Avril Lavigne - Complicated (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Feb 25, 2010
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    Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
    I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else
    Gets me frustrated
    Life's like this
    You, you fall and you crawl and you break
    And you take what you get and you turn it into honesty
    You promised me I'm never gonna find you fake it
    No, no, no
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  • Jean Xavier
    Jean Xavier Hour ago


  • Thamires Saldanha
    Thamires Saldanha 2 hours ago

    Amoo 😍😍quem ai escuta em 2019

  • Sebasport 13
    Sebasport 13 2 hours ago


  • mellenio tri
    mellenio tri 2 hours ago

    Omg , this music realese in 2002 ?

  • Greg Lathrop
    Greg Lathrop 2 hours ago

    and... me, pfft.

  • Kurt Nirvana
    Kurt Nirvana 2 hours ago

    Who come with me for a commercial party ? 🙈😂😄
    Why it’s so complicated 😂🤟🏻

  • Lyrics
    Lyrics 3 hours ago

    Why am I here for 2 hours. I was searcing some staff for my work?????????????? But I missed you Avril.. 2019 sept :)

  • Daniel Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira 3 hours ago

    I razzi sperimentali allegorici sono parte del cielo poetico! L'uomo della poesia è Sommalie di Sunset Wines! The Man of Poetry è direttore d'orchestra e dirige l'orchestra di parole musicali! L'uomo delle parole vuole vivere in una piccola scatola di uva fatta di parole poetiche! L'uomo della poesia ha un castello di scatole di sogni già pronti! L'incontestabile leggerezza delle parole provoca la comprensione del poeta! La mia testa è una giostra di parole, che gira alla velocità della luce! Il pianoforte per mare ha note musicali ventose per ingrandire il creatore! L'abito booboo ha linee anatomiche indicibili! la mia lamina è un lampo blu che scrive gigli d'amore! Mulini a vento, trasforma l'immaginazione, gira, gira, gira! Il vento sale nella finestrella lasciando tracce di luce! La gelatina avrebbe isolato il giardino azzurro! Le foglie d'autunno devono cadere dagli occhi per illuminare la luce! La Gelatina avrebbe isolato il giardino blu Ci sarà sempre, in tutto il mondo, una piccola luce che piange per le anime! ! L'uomo della poesia indosserà la toga dal suo nascondiglio, e nessun occhio vede!

  • Thiago Rammi
    Thiago Rammi 3 hours ago

    Além de ter estilo rebelde adolescente, que era muito legal, ainda tinha uma voz ótima. Inacreditável como tudo isso virou essa porcaria de hoje em dia...

  • anndyvlx
    anndyvlx 4 hours ago +1

    September 2019 ...anyone

  • Stefani Souza
    Stefani Souza 4 hours ago

    2019? 🇧🇷❤

  • user 413
    user 413 5 hours ago

    I feel like a loser listening to this, i anyways love it!

  • Ananda Costa
    Ananda Costa 5 hours ago +1


  • Cam Sutcliff
    Cam Sutcliff 7 hours ago

    Sellers hates these peoples in shops xDD

  • twice momoinmidajuseyo twice sanainmidajuseyo

    is avril lavigne die i heard some news that avril lavigne now is a clone
    sorry for bad english just asking if its true

  • metal ba
    metal ba 7 hours ago

    Na moral essa cantora e muito gata quem concorda

  • Donaldo K. Das
    Donaldo K. Das 8 hours ago

    What a song, literally, what a song!

  • raphie tras87
    raphie tras87 8 hours ago +1

    Who else misses when we used to have music like this so sad that we can’t have music this good anymore

  • KIDkidyilnside Chanalteam

    Official playnephmchabmag My Avril Lavigne Complicated fangyoutilnside 2019by 👍🏻77

  • Ghislain Styve
    Ghislain Styve 10 hours ago

    Ce son es trop cool

  • Long Giang Ngô
    Long Giang Ngô 11 hours ago +1

    Honestly I never knew this song is Avril Lavigne's until yesterday

  • Ericka Fernandez
    Ericka Fernandez 12 hours ago

    This is the song from the movie "AFTER"

    • Donna 07
      Donna 07 9 hours ago

      This song is made way back in 2002.

  • Mariah Smith
    Mariah Smith 15 hours ago

    This has got to be the most iconic and anthem song for the early 2000s...same for the video. Man Avril was like super good. Still is. But she had it all. Complete bad ass! Who gave zero fucks! And could probably beat anyways ass who got in her way 😂 we love female power💪🏻. Crazy to hear me say I’ll be seeing her in 7 days live for the FIRST time.

  • Angel Pineda
    Angel Pineda 15 hours ago +2

    The first time I heard Avril Lavigne was in 2016 and now almost turning 22, life is very complicated

  • Susana Mendez
    Susana Mendez 20 hours ago +1

    This is the song I was telling my dad about but he forgot about this song but I still remember and this is my first very song I like

  • Alexandra Tenemea
    Alexandra Tenemea 21 hour ago

    Yo la escuchaba desde mis 12 años, que hermosa adolescencia la que viví 🧡☘ y aún la sigo escuchando, simplemente hay canciones que no pasarán de moda.

  • William Maia
    William Maia 22 hours ago

    19/09/19 só lembranças do tempo da escola

  • Ciaran Edwards
    Ciaran Edwards 22 hours ago

    Girly music but this reminds me of my ex :/

  • some .one
    some .one 23 hours ago


  • Mohamed Ouhdou
    Mohamed Ouhdou 23 hours ago


  • Robert Schmidt
    Robert Schmidt 23 hours ago +1

    Abbey you are so funny in this video.bwah ha ha

  • JG CB
    JG CB Day ago

    Come here, baby
    You know you drive me up the wall
    The way you make good on all the nasty tricks you pull
    Seems like we're makin' up more than we're makin' love
    And it always seems you got somethin' on your mind other than me
    Girl, you got to change your crazy ways
    You hear me?

    • Donna 07
      Donna 07 9 hours ago

      A wrong song . Sorry :/

  • Nadie Te preguntó

    Que bonitos días aquellos :c

  • charlotte bizer
    charlotte bizer Day ago

    ur amazing

  • Moisés kruger
    Moisés kruger Day ago

    a beautiful sound forever

  • Leo Valentine
    Leo Valentine Day ago

    Maria Ofelia Vasquez
    Pacific Palisades California

  • David Brady
    David Brady Day ago

    She’s married to chad kroeger😀

    • Donna 07
      Donna 07 Day ago

      She *was* married to him. They broke up in 2015.
      A fact (if you know): She was married before Kroeger to Deryck Whibley (singer from punk band Sum 41). Lavigne and Whibley were together from 2006-2011. Avril wrote a song "Wish you were here" about Deryck.

  • sanjog ghimire
    sanjog ghimire Day ago

    Those rebellious teenage days. Man those were the days .

  • Batang Rebelde05

    Still my jam!

  • Rafaela Roque
    Rafaela Roque Day ago

    Miss this

  • Bekky Haji
    Bekky Haji Day ago

    Back then punk emo culture meant Avril. Maybe still does...🤘
    Anyone who done punk emo back then??? 😁

    • Bekky Haji
      Bekky Haji Day ago

      @Donna 07 ya but there's always an inception 🤘

    • Donna 07
      Donna 07 Day ago

      @Bekky Haji yes. My chemical romance was emo punk.

    • Bekky Haji
      Bekky Haji Day ago

      @Donna 07 okay punk which gave birth to emo culture 😁

    • Donna 07
      Donna 07 Day ago

      It's punk not emo ;-;

  • Vanelopee Candy
    Vanelopee Candy Day ago

    Avril lavigne reminds me of billie eillish but in a *JoLLy WaYyy*

  • blablabaka blabkablabala

    i hate when i cant find that random lyric guy

  • Draft D.
    Draft D. Day ago

    Alle meine Brüder wissen Drogensucht ist wie ein Gefängnis

  • Imemyself xoxo
    Imemyself xoxo Day ago

    I was 10 years old when this song came out. Didn't even know back then who Avril was.😂 Saw this video when I was 14-15 since then I fallen in love with Punk Princess & her songs! Used to listen " I'm with you " in the playlist repeatedly. I loved most of her songs and wish that as long as I'm alive, I get to listen to her songs! ❤️ All the love from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sing here's to never growing up, folks! ;)

  • Maude Dillin
    Maude Dillin Day ago

    This song was my personal anthem when I was 11 - I remember my best friend and I were both obsessed with it. As a perpetual "weird" kid it spoke to me on a spiritual level and I thought it was so deep for validating my pre-pubescent disdain for the preppy cliques at my school lmao

  • General Ahmed
    General Ahmed Day ago +1

    Life got so complicated :(

  • Jezeel jezzy
    Jezeel jezzy Day ago

    I used to have a crush on her
    Love from Sudan ❤

  • Frank Cutipa miranda


  • First name Last name

    2:02 I do that

  • Pirulito Chegaray

    Mujer si entiendes esto eres el amor de mi vida te lo juro algún día que me haga famoso me caso con vooooz así ya estes viejitaaaa :(

  • Antonio lucas
    Antonio lucas Day ago


  • Martha Cevallos
    Martha Cevallos Day ago +1


  • Hong Yi Kun
    Hong Yi Kun Day ago

    well, watching avril way back in 2002, it is like we being through many things too... wishing my queen well and come back this year!

  • Buena La rata:v
    Buena La rata:v Day ago

    F for Avril

  • Mohamed Ouhdou
    Mohamed Ouhdou Day ago


  • Griifinross1530
    Griifinross1530 Day ago

    Coming back now to relive my childhood