1971 Plymouth GTX - Jay Leno’s Garage

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
  • Dan Hallisey's Plymouth GTX with a 440 breathes through the Air Grabber hood and doesn't disappoint Dan's former shop teacher, Vincent Vanni, when Jay opens it up!
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    1971 Plymouth GTX - Jay Leno’s Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 1 920

  • Aaron Cabral
    Aaron Cabral 12 hours ago

    Back in my day gas was -3 cents and two nickel hairs

  • Gavin Lawler
    Gavin Lawler Day ago

    Very cool teacher

  • Pacero
    Pacero 2 days ago

    The good teachers, tell you the truth. F...! the rest!

  • Roy Miller
    Roy Miller 3 days ago

    In southern cal people raced light to light.

  • L Moore
    L Moore 8 days ago

    Out of all the Jay Leno's garages I have watched I loved this one the most. Vincent Vanni is a treasure. He made this program. I wish you would have driven for 3 hours with the cameras rolling and talked to Vince. Loved his stories and his style. You can learn a lot from a fellow like that. Please bring him back for some more rides and some more stories. People would love it.

  • hailzeewolfman
    hailzeewolfman 9 days ago

    this was really special. Lots of old school insights. Thank you, Jay Leno (as always, I might add) :)

  • Alexie P
    Alexie P 9 days ago

    I’m loving this channel. It’s refreshing to see someone giving us reviews on classic cars. These cars will be a dying breed folks. The people that adore these cars are dying off. Let’s enjoy them while we still can !

  • Patrick Vaden
    Patrick Vaden 9 days ago

    I know at some point the bazooka tips weren't allowed (if ever?) in California, as they required the exhaust tips to be turned down to the ground... Silly California.

  • Ash Newman
    Ash Newman 11 days ago

    B body MOPARSs are intermediate, not full size!

  • silverbird58
    silverbird58 15 days ago

    Down south we called em (yac shack 's ) or slush pumps .

  • Paul Peterson
    Paul Peterson 17 days ago +1

    $3,733 was the base price. Not any where near $2,800 as stated.

    • brian kendall
      brian kendall 13 days ago

      nor do mopars have positraction rear ends, or stock pistol grip auto shifters. nice car, owner could use a lesson on mopars

  • M B
    M B 17 days ago

    Fascinating! Both the shop teacher and the car

  • Sheldon Hinson
    Sheldon Hinson 17 days ago +1

    My father bought a new gtx trunk lid chrome molding for a 69 hemi gtx he had because the tail pipes would tarnish the chrome off from the fumes.but he didn't put it on a sold the car. One day he pulled it out of the closet a gave it to me still in the box ( factory new ) I went to the molars at the rock one weekend and a man had a 69 hemi gtx he had bought new ( still mint condition) I told him I had a new trunk piece a he said that was the only thing he needed to score one hundred points ( judges) his was tarnished a he said he had tried to get a(nos) one a there wasn't a one left in the world new. It blew his mind when I told him I had one of course he wanted to by it but I didn't want to sell it.( I've still got it a its still in the closet. My father passed in 03 a when I look at it from time to time it brings tears to my eye's ( it's absolutely beautiful ) a it cannot be duplicated either ( the factory process was illemanated by government law's ( I want never have a 69 gtx now but I've got a piece of one a if I were to sell it now it would have to be a pretty penny.

  • david peltier
    david peltier 17 days ago

    Could listen to Vince all day.

  • Christopher O.
    Christopher O. 18 days ago

    I guess Jay won't ever get to drive Kevin Hart's Plymouth now...

  • Tahir Usman
    Tahir Usman 18 days ago

    Looks like the Ford Capri coming head on....

  • Mike Point
    Mike Point 18 days ago

    Great video and it’s awesome to see these old guys talking about the old days . Cheers

  • 02R96
    02R96 19 days ago

    Jay seemed kind of dismissive of the car. He kept referring to things as "funny". I guess he's not a fan of the B bodies.

  • Sawtooth Survival
    Sawtooth Survival 19 days ago

    I still have some old Polaroid pictures when my mom and Dad came home with A brand new 71 GTX. Family Vacations, Trips to the beach. Drive in theatres. My oldest Brother wound up Wrecking it 5 years later

  • slamdeathgrindmachine
    slamdeathgrindmachine 19 days ago

    What I got to say the poor man's Dodge charger but the funny part is there more rare than a Dodge charger so they're worth more in value and here's the kicker if you want to get a 71 satellite it's the same thing it's just a GTX was a step up so you get a 71 satellite just put gtx logos all over it also drop a 440 and no one would never know lol

  • SleeperHonda
    SleeperHonda 21 day ago

    Great episode

  • williestyle35
    williestyle35 22 days ago

    Farenheight 451, now that is a deep reference for a book! Ray Bradbury was a good storyteller. Great work from Jay and Mr. Hallisey and Mr. Vanni.
    I would like seeing more guests like these.

  • Davis Dean
    Davis Dean 23 days ago

    Jay loves the old timers GREAT VIDEO

  • Blck Mach1
    Blck Mach1 24 days ago

    Awesome video. It was cool to see the owner and his shop teacher on the show. Jay, you’ve gotta have more shows like this where you interview shop teachers or owners and get their stories. The stories they can tell about racing or working on their rides would be amazing. Thanks for sharing the videos and cars with us!

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 27 days ago

    I restore old computers. The market hasn't matured yet for the prices to go up.

  • SethMcFartlane
    SethMcFartlane Month ago


  • M Chas
    M Chas Month ago +2

    They are generalizing about repairs today. Someone going to school for automotive repair still learns how to disassemble and re-assemble an engine or transmission. Most teachers are in it as a profession. Basically 2 old guys complaining about how yesterday was better than today.

  • mark demell
    mark demell Month ago

    Jay,,,,,,Could you please do a show about the FORD Maverick GRABBER!

  • Grant Jenkins
    Grant Jenkins Month ago

    My high school had auto shop and collision repair, and welding classes

  • PaulSter
    PaulSter Month ago +1

    Always makes me cringe when Jay closes hoods from the side. He does it all the time. I can see some owners cringe too. Don't care how many cars he has, I think it's a bad practice.

  • John Murdoch
    John Murdoch Month ago

    You ill or getting old Jay ?

  • ddsotelo37
    ddsotelo37 Month ago

    “Very funny.....” - Jay Leno

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago +1

    Those are my favorite mag 500 wheel style. Beautiful car. I’m a Plymouth fan. My favorite is the 71 hemi cuda and 69 road runner

  • M MacPherson
    M MacPherson Month ago +1

    Common jay, you know mopars don't have posi Trac that's sacrilege.

  • speedrcer1
    speedrcer1 Month ago

    Just a great looking car. I had a '72 Charger 318 that was choked to death.

  • allkindsofspecial
    allkindsofspecial Month ago

    i like the car

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris Month ago

    Yes, yea, very funny, hilarious.

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark Month ago

    My '68 Fury3 sedan hardtop was a bit bigger and it used 2.93 - 83/4 rearend with a 383 that i reworked a bit and the TQ 727 i reworked. It got 18 mpg in town, 20mpg on highway and did 0 to 60 at 6.2 seconds. It also beat the '74 emissions tests. It weighed 4200 without me in it.Loved that car. Lost it to an accident:(

  • Pete shea
    Pete shea Month ago

    Sounds like this engine may have been treated to a healthier aftermarket cam...

  • Outdoor Maddness TV

    Great show! Back in 2016, Vincent and Dan were on my show (Outdoor Maddness TV) They both told me about their first cars and how they fell in love with Mopars.

  • Luis Beristain
    Luis Beristain Month ago

    Put this gentleman in the vinwiki seat

  • Stagger Lee
    Stagger Lee Month ago

    Wow that dude look pretty chipper for an 88 year old. I also just played Driver San Francisco, it makes me happy that Challenger went into the right hands.

    xXJAKMACKXx Month ago

    Incredible to be 80 and still all there

  • SO digginit
    SO digginit Month ago +1

    3200 dollars brand new lol

  • Chris Baumgarten
    Chris Baumgarten Month ago

    Similar to my 71' Mach One, at the time they were somewhat unloved. Now, at car shows the old Mach One draws a crowd. This GTX would most certainly draw a crowd. I like the front end. These were comfy cars to drive. Soft and cushy...

  • myself to myself
    myself to myself Month ago

    I have the upmost respect for Jay.. but Please... Don't Blame Conan

    MICHGO1 Month ago


  • Sia Mese
    Sia Mese Month ago

    Okay, take a drink every time someone says "back in the day".

  • Ken Corsino
    Ken Corsino Month ago

    Auto Shop, Wood Shop, Home Ec., Music Class, even Typing Class are all gone. We learned from them and students made careers out of what they learned from them. Sadly, this great man will be gone also. We need a new generation of people like this.

  • Steve Berry
    Steve Berry Month ago +1

    For an owner willing to pay a premium at Mecum, he is rather uninformed about his car. The average GTX in '71 sold for over $4000 with options like automatic transmission, gauge cluster, air conditioning, optional wheels, track pack, etc. The horsepower of the '71s was way down from the '67, '68, and '69 and they were dogs at the track. In fact the '69 383 Roadrunner ran a quarter mile 1/2 second faster than the '71 440 GTX. And he did not know there was a '67 GTX? Anyway he be dumb but has a good heart. By the time '71 came around the muscle car scene had left Mopars (with the exception of the Hemi) in its low compression dust.

  • Cana box
    Cana box Month ago

    I love it when Mopar guys say Posi! LOL casuals!

  • Kraig Cochran
    Kraig Cochran Month ago

    I still think fondly of my high school shop teacher Mr Kaiser. Even though he used to yell at me a lot😂😂

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    I hear, was it 72? That they switched from gross to net horsepower ratings. So maybe they adjusted the mechanics maybe they didn't, but the switch made it look weaker on paper.

  • Patrick Hostler
    Patrick Hostler Month ago

    Give that guy his own show.... we could ALL learn something from him!!!

  • Stretch S
    Stretch S Month ago

    Great cam work at 15:30 to show the same color Dodge Challenger in the same shot!

  • Stretch S
    Stretch S Month ago

    I’m now almost 40 and yes all the trade classes were going out even in my day. We didn’t have auto shop but we had wood shop in middle school and in HS and I enjoyed making little projects. I remember we made a napkin holder as well as a coat hanger out of wood. I always longed for auto shop and was jealous of the schools that had it. It’s too bad they’ve now cut all these programs along with most the music ones as well.

  • w41duvernay
    w41duvernay Month ago

    Vincent vanni has a HEMI in a dart as well. WTF!

  • Doogie H
    Doogie H Month ago

    Need more of you two.

  • T Pope
    T Pope Month ago

    This beautiful GTX never came with a posi-track rear differential. Chevrolet had posi-track and Ford had their trac-locs. This guy may own this Mopar but he doesn’t sound like a Mopar guy. Not sure why he didn’t say ...sure-grip rear differential.

  • Charlie Messenger
    Charlie Messenger Month ago

    Best episode ever.