Why I Left BuzzFeed

Why I Left BuzzFeed! You guys really, really wanted to know, and I hope this answers your questions. Once again, these are the reasons I decided to leave and I'm not trying to speak for anyone else. I will see you guys on Tuesday for another video!

Much love, Saf.

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Mind The Gap

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Автор Safiya Nygaard ( назад)
hope that this answers ur questions guys! love u, and i will see u guys a-next time :) EDIT: there is a fake saf bot in the comments, ignore her!! if her name isn't highlighted, don't click the link!

Автор xRookie07x ( назад)

Автор Brigid Bonde ( назад)
are you and Freddie still friends even though you left buzzfeed?

Автор Efika Saragih ( назад)

Автор Clouds18 ( назад)

Автор Tori Reiners ( назад)
I honestly don't know you but I subscribed to you bc I think I might love watching your videos.

Автор Smiles Gaming ( назад)
if freddy leaves im done with life

Автор lizzie troll ( назад)
your game of thrones pillows made me so happy omg

Автор JAMES HAR_EN ( назад)
You went from the most hated character on there to the most respected.

Автор Maribel De la Torre ( назад)
I love ladylike! And you were my favorite! Wishing you the best. You're so talented

Автор Wang Hancehn ( назад)
probably because you had brains

Автор BatWomen KB ( назад)
I really loved watching you on ladylike, you were my favorite girl. I'm sorry you had to go😢

Автор im seezus ( назад)

Автор deirdretiffanyxx ( назад)
This is just upsetting and you're one of my favorites it sucks the other girls can't make videos with you now because they're not allowed to. I loved BuzzFeed and now idk anymore how I feel. At least you're happy with your decision!! That's all that matters and hopefully they can make videos with you sooner or later. Love ya !

Автор Margo Fl ( назад)
I love you so much and your videos I'm glad you spoke your mind and I love your BuzzFeed videos as well

Автор Geekette ( назад)
Buzfeed is pretty much full of cancerous feminist xD

Автор Jason Lim Wei Wei ( назад)
good for you! I think creative control is also part of "production", and hopefully buzzfeed won't operate in their archaic business model for long.

Автор Jessie ! ( назад)
I'm so glad I found your channel! I loved you on Buzzfeed and would've missed you not being there if it weren't for this.

Автор Princess reyes ( назад)
The only one I like in buzzfeed was safiya. Since she left well.........(clicked unsubscribe to buzzfeed)

Автор Ivy Wilson ( назад)
So sad to hear that you've left Buzzfeed, as you were one of my favorite people to watch! However, I totally respect your decisions, and I'm SO glad I found your channel. Subscribed!

Автор aashlyynnn !! ( назад)
i respect your decision but im going to miss you SOOOOO MUCH on buzzfeed. you were my favorite person on ladylike.

Автор chermaine venize dela cruz ( назад)
Please I want you to go back I love your video at BuzzFeed I didn't even know you left BuzzFeed until I watched this video

Автор landry sprayberry ( назад)
nooo saf i wish you were still there😭❤

Автор eruditian Puzzler ( назад)
Those GoT pillows are so awesome xD

Автор Marina Taylor ( назад)
lowky i only watched ladylike on buzzfeed unless there was like another video title that looked interesting

Автор Marina Taylor ( назад)

Автор Itz KittyCat ( назад)

Автор FunkierParty 240 ( назад)
see what happens when people think for themselves

Автор ciara forbes ( назад)
huh and i wanted to work at buzzfeed

Автор Yangzee Phintso ( назад)
Screw buzzfeed

Автор Grey Oliver ( назад)
wait this is not the Gabriel show😂 she looks just like her

Автор Callie Okun ( назад)
SAF!!!! I am your biggest fan! I have a question for you, I am 13 and I'm an actor. I do al lot of voiceover but I also do a lot of camera work. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a show with me. Maybe a teen version or something like that! It would mean the world to me if you replied and I would love to talk to you!

Автор Jamie Schieler ( назад)
You were my favorite on Buzzfeed but I'm so happy for you and I'm excited to see what great things the future holds for you!

Автор Louise ( назад)

Автор Ann Regan ( назад)
please keep making videos! I loved the videos of you and Freddy testing stuff.

Автор R W ( назад)

Автор barrelrollio ( назад)
Hey, I can't say I follow your work at all, but I stumbled upon this video via suggestions and felt compelled to comment. As an outsider, I think you bring up a ton of great points for your decision - you seem like a smart, creative woman and you're forging your own path, owning your work. Love that. Just sending good vibes your way and hope you find success in your future endeavors!

Автор Laura Bodycombe ( назад)
Saf now that you are on your own, would you consider do some women advocacy issues? I know you did several period products reviews on Ladylike. In many 3rd world countries girls have to drop out of school once their period starts. They don't have access to any pads or tampons. Literally "on the rag"

Автор Olivia Sanfelippo ( назад)
I now have no reason to watch Buzzfeed. You were my favorite, this makes me so sad.

Автор Arielle Sourias ( назад)
You are wonderful and a role model for women, especially young women, who struggle with their own agency in the work force.

Автор Kalista Willington ( назад)
I didn't know Saf actually left! And had no idea her and Freddie started Ladylike!

Автор bluehorseshoe444 ( назад)
Does buzzfeed not mind that they are consistently losing their best people?

The only person sticking around is Ned... coincidence?

Автор Katie Sickles ( назад)
will miss you on lady like

Автор Cotton Doraemon ( назад)

Автор WOPPER ( назад)
You left buzzfeed because you've realized you've gotten and leached enough following off buzzfeed to self sustain.

Автор dennis weicht ( назад)
my heart sunk when i heard this. I havent been able to get on buzzfeed

Автор Jamtayley Bratayley!!!! ( назад)

Автор upgrader99 ( назад)
You're saying that the feminist propaganda machine wanted to control what you said? SAY IT AINT SO!

Автор The Krumpet King ( назад)
buzzfeed is trash

Автор Jacob Dyche ( назад)
dear god get to the story

Автор Julia Kao ( назад)
I didn't know you and Candance have left BuzzFeed (I've started wondering why I never saw Candance again anymore lol)! Ladylike will not be the same without you. But know that I'll always support you! :)

Автор Ashley Brown ( назад)
The Game of Thrones pillows 🙌🏼

Автор Logan Hoop ( назад)
So you can know reply to comments

Автор Kierra Morgan ( назад)
Sad to hear, but it's awesome you're going to get to do things outside of Buzzfeed. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

Автор princessrachel102 ( назад)
Omg she's got that pillow.... THEIR EVERYWHERE

Автор HanTheBan36 ( назад)
rip one of like the 2 indian producers at buzzfeed =(

Автор Hayleigh Vuong ( назад)
Ya know, this is why i kinda hate u

Автор Lewis Beckman ( назад)
I don't believe you're being completely honest here. There's somebody employed by Buzzfeed in the background with a gun pointed at you isn't there?

Автор Ben Lee ( назад)
Too late you are infected

Автор Tabrea Gilbert ( назад)
How does one get a job at buzzfeed

Автор Brooke Ashley ( назад)
omg i didn't know she left she was my favorite and i'm gonna miss ladylike so much

Автор snakesandsticks ( назад)
Dammit- I was waiting for her to explain that she left buzzfeed because of all their horseshit.

Автор Sienna Shoop ( назад)
I totally support your reasons! I love you and what you do!

Автор Vote For Pedro ( назад)
Buzfeed people are sexists

Автор Laina Shokum ( назад)
You left buzzfeed, yet all your videos are exactly like your buzzfeed videos

Автор BrUh ( назад)
why I left buzzfed.

Автор TJPlayz16 ( назад)
Oh. That's sad. You were great there. But don't worry, I'll be watching and liking all of ur videos. I love you so much your one of my favourites.😘❤️

Автор DorissaClaire Tyndall ( назад)
_Every buzzfeed employee who had a YouTube channel:_
I left buzzfeed... *so I could make a why I left Buzzfeed video*

Автор MarcelSSJ4 ( назад)
lol the girl is called FREDDIE😂😂

Автор Gabby 5sos ( назад)
The only thing I watch on buzzfeed is try guys and buzzfeed unsolved

Автор Natalia Gonzalez ( назад)
nooooo saf and freddie are my fav why saf why

Автор Emilee Grant ( назад)
Lady like has always been my favorite. It makes be sad that you won't be a part of it anymore:(

Автор That One Guy ( назад)

Автор SisselMissile ( назад)
Im pretty sure most buzzfeed employees have many video ideas. Why dont you make a youtube content on this channel? I absolutely will watching.

Автор Pete Wentz Where ( назад)
Will you keep in touch with the ladies in ladylike?

Автор Lurena Pascale Ainsworth ( назад)
This was super enlightening, especially as a creative myself. It sounds like being able to go it alone will be so much more rewarding for you and I for one can't wait to see more content, Saf.

Автор nickseacruz ( назад)
so well spoken! congrats and good luck!

Автор Khadijo Faarah ( назад)
Yo, Saf is eloquent af.

Автор Mariah DeRenzo ( назад)
SAF was my favorite person in Buzzfeed!!!!!!!! Love ya Saf! :)

Автор Samantha Iacone ( назад)

Автор Giulia Bottomley ( назад)
Wow this got so many views!!!!!

Автор Hannah Banana ( назад)
lmfao saf left, smh Buzzfeed finna floP

Автор Thomas K ( назад)
buzzfeed is absolute cancer

Автор Mariya DIY ( назад)

Автор GideonStyle ( назад)
They definitely should have included you in higher level conversations, and at the very least kept you in an active loop of some kind. While you definitely wouldn't have the final say in anything, at least your voice is present, and you can be involved in any active conversations specific to the content you started. Sounds like they treated you like a base level associate, where you are expected to just do your function, and your opinions don't matter (cus they know what they're doing right >_>) :) :) Thanks for the vid!

Автор Schannel Wall ( назад)

Автор worldmusicfan92 ( назад)
I actually only heard of BuzzFeed because of Ladylike - knowing you created it, is so mind blowing and awesome!

Автор Kelly ( назад)
I don't like buzzfeed and only watched for you. Guess I'm subscribing to you now :)

Автор SophiaDMakeup ( назад)
Lady like was my favorite! The only videos I would watch, great job!!

Автор Tardis Skiz ( назад)
Did Freddie leave buzzfeed too??

Автор Spoon Legend ( назад)

Автор Potato God ( назад)
You were one of my favourites :C

Автор MissSN3 ( назад)
Omg almost 5.5 million views!!!

Автор Madison Stuart ( назад)
every video you did was amazing and I'm so excited to continue looking at all your videos on your channel. have fun saf 💜💙

Автор Lily Frappier ( назад)
I was wondering where you went😢

Автор roger ( назад)
why i left cancerstation

Автор everl0stt ( назад)
Now that you can respond to everyone...what lipstick are you wearing LOL 😅

Автор prishivlani ( назад)
u r my

Автор Valeria Ceballos ( назад)
I like you alot you have a great potential I would start doing videos of your own idea . That will make you win awards even greater opportunities just own it! and keep believing.

Автор cherry gamer girl ( назад)
I never knew she left till now oh no I liked her on buzzfeed but her reasoning is good

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