Hallelujah- Lindsey Stirling- #aSaviorIsBorn

Merry Christmas Stirlingites!

Please watch this video that shares the Christmas story:

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Автор Charlie Mike ( назад)
Lindsey has a way of putting real feeling through her "fiddle" (sorry, I'm a country boy) please keep up the good work!

Автор Igor F ( назад)
I'm also not religious, but the message here is powerful: "Others might not see beauty in you" is a powerful message this idea needs to be expаnded. People were not seeing beauty in her and her art as they would see and go crazy when she is on a stage. This reaction has nothing to do with her. She was performing as good as on the stage. If this would be her first try to play in public it could be detrimental for her self-esteem if she would judge herself by how others see her. People, NEVER BASE VALUE ON PEOPLES REACTION OR HOW THEY SEE YOU. At the moment they might not see you at all. They will see your beauty someday. Continue believing in yourself and your beauty and you will flourish and bring something beautiful to the world.

Автор Naomi Wigley ( назад)

Автор Kariizio Loucoo ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Wawruch ( назад)
Thank you that I could meet you on my way. I will remember you until the end of my days. God with you. Your music is so beautiful

Автор Valorie Welliford ( назад)

Автор Jairo Rendón ( назад)
Beautiful version, a unique composition!

Автор Jorge Moraes ( назад)
Parabéns pelo dom,eu gostei muito.

Автор joyce Wittrien ( назад)
ich liebe deine Liebe i love you Music

Автор James Sikder ( назад)

Автор Alex YC ( назад)
I cry... So beatuful...

Автор Mercurius Bristophiles ( назад)
very moving sound and great acoustics

Автор Yuli Cuevas ( назад)
i like her blue hair

Автор Ruth ( назад)
God Bless!!

Автор jazanik ( назад)

Автор Deja Manning ( назад)
this is beautiful 😅❤

Автор melvin palmer ( назад)
love the song....must have words

Автор Julie Loft ( назад)
I love the humility of just taking it to the subway. All those people down there just have no idea the greatness they were in the presence of. Hats off for putting your faith right out there. You're amazing.

Автор nik izzat ( назад)

Автор Jesse Jameson ( назад)
Maybe you and my daughter can make an album together someday.

Автор XzoeyXbellX dogsqade ( назад)
i love it so true

Автор Music By William ( назад)

Автор Ben Programcı ( назад)
i am muslim but this video is so beatiful.i made the list about 100 person that guide my life and example for me.And Lindsey you are in this list.Not for the your music,you are in my list because your world wiev.I love you Lindsey💚💜

Автор księżniczka ( назад)
niesamowite 😍

Автор Fortress Emmanuel ( назад)
O my..... 9 millón subscribirse i An Just going to be crazy

Автор Summerose Palacios ( назад)
I love your song

Автор Haroon Chris ( назад)
I Love your classical music....

Автор XxHuskeyLoverAlwaysxX Zins ( назад)
Lindsey is sooo good at the violin. Reply saying "Same"

Автор Justin Heinz ( назад)
Thank you Lindsey, I love hearing the beauty you create xoxox

Автор Jenna Barnett ( назад)
I have a violin is there a way for me to play this arrangement

Автор Rose GamingTV Roblox & More ( назад)
Crazy they didnt know it was you on the Subway If i was there i Would GO to you and i Would do this face ;OOOOOOOO THats my dream to see chu :D

Автор Alfa Eltsi ( назад)
You are a blessing !! Love you

Автор A. de Keizer ( назад)
I was by 013 <3

Автор Kerry Cardow ( назад)
I think music is our gateway to happiness, there's no judgment, music can work magic...doesnt matter what kind of music you like..myself, I always played drums...would love to learn violin <3

Автор Sophie Black ( назад)
You are so amazing I wish I Can Do so wonderful Things Do....

Автор bachana kvaracxelia ( назад)

Автор ember's page ( назад)
i didnt know the awesome Lindsey is a God-loving woman!!!

Автор Anja Danilis ( назад)
You know what? When you said Jesus christ I had tears in my eyes. Be blessed in his name and keep doing this graceful music. I love looking at your videos. Lovely greetings from Switzerland

Автор Zbabajz ZnbB ( назад)
lindoooo 👏👏👏👏

Автор Davide Beltramo ( назад)
In this video, you should tag the three judge of 'America's got talent' to let them know how wrong they were!!!!

Автор pup2000 ( назад)
Lindsey as a combat veteran, I really love your music, it is music that reaches the heart,
over my life I have endured many life threatening situations, when I wondered if I would see the light of the next day, being in those types of situations makes one thankful for the chance to hear, feel, and see beautiful things that many people miss, thanks for the reminder.

Автор steve brown ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор Servthelord ( назад)
i knew it from my first encounter of her music she is blessed, now that i have heard it is very beautiful.

Автор geefox12 ( назад)
This is really good

Автор luna Nightingale ( назад)
Where are my Destiel fans?!?

Автор Ania Pilarska ( назад)

Автор William Greenway ( назад)
Our savior JESUS CHRIST is always in our hearts years round !

Автор Kpop Ruined my life ( назад)
I feel like picking up my violin again

Автор Kpop Ruined my life ( назад)
I love your violin

Автор Moosname ( назад)
Das Mädchen ist einfach klasse

Автор VoltByte ( назад)
I do not understand English very much but I say that this song is very beautiful and you play very well !!!!!!!

Автор Тигрёнок Муся ( назад)
Очень красиво!

Автор leslie George ( назад)
I wept when you said that .. praying for you right now .

Автор Pauline Espiau ( назад)
beautiful wonderful - Magnifique Merveilleux ! Kiss France ;)

Автор วรินทิพย์ สุวรรณไชยรบ ( назад)
สวย และเก่งมากคะ

Автор Line Langlois ( назад)
magnifique , louange à Jehovah !

Автор James Ricci ( назад)
My darkest moments facing death from heart failure I pictured Jesus waiting for me. I survived. So far so good my lord.

Автор Alyssa S13 ( назад)
I still remember the exact day this video came out and how much of an impact it had on me then and how much of an impact it continues to have on me. I'm not religious but this video still means so much to me. Your passion is just so incredible and it's really a treat to watch you play. And I just really just want to thank you... Lindsey you are so amazing and this song is absolutely beautiful, as is every song you play. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and for caring so much about your fans. I love you ❤🎻

Автор Nephtali Gray ( назад)
can i use this music on a video , like a personal video not for monitory purposes

Автор elizabeth Rogers ( назад)
I love it! so beautiful and amazing!

Автор Diana Designs ( назад)
Your music is so beautiful... can you make Braveheart Theme Song by James Horner? a big hug!

Автор LuLu Bell ( назад)

Автор eric lamey ( назад)
the beauty I see in you is Jesus Christ. keep spreading His word. thank you

Автор Because Of MCR ( назад)

Автор elise jones ( назад)
i love this cover , its so emotional. its amazing x

Автор Damon Smith ( назад)
Can you see Mr. Leonard Cohen sitting on a bench hearing his music being lifted to the angels. Never before and never again. Only Lindsey Stirling.

Автор Ewelina Golebiewska ( назад)
hi, could someone tell me, where can I find notes to this version? sorry for my English if i made a misteake xd

Автор Jaime Osorio Yohn ( назад)
Hola! Te descubrí aquí en Youtube por casualidad. Empecé a escucharte y me gustó mucho. Sólo tocabas versiones, pero tu personalidad y la actitud con la que interpretas todas las canciones, es impresionante. Me gustaría saber si vas a venir algún día a España y Bilbao. I am FAN. :)

Hey! I kew you here in Youtube. I began to listen you and I like a lot. Only versions and copy, but your personality and your actitud in your interpretations are beatifull. And I love it. I would like to see you in a concert here in Spain and Bilbao. Is it possible? Thanks! :)

Hello! I discovered you here on Youtube by chance. I started listening to you and I really liked it. You only played versions, but your personality and the attitude with which you play all the songs, is impressive. I would like to know if you are going to come to Spain and Bilbao someday. I am FAN. :)

Автор harry potterclips ( назад)
love her hair
her songs are so amazing
keep it up Lindsey

Автор Ingel Erm ( назад)
i don't know why but when i watched one of your videos for the first time (it was beauty and the beast) I just felt happy and I feel happy when I watch your videos, thanks❤❤😘

Автор pablo serrate ( назад)
gracias linsey , zenkui for you .

Автор Myron Lillis ( назад)
I dont think you realize how many peoples lives you have touched,you have deffinally touch mine,toda raba.May YAHWEH keep you in his hands and continue to bless you as you bless others.

Автор Ulrike Licht ( назад)
i´m from germany. My father died a week ago and the song gave me strength. Thanks

Автор Jacky Barrera ( назад)

Автор Daniel Bragg ( назад)
this is beautfull

Автор jj adk ( назад)
that was soo beautiful

Автор kim kim ( назад)
wundervoll einfach unbeschreiblich!

Автор jorge lima ( назад)
This is only possible with who is born with the gift of music, breathe music, live music ... Beautiful as the melody.

Автор Nelson Noel Diaz ( назад)
Crying because i feel alone

Автор Moon Tee ( назад)
yr message was, so great

Автор EL CID CARDIA ( назад)
Congratulations ...... I need your talent !!!! ......

Автор Gero Morreale ( назад)

Автор Matthew Winslow ( назад)
Loved this Lindsay, please keep faith always, and know you're as beautiful as your music, and your talent is beyond phenomenal.

Автор Sena Situmorang ( назад)
Love Jesus😍😍😍😍

Автор Mahmoud AMDOUNI ( назад)
I really got goosebumps watching this...

Автор Evelyn Tovar ( назад)
I love this it is so so so beautiful and amazing

Автор יהודה שמלה ( назад)
אלופת האלופות,איזה יופי של ניגון !

Автор Celyne M ( назад)
What made me really cry was the talk at the end. :)

Автор Judith Pena ( назад)
go Lindsey

Автор Shayma Boubakri ( назад)
you are so beauty <3 :* <3

Автор John Vanderlip ( назад)
Beautiful violin cover of this classic, and beautiful message that followed. What an amazing talent this woman is, and an even more amazing performer!

Автор Oade Nathaly ( назад)
linda! ❤🎧🎶

Автор Grace Bennion ( назад)
Thank you Lindsey for sharing your gift to the world.

Автор Leena yang ( назад)
beautiful as always

Автор thetomas0203 ( назад)
co by nie powiedziec jest najlepsza

Автор Aiden Blanckenberg ( назад)
sometimes people who see me every day
i feel like they never see me at all

teacher "aiden ill come right back to you with that question ok"(talks about son thing else ) done talking "hay dylan do you need help with your computer". I always feel alone when i walk hom from school my girlfriend and my friends girlfriend say to me when i walk home from the other side of the road all i hear is "alone alone"

Автор Mary Martinez ( назад)
Que lindo, vc toca Maravilhosamente

Автор Mário Gobbi ( назад)
This music is very beautiful

Автор Rosemeire Aragao ( назад)
lindas cancion!!

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