CAR VS. FOOTBALL!! (Shin Pads & Football Boots)

  • Published on Sep 3, 2017
  • Football Experiment to see how durable football products are…
    TWITTER: KieranBrown
    So today I put my car up against a football some football boots and some shin pads and we got some pretty interesting results… Simular to my indestructible football we put the products up against some durability tests to see how they get on!
    Shout out to justwow who also did things similar to this!
    CAR VS SHIN PADS - How strong are they?
    Kieran Brown.
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  • Doodles Experiment
    Doodles Experiment Month ago

    I liked your video bro.Please watch my last video.

  • Josh74000
    Josh74000 3 months ago

    Every first like becomes a Liverpool fan

  • Niels
    Niels 3 months ago

    Take a car that weighs around 2 tons

  • Mpho Olivier
    Mpho Olivier 4 months ago

    i don't know about you guys but kieran ur da best mate

  • Bruh
    Bruh 4 months ago

    4:09 you aren't wearing a watch mate😂😂

  • Paulod1110 HD
    Paulod1110 HD 5 months ago +2

    Now run over the football player

  • yousefisthename :o
    yousefisthename :o 5 months ago +1

    how dou i kicked my soccer ball into a car then it poped

  • Shaybaan Isat
    Shaybaan Isat 6 months ago

    When u cant afford a watch


  • Matt O'Leary
    Matt O'Leary 6 months ago +1


  • Deepak k
    Deepak k 6 months ago

    Use the ball under rear wheel

  • Luke Malone
    Luke Malone 6 months ago


  • Taiba Shibbir
    Taiba Shibbir 6 months ago

    My blue son sick football got popped when ran the taxi over it by accident

  • Liverpool. FC
    Liverpool. FC 6 months ago

    Q&A: Kiren have you ever had huge road rage?

  • lewis drums
    lewis drums 7 months ago

    No one's going to come to a games and run someone over with a car so why are you testing shin pads 😂😂

  • TTV Gabez18 Stone
    TTV Gabez18 Stone 7 months ago

    My balls are indistructable 👌👌👌

    GAMERS GUILD 7 months ago

    Which car do you own

  • Tangypixel 18
    Tangypixel 18 7 months ago

    600th comment

  • Jerri Johnson
    Jerri Johnson 8 months ago

    Run over my stomach

  • AvEnuE GM
    AvEnuE GM 9 months ago +1

    Collaboration with w2s plz

  • Yousi Gaming - Clash Of Clans

    My ball got ran over by a car, the ball blasted and the car hopped like a lowrider

  • Firefury
    Firefury 11 months ago

    4:09 wait how does he check the time?

  • somebody games
    somebody games 11 months ago

    I have got that exact football

  • NEWMAN1088
    NEWMAN1088 Year ago

    Where can I buy these? I mean online?

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot Year ago

    Surprised how that ball didn't pop.

  • Popgun lenny
    Popgun lenny Year ago

    Arsenal suck dog poo they are so bad at football

  • Premier Promotional Products

    Great video guys, thanks for sharing! Have you seen the new hover football??

  • lewis 7 winger
    lewis 7 winger Year ago

    Not being mean but you can get a bit of a show of sometimes

  • E The Unicorn
    E The Unicorn Year ago

    They’re called chin gaurds and cleats

  • TDA -
    TDA - Year ago

    Your awesome

  • Aviation Mohamed
    Aviation Mohamed Year ago

    You know the Drill
    1- Mohamed Salah
    2- Cristiano Ronaldo
    3- Lionel Messi
    4- Harry Kkskskskskanne
    5- Manuel Neur
    6- Ramos
    7- Asensio
    8- Mbappe
    9- Dele Alli
    10- Isco
    11- Griezman
    12- Kanté
    13- Loris Karius
    14- Hugo Lloris
    15- Lingard
    16- Reus
    17- Toni Kroos
    18- James Rodriguez
    19- Cavani
    20- Neymar

  • Nkechi Chukwu
    Nkechi Chukwu Year ago

    Give me the ball and the boots

  • Lucy Kilroy
    Lucy Kilroy Year ago

    I say break

  • Mechanized Leo 1965
    Mechanized Leo 1965 Year ago +1

    3:05 in case a car runs over your leg.

  • Ya_boi_garfeild
    Ya_boi_garfeild Year ago

    The Nike football looks fake

  • Ecstasy Games
    Ecstasy Games Year ago

    My football is $19.00 by the way

  • David Callaghan
    David Callaghan Year ago

    I had that exact ball i live near you i dont no were you live but my 1 year old dog popped it

  • Angel Guzman
    Angel Guzman Year ago

    You need a rock solid ball to pop under a car

  • olly Dolan
    olly Dolan Year ago

    I bet the shin pads will break

  • AB Pilakkal
    AB Pilakkal Year ago

    Carry someone/something weight in ur car while doing this

  • Indrani Basumatary

    I like that guy

  • mooncat and beryl

    Have you ever played car football? Football with a massive soft ball where everyone drives?

  • Micheal W888
    Micheal W888 Year ago +1


  • ايمن دكوستا


  • Bill Gavopoulos
    Bill Gavopoulos Year ago


  • Neymar Jr 11
    Neymar Jr 11 Year ago

    i am your big fan but nike's ball isn't expensive

  • Acy Rodriguez
    Acy Rodriguez Year ago

    The car is a better kicking then me

  • RealGaming101
    RealGaming101 Year ago

    If these tyres couldn't burst the balls how did Hulk do it.😂

  • Logan Poser
    Logan Poser Year ago

    1:48 these balls are ridiculous

  • Jason Liu
    Jason Liu Year ago

    Shin pads are fine

  • Haneen Dia
    Haneen Dia Year ago


  • Veci
    Veci Year ago +1

    If that was my football it would have poped

  • Suzan Pereira
    Suzan Pereira Year ago

    No ways he is doing the 👟

  • Suzan Pereira
    Suzan Pereira Year ago

    No wa

  • Anthony Hedley
    Anthony Hedley Year ago


  • rickey maharjan
    rickey maharjan Year ago +1

    guys plzz help me out..
    is the nike pitch ball good or the fake ordem 5??

  • NADHIF ilafi Jr Da Silva

    Orang nya kalah sama cr

  • Militery Drop
    Militery Drop Year ago

    The place you were filming at looks like the motel

  • fang Iris
    fang Iris Year ago

    cool .love it. want much cooler talking football ? see

  • Manchester gamer
    Manchester gamer Year ago

    Yes 29

  • Leela M.v
    Leela M.v Year ago

    why are U wasting your Shin Pad and boot Are u mad