusoe VB 6 days ago

    Who could do this?

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 3 days ago

      The government, people won't willingly give up their gun rights because they have common sense, kill a few kids and teachers and scare/emotionally manipulate them into giving up their rights.

  • Sa Sa Queen!!
    Sa Sa Queen!! 6 days ago +1

    Instead of recording, they should've called SOS tbh ._.

  • Random human on YouTube

    Its scary watching this imagine having to deal with this in real life (-_-;)

  • I got hacked
    I got hacked 6 days ago +1

    Ok boomer

  • Angelo DiMeo
    Angelo DiMeo 7 days ago

    The number one thing you don’t do is scream when the shooting is there

    • Fatima _Khalid13
      Fatima _Khalid13 5 days ago

      Angelo DiMeo can you honestly blame whoever was screaming? I'd be screaming my lungs off if someone pointed a gun at me

  • rico wetem
    rico wetem 8 days ago

    I neve worried about some kid coming to school and killing me or my friends this is fucked up

  • KnifesSpidey
    KnifesSpidey 8 days ago


  • شيخ جوجل
    شيخ جوجل 8 days ago

    Thoughts and prayers arent enough

  • I see u
    I see u 8 days ago

    Imagine on Valentine’s Day ur crush is ur valentine and they give u chocolates and flowers and then there last word is ‘I always loved u’ 😭

  • BushGaming
    BushGaming 10 days ago +1

    see america this is what happens with your dumb ass gun laws

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 3 days ago

      The gun laws have nothing to do with this. Know why? Because if that guy had been arrested ONCE, it would've blocked him from passing a background check. And the cops were called on his ass 39 times for violent offenses, any one of which would've warranted an arrest. But in all those 39 times he was killing animals (one of the three traits of EVERY serial killer) and threatening to stab his classmates, the cops responding didn't think it was worth hauling him in to the police station one time. Why didn't they?

  • Gavin Russell
    Gavin Russell 10 days ago

    If I'm honest, I dont fear death even though I'm not even 14 yet, if i were in a shooting i believe i would confront the shooter instead of trying to be safe and stay inside the classroom.

  • Moonlight Shadows
    Moonlight Shadows 11 days ago


  • musicsuxnowadays
    musicsuxnowadays 11 days ago +1

    Of course CNN would show the actual shooting.......... fuck this piece of shit network.

  • musicsuxnowadays
    musicsuxnowadays 11 days ago

    MUST WATCH........... for the kids

  • Itz_Linya xD
    Itz_Linya xD 12 days ago

    Thank God.. My Place Is Save..
    Rest in Peace People who died...

  • Mrgrim 169
    Mrgrim 169 12 days ago

    Disgusting why would someone do this to people

  • Libido - Libidos
    Libido - Libidos 12 days ago +1

    All students in America needs training on how to handle and use a fire arm just in case of situations like this they would defend themselves

  • racoon products videos

    Who thumbs this down??

  • neZqiKVlogs
    neZqiKVlogs 13 days ago

    I’m sure if the shooter wasn’t some white boy Anderson and his gang would be more than happy to post face pics, names, family pics, address, favorite color, and social security number.
    Haha. What a joke.
    And y’all say we’re animals. >__>

  • tina kiehn
    tina kiehn 13 days ago

    I remember the day after this happened and we had a fire drill, we were all scared to go out of our classroom. But after the drill and we were all inside someone had pulled the fire alarm and my class wouldn’t go out we hid under our desks and begged our teacher not to go outside. We were so scared that we would be the next parkland. I remember looking at everyone in my class all of us scared shitless becues we thought that someone was tricking us to shoot at us. It had turned out that it was some freshman just screwing around and had pulled the fire alarm but we’ve had the false alarms and we’re always scared becues we don’t know if it’s real or not

  • The_ToastyTiger _
    The_ToastyTiger _ 13 days ago

    I would play dead

    ROCKY BALBOA 14 days ago +2

    When the quiet boy brings gym bag when there is no gym lesson

  • Ana Maria Hernandez
    Ana Maria Hernandez 14 days ago

    man i would of beat him up whit a bat

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul 15 days ago

    Wow a dead body imagine makin your. Kid breakfast sending them to school goin to work and getting the call that they died

  • Nobody -_-
    Nobody -_- 15 days ago

    That god it made me fear for life.
    The "I love you mom if I don't make it." made me cry...
    The school shooter is a monster, a person with no soul just there to take a person's life and leave.

  • IntegSliq
    IntegSliq 15 days ago

    Why arent police allowed to KIA school shooters that's so dumb

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 3 days ago

      They are, they just don't for some reason.

  • samantha V
    samantha V 15 days ago +7

    When the video from the shooting came on I started to cry, just the screams of the kids made me break down 😭😢😭😢

  • Yoongi is a rock
    Yoongi is a rock 15 days ago

    Im só glad the guy got caught Bc if he didn’t I don’t doubt he would’ve targeted other schools (maybe even mine Bc my school was actually close walking distance from the Parkland school.) my school actually went into a cold yellow

  • Corinne Goulet
    Corinne Goulet 16 days ago +1

    Imagine if your hiding, hearing shooting and trying not to scream so that the shooter would’t find😭😭😭😭😭

  • Not Jsn
    Not Jsn 19 days ago +3

    Imagine being best friends with the kid that shot the school and he shot you.

  • Hyena Mation
    Hyena Mation 19 days ago

    The shot through one of my body parts watching this.

    My heart

  • jump 7holes
    jump 7holes 20 days ago

    God forbid this happening to’s actually scary how this can happen anywhere at any given time.
    I pray to god to protect my loved ones even if I communicate with them on a daily basis or not!

    ANGELIC , 21 day ago

    So i was reading a reddit thread about a survivor that was actually in this class, two kids died and four were injured at the time of this video, i feel sick.

  • Vlad Ionut
    Vlad Ionut 21 day ago

    „For safety reasons we will not tell the name of the suspect” HE KILLED 17 CHILDREN DUDE

    • Nichole Green
      Nichole Green 18 days ago

      Saying the name tends to glorify the killer, hence why they dont

  • Uknowthatonegirl Booboo

    That’s a big oof

  • Thorne Nelson
    Thorne Nelson 22 days ago

    You know people who do these kind of things a cowards

    DONALD SMITH 22 days ago

    If only our fucking governor wasn’t so busy trying to ban guns instead of training teachers to shoot a shooter

      DONALD SMITH 21 day ago

      Itz AdinahGurlz what the fuck does being a traitor have to do with anything

    • Itz AdinahGurlz
      Itz AdinahGurlz 21 day ago

      @DONALD SMITH traitors are a thing

      DONALD SMITH 21 day ago

      That’s what training is for

    • Itz AdinahGurlz
      Itz AdinahGurlz 21 day ago

      You can't trust having a gun in the classroom, because bullied children or a teacher would steal it and start shooting. You can't just leave a gun in America and expect nobody to start shooting.

  • Pugs Dogs
    Pugs Dogs 22 days ago +9

    imagine having an argument with your parents earlier that day

  • nachodipp
    nachodipp 22 days ago

    I'm honestly so glad that I live in Germany and we don't get regular shootings.
    Our most horrifying one is the Erfurt shooting which happened about a decade ago, you can read about it online, although I don't know if there's some info in English. Personally I've been in two terror alarms, one in second grade where we had to wait four hours in a small classroom with huge windows. Mind you, I'm from the smallest part in a kinda small town, around 30,000 people max, 2000 in my area. Our crime rates are so below average, a fist fight late at night would be shocking.
    The second one was just about a year ago, where there was a man sighted at the teachers parking lots, gun in hand. I don't know where he got it and I don't want to know. In two minutes the SEK (the special operational units) were there. There were no gunshots, luckily. The man was arrested.
    I hope that noone ever finds themself in a school shooting and my heart goes out to everyone who does.

  • •ツiiMxdz
    •ツiiMxdz 23 days ago +8

    Imagine your kid in the school and see all the parents outside kissing their kids whilst your outside your kid not coming back 😱

  • Miss Anime
    Miss Anime 23 days ago +1

    And this is why teachers should have guns just in case. This is terrifying.

  • say sike right now
    say sike right now 24 days ago +2

    Idk why people can buy guns it should only go to the police and army