Rick Grimes Movie 'Andrew Lincoln Spotted, Production Rumours & Announcement Coming' Breakdown

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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Comments • 188

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy Month ago

    In a zombie apocalypse L. A. would be destroyed. Way 2 many people and a city would fare horribly, no food or 💧 water or electricity.

  • Skilly
    Skilly Month ago +1

    I talked to andy when he landed in l.a and i asked if he will return to twd and he said we will see then winked

    TABLES AND FORKS Month ago

    It’s extremely weird and I’m not lying . I had a very big dream about this 2 nights ago when michone gets taken by the A helicopter and reunites with Andrew but finds out they can’t leave and are forced to do the crm dirty work

  • Dagon Briggs
    Dagon Briggs Month ago

    If they don't drop a trailer during the finale,,,, I riot😅

  • Kawaii Ramen
    Kawaii Ramen Month ago


  • Baci302
    Baci302 Month ago

    Congrats on getting off social media

  • Joey Bobby
    Joey Bobby Month ago

    It’s happening

  • funnybunny818
    funnybunny818 Month ago

    Pollyanna does live in La but she also posted a cryptic IG post in regards to the movies so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • John Barnes
    John Barnes Month ago +1

    Michonne WILL die this season... no one will find out Rick's alive

  • Lt. Ripley
    Lt. Ripley Month ago +3

    P.S you have a fan for life now by saying you've come off Social Media. I despise FB and so on so you have my admiration for doing that.

  • Lt. Ripley
    Lt. Ripley Month ago +3

    HE could be there promoting Penguin Bloom. I hope not I really do, I want so desperately for the movie to start. That's what has worried me if Andy didn't do the movie. People need to shut their stupid mouths especially some of the WD hating journalists who upset him last time. He has to know how much WE the fans love him. I sincerely hope that you're right MI. I really do, I don't always agree what you say but you are really good at bringing us some of the scoops out there and for that I'm always grateful. so THANK YOU.

  • Nizzle Prizzle
    Nizzle Prizzle Month ago +1

    Wtf I thought production started at the start of this year. Wack

  • Jay R
    Jay R Month ago

    i think this is going to be the next trend. tv series end. and movies come out. this was the rumor yearsss ago about the sopranos. but james passed and that sucked to us fans.

  • Marie Champan
    Marie Champan Month ago

    I'am excited for the WD movies and seeing Andrew Lincoln back as Rick Grimes, but I also would love to see some of our WD favorites in the movies as well. After all they are the ones we came to love, and they are the reasons we kept watching. We have already lost major characters, that we miss a lot. I especially wish they had not killed Carl Grimes.(Chsndler Riggs) he was such a big part of the WD. It's really sad. I would love to see Andrew Lincoln back on the series, that would be great

  • Mykowser
    Mykowser Month ago

    Good for you for dropping social media!

  • Kyle Ludwig
    Kyle Ludwig Month ago +1

    Day's Gone is actually the most realistic post zombie apocalyptic game to date other than The Last Of US

  • Alley Oop
    Alley Oop Month ago

    Need to keep production in GA.

  • Tyler Vilbert
    Tyler Vilbert Month ago +1

    I can definitely see them putting out the first Rick movie much sooner than they say.

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez Month ago

    I unplugged from social media over a year ago. My life is much better since.

  • sexypants1234
    sexypants1234 Month ago +6

    Bro if Michonne doesn’t find out ricks alive after hearing you say it this many times idek

  • BecauseICan
    BecauseICan Month ago +3

    Good for you on getting rid of social media! I've been clean for over a year and I too am happier without it. I just got sick of all the negativity and chicken littles constantly complaining about anything and everything!

    • K Smith
      K Smith Month ago +1

      Damn I did too and I'm drama free!👍

  • Aj Mudie
    Aj Mudie Month ago

    Do you have an email movie idol to email you some interesting news you might want to hear

  • Mark Kuhn
    Mark Kuhn Month ago

    i assume they would want to have all 3 scripts written and revised before they start filming the 1st movie.

  • Josh Hunter
    Josh Hunter Month ago

    PEN15 PEN15 PEN15

  • Blake Meade
    Blake Meade Month ago

    How has anyone not noticed Rosita wielding Lucille towards the end of the 10b trailer?

  • OGKrushz
    OGKrushz Month ago

    I’m just wondering what the explanation is gonna be for Rick not wanting to go for his family.

  • Jason Bennett
    Jason Bennett Month ago +2

    What do you think the name of the first Rick Grimes Movie should be. I think it should be “Years Gone By”, to mirror the First episode of the series, “Days Gone By”.

  • Ninja YT
    Ninja YT Month ago

    Is going to be Rick and his brother darl uncle darl Judith darl dater

  • Ninja YT
    Ninja YT Month ago

    Confirmed michone fanle episode 12 ricks coming back

  • Evert Olsthoorn
    Evert Olsthoorn Month ago +1

    You think it could be possible that Michonne will meet up with Maggie in episode 12. In the trailer for the second-half season we did see Michonne approach an RV wich could belong to Georgie. And this way, Maggie can also have a more important role in the Whisperer war and join in to save the day with the weapons that could be at Virgil's island.

  • Isaias Reyna Jr.
    Isaias Reyna Jr. Month ago

    I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it’s coming out OCT 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pauk's RanKINGs
    Pauk's RanKINGs Month ago +1

    They have Universal Studious, how hard and long can it be

  • Welcome to the Apocalypse

    Here is a theory... Rick took a blast from lots of dynamite, correct?
    Ok. I know people whom lost all their memories. Permanent amnesia. Became different people, literally. Just from being too close to the blast zone.
    That could be the route this story goes down. Retraining his mind.
    Rick could end up being the ultimate bad guy.

  • beautiful cats القطط الجميلة.

    could be just a vacation .. who knows

  • SSJ Fan Girl 88
    SSJ Fan Girl 88 Month ago

    Q & A :
    Do you think Rick will meet his brother in Rick Grimes Movie ❓

    • SSJ Fan Girl 88
      SSJ Fan Girl 88 Month ago

      It would be nice if The show added it's own twist to their meeting

      RIKISJOAKIN ! Month ago +1

      his brother was on Barcelona, Spain

    • Terry Silver
      Terry Silver Month ago +2

      SSJ Fan Girl 88 that would be lit

  • SSJ Fan Girl 88
    SSJ Fan Girl 88 Month ago

    I'm so ecstatic ❗❗❗🤩🤩🤩

  • shirley cooper
    shirley cooper Month ago

    Finally something happening with the movies.

  • Travis Ghiloni jr
    Travis Ghiloni jr Month ago

    Days gone was actually a really good game slow at 1st but it was pretty good

  • Lil' Diesel
    Lil' Diesel Month ago

    Movie not coming out until 2021

    • Walker Dead
      Walker Dead Month ago

      It's not confirmed if its coming in 2021 or not but I still want it to come out in October 2020 before twd season 11 comes.

    • Emma Bauer
      Emma Bauer Month ago

      It's really behind schedule.

    • WeenieLinguine
      WeenieLinguine Month ago

      Cubs Fan22
      I also wanna know where they saw that, but that’s most likely the case considering how long it takes for pre-production, production, and post-production. It’s either gonna be late 2020 or early 2021 at least

  • Blake Morrison
    Blake Morrison Month ago

    It's been over 6 years since Rick was last seen by anybody on TWD. Think about how much he could've changed in those years. It's kind of exciting.

  • christopher dwyer
    christopher dwyer Month ago +5

    Yes it’s true Pollyanna lives out here. I have seen her at Trader Joe’s a few times 😂

  • ak47domination
    ak47domination Month ago +8

    I would love to see some Walking Dead Top 10s from you in the break

  • MattrickBT
    MattrickBT Month ago +1

    Filming for the movie shouldn't take long at all. I'd be surprised if it took longer than a month, but the scope of the production itself could push it to two months. IT Chapter 2 was just under 3 months and that was a 3 hour long film. I'm pretty sure a typical Walking Dead episode doesn't pass 7 days for filming.

  • JohnnyMartini
    JohnnyMartini Month ago +1

    So you guys know how this season has been pretty good although this half has been slow but because of how much better the second half would be, just imagine if Rick was still on the show, as well as last season

  • GrowIn Up With Daphne GSD

    Social media and TV etc is so bad for the soul. I've never been into social media other than RUclip and small accounts for my business and youtube channels, but never post. And only youtube because I have two channels

  • WYKJ773 Jones
    WYKJ773 Jones Month ago

    They may use some sci fi elements but may not dive deep in
    Thst way as far as plot...

  • Dalton Pinheiro
    Dalton Pinheiro Month ago +2

    What happened to the iconic intro?

  • Dalton Pinheiro
    Dalton Pinheiro Month ago +9

    If andrew lincoln is in LA right now, he isn't going to stay, he is going to want to spend Christmas with his family. I think you're right, he probably came down for meetings.

    • Dalton Pinheiro
      Dalton Pinheiro Month ago

      @funnybunny818 True. But winter break isn't long enough to film an entire movie

    • funnybunny818
      funnybunny818 Month ago

      Dalton Pinheiro maybe he brought the fam and they are having an LA holiday. Schools start getting out for winter break soon so he could be home for the holidays or they could be in holiday 🤷‍♀️

  • PDawg
    PDawg Month ago

    Hope they recast Heath with either Future or 2 Chainz

  • Lori Graham
    Lori Graham Month ago


  • bones22j
    bones22j Month ago +1

    Oh yea! I can’t wait for the trailer to the trailer drops🤣🤣🤣

  • Jon S
    Jon S Month ago

    Where is the intro?

  • Jacci Varner
    Jacci Varner Month ago +1

    Yippy!!!! CANT WAIT!!!! it is exciting to think that they might be working on the film, any news on the making of this film, would be very much anticipated!!!

  • Cyn 7
    Cyn 7 Month ago +1

    I can’t freakin WAIT! Miss Rick!!!

  • Ivan Partyrocker
    Ivan Partyrocker Month ago +1

    I knew it!! Late November

  • cap sortee
    cap sortee Month ago

    aint youtube considered social media?

  • The Dummy
    The Dummy Month ago

    Are they done with filming the new show?? Maybe they are filming secretly for the ending of that show with a rick grimes ending.. that would be epic.. bc if he was seen in Va that would be so obvious an since it likely would be the closing shot or a few scenes maybe just maybe we see him arriving in the helicopter at the end of this new show or just simply see rick

  • Brian Achim
    Brian Achim Month ago

    Please tell me that Corey Hawkins was spotted on set.

    • Walker Dead
      Walker Dead Month ago

      @Niki I heard about that and I can't wait for twd rick Grimes movies. I hope they cast Thomas Jane and Gary Oldman that would be so cool. Think about it Andrew Lincoln and Thomas Jane in a walking dead movie together :)

  • The Dummy
    The Dummy Month ago

    A regular movie usually takes a month to film.. I say 7 weeks tops especially since the fact that Andrew wants to be with his family.. I say if they film in January or February I say the movie will be out in theaters around 2020 fall or this time next year

  • Tocoolforschool
    Tocoolforschool Month ago +2

    I can’t wait for the movies