President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News


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  • Lana Reared
    Lana Reared 3 дня назад

    “You know that russher thing” ugh what a moron! Lmfao can’t even say Russia.

  • Dyan Dyan
    Dyan Dyan 8 дней назад +1

    Mueller should use this for his obstruction of justice against trump.

  • Jayson S
    Jayson S 9 дней назад +1


  • Dominique Carrizales
    Dominique Carrizales 10 дней назад

    Great interview.
    Who’s still watching?

  • Janie Buck
    Janie Buck 16 дней назад

    He never states why exactly he fired Comey! Everybody has a pretty good idea why, but he just won't say it.

  • FG Herb
    FG Herb 20 дней назад

    His makeup around his eyes makes him looks ridiculous. Pasty white eyeliner is not a good look for women. Donald makes you look fake.

    • j
      j 18 дней назад

      You look like a real ladykiller there Herb.

  • ssn90
    ssn90 22 дня назад

    Best decision to fire comey.

  • Julian Augustus
    Julian Augustus 24 дня назад

    1:06. The beginning of the end of Donald Trump lol!

  • Louis Delsarto
    Louis Delsarto Месяц назад

    WOW! The Greatest Liar in the History of the World. It is incredible how much he lies.

  • Lasone99Jasmin
    Lasone99Jasmin Месяц назад

    Comey asked for a Dinner....LMAO!

  • Clint Holcombe
    Clint Holcombe Месяц назад


  • magan yuen
    magan yuen Месяц назад

    Mr. Trump had made a false statement about the dinner. In James Comey book " A higher Loyalty." Mr. Comey stated that Trump had "call" him to have dinner. For all three times of the dinner before Comey's termination.

  • Jesse Pisces
    Jesse Pisces Месяц назад +1 one will forget Trump firing showboat Comey for hundreds of years.

  • Caroline Nelson
    Caroline Nelson Месяц назад +1

    Trump might be onto something here. I think the FBI has a lot of internal issues.

  • Racquel Ventura
    Racquel Ventura Месяц назад

    He needs to stop ✋ talking every time his lips 👄 move its nothing makes any sense. #Impeach

  • alschbachb
    alschbachb 2 месяца назад

    James Comey used personal email during Clinton investigation. It was obvious he was bias after not prosecuting her, and now it finally just came out 5 days ago. Trump knew this and that’s why he fired him. Trump is cleaning up the corruption in Washington. Clinton should be in jail along with Comey. God bless Donald Trump!!!!

  • KAZ Vorpal
    KAZ Vorpal 2 месяца назад

    This is the Interview where Trump supposedly said he fired Comey over the Russia investigation.
    Listen closely, watch the whole thing: He never said it. In fact he says the opposite.
    When they claim he said that, they are lying. This is why people call it Fake News.

  • Robin Ruprecht
    Robin Ruprecht 3 месяца назад

    It's entertaining reading the comments made a year ago when everyone thought they were an expert in the area of Pres Trump's competence. How wrong you all were. What a bunch of hypocrites. SMH

  • Beanie Starr
    Beanie Starr 3 месяца назад

    Fast-forward to 0:53!

  • m doyle
    m doyle 4 месяца назад

    L. H. O. Was born too soon

  • Mickael Gedlu
    Mickael Gedlu 4 месяца назад +1

    lol. "Did you know Flynn accepted money from Russia?" "OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Infinity blade
    Infinity blade 4 месяца назад


  • Devan McClaine
    Devan McClaine 4 месяца назад

    Why didn't Dowd want this guy to testify? OJ Simpson has his palm on his forehead somewhere....

  • delighton ailende
    delighton ailende 4 месяца назад +1

    This many blunders and from the president of a country. I only hope they fire him before he murders us all with his back taxes and bad mojo.....

  • Andrea Becker
    Andrea Becker 4 месяца назад +2

    Trump is the best president since Reagan. We are lucky to have him.

  • Nathan Galvin
    Nathan Galvin 4 месяца назад

    So many ignorant liberals in the comments... If you would actually look at all of the bills and actions President Trump has put through you will notice he's done twice as much as Barack Obama. You guys hate Trump because your feelings are hurt and you think you are smarter than him. This man became president, that's already proof he's smarter than you think. Get over your puny and whiny feelings. Trump speaks his mind and never lies. He never uses the dumb political correctness that the liberal or "OH MY FEELINGS ARE HURT" party. Get over your feelings you uneducated imbeciles.

  • Henry Foolman
    Henry Foolman 4 месяца назадвидео.html brought me here.

  • Lunati Lunati
    Lunati Lunati 4 месяца назад +2

    Evertime i heard his voice,.make me punch him in the face.

  • Calvin Abbott
    Calvin Abbott 4 месяца назад +1

    Trump to be next President on Mount Rushmore.

    • butchtropic
      butchtropic 3 месяца назад

      Dump will not serve out his term, he will quit in disgrace.

  • Eric R
    Eric R 4 месяца назад +1

    Trump LIVES the lie permanently, similar to actors on a movie set, but actors only act the lie TEMPORARILY..

  • Dyan Dyan
    Dyan Dyan 4 месяца назад +4

    He's clearly admitting to obstruction of justice. Trump needs to be impeached then indicted.

  • Kevin Morgan
    Kevin Morgan 4 месяца назад

    Holt: Did you do it because of Russia?
    President Trump: I just want someone who is competent. Furthermore, I want the Russia investigation to be thorough (even though I have gone on record [at the beginning of this recording] as stating my belief that the investigation was instigated because the dems did not want to accept the results of the election).
    SO, for NBC--or anyone else--to turn around and say that he fired him because of the Russia investigation is either because they didn't understand simple English or because they are perversely "fudging" (Trump's word) what he said.

  • Harleen Quinzel
    Harleen Quinzel 4 месяца назад

    Ok I am here today!!!!😂 Trump fans I want to let you know I am here to check to make sure no one is flubbing his words. Lester Holt be lying😂...I gotta check on this fake news everyday!!!

  • Patrick Sison
    Patrick Sison 4 месяца назад

    Lester Holt has "fudging....Trump said Russia perfectly during the interview not "Russir."

  • Jaz Jones
    Jaz Jones 4 месяца назад +1

    ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story, it’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won.'”
    A spokesman for NBC News said they had no comment.
    “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd posted a tweet shortly after Trump’s claim.
    “I miss the days when people muttered nutty conspiracy theories to themselves while meandering down a sidewalk,” he wrote. “Now they share it on Twitter w/millions of followers and for some reason some folks amplify it. Treat these tweets the way you’d treat the sidewalk mumbler, look away.”
    How was interview fudged? Yes. Please look away!

  • Richie Reynaga
    Richie Reynaga 4 месяца назад

    1:03 Deep Trouble.

  • My_True_Self
    My_True_Self 4 месяца назад +1

    He looks like he's dying.

  • granskare
    granskare 4 месяца назад +1

    trump is a draftdodger...

  • Brain
    Brain 4 месяца назад +1

    NBC News fake modified footage! disgraceful! Fight the machine Trump!

    • Brain
      Brain 3 месяца назад

      you say that asif your isp's can't switch content out on you at their will

    • butchtropic
      butchtropic 3 месяца назад

      Huh?, NOTHING was changed, this exact clip is all over the web and has been ever since he uttered those words, HE SAID IT, plain and simple. "Special powers", LOL, really?, are you joking or what, lame dude, lame.

    • Brain
      Brain 3 месяца назад

      except youtube give special powers to news corps and they can replace footage. you can see very weird inconsistant ghosting on the flag behind mr presidents hair which appear to be a result of modification to the footage... smh

    • butchtropic
      butchtropic 4 месяца назад

      Huh?, this is the EXACT same as it was loaded back in May '17, it's Trump IN HIS OWN WORDS...get a clue, your orange baboon is a chump.

  • uncasist
    uncasist 4 месяца назад +1

    He is a total salesman: selling himself.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 4 месяца назад +7

    Not doctored

  • Harleen Quinzel
    Harleen Quinzel 4 месяца назад +4

    I am just checking to make sure Lester Holt didn't make him slip up today😂😂😂😂..I'm going to check tomorrow on this video to make sure again!!!

  • James Crabb
    James Crabb 4 месяца назад +3

    Nice collection of Trolls here.

  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic 4 месяца назад +2

    No not everybody "knows" that Donny. Every time you say that we KNOW you're lying- it's obvious (& can't someone reach this clown how to speak in full sentences & some proper etiquette on how to sit in a chair properly- thanks, tremendous, bigly!

    • Wendy Colautti
      Wendy Colautti 4 месяца назад

      He really does look vulgar sitting on that chair; of course, it could also be what comes out of his mouth. He is a compulsive liar. He's so paranoid of his pee tape reaching Melania. He doesn't care how many lives he destroys in that effort. Disgusting.

  • soonersdevil
    soonersdevil 4 месяца назад +2

    Truth isn't the truth

  • soonersdevil
    soonersdevil 4 месяца назад +1

    He wants someone who's Competent...then quit

  • soonersdevil
    soonersdevil 4 месяца назад +2

    FBI in know..i know.. everyone knows...trying to get focus off of HIM

  • PurpleBandit3000
    PurpleBandit3000 4 месяца назад +3

    "you know this Russia thing"...
    If he was innocent, why fire Comey? Why not let the investigation conclude properly and prove his innocence?
    Not saying Trump is guilty but he sure is acting like it.

  • The trumpet will sound
    The trumpet will sound 4 месяца назад +1

    NBC worse than CNN.

    • butchtropic
      butchtropic 4 месяца назад

      Huh?, all Holt did was interview Trump, he baked himself with his OWN WORDS and your blaming NBC?, MORON.

  • james mcguinness
    james mcguinness 4 месяца назад +5

    Lies like Pinocchio 🤥