Do You Look Like Your Zodiac Sign?

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Personality test - Do you look like your zodiac sign?
    The universe wields a certain power over your personal style.
    The more you understand this cosmic style power, the more you can harness it to your look advantage.
    Let’s see if you’re taking advantage of it… Take this test to find it out!
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    ❗️Please consider that this test main goal is to have fun. It is not based on psychological - intelectual research.
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Comments • 941

  • Gacha Zoela
    Gacha Zoela 4 minutes ago

    they got mine wrong

  • Jade Jimenez
    Jade Jimenez 23 minutes ago

    I am actually a cancer but I got pisces

  • Renee Hanson
    Renee Hanson 26 minutes ago

    I'm a Gemini and I got pisces

  • Julia Castro
    Julia Castro 58 minutes ago


  • ·Itzz Angel·
    ·Itzz Angel· Hour ago +1

    I got my opposite zodiac sign
    I got Libra insted of Pisces 😐😄

  • IceCake N
    IceCake N Hour ago

    I am a Sagittarius, but I got Scorpio and it was very true.✌️♐️💖

  • EG Hutchinson
    EG Hutchinson 2 hours ago

    The quiz was wrong. I'm a Taurus but I got Aquarius.... and it's not that accurate either..Nice try though!

  • Itz_Kitty !
    Itz_Kitty ! 2 hours ago +1

    Uhmmm how did I get Gemini I hate vibrant colors I am a Scorpio born o 21 Nov and it describes me i love dark mysterious stuff

  • Ketevan Mtchelidze
    Ketevan Mtchelidze 2 hours ago

    Don't like gemni

  • Ketevan Mtchelidze
    Ketevan Mtchelidze 2 hours ago

    I got Gemini but I'm a leo

  • savege_ angel
    savege_ angel 2 hours ago

    I got pices and I'm a libra

  • Akriti Prateek
    Akriti Prateek 3 hours ago

    Holy sh*t!!!! Gemini is my exact zodiac
    And I got Gemini

  • jonna lahti
    jonna lahti 3 hours ago +1

    yep, I don't look anything like my zodiac sign.

  • [Lychee]
    [Lychee] 4 hours ago

    Taurus looking like cancer. Lol can't deny that I don't like risking at time with clothes. Always feels like in picking the same things everytime I go shopping xD

  • OmgIt'sIz
    OmgIt'sIz 5 hours ago

    I got 59 I’m s cancer so the numbers were wrong and I’m nothing like what you described 😂

  • m hajal
    m hajal 5 hours ago

    I got cancer... but I’m an Aries

  • Kushi Mamtha
    Kushi Mamtha 7 hours ago

    i got 71 point

  • Kushi Mamtha
    Kushi Mamtha 7 hours ago

    my bithday dec 8

  • Kushi Mamtha
    Kushi Mamtha 7 hours ago

    ur wrong

  • Cassie LunarSun
    Cassie LunarSun 7 hours ago +1

    I'm an Aquarius but I look like a Libra😄

  • Sagittarius queen
    Sagittarius queen 8 hours ago

    i got Pisces

  • Ann James
    Ann James 9 hours ago

    I got PiSces but I'm SaG😃

  • tea much
    tea much 9 hours ago

    I got Scorpio... which is totally wrong I'm a Gemini.

  • Bhakti Bhatkar
    Bhakti Bhatkar 10 hours ago

    My sun sign is Aquarius and I really got it😎😎. But the given birth period was wrong 😒😒😓😓

  • Goushia Bari
    Goushia Bari 10 hours ago +1

    I'm Scorpio and I got Pisces. My mom is Pisces.
    EXO: "This is a relatable love scenario"

  • It'z Gacha Chantelle
    It'z Gacha Chantelle 16 hours ago +1

    My birthday is March 25 and my point's is 56 or 55 and i don't like pink

  • Itz.maiii 4you
    Itz.maiii 4you 16 hours ago

    I’m not an cancer ima Leo so this didn’t work for me sadly:(

  • Sammy Reya
    Sammy Reya 16 hours ago +1

    I’m a Sagittarius and the Sagittarius description is correct but I got 71??

  • Nikki Blue light
    Nikki Blue light 17 hours ago

    Aries it does

  • Bella Dinh
    Bella Dinh 18 hours ago

    I got cancer but I’m Aries was in real life

  • フェニックスT a m i

    I got Pisces-
    I'm not a Pisces but ok-

  • Never_land Wings
    Never_land Wings 18 hours ago

    I got a Libra and i’m A CANCER!!!!

  • Laverne Lewis
    Laverne Lewis 19 hours ago +1

    Im a virgo but i look like a libra

  • jane tuonplays
    jane tuonplays 19 hours ago

    i look like a cancer....? BISH I DONT HAVE CANCER (get it...?)

  • Dovely Forevely
    Dovely Forevely 20 hours ago

    I got 57 points I am a Leo you guessed Pisces but I will give you a little credit because that’s my rising sun sign

  • Tonya Weller
    Tonya Weller 20 hours ago +1

    The video was wrong I'm cancer but it gave me Gemini

  • plushies gaming and more

    this aint for boys SMH

  • Organic _Potato
    Organic _Potato 21 hour ago


  • sad cat
    sad cat 22 hours ago

    I got libra but im ares...what the crap

  • Paige Carnathan
    Paige Carnathan 23 hours ago

    No. I got Aquarius, but mine is Cancer

  • Icy-hot- Snacc
    Icy-hot- Snacc Day ago

    I'm a boy ;-;

  • A little Bit of everything

    I’m libra and I dress like one cool

  • Samantha Ioannidis
    Samantha Ioannidis Day ago +1

    it said that im a gemini but im a libra is test so bad

  • Callie O'Dell
    Callie O'Dell Day ago

    It says I look like a libra but I'm a scorpio. I'm almost a libra though because my birthday is October 23

  • Lazulli Jov찬
    Lazulli Jov찬 Day ago

    I'm pisces but I got Libra

  • Kelly Luong
    Kelly Luong Day ago

    I look like cancer... im accually tyrus aaaand my b-day is 29th og april but Its ok

  • Jackie Figueroa
    Jackie Figueroa Day ago

    I got 77 points but don't know which one I am 😅😭

  • Chat Stories
    Chat Stories Day ago

    i am leo but i got libra and that is relatable wow

  • Katrina Hayes
    Katrina Hayes Day ago +1

    I love how I got the most longest zodiac ever even though I cant spell lol😂😂
    (Aye Sag squad where you at?)
    I got aqua though LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOL

  • LPS Group
    LPS Group Day ago

    Ummm I'm a male I don't think I belong here

  • im blessed
    im blessed Day ago

    I'm a Virgo and apparently I'm now an aries so this has to be fake

  • - its soph
    - its soph Day ago

    i didn’t get the amount of points for an aries but i am one lmao

  • Mc Mh
    Mc Mh Day ago

    I got Gemini,
    I'm a scopio..

  • Lalremsiama Chhangte

    I got aquarias

  • Petronela Anghel

    My zodiac sign is pices and a got pices!

  • Lilac Kitty
    Lilac Kitty Day ago

    I LOOK LIKE MY ZODIAC SIGN! (I'm gemini and I got 75)

  • Sara Yves
    Sara Yves Day ago


  • Arksi
    Arksi Day ago

    I GOT LIBRA... ..... I'M LIBRA 💓

  • The strugglez of being a multifandom *sigh*

    I got 57 pts, I'm actually a Leo

  • Wildling
    Wildling Day ago +1

    I’m a ♌️ Leo