You Have No Idea What Goth Is | No Offence But…

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • In this week’s episode, Abigail disputes the stereotype that all goths are depressed satan worshippers.
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Comments • 422

  • Nick Grice
    Nick Grice Day ago

    No offense but this channel should die

    MIDOGALI 4 days ago +4

    You are NOT some special minority group!

  • All Frequency Ministries

    No offence, but this is a terrible series making terrible assumptions. I have new rocks that are older than you, pal.

  • Katrina Blackwood
    Katrina Blackwood 15 days ago

    Lol a boy started calling people a goth in my class so I was like do you even know what a goth is ? He was so embarrassed and I said they see beauty in darkness

  • Alex Kerley
    Alex Kerley 15 days ago

    Based on what I see it's being a dumpy, black clad moron.

  • Dayzee King
    Dayzee King 21 day ago

    No offence but she doesn't look very "goth" at all.

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon 24 days ago

    Who produces this shit ?

  • Atom Baum
    Atom Baum Month ago +1

    Her: "When you look at me, what do you think? Metal music? Depressed? Satan-worshipper?"
    Me: No, more like someone who listens to like goth rock or dark wave or some dumb shit.
    Her: "Well your wrong. I'm a goth, so I listen to goth rock and darkwave."

  • Atheist 101
    Atheist 101 Month ago +1

    No offense but goth is dead, emo killed it lol

  • Mótar
    Mótar Month ago +2

    What is a Goth? People like Alaric I. What are you? A Gen Z'er that's thinks mimicking an 80s trend makes her unique. Sorry love but you're a cliché. No offence.

  • James Andrew Morrison
    James Andrew Morrison Month ago +1

    WHO and WHERE are these people who go around touching other people's hair and clothes I have heard of this phenomena several times always told about by people claiming it happens all the time but in my 50 years of life I have never done it, seen it done or even heard of it done by anyone not in a youtube video!

  • James Andrew Morrison
    James Andrew Morrison Month ago +1

    No offence BUT why would I need an idea what Goth is and why would you care if i did or din't have a clue? If you want to be Goth be a Goth and get on with it why care what anyone else thinks?

  • greydoe
    greydoe Month ago

    Why isn't this a video that's not allowed to be played in my country? Then there would at least be something good about it.

  • Ambee Gaming
    Ambee Gaming Month ago

    I was Goth in school other kids told me that until Emo because a mainstream things then they told me I was Emo thinking these things would upset me I just said OK.


    No offense, but go away

  • Taylor Slay
    Taylor Slay Month ago

    Ayy! Radically Dark! :^D

  • Klos19871 Klos
    Klos19871 Klos Month ago +1

    Another person desperate for attention by dressing differently. Stunning and brave.

  • Andrews Animations
    Andrews Animations Month ago +2

    No offence, but stop putting depressed satan worshippers in my recommended

  • Zoe Austin
    Zoe Austin Month ago +3

    This is so cringy...I guess she is only 18 though. Adult goths though...oh God its painful to watch "but I'm different" nah, you're the same as all the other goths, there is literally nothing special about you and what you wear and listen to, no one cares. 🤣🤣

  • Alucard Peach
    Alucard Peach Month ago +3

    No offense, but if you're under 35, you have no clue what goth is. Your generation is emo posing as goth.

    • Alex Turner
      Alex Turner Month ago +2

      This is why people don't like goths, because of people like you gatekeeping the dumbest shit lol. Who gives a shit who identifies as a goth? You don't get to decide who is or who isn't a goth.

  • memosrt
    memosrt Month ago +9

    South Park thought me all I need to know about goth, emo and vampires.

  • Emma Jamieson
    Emma Jamieson Month ago

    No offence but Daddy issues

  • Zsófi Gulyás-Jarvis
    Zsófi Gulyás-Jarvis Month ago +3

    Awww Abi you look so cute!!! i’m so glad it turned out well :))

  • Kacper Gawecki
    Kacper Gawecki Month ago +1

    This is pretty good. Really liked it

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago +1

    Lol, wtf is this? Hahahhahahahaha

  • Lana Del Legend
    Lana Del Legend Month ago

    This video is kind of annoying and pretentious but it’s true that a lot of people don’t actually know what goth is. I see boys wanting a ‘goth gf’ and by that they mean someone who listens to lil peep, wears tennis skirts and draws black hearts under their eyes.

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox Month ago +1

    Stunning and brave.

  • Ace attorney General
    Ace attorney General Month ago +1

    No offence but this shits stupid change my mind and no not cool just attention seekers gtfoh

  • TheGoogleChrome
    TheGoogleChrome Month ago +4

    No offence, but I think she's pretending to be a victim.

    • James Andrew Morrison
      James Andrew Morrison Month ago

      "hey I know what would be cool lets all dress in black , hang about in abandoned shopping centres and drink cider YAY!"

  • Ludius Quassas
    Ludius Quassas Month ago +1

    No offence but, this video is trash and doesn't even answer the question to what are goths.
    This "goth" subculture has nothing to do with the actual history of the goths nor the subsequent artistic movements bearing their names.

    • Ludius Quassas
      Ludius Quassas Month ago +1

      Nah, that's a lame excuse.
      If goths have devolved so much that the only thing that defines them is a music genre then it's clear they have no interest in neither their heritage nor the real gothic arts.
      It's a lost movement.

    • Catharsis
      Catharsis Month ago +1

      Goth = person listening to goth music, its all in the video lmao

  • Tamatik Canada
    Tamatik Canada Month ago +2

    Liberalism is a mental illness!

  • Craig
    Craig Month ago +3

    Stop marginalizing the Goths! lol

  • Pan-Monarchist Action
    Pan-Monarchist Action Month ago +4

    No offense but the actual goths were Germanic tribes from the migration era who carved out kingdoms in Italy, Spain, North Africa etc.

  • Happy Bear
    Happy Bear Month ago

    Who cares?

  • R 648830527
    R 648830527 Month ago +1

    This whole channel is the definition of cringe.

  • Ember D&T
    Ember D&T Month ago +14

    Gothic music does not = "screamo"
    Gothic music typically = The Cure, Bauhaus, ect

    • Hana Yancey
      Hana Yancey Month ago

      @Ember D&T It isn't borderline. Brian is goth but the band Marilyn Manson is shock rock.

    • Ember D&T
      Ember D&T Month ago

      @MindMirage Manson is borderline in the genre but the other 2, no hell no

    • MindMirage
      MindMirage Month ago +6

      Ember D&T goth music isn't marilyn manson, lil peep or xxxtentacion

  • L W
    L W Month ago +2

    Your Wong!

  • B T
    B T Month ago +1

    Nobody cares love

  • Svet Lana
    Svet Lana Month ago +4

    I wonder why such people are so surprised that others stare at them. It’s psychology. If your eye catches a bright or unusual thing, you start looking more carefully at it in order to analyze it - whether it’s dangerous or not. It’s so very simple and primitive. It’s a simple instinct. So… how can you just cut off your senses and ignore what you see? “Don’t look at me, I’m not an object”. I’m sorry, dear. But if you really want nobody to stare at you - just stay at home or dress as others do. Otherwise be patient and understanding. People are curious and that’s awesome. They say, in China European tourists are often touched by the natives. And they also like to take photos with tourists just because Europeans look very exotic to them. And as a wise man once said: “It’s worse when people stop noticing you”.

  • pyrostrike uk
    pyrostrike uk Month ago +1

    Noone thinks that goths are depressed devil worshippers apart from ignorant religious zealots and chavs
    that;s it

  • Britanny Helms
    Britanny Helms Month ago +2

    Imagine being so insecure about your hobby you have to make a video about it.

  • Sub to pewdiepie Because t gay faggot

    If you call yourself something you never are you just try to be
    It’s like the people who say there funny they never are

  • Lilith
    Lilith Month ago

    My name is Abigail too!

  • poopsmcgee2k6
    poopsmcgee2k6 Month ago +2

    Straight up cringefest

  • bagplant
    bagplant Month ago +1

    this is awful.

  • Brittany Brown
    Brittany Brown Month ago +1

    let people be the way they want to be. if you have a problem with the way someone else looks, the problem is within yourself. unless of course their wearing KKK/Nazi paraphenelia. then you should have a problem lol

  • DJUniMekaju
    DJUniMekaju Month ago +1

    Without the music, the subculture wouldn't have gotten its name and its community. Why does it bother people so much? So what of you don't fit the definition pf Goth? If you like the spooky crap, then you fit the definition of Gothic. Goths will live in peace and harmony with the Darkly Inclined as long as they don't bash the music. People need to stop trying so hard to fit in a box by changing its meaning or being something they're not and just enjoy who they are and appreciate those around them who accept them as they are.

  • Worried Lungz
    Worried Lungz Month ago +4

    this video was useless lmao

  • Emily Stow
    Emily Stow Month ago +1

    I thought it was a type of architecture 🤔

    • Macallan
      Macallan Month ago

      Emily Stow no I think you pronounce that "brick"

  • mike h
    mike h Month ago +2

    18 lecturing people with more life experiences lol

  • Svetlana T
    Svetlana T Month ago

    Bruh this comment section is getting more and more toxic let's all chill out for a bit, like yeah disagree with her but some of you guys are being downright assholes at least be civil when you're disagreeing

  • Crimson Serenity
    Crimson Serenity Month ago +13

    I am a very Happy 52 year old Christian, Dominican-American, college graduate, Theatrical and Film Costume Designer, native New Yorker and I am a Goth.
    When strangers or even family members ask me about my Gothic lifestyle I tell them that it is the same as any other music based subculture like country music or hip hop for example. If you are a hardcore fan of country music then chances are that you wear cowboy hats, cowboy boots and a lot of denim. You might decorate your home in a country farm house style. And you can be of any ethnic backgrounds, religion or of no religion and you can be a part of any political party. It doesn't matter. It's actually all about the music and if you are a big fan of it you will like emulating the creators of that genre of music. It's the same with Goth. But instead of cowboy boots, cowboy hats and denim, it's lace-up boots, top hats and a lot of black. (By the way many Goths do wear colors but with a dark aesthetics. It depends on their individual tastes.) We might like to decorate our home like something out of the Addams Family or Beettlejuice or a Tim Burton movie for example. And many Goths come from many different ethnic backgrounds, religion or of no religion and may be part of any political party of their choosing. It doesn't matter. It's all about the music.
    But despite all of my explanations of what Goth is certain relatives still might not understand and ask me why I wear so much black. I simply say, "Nuns and priests wear black all of the time. Does that make them wrong?" This answer usually makes them laugh and say no. LOL!

  • Harry Holgate
    Harry Holgate Month ago

    Sounds like she’s from the dumping ground

  • Fallen Sisterhood
    Fallen Sisterhood Month ago

    In ny goths are outcasts, they get made fun of all the time. Not saying it’s right, I don’t believe in hurting or bullying anyone! Just saying. If your Goth in ny, better stick to nyc!

  • Rhdchfy Bshehdh
    Rhdchfy Bshehdh Month ago +1

    You have no idea what a goth is.... just listed everything I thought a goth was... awks

  • MonstahGP
    MonstahGP Month ago +2

    She drinks monster energy drink

  • I am no-one
    I am no-one Month ago

    No one cares

  • Fizzabel
    Fizzabel Month ago +1

    sounds like a female version of Richmond from IT Crowd

  • Scarlett Sometimes
    Scarlett Sometimes Month ago +7

    A lot of people still don’t understand goths, and you probably don’t even if you think you do unless you are or have been one. Alternative looking people are still getting a hard time and it should be recognised that it’s a stronger choice than just deciding to ‘look cool’ or wear black jeans instead of blue. It means a lot to our confidence that we have an identity and are being true to ourselves. I’m only speaking for the goths who prefer to dress gothic, obviously we don’t all wear velvet. I know that I stopped dressing how I wanted because of all the discrimination I received. It’s no different than a man being made to feel weird for wearing a skirt, and that’s recognised as a gender crime. So it’s about time the world caught up.

    • Scarlett Sometimes
      Scarlett Sometimes Month ago

      Hana Yancey which bands? Goth is a super broad term, there’s many subcultures under the goth umbrella so that might be where you’re getting confused.

    • Hana Yancey
      Hana Yancey Month ago

      @Scarlett Sometimes Some Goths in bands wear blue jeans. Wearing dark things doesn't make you Goth. I think your expectations are ridiculous.

    • Scarlett Sometimes
      Scarlett Sometimes Month ago

      ​@Hana Yancey when you are gothically inclined it makes you feel differently about wearing blue jeans, identity means a lot more to us than other 'normal' people, I think. It's merely an aesthetic choice, but if you feel most comfortable in a scene that is gothic you'll generally prefer to not wear blue jeans except to work or to fit in. Goth isn't just about liking gothic things like Anne Rice and Bauhaus, it's also about taste.

    • Hana Yancey
      Hana Yancey Month ago +1

      Goths can dress however they want. Dressing in blue jeans doesn't make you less of one.

  • ozazure
    ozazure Month ago +2

    Truly, is this designed to generate intolerance?! I'd say most people know what goth is because a) it's not new b) it's not that unusual.

    • DJUniMekaju
      DJUniMekaju Month ago

      Every person I've ever talked to, even a Gothic chick, had no idea Goth was about music. Those who are Normies thought Goth mint liking spooky stuff, being a Satan worshipper or Wiccan, and being depressed and hating humans.

    • Dafni Kemeridou
      Dafni Kemeridou Month ago +1

      Most people have a vague idea of what goth is, edgy kids with white faces and heavy eyeliner, dressed in black and listening to depressing music. Non-alternative people usually believe it's a bad/brutal/aggressive thing, and I'd say that most of the stereotypes are confused with the black metal scene. A lot of people think we listen to aggressive music, but in fact a lot of people may like gothic songs or artists without even knowing.

  • therealslimwhitie
    therealslimwhitie Month ago

    No offense but you not scitso enough to be goth

  • Svetlana T
    Svetlana T Month ago +2

    Another comment lmao because I'm bored.
    I think she went into this thinking that it would give a positive light to the goth community but because of the overall "attitude" it only made us look... bad idk. She didn't intentionally do this but from all of the horrible comments I've seen,, this video did the opposite from its intention sorry. I believe she could have done such a better job if she was given more than 60 seconds tbh.
    I think us as a community need to stop it with this kind of like "we're helpless because of all of the harassment please stop" and instead, either laugh it off or take it as an opportunity to educate instead of complaining and breaking down. Wonder why other goth RUclip videos regarding people who dislike us have a relatively better like/dislike ratio than this one? It's because of their attitude. They're laughing at the hate comments, making jokes, they're not complaining or playing victim. I don't blame Abigail for this video coming off with a victim kind of mentality because of the short amount of time she was given but this is not a very good portrayal of people in the community
    I also see a lot of goths telling her she doesn't know what goth is or that she's gatekeeping, can someone explain to me how she is doing so?

    • Cadaver Kelly
      Cadaver Kelly Month ago +2

      Lilith Tritone It’s because she uttered the word “music” 😂😂😂

    • Svetlana T
      Svetlana T Month ago

      @Radically Dark I see, I'm still confused as to why people are calling you a gatekeeper though lmao 😭

    • Radically Dark
      Radically Dark Month ago +2

      When I wrote this the bbc asked for it to be like this! If you want more in depth left victim videos I do have sooo many on my channel! The reason I was contacted to begin with!
      I also plan on releasing my reaction to this aswell!
      I think what people don’t get is how many rewrites and edits and alterations were made to make his get the most engagement

    • Kai Decadence
      Kai Decadence Month ago +2

      I think she did a fine enough job for what it is but yes, 60 seconds is not enough time to talk about Goth especially when Goth is music-based. I'm happy that she at least dispelled the stereotype that Metal is Goth music and that she highlighted Gothic Rock & Darkwave as true Goth music. But as for the social stuff like touching and whatnot, I feel it wasn't really needed. It's true that having a "we're helpless" vibe really doesn't help at all and only makes things work. The best way to navigate through this kind of stuff is having a sense of humor and rolling with it.

      As for the gatekeeping thing, the people saying that are being ignorant. I believe they are only saying this because she said "Goths listen to Goth music" and she's not wrong about that. For decades we've had those people who claim to be Goth without liking Goth music which is just redundant. That's like saying you're a Metalhead when you don't like Metal music. It's the same for Goth but these darkly-inclined people just can't accept that Goth like Metal, Punk, and Emo are music-based subcultures.

  • Elite
    Elite Month ago

    *...Is "goth" still a thing??* This video is so cringey.

    • Laurin Garcia
      Laurin Garcia Month ago

      Even Disneyland have a special day dedicated to Goth called "Bats Day". There are so many Goth festivals and convention all over the world. I personally just attended a Goth convention just this past March in New Jersey. It's still a thing alright and to a certain extent has even become main stream.

    • Alicornz RBLX
      Alicornz RBLX Month ago

      @octavia88 Its possible for the Goth subculture and The music to be trending

    • octavia88
      octavia88 Month ago

      It's never been a thing. Goth isn't a trend.

    • Mumma Goth
      Mumma Goth Month ago +1

      Look up Wave Gotik Treffen 🖤

    • Svetlana T
      Svetlana T Month ago

      It was a thing since the 1980s and there are still thousands of goths around the world, you just don't see them often. But yeah this video isn't the best

  • ForeverDreamWithinADream

    I don't mind if people look at me as that is only natural when you stand out. I just don't want random strangers trying to touch me. But yes, the subculture is a music based on and fashion is more secondary and more of personal tastes or just a way to express ourselves.

    • Kai Decadence
      Kai Decadence Month ago

      @ForeverDreamWithinADream Okay the touching one is definitely crossing the line so fair point there.

    • ForeverDreamWithinADream
      ForeverDreamWithinADream Month ago

      @Kai Decadence I had some weird experience with someone trying to pick me up at a store and another person won't stop touching my legs. Not sure for others.

    • Kai Decadence
      Kai Decadence Month ago

      Is the touching thing really that common? In my experience, people tend to ask before they touch and even that is rare (touching) lol.

    MAKER HAPPY Month ago +2

    No offense but you're stupid speech impediments are making it almost impossible to hear anything that you guys are saying. do you understand what the letter R is, and or how it's pronounced. You think you guys sound like you're speaking "proper" but you can't even pronounce the word proper properly. It sounds like prophaaa when you say it and then you try to say that that's the correct way of doing it when the proper way to say something would be to pronounce the letters that are in it as stated in the American language. I'm still super surprised that to this day they are teaching improper pronunciations in the whole damn country

  • Alex S.
    Alex S. Month ago

    It’s subjective stfu

  • Svetlana T
    Svetlana T Month ago +2

    I think the main reason why this video got a lot of negative feedback was because of her attitude. I'm a goth and I got this kind of... victim vibe off of her during the entire video? In addition, I think she was taking herself wayy too seriously. Trust me guys, goth isn't this serious, it's about enjoying the music and fashion you love and that's all there is to it.
    She didn't exactly explain where the music came from very well and didn't really successfully debunk any stereotypes. In my opinion, it sounded more like she was complaining rather that educating.
    Yes, it can be annoying when people mistaken us for emos or metal heads but... it's not that deep. We dress similarly so people are going to assume so. It's not the worst thing to be ignorant about. It's so menial compared to other things. The harassment part I totally get but at the end of the day, the best thing to do is just laugh and not take it too seriously. This sort of attitude won't get us anywhere and it's why everyone thinks we're depressed.
    I also think this was the wrong platform to post this subject matter on. I think a video like this would have suited a goth discussion channel way better than BBC3, because it would be posted in a place where it can easily find its target audience, however a majority of BBC3 watchers aren't goth so they wouldn't really care.
    Edit: I think she went into this video with the intention of educating but, it just came out wrong oof. Oh well

    • ShyFerret
      ShyFerret Month ago +1

      Lilith Tritone Agreed 10000%

  • Sir Winston O Boogie Lennon

    Yes I do and I don’t care let me know when you start cutting I’ll watch that. Not

    • Svetlana T
      Svetlana T Month ago

      @Sir Winston O Boogie Lennon yeah

    • Sir Winston O Boogie Lennon
      Sir Winston O Boogie Lennon Month ago

      Lilith Tritone do you still get high on nutmeg ?

    • ShyFerret
      ShyFerret Month ago +1

      Sir Winston O Boogie Lennon i haven’t cut myself since i was a depressed teen-LONG before I was into goth stuff.

    • Svetlana T
      Svetlana T Month ago +4

      You obviously don't know what goth is if you think we all cut ourselves lmfao. Tbh this video isn't really informative and is mainly just her complaining, but don't sit there and say you know what the goth subculture is and then contradict yourself by saying something not true. It's a music and fashion based subculture and that's all there is to it. We listen to the music and dress like this because life is short so we might as well enjoy ourselves right?

  • Passiou.sLoves
    Passiou.sLoves Month ago +2

    I’m sorry but I didn’t learn anything about goths in this video still confused

    • DJUniMekaju
      DJUniMekaju Month ago

      At 0:15 - "I'm a Goth because I listen to Goth music". That's all it really is.

    • Svetlana T
      Svetlana T Month ago

      I don't blame you, this video is mostly complaining unfortunately

  • Sage
    Sage Month ago +17

    A lot of people hating on this person. She probably gets a lot of assumptions thrown at her and wanted to say something. Why do you all have to be so harsh? Let her be!

    • Sage
      Sage Month ago

      @Stripey Arse I don't think she's ugly at all.

    • Stripey Arse
      Stripey Arse Month ago

      So I'm sure she's big enough and ugly enough to handle it. ;)

    • Stripey Arse
      Stripey Arse Month ago

      She took this gig to spout off on BBC, so she gets the crititique.