Hallelujah- Lindsey Stirling- #aSaviorIsBorn

Merry Christmas Stirlingites!

Please watch this video that shares the Christmas story:

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Автор Ray Luz ( назад)
desde Venezuela tu canción de la forma tan enérgica que la interpretas nos da esperanza , gracias

Автор Kawaii Random ( назад)
Lindsey you probably will never see this, but your music has been and will forever be the reason why I signed up to do violin. And now, I can play The Pirates of The Carribian (Is that how you spell it?) without even looking! You will forever none my role model. ❤

Автор Drone06 ( назад)
Glad the world is getting to see such an amazing talent, thank you Lindsey for being you and letting your light shine for us all to see.

Together we will all rise and rid the evils that surround us, through music sport and much much more. War should never be the answer.

Автор Artur Szarszewski ( назад)
Lindsey kocham Twoją muzykę i za to co robisz ąrturek!!!

Автор karkhater y you ( назад)
like si ves en 2017

Автор Mai Trang ( назад)
God Bless You :)

Автор rolorayy 13 ( назад)
sooo sooo beatiful

Автор Patricia borges da silva ( назад)
Venho aqui sempre... melhor coisa que já ouvi

Автор Crystal Willis ( назад)
this video moved me

Автор Mariela ( назад)
My grandfather recently passed away and he used to do violin almost his whole life. Just be hearing violin music makes me wanna cry bcuz it reminds me so much of her (I did cry 💀)

Автор Lolina Alcocer ( назад)
You are a wonderful girl... Always be yourself

Автор ElTacoAssassin ( назад)
Wow great cover and I really loved that outro. I am so greatful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and it's really great to see people praise him like this. You rock Lindsey!

Автор Eng Sosi ( назад)
we love you too

Автор Eng Sosi ( назад)
I wanna be like you

Автор Rick Ferrer ( назад)
I think sometimes we can't find words to express some feelings and we just need another way that let other people know the words can't tell .... this is just BRILLIANT!!!

Автор dany daniel gonzales ( назад)

Автор Naty Santana ( назад)
Lovely beautiful charming

Автор Cristiano Campanella ( назад)
Beautiful video, Lindsay, you are an Angel <3

Автор Daniel Padure ( назад)
we love you too Lindsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Oliver Twist ( назад)
he estado pensando en dejar el violín, pero esta muchacha me da motivación para seguir tocando

Автор Suvrath Hegde ( назад)
It's really great to know that belief in god helped you in really positive manner. Wish others could understand the purpose of belief.

Автор Nayara Neves ( назад)
Maravilhoso, lindo de mais

Автор Bhaskar Bhattacharjee ( назад)
everytime it touches my heart

Автор Karolina Gillum ( назад)
i can't believe they just ignored this violinist

Автор Enrique Barreto ( назад)
Que bonito mensaje!!

Автор Tyler Crampton ( назад)

Автор Systemman 08 11 ( назад)

Автор Suzannah Rogers ( назад)
The 5K people that disliked this video, SHAME on you!

Автор Piper charms ( назад)
This is great and all but what about the people who don't believe in god? Just saying...really like the song but your message at the end not so much, not everyone can fined hope in jesus christ, especially if they don't have a religion or that isn't their religion,.

Автор Goldstück 21 ( назад)
it's a shame that modern people cant define good music. If they knew, that it was her playing, they all would have surrounded her. only because she is dressed up un clothes of an homeless girl , no on pays attention to her music. it's so sad that we only have eyes fir brands and names but not for talent... all though her message was and is a different one but this video is just a good example of how terrible singers and so called stars have ruind our ears.

kind regards .

Автор maluchy77 ( назад)
piekne poprosu piekbe cudo grasz

Автор flavia cristina ( назад)
É mágico!
Faz sonhar. ❤

Автор Nika Fuchkan ( назад)
Thank you 😌❤️ you are amazing and He gave you a beautiful gift 😚

Автор Walquiria Tamiris ( назад)

Автор Vanesik Pecho ( назад)

Автор gabor lakatos ( назад)
Fantasi great

Автор forma fabrica ( назад)
Talento que pode ser admirado de verdade e nunca deixar esse dom ser apagado.

Автор Brent Ritter ( назад)
amen Lindsey that's awesome that your a Christian too

Автор DiariesOfAGator ( назад)
Beautiful piece. This is so calming. Music really does touch the soul in a way that words can't.

Автор elsupremo spartan ( назад)

Автор Danielle Cristine da Costa e Silva ( назад)

Автор Cortney Stiles ( назад)
The Jesus Christ that the Mormons believe in like Lindsey Stirling is not the Jesus Christ of the Bible. I know I used to be a Mormon for over 30 years now I'm not and I know the real Jesus of what the Bible says about Him.

Автор Cleumara Lopes ( назад)
Brasileiros aqui???

Автор Brian Haack ( назад)

Автор Riv0x ( назад)
your music just helped me .
Thank you
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart
Hallelujah <3

Автор Carmen Vlahos ( назад)
i know this video is old but the speech at the end made me cry. thank you lindsey for sharing your gift with the world.

Автор Guru frantchesco santana ( назад)
Namastê. ..muito obrigado por existir!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Noble 7 ( назад)
I don't care what religion you are, I will respect you. I wish other people would be like that.

Автор Oscar Ramos ( назад)
this song makes me cry and at the same time smile 😍😢 i am Darlin and i love violins a lot

Автор Wagner silva ( назад)

Автор PLANETA VIOLINO ( назад)
incrível !!

Автор Isis Wilkerson ( назад)
This song is so beautiful. Lindsey, you are amazing!

Автор Liz Edits; ( назад)

Автор mark zerfil ( назад)

Автор Mike Albert ( назад)
Amen, beautiful

Автор Helianny Lopez ( назад)
Que hermosa es esta música

Автор Julio Pereira ( назад)

Автор Daenerysx23 ( назад)
Beautiful :)

Автор Anna Lena Hartung ( назад)
it's so great

Автор jacob mcgill ( назад)
From the highest of the mountain tops to the bottom of the seas all the earth cries out that yes our savoir Jesus Christ is lord of all!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!

Автор Kimberly Denny ( назад)
Okay this blows my mind bc I was THERE when you played I swear on my life I was dating someone from New York and I remember going on the subway back to my home and I was taken back by you but until now I remembered and I cannot believe that was you. I'm like freaking out!!! I love you

Автор Lucas Gomes Macedo ( назад)
I knew your songs right now and i'm enjoying a lot, here in Brazil the people don't use to listen instrumental songs, and Lindsey your songs are so pretty, come here in Brazil to make a tour, would be amazing.

Автор Gerald Cotton ( назад)
she is so cool

Автор Kim i ( назад)
Beautiful 😇

Автор Don Burton ( назад)
Beautiful Message, love the song and the music :) God Bless, thank God for Jesus!

Автор Lucio D'. Official Lucio D'. Official ( назад)
Beautiful !!!

Автор Beruska 8542 ( назад)

Автор michael pence ( назад)
Thank you Lindsey.

Автор Nyla D'Ade ( назад)

Автор Ana Canila Garcez ( назад)

Автор Cookie rainbow ( назад)
I see the gift.. Jesus Christ, without him we were not here. God bless you all!! 😘

Автор Rosemary Silva ( назад)

Автор Julia Cmok ( назад)
masz wielki talent

Автор Joisse Amorim ( назад)
Que lindo!! Fiquei emocionada, obrigada por compartilhar esse talento incrivel com o mundo!

Автор Andy Heesakkers ( назад)
It touches my heart every time I hear this song especial being done as you are playing it

Автор Jô on Jô SG ( назад)
simplesmente sensacional !!!!!!

You are absolutely Amazing! Love your art Lindsey! ❤️

Автор deschamps reine ( назад)
tu as beaucoup grandi, une femme face à une vie durec et à l

Автор Hening Lestari ( назад)
bagus banget

Автор Samira Matos ( назад)
Mon Dieu! Trés Jolie,parfait! J'ai ameé!

Автор Patrick Stotler ( назад)
In a world of uncertainty,it's a blessing there are still people in this world that bring us hope

Автор Aline Drummer ( назад)
Hello everybody, How are you ?
Hope so. Check it out there
My channel, if you like it, share and subscribe.
God bless!!

Автор Joshy !!!!! ( назад)
I want to learn this song but I can find the music score😭

Автор Grizzly Bro ( назад)

Автор Boris Sandoval ( назад)
what music

Автор Charlene Rodrigues ( назад)
acabei de ver e amei parabéns por seu talento.

Автор Dominik Dzúr ( назад)
perfect music

Автор Kris Kollmar ( назад)
Hallelujah! Girl !

Автор Robert Glas ( назад)
Great performane . what a virtuoso!

Автор Totem Pokemon Master ( назад)
loved the end part....and the whole thing

Автор Mr. Habilils ( назад)
Lindsey's most sincere post video message. It IS something I can relate to. It makes such compassion very meaningful.

Автор Daniel Silva ( назад)

Автор Rene Van Dijk ( назад)
you have to come to petbough ont

Автор Ira Wiriadiredja ( назад)
Lindsey, you are so beautiful and played extremely beautiful! How do you get this talent? Our life and destiny is not depend on people, so we do not need people approval. They have different value. Please remember we only need His approval, nothing else is matter!
I had worse experience than you, but just focus what is right according to Him. People can do and say unbelievable things. May be He want you to serve Him. Love you!

Автор Julie Lane ( назад)
love u lindsey !

Автор Lukas Menzi ( назад)
thats a so good massage lindsay...

Автор Quỳnh Anh Hoàng ( назад)
her violin has soul!

Автор matt Brook ( назад)
wow Lindsay you are amazing you give me a reason to love music you are the reason people love music

Автор YFoxGamer BR ( назад)
toca muito 👏👏

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