NEW Double-Barreled Tank and it's Russian! ⛔ | World of Tanks Object 703 II with New 2 Gun System

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • World of Tanks New Double-Barreled Vehicles are Coming. World of Tanks Object 703 II, New 2 Gun Firing System on Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.7+ Patch News.
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    What a time to be alive, to be playing World of Tanks... WG is testing new potential gun mechanic with 2 active barrels which can be fired one at a time.
    What do you think about this new firing mechanic, gun system.
    ►Tanks in action / мир танков Object 703 II :
    - Soviet Russian Object 703 II Heavy Tank
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Comments • 888

  • DezGamez
    DezGamez  Month ago +93

    MadLads are actually going to test it out... What do you think?

    • Ze Fox TheBoredDude
      Ze Fox TheBoredDude 25 days ago

      Hold in a second.. does all of you understand whats going on here? then I'll tell you what I think:

      • We going to have DOUBLE BARREL GUNS soon
      • They added various prototypes of the Maus (means THICK Armor)
      • the various prototypes of the Maus are SLOW
      My Conclusion:
      Are we going to see a HD Ratte again?

    • Brendon Meyer
      Brendon Meyer 25 days ago

      I could not help but wonder if they were going to test this, then why *not* actually test it on a double barrelled tank that *actually* existed (Australian AC3) instead of just "making shit up". Oh wait ...not RU ... my bad.

    • D Cummings
      D Cummings 29 days ago

      How about make the tanks that where real with 2 guns work first. For instance M3 Lee. Maus, B1,Grant, Churchill Mk I.

    • W1se0ldg33zer
      W1se0ldg33zer 29 days ago

      thinks they're smoking too much weed.

    • Clayton Sanchez
      Clayton Sanchez 29 days ago

      As if Russian tanks weren't OP enough with once gun. Now they're giving one of them 2.

  • Brian Soberanes
    Brian Soberanes 36 minutes ago

    War gaming thanks for the ideas but it would be better if you lisien to your comunity and by that I dont mean the russian server I mean every server.

  • play live
    play live 22 hours ago

    I want to see it in the game but I hope the m3 lee will get a chance as well

  • Timi
    Timi Day ago

    Idiot WG👎👎👎💩💩💩

    DARK PARTICLE 2 days ago

    So these things will be garuteed to blow your turret off not with one shot but another shot shortly after.

  • Razzupaltuff
    Razzupaltuff 2 days ago

    Instead of fixing the base game, WG pushes more new tanks in the game to make a quick buck. Nobody needs more fantasy tanks in WoT - at least not before the wheeled tanks have been fixed and WG's promises given a year ago have been fulfilled.

  • regular sapiens
    regular sapiens 3 days ago

    worst of tanks ...

  • SlavicSloth
    SlavicSloth 4 days ago

    Will they actually add the Apocalypse tank? lol

  • Insuo Ridge
    Insuo Ridge 19 days ago

    That 2 barrel gonna heavier on front chasis

  • Lil' Legit
    Lil' Legit 20 days ago

    Double barrel system is added
    Players: You know guys I think we're all gonna die now.

  • Lâm Đoàn
    Lâm Đoàn 20 days ago

    What the f* ck did you bring upon this cursed land

  • Floris van den Steenhoven

    That when you shoot your gun while the other is reloading that it will be interrupted is bullshit. Two barrels mean to individual loading systems so you should be able to shoot without interruption of the other gun.

  • SomeRandomName
    SomeRandomName 22 days ago

    Aw yeah, more balance to the game

  • Acc Ugle
    Acc Ugle 22 days ago

    still waiting for the sturmtiger

  • zbyszanna
    zbyszanna 22 days ago

    So they want this mechanic specifically for the tier 8 - new premium vehicle then?
    Also, this game (despite having paper tank) at this moment still has some resemblance to reality and is believable. If they introduce those two barrel monstrosities (regardless of their balance), the game will loose a piece of this feeling. I don't like it.

  • Dávid Szabó
    Dávid Szabó 24 days ago

    Hmm maybe a WT auf E100 with 2 gun ?
    (just for fun) :)

  • Timi
    Timi 25 days ago

    Idiot WG....word of cirkus 💩💩💩👎👎👎

  • Adelino Mythsterio
    Adelino Mythsterio 25 days ago

    Wargaming should make the tank limited because they're too powerful from the game,if the St-II add in WoTB imma head out

  • Ancient Warrior
    Ancient Warrior 25 days ago

    What's next? Tog II with submarine engine mixed with a gas turbine and a Rheinmetall L/44 gun?

  • Ancient Warrior
    Ancient Warrior 25 days ago

    lmao y'all mad about this?
    We WoTB players have had double barreled shit Helsing HQ running around since 2016!

  • Robert Fousch
    Robert Fousch 26 days ago

    And this is why I haven’t played this game in 2 years. After 20,000 games and 56% win rate I had enough with OP bullshit by WG.

  • Death Scythe357
    Death Scythe357 27 days ago

    Damn dez that double shot from 700 to 850 damage man that's a monster shot

  • solsdadio
    solsdadio 27 days ago

    Wasn’t there an actual Australian Sentinel prototype built with two barrels, 25 pounders?
    But it wasn’t Russian so ho hum it doesn’t count......historical accuracy my arse.

  • Sapper_ 12B
    Sapper_ 12B 27 days ago

    War Gaming just hit the level of STUPIDITY

  • Mega Aggron
    Mega Aggron 28 days ago

    The moment they release that as Premium, It is officially pay 2 win

  • Alpha White Male
    Alpha White Male 28 days ago

    R.I.P. Wot

  • charlie no
    charlie no 28 days ago

    instead of wasting their time with new tanks wargaming should rebalance outdated tanks and nerf many Russian tanks MUPPETS at wargaming

  • Dnows Unknown
    Dnows Unknown 28 days ago

    Of COURSE it's a Russian tank...

    Also, what about the MTLS-1G14?

  • Alkaholik Javra
    Alkaholik Javra 28 days ago

    stop complaining bots ...

  • Chris G
    Chris G 28 days ago

    Can you imagine if they stuck this on the UFO hull of that goofy looking nuclear blast resistant prototype.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 28 days ago

    Holy hell can you imagine the big Japanese tanks and the Russian T-28 with all its turrets with this multi gun mechanic.

  • Kristoffer Johansson
    Kristoffer Johansson 29 days ago

    How can they present this with a straight face? This is ridiculous and does not improve the game. Bring dual cannon to tanks that have it first. “Just for testing” sure, just as they said about IS3A...

  • Ròbert Tòth
    Ròbert Tòth 29 days ago

    All wg ..f online mafia game

  • Dan
    Dan 29 days ago +1


  • Victor Saveanu
    Victor Saveanu 29 days ago

    What next, lasers? Someone is scraping the bottom of the barrel ..
    Short answer is no, I don't want this in the game simply because it is something that WG invented.

  • 05Hogsrule
    05Hogsrule 29 days ago

    I would LOVE (!!!!!!!!) a 3-Barrel Arty SPG in this game, not auto loader but a Barrage shot...Oh yea, Im getting a little aroused!!!

  • Khang KT
    Khang KT 29 days ago

    If this happen, M3 Lee will be the best tank XD

  • crisloko180
    crisloko180 29 days ago

    Diez said they can make it balance nice joke 😂

  • Robert Keen
    Robert Keen 29 days ago

    That's me done with this game if it actually comes out!

  • onebigfatguy
    onebigfatguy 29 days ago

    Damnit Dez. You got that WoWS post battle music playing in the background but you've STILL never posted a video of playing the Dez Moine!


  • Jagdpanzer E. OneHundred
    Jagdpanzer E. OneHundred 29 days ago +1

    Please WG make this balanced

  • NDK0
    NDK0 29 days ago +1

    Okay, hear me out... KV-2 with four turrets, 12 guns, autoloader (duh!) and top speed of 80.

  • Adel
    Adel 29 days ago

    Guys, you need to understand that this is not just a game, but this is a business. Businesses exist to make money before anything. Therefore don't get disappointed to see such shitty ideas being worked on instead of fixing some needed aspects of the game. I am disappointed too, but I understand how this works.

  • W1se0ldg33zer
    W1se0ldg33zer 29 days ago

    I drew a tank shaped like a banana one time - Wargaming decided it was historically accurate even....

  • Drompi McCoy
    Drompi McCoy 29 days ago

    4 - track tanks, double barrel tanks,
    So why not an WT on E200, double barrel with 4 tracks 😎?
    After racing wheelchairs on extacy with undestructable wheels, who knows

  • James Paulsen
    James Paulsen 29 days ago

    Can't the other server communities decide what tanks are actually available on their server, leave this crap where it originated and stop destroying the game.

  • GAming-WITH- CHeezE
    GAming-WITH- CHeezE 29 days ago

    Yez they listen my sujestion heheh

  • MrMuttley50
    MrMuttley50 29 days ago

    Nice and big, kick it with my SPG. :) ;)

  • jonathan hudgens
    jonathan hudgens 29 days ago

    IS 3A needs a buff! give it one extra barrel with autoloader so it can fire more russian balance

  • Robert Bruce
    Robert Bruce 29 days ago

    Gonna be overpowered and buffed afterwards -
    Second nice game being fielded against 2 or 3 in a game...

  • Yusha Amin
    Yusha Amin 29 days ago

    We need Fv4005 II double barrel. Ofc WG will make it Russian tho

  • Yusha Amin
    Yusha Amin 29 days ago

    Why am i getting war-thunder ads on ur vid

  • Simon Pryke
    Simon Pryke 29 days ago

    They keep going on about being historically accurate, uuuh what about the Chinese tank destroyers. ‘:)

  • Jon Bragason
    Jon Bragason 29 days ago

    The russians are fucking idiots....first cars now this...I long time ago stopped playing above tier 6, everything above that is rubbish!!!

  • Sarah Slavin
    Sarah Slavin 29 days ago

    Stupid, dumb,retarded..bad enough when Autoloaders came into the game agaisnt single shot tanks. Confirmed WOT is going downhill fast . They refuse to actually do the inportant rebalancing of Tiers and tanks and introduce Novelty ....glad i play thisgame les and less and another nail in to a dying game.

  • *Mr Gas Mask*
    *Mr Gas Mask* 29 days ago

    At least, it's expected a OP tank for Soviet Tech Tree, so i'm not surprised.

  • SONBoomer
    SONBoomer 29 days ago

    A double-barrel shotgun tank.

    *_A double barrel shotgun tank_*

  • Njugu Notsowildmonkey
    Njugu Notsowildmonkey 29 days ago

    It's just utter, complete and total bollocks! REALLY stupid would be a compliment. Which overgrown, mentally challenged adolescent dreamt this one up? No wonder Jesus wept!

  • Rat P
    Rat P 29 days ago

    because there never was a 2 barrel tank like that. lmao so dumb. just give them lazes to hell with it just make the tanks fly for F sake. What a trash game any more

  • Rat P
    Rat P 29 days ago

    so fake and dumb