Oil Mouse Trap/How to make a Mouse Trap homemade with Oil/Saving a lot of Rat/Mouse & Trap

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • How to make a Mouse Trap homemade?
    Oil Mouse Trap/How to make a Mouse Trap homemade with Oil/Saving a lot of Rat/Mouse & Trap

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  • john clarke
    john clarke 7 hours ago

    These videos are like serial killer training school.

  • The Pagan Goy
    The Pagan Goy 19 hours ago

    Chinese restaurant

  • Kato Veselova
    Kato Veselova 3 days ago

    А потом на этой сковородке будет готовить себе еду!

  • Gloria Roder
    Gloria Roder 5 days ago

    Did you know these little guys are smart.

  • Gloria Roder
    Gloria Roder 5 days ago +1

    Dinner ready

  • Soumik Dey
    Soumik Dey 5 days ago


  • Ha Tran
    Ha Tran 6 days ago


  • Deri Awan
    Deri Awan 9 days ago

    Lumayan dapat 3ekor tikus tinggal ditaruh tungku api besar di jamin matang

  • Tyrome
    Tyrome 10 days ago

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  • R D
    R D 10 days ago

    Fried Rats for dinner

  • Борн !
    Борн ! 11 days ago +1

    Дак надо было ещё на печку газовую поставить и поджечь 😆

  • Victor Cat
    Victor Cat 11 days ago


  • galznt
    galznt 12 days ago


  • RamonezPlayZ
    RamonezPlayZ 12 days ago

    Dumb freakin murder

  • ululazmi_ 123
    ululazmi_ 123 13 days ago

    Wajanny kurang gede bang wkwk

  • uwu グーチ owo
    uwu グーチ owo 13 days ago

    All ready for cooking them

  • モン モン
    モン モン 16 days ago +1


  • Layung Merah
    Layung Merah 17 days ago

    Goreng tikus crispy

  • 2527196
    2527196 17 days ago

    Mufucker set up a kfc inside his house

  • Idoz Indie
    Idoz Indie 18 days ago

    Kanyanya'ah lisah

  • Bumba
    Bumba 23 days ago

    Stupid asshole, buy a mouse trap with gum. That costs less than dollar & u can easily catch 10+ mice if you just pick the mice with a stick & throw. Those mice will shit on that Utensil. U r wasting cooking oil & time for washing the shit. Will your cook on that utensil again even after cleaning.

  • Vimal Sharma
    Vimal Sharma 23 days ago

    rat 2:00

  • Irshad irshadsaifi
    Irshad irshadsaifi 23 days ago

    Itne tel m saale 3time sabji banti 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • alkafank
    alkafank 25 days ago +1

    Good trap! And don't forget - oil burns perfectly!

  • jubeyskie vicente
    jubeyskie vicente 29 days ago


  • vagatio
    vagatio 29 days ago +3

    need a burner under the wok. and before mice fall into the wok, mice must be wear eggs and flour.

  • Chicken Game
    Chicken Game Month ago

    Gg you don't kill mouse 👍👍

  • Vekkada Vedi
    Vekkada Vedi Month ago +1

    Mouse is the vehicle of Ganapati. Don't kill it.

  • Vickie M Winslow
    Vickie M Winslow Month ago

    So discusting

  • Shaunie James
    Shaunie James Month ago +2

    Those are not mice and that’s the basement of your local Chinese restaurant 😂😂😂

  • Dwarakdish Krishna
    Dwarakdish Krishna Month ago

    It's just like comedy

  • Jason Tsui
    Jason Tsui Month ago

    Deep fried mouse

  • Granny the horror game

    2:41 what are u doing😂😂

  • Denker Al fatih
    Denker Al fatih Month ago


  • //Rxmembur//
    //Rxmembur// Month ago

    These comments 😂

  • Nora Brown
    Nora Brown Month ago

    The rooster said yall stupid if ya hop yalls asses in there😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • عبادي جلاد فور نايت

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  • M W
    M W Month ago +6

    Best part is, the rats are already in the wok ready to cook up.

  • Big B witDathirdeyeopen

    They got the wok ready

  • Thanh Mẫn
    Thanh Mẫn Month ago

    má chai dầu việt nam😂

  • connor turner
    connor turner Month ago

    Look at electric mousetrap for inspiration 2/10 no death and the mice weren't even that tasty looking

  • mohiddin Attar mohiddin Attar

    nice 😆😆😊😀

  • XVIDEOS Latinoamérica

    I love happy endins

  • Fitri Nikson
    Fitri Nikson Month ago


  • pro savage
    pro savage Month ago

    hope your family go to hell

  • Santa Collins
    Santa Collins Month ago

    I like the song . .🧡

  • Julie Khoo
    Julie Khoo 2 months ago

    1:30 when i heard cock crowing

  • Ney B
    Ney B 2 months ago

    How do you dispose of these mice if I catch them in my house using this method?

  • Saujas Electronics
    Saujas Electronics 2 months ago


  • kokok cruz
    kokok cruz 2 months ago

    Lol cooking oil🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hưng Bùi
    Hưng Bùi 2 months ago

    xem đó h t mới biết đây là kênh Vietnam nhờ chai dầu ăn

  • Larrt Rawls
    Larrt Rawls 2 months ago +2

    Put a steno can under the pan and when you return ? You got the main ingredient for a nice Asian stir fry . Wash D C

  • حسين حسين
    حسين حسين 2 months ago

    لازم الخ يريد يسويهن تشرب باجه😄😄😄😄

  • Millie Brown70
    Millie Brown70 2 months ago

    What are you Downing 😲🖕

  • ThreePhaseHigh
    ThreePhaseHigh 2 months ago

    Forget all about the rats and figure out someway to choke that friggin roaster.

  • Mick Lans
    Mick Lans 2 months ago

    Fine if you're going to fry them up later. I'll just have noodles please ;)

  • Souza Fernandes de Souza
    Souza Fernandes de Souza 2 months ago +2

    será que ele quer fazer uma porção de ratos frito 🤔kkk

    • Claudio Espindola
      Claudio Espindola 2 months ago

      Si, esté chabon quiere cocinar rata frita... Jajajaja.

  • Valmi nicolau Nicolau
    Valmi nicolau Nicolau 2 months ago

    Alem do mais sera que da pra usa otacho a inda???? Kkkkkķ

  • Valmi nicolau Nicolau
    Valmi nicolau Nicolau 2 months ago

    Entao pra eles entra ai tem que fazer um curso pra cada um deles kkkk

  • Mr. Frozeman
    Mr. Frozeman 2 months ago

    Ready to grill