The Daily Mail Song

  • Published on Mar 27, 2010
  • mp3 here:

    Hello everyone. Me & Dan have written a song about The Daily Mail (a British newspaper).

    We're aware this video won't mean an awful lot if you've never heard of The Daily Mail, but on the plus side, you've never heard of The Daily Mail.
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  • Chris Cowrie
    Chris Cowrie 3 days ago

    Who thought this was the Irish Rebel tune ??

  • Snickerdoodle
    Snickerdoodle 11 days ago

    Seeing the angry Daily Mail sheep come in here posting butthurt insults gives me life

  • Owen Wells
    Owen Wells Month ago

    You could swap a few names on those headlines and it would be like it was printed today.

  • John Salt
    John Salt Month ago +1

    Superb. And true.

    • Two Sheds
      Two Sheds Month ago

      Unlike the Content of the Paper!

  • SirJambon
    SirJambon 2 months ago

    With a couple of exceptions, nothing's changed in the best part of a decade

  • Andrew Abbott
    Andrew Abbott 2 months ago +1

    I take it that the daily mail is England's equivalent to CNN

    • Theo
      Theo 5 days ago +2

      Fox News

    • Owen Wells
      Owen Wells Month ago +3

      @Andrew Staden its nicknamed the Daily Heil for a damn good reason after all.

    • Andrew Staden
      Andrew Staden Month ago +4

      More like Fox News, I believe.

  • Slave2PaperWithInkOn
    Slave2PaperWithInkOn 2 months ago

    FAILY Male............

  • IRENE Tait
    IRENE Tait 2 months ago


  • oneoflokis
    oneoflokis 3 months ago

    Great song guys!! Beautifully witty lyrics! ☺️😁☺️👍 Worth sharing even 9 years after it was uploaded!! 👍

  • Jonah Clark
    Jonah Clark 4 months ago

    reminds me of joe jackson’s “Sunday paper”

  • Secular Spectator
    Secular Spectator 4 months ago

    Can we have guardian song that would be a laugh.

    • Two Sheds
      Two Sheds Month ago +1

      You must be a closet DM reader! LOL

  • Adelaide Dupont
    Adelaide Dupont 5 months ago

    Reading about #celinedion and #pepemunoz in the #dailymail [ #pagesix had the story first] and also #bradpitt and #lenadunham - and the #biography by #lisamariepresley - #fourmillionforamemoir is one of those #wilddreams ... and then I came back to this #ireaditinthedailymail .

  • paul best
    paul best 5 months ago +1

    I can’t believe I used to read this neo-Nazi crap myself...☹️😥😖🤢

  • Dark Smurf
    Dark Smurf 5 months ago +3

    Fuck me sideways, was this really nine years ago? Damnation!

  • paul best
    paul best 7 months ago

    These guys look too much like Islamic Jihadists. No wonder DM readers don’t like them.

    • paul best
      paul best 7 months ago

      BTW does it not strike you as ironic that if this had been about the Guardian or any “Left-of-Hitler” newspaper, DM readers would be cheering?

  • Zain - AB
    Zain - AB 7 months ago +1

    Richard Dawkins anyone?

    • Two Sheds
      Two Sheds Month ago

      @Voice of Reason Richard Dawkins is not capable of removing religion. The religious need to do that for them selves by the use of science and logic! I think you are getting Dawkins mixed up with Hitchens you dingbat!

    • Voice of Reason
      Voice of Reason 7 months ago +1

      You mean the man who spent most of his career mocking and abusing religious people and then decided post Brexit that the very intolerance and bigotry he was famous for was the worst thing about his country? He tried to remove religion from his country altogether (it's a "virus" that needs to be "cured"), but what he actually did was to help usher in an Islamic future. Good job, numbnuts.

  • Tara Gragg
    Tara Gragg 8 months ago

    Dana Loesch had 50 abortions. I heard the heartbeats in the Daily Mail.

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    The crazy thing is the Daily Mail is the most popular news outlet in the world.

  • Someone On Earth
    Someone On Earth 8 months ago +5

    Don’t look at The Sun either, it hurts your eyes.

  • Sophie -Grace
    Sophie -Grace 9 months ago

  • Libby Bollinger
    Libby Bollinger 9 months ago +16

    As an American, it took me a while to realize how shitty the Daily Mail was, until when a kid in my year in highschool was murdered , and, when trying to find information about it, I stumbled into a Daily Mail article that seemed solely devoted to talking about how expensive the house was, and how nice the hardwood floors a 16 year old kid was found dead with his parents on were. From that moment on I have hated the Daily Mail, not just because it is a shitty sensationalist tabloid formatted like a broadsheet, but because of the incident when they found reporting on how attractive a possibly soon on the market real estate listing would be, more important than reporting on a murder-suicide (murder-murder-suicide?) that caused wrecked a community, caused a sixteen year old child's life to ended at 10th grade, and a college student was left with her family torn from her all of a sudden, with no opportunity to say goodbye.

    I will always hate the Daily Mail for this.

  • An African or a European Swallow?

    Royals on the first page,
    Swine flu and road rage,
    Find Maddie,
    Foreign baddie,
    Put him in a big cage,
    Bureaucratic red tape,
    Facebook gang rape,
    Gordon out, Dave in, before the country caves in,
    Ian Huntley gets his own jacuzzi and a gym in jail.
    It's absolutely true, because I read it in the Daily Mail.
    Bring back capital punishment for paedophiles,
    Photo feature on schoolgirl skirt styles,
    Binge Britain! Single mums!
    Pensioners! Hoodie scum!
    Oversexed and underaged (foreign stories half a page)
    Criminals get Marks & Spencers vouchers when released on bail.
    It's absolutely true, because I read it in the Daily Mail.
    Ban this gay smut,
    I'm not racist but...,
    Car crime, Knife crime,
    Hang the cheating wife time,
    Pop stars take drugs,
    Teen boys wear hoods,
    Sports stars have sex,
    Bears shit in woods,
    Brussels politicians want to stop us drinking English ale,
    It's absolutely true, because I read it in the Daily Mail.
    Climategate! Petrol prices!
    Pot-holes! Credit crisis!
    Gypsies! Russell Brand!
    Time we all took a stand,
    Modern art, where to start? Trash the lot of it,
    Apart from statuette of puppy, 50 quid plus P&P,
    Muslim women hiding stolen goods behind their veil.
    It's absolutely true, because I read it in the Daily Mail.
    Poles paid to give blood,
    Immigration, "Like a flood",
    Soft touch British Isles,
    Cancer from your mobiles,
    Cancer from your laptop,
    Cancer from your root crop,
    Cancer from your shoes, from your dog, from your pen top,
    Immigrants arriving on an unprecedented scale.
    It's got to be the case if it's written in the Daily Mail,
    They never mince a word in the good ol' Daily Mail,
    It's absolutely true,
    Because I gather all my views,
    From the Daily Mail.

  • MaTty_BrOoK
    MaTty_BrOoK 9 months ago

    The Daily Heil as I like to call it, either that or the Volkshier Beobachter.

  • Cheeseburger
    Cheeseburger 9 months ago +1

    I'm not racist but... xD

  • Nyckname
    Nyckname 9 months ago


  • Kusken
    Kusken 9 months ago

    Just found this again!
    9 years (holy shit) later I still know every word.
    Brilliant video.

  • Sonny Johnson
    Sonny Johnson 9 months ago

    2019 recommended gang?

  • RainbowEagle
    RainbowEagle 10 months ago

    I found my new favorite song.

  • Sam Forrester
    Sam Forrester 10 months ago

    this is not true !!!
    my dad is not here daily and hes a male.

  • Carryl Art
    Carryl Art 10 months ago

    "...but on the plus side..." in the description lmao

  • JustBrewer
    JustBrewer 10 months ago

    First introduction to this was thanks to my modern studies teacher.

  • Assassinrico11
    Assassinrico11 11 months ago

    Who else saw this in English class

  • Bait sock
    Bait sock 11 months ago

    I hate the mail with a passion it makes you poorer and thicker !!!!

  • 10000 subs with one video
    10000 subs with one video 11 months ago +1

    Why is this in my recommended

  • Ste ik
    Ste ik 11 months ago

    The insane focus on young women is so utterly surprising because the Daily Mail was previously considered a "women's newspaper", with at least some women working there. It must be hard to find the right sleeping drugs.

  • Theroux
    Theroux 11 months ago

    Behold the British CNN/HuffingtonPost...

  • Slide Shows
    Slide Shows Year ago +1


  • J P
    J P Year ago +1

    Let me guess..... Liberal?

    • James Dowds
      James Dowds 9 months ago +1

      No because I’m not that liberal and I hate the DM with a passion. I don’t read the Guardian or vote Labour. I read the Financial Times and vote Conservative.

  • paramjeet jaiswal
    paramjeet jaiswal Year ago +1


  • Lam Sodge
    Lam Sodge Year ago

    Have you lads got one eyebrow between you?

  • Cavern of Ravens
    Cavern of Ravens Year ago

    “You’ve never heard of the Daily Mail”
    I’m British, so of course I have, thank you very much description.

  • Reza Jafari
    Reza Jafari Year ago

    Oh Ireland is a very funny place sir, it's a strange and troubled land

  • Saya chan
    Saya chan Year ago +4

    This song is just even more relevant today.

  • RiverDeep1000
    RiverDeep1000 Year ago +2

    This tuneful bunch of fake headlines was hilarious when I first saw it years ago . . . but since then, people really do make up "Daily Mail News" - believe it - and share it like they're facts! Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  • anxiety yeet
    anxiety yeet Year ago

    Someone link me the tab

  • cecasander
    cecasander Year ago +1

    Pop stars use drugs
    Teen boys wear hoods
    Sport stars have sex
    Bears shit in woods

  • fact gasm
    fact gasm Year ago +3

    Excellent. Britain's "We Didn't Start The Fire".

  • netwitch56
    netwitch56 Year ago


  • Adelaide Dupont
    Adelaide Dupont Year ago

    Lots of great memories of this song around the 2010 general election [May 2010]. Along with the "Common People" parody. What is your favourite headline? A headline Dan and Dan haven't sung about?

  • Роман Болдырев

    The media in any country is the same. Even after 8 years. Greetings from Russia in 2018.

  • OzzyCoop
    OzzyCoop Year ago

    Miss you Dan. Not the other Dan though. He is a weirdo.

  • DC 4444
    DC 4444 Year ago

    Seems like a much more extreme version of the NZ Herald. Generally a right-wing paper but some of its writers keep the right-wing views from taking the paper over.

  • gibboanx1
    gibboanx1 Year ago +1

    Radiohead have really let themselves go

  • Nick Bailey
    Nick Bailey Year ago

    This is still brilliant. Well done Dan. And Dan.

  • Kingfin
    Kingfin Year ago

    Dan and dam is so good

  • steveg
    steveg Year ago

    Song in the key of S

  • Regan 38
    Regan 38 Year ago

    Dan’s eye roll game is 10/10

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown Year ago +1

    3 blokes (well 2 really) in a pub sent me here.

  • lol
    lol Year ago

    This is very good!- I hope you will get more likes for it!

  • Adrian Rozga
    Adrian Rozga Year ago