Video released of Parkland shooter's interrogation

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • The Florida State's Attorney released video from Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz's interrogation. Wearing a hospital gown, Cruz said he has long heard a voice or a demon in his head and that that voice told him to burn, kill and destroy. CBS Miami's Hank Tester reports.
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Comments • 162

  • Tm rc
    Tm rc 13 days ago +1

    God will save you brother.

  • evilsaint 122
    evilsaint 122 21 day ago +4

    I understand loosing his mom but she would never want you to take 17 other lives with hers

  • Sara Chemelowski
    Sara Chemelowski Month ago

    Seriously. What an insult to all the kids who lost their lives. Hes a lying, weird, messed up, little monster. May God have mercy on his soul. If he even has one.

  • luke
    luke Month ago

    He sounds like Seth rogan😂😭

  • Tyler Ahrens
    Tyler Ahrens Month ago

    MK Ultra....The government brainwashed him to do it....I'm not joking, I'm being legitimately for real....Research MK Ultra.

  • DemonGaming
    DemonGaming Month ago

    Also hitler
    It was a voice i promise

  • Elham Konja
    Elham Konja Month ago +4

    Acting , this all fake cz he knows there are cameras in that room
    He killed 17 whom they had a beautiful life ahead of them
    Even the rest who were survived they will live this horrible hunt attack nightmare rest of their lives , what a damage !!!
    May all of the 17 Rest In Peace with our Lord Jesus Christ & We pray the rest will be protected & saved in Lord Mighty Jesus Name Amen 🙏 & Amen 🙏

  • mythic 20k
    mythic 20k 2 months ago


  • shadiesverse
    shadiesverse 2 months ago +2

    guys, when he says he hears a voice yall should know what the situation is.. it's demons tormenting him to do these evil things. CMON YALL OPEN YOUR EYEZ STAY WOKE!!

    • shadiesverse
      shadiesverse Month ago

      @noobmaster69 aye bud it's not my logic BUT it is the logic of the living God and our savior Jesus!!

    • noobmaster69
      noobmaster69 Month ago

      shadiesverse ur logic works in church but not here fam

    • shadiesverse
      shadiesverse Month ago

      @noobmaster69 for u to even say that i can tell that your brain is in deep slumber. But may God please awaken you from the sleep!! AMEN

    • noobmaster69
      noobmaster69 Month ago

      son u still asleep lmfao

  • Olga Pagan
    Olga Pagan 2 months ago +4

    Need help there buddy @0:13?

  • Salma Hassan
    Salma Hassan 2 months ago

    trying to act crazy so he doesn’t have to end up in jail

  • Kashiko Murasaki
    Kashiko Murasaki 2 months ago +8

    Valentine day was a happy day for
    Now look at it...
    Its a horrible day, a memory, a nightmare, a tragedy, a depressing day that left 17 *dead* , a day that lead suicide to 2019 from that massacre...
    We will remember you all, your beautiful smiles, your strength... and the last time that your parents ever saw you, we will remember
    I know i probably wasted your time, but i had to point this out.
    And for those who are in pain and sadness, wake up every day and feeling like it started all again, They will be always be in your heart!

  • SCP 106
    SCP 106 2 months ago +2

    I hope he gets sterilised and thrown into a 49.3 meter deep hole being fed only dried rat drenched in mud.

    • Lord Garmadon259
      Lord Garmadon259 Month ago

      Oh come on, that is just cruel. Every Man deserves his manhood.

  • Monkey Junkyard
    Monkey Junkyard 2 months ago +5

    Looks more like bad acting to me.
    Jim Carrey did a much better job in Lier Lier.
    Hold on to your guns people.

  • Roslynn Lopez
    Roslynn Lopez 3 months ago +10

    R.I.P to all the people that died because of this person 😡😡

  • Layla Buie
    Layla Buie 3 months ago +1

    Bless all the of these kids who lost their lives because of a heartless fool like him 😢😢

  • Angie Fernandez
    Angie Fernandez 3 months ago +1

    That’s called depression with schizophrenia. I know because i had a family member that was beautiful in and out but when that person would get depressed and hallucinate or start to hear things, she wanted to go and shoot people so that the cops could shoot back. It would make me extremely sad and I would pray all the time.

  • Jordan Swickley
    Jordan Swickley 3 months ago +24

    He is lying. Real audible hallucinations come from outside a person's head and are just the brain's misinterpretation of real events which can be caused by schizophrenia, sleep deprivation (build up of interfering toxins), and excess use of amphetamines (he was on a legal version for his "ADD") or deliriants (not hallucinogens which only mess with visual perception).

    • Anna Ro
      Anna Ro 3 months ago

      ... or sister, Jordan! Lawl

  • MindFree 87
    MindFree 87 4 months ago

    The voice kids

  • Laney McDevitt
    Laney McDevitt 4 months ago +2

    My cousin was I. This shooting and was shot and I am not lying so don’t give me hate she was shot 4 times in a classroom

    • Codsworth the robot
      Codsworth the robot 15 days ago

      Dont lie for attention, thats low

    • LucidMania Lacrosse
      LucidMania Lacrosse 3 months ago

      Laney McDevitt Hope she feels better 🙏🙏🙏

    • xyz
      xyz 3 months ago

      give me attention my cousin was killed!!!

  • Crazy bad Cuber
    Crazy bad Cuber 4 months ago +1

    He doing this cause he has autism and depressed the voice that’s why he was counting to keep him calm that’s why he was hitting himself

  • goodguynow
    goodguynow 5 months ago +6

    Voice or no voice he still murdered 15 people

    • Richie Tozier
      Richie Tozier 2 months ago

      Kashiko Murasaki because of him. I’d still count that as his murders.

    • Kashiko Murasaki
      Kashiko Murasaki 2 months ago +1

      @Richie Tozier 17 + 2* 2 commited suiside

    • Richie Tozier
      Richie Tozier 5 months ago

      goodguynow 17*

  • rascalferret
    rascalferret 5 months ago

    When well over 90% of all american media is owned by a mere few corporations, and everything else on the shelf falls under a few more. When I noticed obvious psyops and disinformation in the news...That's when I stopped patronizing, and a large amount of skepticism took over. Remember what corporation means. My tv and radio have been silent, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Stores and malls make me ill, actually just going into public. So I believe nothing they tell me. I avoid the hooks and lures with a tapdance. The entire system is slanted, debased, and poisonous. Of course we live in duress and mistrust...As a pure blood Goy, I was gonna mention the disproportionate representation of nepotistic Jews in so many influential places. Such as the Trump ZOG, banking and finance, music, movies, publishing, Joogle, Jou Tube, etc. etc, as being a relevant observation...but decided against it... Anyways, they endeavor to own your mind too. This kid is NOT the diabolical criminal, he is just another tool of dissemblance...

  • NewWesthiphop
    NewWesthiphop 5 months ago

    There is probably a voice. This pig is horrible at his job like most swine. Hopefully they are able to find out why he did it.

  • Jeff's comments
    Jeff's comments 5 months ago

    I believe Nikolas Cruz was chipped/implanted and so is a large part of the population. ICAACT.

  • M18 Hellcat
    M18 Hellcat 5 months ago +1

    When are we going to DEMAND these KILLERS get what is deserved??? HARSH AND IMMEDIATE!!

  • cheristar
    cheristar 5 months ago

    Disgusting pos.

  • Mirage Fn
    Mirage Fn 5 months ago +2

    Florida man did an oopsie

  • Kah-ahn House
    Kah-ahn House 5 months ago

    Ilke a 21 year old

  • Alfonso Cabrera
    Alfonso Cabrera 5 months ago +3

    If High School kids bully someone , eventually he or she will snap .. Were only human ...

  • Dãrk Cløud
    Dãrk Cløud 5 months ago

    I hope the gun is okay....

  • Darren Jackson
    Darren Jackson 5 months ago

    Just what is this cop accomplishing? Stupid

  • All&Add 4life
    All&Add 4life 5 months ago +1

    Definitely autistic

    • noobmaster69
      noobmaster69 Month ago

      lenny summers LMAOO

    • All&Add 4life
      All&Add 4life 3 months ago

      RetroDubs why because it’s the truth 😂

    • RetroDubs
      RetroDubs 3 months ago


    • All&Add 4life
      All&Add 4life 3 months ago

      lenny summers you like offended or something? 😂

    • RetroDubs
      RetroDubs 3 months ago +1

      lenny summers Even their videos are-

  • george george
    george george 5 months ago +1

    This communist dupe was prepped by his handlers.

  • Yet another truther
    Yet another truther 6 months ago

    That's the devil in him he needs to be put to sleep he's nothing but dangerous.

  • Greg p
    Greg p 6 months ago

    Silent weapons for quiet wars mk-ultra

    DOPEBOISWAG DJ 6 months ago

    UR MY HERO🙏✡✝

  • NIGHTCORE All song
    NIGHTCORE All song 6 months ago +1

    Wow I want to see people got shot not interview hahahahahahahahaahahahahah

    • TFT. JC
      TFT. JC 6 months ago +1

      NIGHTCORE All song 🤨😒😕 Good Joke

  • chilly penguin UwU
    chilly penguin UwU 6 months ago


  • Itzel Pozos
    Itzel Pozos 6 months ago +46

    R.i.p all the kids that lost their lives in the parkland shooting

  • StallingPanda0126
    StallingPanda0126 6 months ago +30

    Diary Of a Wimpy Kid : The Last Straw

    • Die
      Die 2 months ago


    • Die
      Die 2 months ago

      @SCP 106 well lol

    • SCP 106
      SCP 106 2 months ago +2

      Stfu how dare you make jokes on these things.

  • Lily Salmon
    Lily Salmon 6 months ago +1

    Idiot pretending that he has schizophrenia, u can’t just say u hear voices there’s more symptoms than that

  • sadie gonzalez
    sadie gonzalez 6 months ago +16

    I got a voice in my head too !! Its called a conscious !!! THIS MAN SHOULD BE LOCKED UP FOR LIFE !!!😡😢

  • Marisa Figueroa
    Marisa Figueroa 6 months ago +77

    That boy is a fake, he doesn't hear voices. He was aware of what he was doing and we know it after seeing release footage the day of the incident.

    • HowKidsBecomeKids
      HowKidsBecomeKids 15 days ago +1

      MusicMoviesGames Well you can’t say his personal life was normal. The guy has depression, his mother died, and I guarantee that he was bullied at school. That’s why these things are scary, it looks like they’re completely normal people, but they might just be psychopaths.

    • MusicMoviesGames
      MusicMoviesGames 22 days ago

      He seems like a really normal, good looking kid why would he do this?

    • Kashiko Murasaki
      Kashiko Murasaki 2 months ago

      His mother died, hes a loner, and he has depression badly!

    • Rosario C.
      Rosario C. 2 months ago

      Marisa Figueroa listen to me good their is extraterrestrial influences on human behavior so I believe that he heard voices. And violence like killings rapes and mass shootings are sacrifices of some sort to extraterrestrials☹️

    • Christian Valadez
      Christian Valadez 3 months ago +5

      Guys you don't understand, voices in the head are from stress and from mental abuse and your not aware of what your doing because you want to release it so bad and that mental abuse can create a voice of what you think and will bug you to do it. Now I'm not saying he's a horrible person but he was hurt aswell in the past and I hope you realize that. And the comment was probally still when he had the voice because it will bug you and it can take a long time for it to overcome you.

  • Jakiah Johnson
    Jakiah Johnson 6 months ago +1


    • Luuderi
      Luuderi 5 months ago

      +DaikoTabby baster

    • Luuderi
      Luuderi 5 months ago

      +DaikoTabby google it

  • Sarah brownrigg
    Sarah brownrigg 8 months ago


  • BBB
    BBB 9 months ago +3

    Does anyone have any inside knowledge of how these kids treated him in school?

  • UncleSam1776
    UncleSam1776 10 months ago +3

    This man needs help from his psychiatric and a psychologist in a hospital. The jail is not helpful and is a waste of time. Also he needs to be tested with electroshock for mental illness.

    • Jordan Swickley
      Jordan Swickley 3 months ago

      Electroshock therapy is not a test and is only an effective treatment for major depression. It also has huge downsides which is why it is a last resort.

    • Alex Damba
      Alex Damba 6 months ago +1

      He should be killed in the worst way possible

    • most subscribed to without posting
      most subscribed to without posting 7 months ago +1

      UncleSam1776 I think that he should be executed.

    HOLLOW HILL 10 months ago

    A ghost is beating him up in the interrogation video.....

  • john ruddick
    john ruddick 10 months ago

    where is his lawyer???????

    • Eapq
      Eapq 5 months ago

      U dumb????

  • Amber Anderton
    Amber Anderton 10 months ago +2

    Isn't it funny that you don't hear that defective read him his Miranda Rights THEN DISMISSES HIS REQUEST FOR AN ATTORNEY "because the "demon wants an attorney. Read the transcript it's entirety. His techniques were used to get him to say he likes guns and that a video on RUclip was him. He wasn't asking questions intended to get a factual confession. It was bias from the get go.

  • O
    O 10 months ago +143

    What an insult to everyone who sincerely hears voices...

    • O
      O 10 months ago +1

      Rebecca A do you know anyone who has experienced psychosis? If so, show them the video and let them tell you their thoughts

    • Rebecca A
      Rebecca A 10 months ago

      O well I mean most of the time when you hear voices it's mostly bad thoughts. But y doesn't he appear to have psychosis to you? What did he say in the video?

    • O
      O 10 months ago +4

      Rebecca A. What is the source of this information? Respectfully, it is actually inaccurate to cite that this is the case 100% of the time. While I admit that I am unable to contemplate the operation of his mind... however, from perception he does not exhibit someone who possess psychosis.. I reached this conclusion by simply listening to what he said in this video

    • Rebecca A
      Rebecca A 10 months ago +2

      O - no not really. 100% of the time when ppl say they hear voices there is almost something bad associated with it. So I make myself look bad myself. Y can't he just get medicated like every1 else?? Y is it all of a sudden when somebody murdered means u don't have mental illness????

  • Mexico Goat
    Mexico Goat 10 months ago +14


  • Duviel Noa
    Duviel Noa 10 months ago +6

    I can hear the voices in his head. I can understand them.

  • Bluespirit12345
    Bluespirit12345 10 months ago +13

    Right wingers at their finest.

    • Milk And Honey
      Milk And Honey 4 months ago

      Republicans and their guns

    • Lumen
      Lumen 4 months ago

      We need gun protection to protect us from idiots like Cruz. You're the one who is braindead.

    • Berit Butschy
      Berit Butschy 6 months ago +1

      Bluespirit12345 you must be talking about the rather respectful detective in the room that has more relevance then you will ever have.

    • pissedoffguy45
      pissedoffguy45 10 months ago +7

      Bluespirit12345 excuse me? Right wingers?? You must be a brain dead Liberal.We need guns to protect us from pukes like you!!

    • BadWolf 757
      BadWolf 757 10 months ago +3

      What are you talking about? "Right Wingers"?

  • Samuel Carrillo
    Samuel Carrillo 10 months ago +4

    I hate people who make us look bad.

    • most subscribed to without posting
      most subscribed to without posting 7 months ago

      Samuel Carrillo I hate people that thinks that it’s okay to hurt someone or something.

    • heavyharted
      heavyharted 8 months ago

      Samuel Carrillo Amen brother

    • Charlie Möller
      Charlie Möller 10 months ago +1

      Samuel Carrillo Cause his last name is Cruz?

    • O
      O 10 months ago

      Samuel Carrillo in what way?

  • chuku531
    chuku531 10 months ago +5

    Look @ this punk. You’re very luck to be white, because you’re white.

  • Ramona Ray
    Ramona Ray 10 months ago +51

    Demons are real the voices are real the cop is stupid.

    • BigBanK
      BigBanK 6 months ago

      Voices are real, infact, but I think he was trying to use it as an excuse to put Into a mental home instead of jail

    • Wesley Lewis
      Wesley Lewis 6 months ago

      Ramona Ray true

    • gacha cookie
      gacha cookie 7 months ago

      Demons aren't real you idiot, he's just insane. He had mental issues, he's not being possessed by a demon.

    • Jacke28
      Jacke28 7 months ago +1

      heavyharted come on it’s terrible acting

    • Jacke28
      Jacke28 7 months ago +1

      Ramona Ray you can tell he isn’t telling the truth, he is acting insane and it is obvious. The guy is right he pretends to freak out becuase he doesn’t want to admit the truth

  • Keto - Walk - Get Fit
    Keto - Walk - Get Fit 10 months ago +226

    I got a voice in my head too. It's says this dude should be hung.

    • Vale Wrld
      Vale Wrld 2 months ago

      Keto - Walk - Get Fit no body should be hurt good and bad people

    • Kashiko Murasaki
      Kashiko Murasaki 2 months ago

      @Rebecca A yup

    • Ramona Ray
      Ramona Ray 7 months ago +11

      I heard voices and I'm not crazy. He needs to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. There is something called unseen warfare and also the government is doing weird stuff so I hear, and yes it could be he's faking it also. But the cop isn't qualified to know the difference. Period.

    • Rebecca A
      Rebecca A 10 months ago +8

      I have a Voice in my head saying you should go read a bible.

    • Travess Wolford
      Travess Wolford 10 months ago +5

      Paul Crews bingo

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 10 months ago +9

    Propaganda.. where is the video of the actual shooting.

    • most subscribed to without posting
      most subscribed to without posting 7 months ago +2

      Gabriel Jimenez Propaganda? There is literally a video that shows a dead body! I’m pretty sure that it’s not propaganda.

    • Danrick Jamora
      Danrick Jamora 7 months ago

      they have it out now bud

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley 10 months ago

      Philly with the capproval of the parents.

    • Phillip
      Phillip 10 months ago +2

      Why would they show footage of a shooting to public.For one that's show disprespecrful to the familys of the victims

  • Trust the_process
    Trust the_process 10 months ago +91

    Mentally ill, right? stfu 🖕

  • Soviet Doge
    Soviet Doge 10 months ago +32

    Fake... Propaganda. Anyone notice his emphasis on "guns"? 1:31
    "Guns, Guns, you like guns don't you? It's ok... AR-15... You like guns"

    • Gonzo Kaporal
      Gonzo Kaporal 10 months ago +9

      Soviet Doge
      Nobody can commit a mass shooting without a gun. So what’s your point ?

  • Bold Counsel
    Bold Counsel 10 months ago +12

    Paid Actors... Don't believe everything you see on TV.

    • Speek -EZ
      Speek -EZ 5 months ago

      MrThatsomg r/wooooosh

    • MrThatsomg
      MrThatsomg 10 months ago

      Bold Counsel so you want me to believe some redneck... Lol

  • TacMed 419
    TacMed 419 10 months ago +47

    Stupid cop. Lousy interview technique.

  • the great dirtbag
    the great dirtbag 10 months ago +5

    This is the true mental disorder of liberalism. Its sad being a liberal used to mean something.

  • ASMRHype
    ASMRHype 10 months ago +42

    So much video of him but no video of Las Vegas shooter?

    • [ AssMan ]
      [ AssMan ] 6 months ago

      The Las Vegas shooting killed himself right after the shooting

    • Long Live Starco!
      Long Live Starco! 6 months ago +1

      The shooter guy died....... 😒

    • Erica Passmore
      Erica Passmore 7 months ago

      That's because the Vegas shooter died. Cruz didnt

    • Justin Mitchell
      Justin Mitchell 10 months ago

      That’s bc he short himself...

    • MrThatsomg
      MrThatsomg 10 months ago +3

      Charlie Möller yea its the lizard people taking over, we must contact the egale people before its to late