Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | Monday Motivation: Taking Flight

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Watch Brie Larson take flight in this behind-the-scenes look at Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel. #MondayMotivation
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Comments • 904

  • Jada Bishop
    Jada Bishop 20 days ago

    I love you so much 💜💗💖💛😍

  • Efi Efi
    Efi Efi 2 months ago +1

    Military propaganda

  • Axe Battler
    Axe Battler 2 months ago

    DC fans are upset

  • Rohan Keluskar
    Rohan Keluskar 2 months ago

    eh, I am not paying for a ticket to see this movie in theater. I will just pirate it just for the MCU timeline sake...
    Too much feminism bs thrown in trailers. I am not talking about the press conference btw, its the amount of feminist bs mentioned in unnecessary amount of trailers. If you want to represent women power this is not the way, there are far better movies which do this the right way.
    And lets be real here, she doesn't even seem that good of a actor, 90% of the trailer looks like she is just throwing kid tantrums....
    Black Widow solo movie would have been a better choice. Even the Agent Carter series was better.

  • Bruna Usui
    Bruna Usui 2 months ago

    A M A Z I N G ♡

  • Grinabit
    Grinabit 2 months ago

    I was trying hard to get my wife and daughters to go see this until the racist comments came out. I'm not being inflammatory. I'm legitimately confused about why this movie wouldn't be for me as well just because of my race or gender. My wife and kids would only go to this with me pushing for it. Lost opportunity it seems like.

    • Xebys
      Xebys 2 months ago

      I think there's like 5 of you with the same story line in CM anything original?

  • Zack Weston
    Zack Weston 2 months ago

    Very cool but alita was better. And can't wait for the real captain marvel. SHAZAM!

  • TheMavWith_A_Mouth
    TheMavWith_A_Mouth 2 months ago +1

    *Higher. Further. Faster.*

  • Joshua V Francis
    Joshua V Francis 2 months ago

    I am not gonna watch the movie... Like to show support

  • Dario Dipaola
    Dario Dipaola 2 months ago

    This movie looks stupid.

  • RetroPepo
    RetroPepo 2 months ago

    Make a movie "based" on the game Spiderman web of shadows please Marvel Studios

    • RetroPepo
      RetroPepo 2 months ago

      As a second important Marvel event

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 2 months ago

    This film is going to flop.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago

    Boring, boring, boring....

  • Enfero
    Enfero 2 months ago +4

    Just one more week! Can't wait!

    • loot dood
      loot dood 2 months ago +2

      Enfero me either. How old are you?

  • number 3
    number 3 2 months ago

    Dont give your money to feminists, watch this movie in internet. Long live the boycott.

  • JasonTheMagnificent
    JasonTheMagnificent 2 months ago +1

    Hey look! It's Captain 27%

    • Xebys
      Xebys 2 months ago +2

      Hey look! it's a TROLL!

    • Default Name
      Default Name 2 months ago +1

      JasonTheMagnificent Lol !!!!

  • jr dm
    jr dm 2 months ago

    Brie is racist

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine 2 months ago

    I won't be seeing you're leftist movie !

  • woons papercraft
    woons papercraft 2 months ago

    its good news!

  • Burhan Kulle
    Burhan Kulle 2 months ago

    Can you put the ofishal tralers in tuesday?please!!!???

  • pyre pro
    pyre pro 2 months ago +2

    I hope Captain Marvel dies in End game

  • OciosoFerpecto
    OciosoFerpecto 2 months ago +2

    that you want to see this movie!😍😍

    • loot dood
      loot dood 2 months ago +1

      OciosoFerpecto yes! How old are you?

  • pyre pro
    pyre pro 2 months ago +1

    Another day another Captain Marvel teaser

  • Joker
    Joker 2 months ago +2

    Thanos is more powerful than Captain Marvel. (Unless she ends up with plot armour in the MCU, which would be just dumb). ... She is about on par with a normal Thanos without IG, maybe slightly stronger. Her durability is greater than that of Thanos's, but Thanos is just “Stronger”

  • Daniel Assassin
    Daniel Assassin 2 months ago

    Fuera feminazis del ucm

  • firebird85
    firebird85 2 months ago +3

    Iv never been more amped for a movie in my life

    • Tommy Boman
      Tommy Boman 2 months ago +1

      Completely agree! My most anticipated movie of 2019 for sure.

    • loot dood
      loot dood 2 months ago +1

      firebird85 same. How old are you?

  • VatoLocOx
    VatoLocOx 2 months ago +3


    IRISHW4RR1ORX 2 months ago +3

    Captain Woke Goes Broke Rotten Tomatoes doubles down on silencing Captain Woke criticism

    • Default Name
      Default Name 2 months ago

      AzTlaN keep them down ? I didnt know BP and CM were oppressed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Saravana Kumar SK
    Saravana Kumar SK 2 months ago

    I am waiting for post credit scene...💥💥💥

  • oh yea yes boi
    oh yea yes boi 2 months ago

    How these MFS talk bout haters when your little super hero hates every single white guy

  • Eccel Ray
    Eccel Ray 2 months ago

    None of the previous Marvel movies have been advertised this way. It's like they are advertising the effort that went into it instead of the actual movie. I almost feel like this is due to the backlash for Brie's comments.

    • Tommy Boman
      Tommy Boman 2 months ago +1

      Infinity war had many more TV teasers, and there is no backlash, at least not from fans and the general movie going audience.

  • The Multiverse
    The Multiverse 2 months ago

    Hang on to your butts, we're in for one hell of a ride!

  • Robin Stinson
    Robin Stinson 2 months ago +6

    I think Brie seems like a wonderful human being. I'm totally gonna watch this movie.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 months ago

    I will rewatch Alita the day this comes out

    BLT4LIFE 2 months ago +1

    *Fanboys in a nutshell*
    SuperMAN "Great. 😀"
    BatMAN "Awesome. 😀"
    IronMAN "Badass. 😀"
    SpiderMAN "Wow. 😀"
    Captain Marvel "I'm sick of identity politics.😭"

  • Omega Prime
    Omega Prime 2 months ago +1

    Coming from a Movie that just removed the “Want to see” tab on rotten tomatoes because it was at 27%, it sure sounds promising

  • Kevbe Otobo
    Kevbe Otobo 2 months ago

    26% want to see on Rotten Tomatoes before the website changed it to N/A
    I see a movie bailout in the process.

    PARTH SRIVASTAVA 2 months ago

    it reminds me of air strike.
    well done indian air force.

  • A Cruz
    A Cruz 2 months ago

    You just know she specifically asked for a wahman pilot for this video. I know seeing the want to see score on rotten tomatoes (before they took it down earlier today) drop from 95% to 26% is gonna more exciting than the movie 😂

  • ParanoidDroid
    ParanoidDroid 2 months ago

    Can Marvel stop over advertising this overrated movie?

  • Hulk Smash!
    Hulk Smash! 2 months ago +1

    She hates her core audience so this will be my first Marvel pass. Do better Disney. Remember who your audience is and don't hire big mouthed, hateful actresses.

  • Rae Lynn
    Rae Lynn 2 months ago +1

    So cool!

  • barrie
    barrie 2 months ago

    27% of people want to see this on rotten tomatoes.. this is a huge disaster for marvel .... and you know deserve it..

    • Haloid Kusnetsov
      Haloid Kusnetsov 2 months ago

      Rotten Tomatoes just removed the "want to see" score from their website.

  • Addicted to music Katykat
    Addicted to music Katykat 2 months ago +4

    Guys lets promise that we will not let Captain Marvel flop. It has only 30% ratings on rotten tomatoes. Lowest in the MCU please people I beg don't let this down. I BELIEVE IN HER.💕💕💕

    JACOBY4DG 2 months ago

    Marvel controls more than half of Hollywood but this feminist character is going to mess this up. I don’t know why u choose the liberal route conservatives wouldn’t care about equality given that she’s lashed out at white males

  • Puspalata Nayak
    Puspalata Nayak 2 months ago

    Lower further faster. Lolololol 😂😂😂

  • Ashton K
    Ashton K 2 months ago +9

    SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!! March 7th can’t come soon enough!

  • Jithin jith
    Jithin jith 2 months ago

    Did she really flew it?

  • vysakh haritharsion
    vysakh haritharsion 2 months ago

    I have nothing against her.. but this movie looks blunt. More blunt than the green lantern. It's gonna fall hard. Blame the director for that.

    HYDRA BOSS 2 months ago +1

    I hate u captain marvel

  • Wahyuni Fitri
    Wahyuni Fitri 2 months ago +2

    Love you brie larsson

  • Yoto Quirós
    Yoto Quirós 2 months ago +7

    0:29 When Captain America and Captain Marvel laugh in the same way

    ELLEsk ASMR 2 months ago +1

    This movie is gonna be fun

  • Varun Arun
    Varun Arun 2 months ago +1

    Am having exams 😭😭

  • Jake Law
    Jake Law 2 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who stoked about Phil?

  • hangmantx
    hangmantx 2 months ago

    Who else is gonna go see Alita: Battle Angel again on March 8th?! LOL

  • HMX Falcon
    HMX Falcon 2 months ago +1

    Salut, to the brave men and women overseas! Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

  • ᄋᄉᄋ
    ᄋᄉᄋ 2 months ago


  • Bruce Kwon
    Bruce Kwon 2 months ago

    She got John Cena's jaw

  • Richard parker
    Richard parker 2 months ago

    not watching .

  • Nur Sadikin
    Nur Sadikin 2 months ago

    I'm in Love ._.

  • 1Galan
    1Galan 2 months ago

    Brick Lardson as Craptain Manvel
    Go see *_ALITA_* 🤩🤜👊✊👏👍

  • Whelplayed
    Whelplayed 2 months ago

    Brie Larson: "I don't always show emotion but when I do.. oh wait.. I never do"

  • Patrick aka Canrugger
    Patrick aka Canrugger 2 months ago +3

    cant wait....THIS is my Captain

  • DKD
    DKD 2 months ago

    yea i told you , when MCU introduce her as a Cap.Marvel movie gonna super duper bad

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person 2 months ago +1

    Can’t wait for the movie

  • MiniLemmy
    MiniLemmy 2 months ago +1

    Marvel must be desperate to be putting out their DVD extras already....RT ‘want to see’ score must be worrying them big time....

  • Mr rj
    Mr rj 2 months ago +1


  • redxsage
    redxsage 2 months ago


  • NegX
    NegX 2 months ago

    Get woke, Go broke

  • Namanjot Singh
    Namanjot Singh 2 months ago

    00:09 Cringe!

  • Goosiferr
    Goosiferr 2 months ago

    I love square videos!

  • Hero Of Justice
    Hero Of Justice 2 months ago +2

    I get the odd feeling there are alot of bots in this comment section

  • Onion Flo
    Onion Flo 2 months ago +16

    I swear marvel drops a captain marvel trailer every 10 seconds

  • GamersUnited
    GamersUnited 2 months ago

    Yup Rotten Tomatoes already almost 30% because of the stupid women thing

    • Default Name
      Default Name 2 months ago

      GamersUnited 27, then RT shut it down for ALL movies.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago

      Its 30% because of the stupid male hating thing

  • Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    Why are there so many people hating on Brie Larson? She’s just a few years away from doing Tom Cruise level stunts.

    • Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth
      Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth 2 months ago +1

      Okay, read it. I’m getting the feminist part. Other than voicing opinions, I don’t really see what the big issue is. There are thousands of other women that voice their opinion on a more hostile level. This article isn’t that bad.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago +2

      ​+Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth there is an article on indiewire named "Brie Larson Promises ‘I Do Not Hate White Dudes,’ But Laments Lack of Inclusion Among Film Critics" In the article it quotes her saying "I don't want a 40y/o white dude to tell me what's wrong with a wrinkle in time" and "I don't want my press to be overwhelmingly white male."

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago +1

      +Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth Brie Larson is a femcel. Also racist, sexist. Bully's aren't heroes. Hero's are hero's. Brie Larson is like human trash. I would like Captain Marvel to be any other women in the world, but Brie Larson? Why support someone who would hate a specific group of people. Hitler hated a specific group of people. You like hitler?

    • Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth
      Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth 2 months ago +1

      Bic jc superior
      I’m just gonna assume you’re a DC fan.

    • Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth
      Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth 2 months ago +2

      Bic jc superior
      And all you got are cheap shots. I do like that you went to my latest video to criticize it rather. Note: the “scammer” is in the title of your _only_ video.

  • Tobby Isiba
    Tobby Isiba 2 months ago

    This movie will bomb 😂

  • Ringo Doom
    Ringo Doom 2 months ago

    Why are people talking gender politics in the comments? Did I miss something?
    What I take away from this video is that I should put flying with a jet on my bucket list. Looks so fun.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago

      Brie Larson is a sexist

  • potitishogun2961997
    potitishogun2961997 2 months ago

    Even if Brie Larson may have made some mistakes with her comments, I'm still looking forward to what she can do to make Captain Marvel an entertaining movie. I give zero craps about all the social and political bullshit surrounding Hollywood right now, I'm just here to enjoy movies, man.

  • Sem T. Borja
    Sem T. Borja 2 months ago

    Edit: MCU FIRST FLOP??!

  • Shawn Evans
    Shawn Evans 2 months ago

    Looking forward to this movie!!

  • Bob
    Bob 2 months ago +2

    Can't wait for young Phil

  • Emily S
    Emily S 2 months ago

    Can I have a Captain America one instead...

  • esco was here
    esco was here 2 months ago

    White man here 🙋🏻‍♂️
    Sorry I'm late..

    Never got an invite

    • Love Live
      Love Live 2 months ago +1

      The joke was kinda sad

  • David Norrie
    David Norrie 2 months ago

    Hollywood is an excellent recruitment machine for the military....

  • Sander
    Sander 2 months ago +2


  • DoctorPretorious616
    DoctorPretorious616 2 months ago +1

    Looking forward to it! Brie Larson is a talented actress and a cuteypie; and it's about time that the MCU gave us a female-led superheroine movie!

  • Mina Rofaeil
    Mina Rofaeil 2 months ago

    i wondering about if they will tease Sentry, Hyperion, Adam Warlock or Nova in this movie or in Endgame!

  • Lee? 2112
    Lee? 2112 2 months ago


  • Lee? 2112
    Lee? 2112 2 months ago

    Some people think that Captain Marvel is an emotionless person...
    But not us
    not us

  • Eylül Kobak
    Eylül Kobak 2 months ago

    Plss ı wanna see different scenes

  • I_love_Marvel_
    I_love_Marvel_ 2 months ago


  • Ann S.
    Ann S. 2 months ago

    Im sooo excited. I have to say, this made my monday just a liiittle bit better

  • Shamus
    Shamus 2 months ago

    Looks like Hollywood militaristic propaganda. Just in time for Trump's latest war...

  • Dream Games
    Dream Games 2 months ago +1

    Thanks to all that serve and served.

  • DANNYBOY 7180
    DANNYBOY 7180 2 months ago

    That's so cool

  • Tobyuoso
    Tobyuoso 2 months ago

    Sorry i'm a white man and she doesn't like us

    PIGGY WIGGY 2 months ago

    will love to watch on pbay

  • Obi Kenobi
    Obi Kenobi 2 months ago

    Craptain Marvell. Not so marvelous