Tokyo Ghost Bar

Tokyo has lots of themed bars, and so, in the spirit of Halloween, we're heading to a Tokyo Ghost Bar, known as Yurei. It's in Kichijoji, and it's super fun. Check it out!

Also, if you're looking for the winner of the Halloween Candy from last week's video, we'll announce them Monday for Eatyoursushi :D

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Автор The Otaku ( назад)
I thought the titles was Tokyo ghoul bar XD

Автор ♥MochiiKatx♥ ( назад)
You two remind me of JennaMarbles and her boyfriend Julien. :'D

Автор Hussain Ridai ( назад)
i have got the bum sprayer toilet and I'm in the UK they only give it to people who are disabled

Автор anon1234 ( назад)
me, a loser who likes skim milk: DDDDDDDD:

Автор unaanguila ( назад)
Thanks for sharing!

Автор Ally 1995 ( назад)

Автор Clarisse Mae Campos ( назад)
what is bum spray?

Автор Pop Gas ( назад)
You do know how much Martina's "spicyness "tolerance is right?

Автор Nekumei Meiko ( назад)
I really like how she calls Simon ducky, it's really cute

Автор Lai Parco ( назад)
Uh, I don't really think I can do the coffin thing.

Автор torato ( назад)
your ゆうれい spell is wrong.
遊麗☓    幽霊◯

Автор notafangirl ( назад)
Loving the sound effects from The Wallflower <3

Автор ChibiPanda8888 ( назад)
Martina, is that a Loki hairbow? It looks like the one I have! For the glimpse I got of it.... Cute tho!! :D

Автор lady galadriel ( назад)
love this video so much. I swear I've watched it more than 10 times and it never gets old

Автор SoundsLikeCalamari ( назад)
Cream cheese eyeballs huh 😂

Автор vampvivid ( назад)
Plot twist: Simon choose all the spicy ones on purpose to protect his wife from eating the very spice one ;)

Автор vampvivid ( назад)

Автор itsJoshV ( назад)
noooooo Simoooooonnnn

Автор xpinkHOLIC ( назад)
I love when simon loses so much. 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Twenty one crybabys At the disco ( назад)
2% milk all the way yooo

Автор Sarah Kim ( назад)
1:48 when they said Russian roulette I immediately thought red velvet

Автор Cynthia Candelaria ( назад)
What are those type of places like that called? The whole private booth and having a window like that where the waitress shows up.

Автор FBIMOUS377 ( назад)
I have a question :)
... Do you have to take your shoes off when you walk into any and every building/establishment? Like bars, restaurants and places like this? Or just specific places?

Автор Hye Song ( назад)
A ghost bar sounds interesting to go to.

Автор Starry Night ( назад)
Halloween is my favourite holiday and this cafe is so much fun ^____^ Plus I love you guys!

Автор Malatang ( назад)
I laughed SO HARD I just had tofu come through my nose because of that "fat vampire Martina" bit. That is exactly what I would say were I to be turned into a vampire. I'd be like nah son give me a month to get fit first before you turn me haha love you Martina x'D

Автор JG DEM86 ( назад)
Hilarious haha

Автор AnaxErik4ever ( назад)
I've heard stories about "bum sprayers", but is drinking Skim milk really all that bad?  It's what I use in my tea, cereal, whatever have you unless I'm baking.  Then, it's half-and-half.

Автор JOE SMITH ( назад)
😂😂😂😂 do more of these...

Автор RoseLikeTheFlower ( назад)
PUAHAHAAH!! XD the bit about being Fat Vampire Martina forever XD i love you guys XD

Автор YamiAlex224 ( назад)
poor simon its like eat your sushi all over again

Автор TheRealSala ( назад)
at first I didn't expect much but that actually looks like a fun experience

Автор TheRealSala ( назад)
I love food that looks like other food! 😀

Автор TheRealSala ( назад)
Martina can you do an outfit of the day video or pic when you film? I love your style and would love to know where you get your stuff from 😀

Автор BreSkitty ( назад)
"America why don't you have bum spray?!" 😂😂😂😂💀

Автор Moheem Palal ( назад)
best couple ever

Автор Nissan Karki ( назад)
"I was itchy for the rest of the day" Lost. My. Shit.

Автор Morgawayne EagleDove ( назад)
Becomes a vampire: Damn it, I should have loose weight! Now m gonna be a fat vampire FOREVER!!

Автор eraserh ( назад)
LOLOLOLOL I thought they're gonna say something about their horror experience in Japan! 😂😂😂😂😂

Lmfao Simon lose 3 times! 😂

Автор The Half Ginger ( назад)
I'd send you milk from a dairy that we have in Montana, but I feel that until I develop teleportation that isn't going to happen. Healthiest and happiest cows, can't tell the difference. If you're ever in Northwestern Montana, pick up Kalispell Kreamery Skim. Also they have the best chocolate milk. I may be biased, but it's absolutely delicious! Trrrrry it if you're ever in the states (and specifically that one, in the northwest region. :))

Автор Johanna Cook ( назад)
ha ha ha, you guys are the best!

Автор Zaccerius Trevino ( назад)
yall are so awesome and cute. love yall guy's

Автор denise imfeld ( назад)
sorry Simon but I laughed so hard by the third one, but at least your sinuses were clear for a week after.

Автор Sofia Luna ( назад)

Автор ColbyCheeser ( назад)
Love your videos!! Keep up the awesomeness!

Автор Katie Loe ( назад)
Martina your hair is supppperrr cute O: winning. 100% winning.

Автор pandakittyxo ( назад)
I dont mean to be rude, im just really curious.. How come they dont have children yet? Dont they want to have babies?

Автор SugoiAnnika ( назад)
I love Martina's hair in this video <3 Keep up the good work guys, you guys are awesome :D

Автор Ket ast ( назад)
I'm gonna be like this forever I SHOULD HAVE LOST WEIGHT lololol

Автор TravelWsal ( назад)
omg i loved your delivery story hahaah

Автор mrTabascohot ( назад)
In America you are supposed to wipe all the shit off your ass.  Not let some stay to crust up.

Автор irontokki09 ( назад)
11:02 My first thought if I ever die and become a ghost 😂

Автор TheDrakon ( назад)
Do fat vampires need to drink more blood than their skinnier counterparts?

Автор JNguyen ( назад)
And. . . there goes all of Martina's good mojo for the next year for the next time they do a challenge together. But dude, 3 cream puffs in a row? You're so lucky, Martina!

Автор apforeverfriends ( назад)
Спасибо большое за русские субтитры!)))

Автор north925 ( назад)
I know they are married and all, but, I would so get down with Simon. Like in bed lol, sorry bout it....then i'd get down with Martina, lol.......sorry, I couldnt resist, they seem so fun, maybe I should just try ad just get down with Dan, lol......

Автор Liz Adams ( назад)
Funny video. Thanks for the entertainment.
On another note, I was checking out the new swag from your store and wonder what is the black stripe on Spudgy's back/side? I can't figure it out.

Автор Keita Moose ( назад)
I love skim milk, it's so refreshing!

Автор katherine's the unicorn ( назад)
Simon I send u the power of the PURPLE UNICORN!!!!! good luck on the weekly challenge :)

Автор Okara Imani ( назад)
bahahaha "damnit, now i'll be fat vampire martina forever!" lol same

Автор MarshmallowMaiden ( назад)
Simon lost the weekly challenge.

Автор PoppyDada27 ( назад)
Martinachka, I love your dress! Where did you get it?

Автор Kat Klockow ( назад)
Oh my Ghostess, I need to go to this bar the next time I'm in Tokyo! <3

Автор STELIOS ( назад)

Автор Mizhelle ( назад)
Simon's stories are mostly related to poop.

Автор Gina Nguyen ( назад)
OMG I always think about that! If I were to become immortal will I stay fat forever?

Автор Emilia Djohan ( назад)
Simon growed a beard

Автор leslienieves1870 ( назад)
Lol this made me laugh so much thank you I'm sick with a stuffy nose so this made my day so much better 😘💕💕💕😘

Автор meridian hi ( назад)
watched this vid the third time now. i miss you guys

Автор Angie Lara ( назад)
That place looks like so much fun! It was so funny when Simon kept loosing haha I loved this video❤️

Автор Destri Tucker ( назад)
I hope y'all are doing ok!

Автор Bonny M ( назад)
Hello im vampire martina and i will never age or change... wait DAMNIT I SHOULDVE LOST WEIGHT xD I LOVE YOU BOTH

Автор Stevie Rose ( назад)
I'm so hyped for Halloween omg. Too bad we don't have any themed bars like this over here in Canada. :')
This place seems like juuust the right amount of tacky ghouly fun. 😂

Автор Jadduck ( назад)
We haven't had an Eat your Sushi episode in over a month, is everything okay?

Автор mrbobbyellis ( назад)
Do these clowns live entirely off of youtube money? I honestly don't understand how they afford some of the higher end epicurean locales...

Автор Jiaxin Ong ( назад)
i love that you guys are so entertaining all the time hahaha best horror stories ever!!!

Автор rose ramil ( назад)
So I'm from America and idk what a bum spray is???

Автор Randells123 ( назад)
I absolutely LOVE your first world horror stories! So funny, great job <3

Автор Highestcloud ( назад)
that las vegas story cracked me up... I was eating xD

Автор TheVampirePrincess17 ( назад)
I had a dream last night that Kogi had a girlfriend and at one point I swear I saw miss piggy. Also, my mom calls it dropping a grumpy instead of curling one out.

Автор cgkitti ( назад)
these first world horror stories are hilarious

Автор sednonsatia ( назад)
you guys got some really epic bg music going on lol

Автор shaira talukdar ( назад)
Where's the eat your sushi episodes? I miss them xxx

Автор Sentralia ( назад)
Nice to see Martina's losing streak come to an end. XD

Автор Husna Sulaiman ( назад)
who drinks skimmed milk?! LOL!

Автор Lesly Santos ( назад)
lmao shoulda lost weight before i was a vampire xD

Автор mio ( назад)
the editing was A1 and the spooky stories made me laugh! poor Simon hahahaha. this seems so fun, i wish the US hyped halloween like Japan did ! )---: BTW, you guys should do a video on actual scary encounters you guys had! :D

Автор pruplekitten 1021 ( назад)
Her Canadian roots came out when she said eh!!!!!!

Автор Simon and Martina ( назад)
Thank you so much +Jennifer Tourangeau for translating everything into French! That's amazing!

Автор Rana Aboujaoude ( назад)
I'm going in my blue + pink unicorn kigurumi because I actually am a unicorn and I'm also lazy. At 18, that's as much effort as I will put in to get free candy.

Автор amti storonat ( назад)
You guys never fail to make me laugh, this video was so funny! 😂

Автор TheAlphamorph ( назад)
Dang Halloween is comin faster than I thought.

Автор SleepingPillow ( назад)
wait what happened to EYS?

Автор LykkeZ ( назад)
I laughed so much of simons poop story 😂

Автор Penny ( назад)
Hey Simon and Martina! :D I want to be your friend :3

Автор William Kenny ( назад)
wow This is like Martin's Ultimate revenge till the shot and you knew it was coming

Автор truth betold ( назад)
you guys are beyond cute! :D

Автор Adrienne Danehy-Oakes ( назад)
Gonna say, as some one who has trouble with lots of fats in food, and who, for 4 months, due to gall stones, couldn't ingest much fat at all... Skim or nonfat milk is awesome, way better then not having the ability to have any milk at all.

Normally love you guys, and still loved most of this video, but... dunno. Sometimes people can't have regular milk. -Shrug-

Автор healingv1sion ( назад)
I drink skim milk. I also put water in whole milk. NOOOOOOOOOO

Автор phoebechan192 ( назад)
Thank you Simon and Martina I needed this. This month has been horrible. My Mom has been in the hospital pretty much all month. I needed this video to help me laugh.

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