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  • Published on Jan 18, 2017
  • Betsy DeVos Confirmation Hearing for Education Secretary | President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, was grilled by Democratic senators in a Tuesday evening hearing on her views on public education and her background as a wealthy Republican donor.
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Comments • 537

  • Thomas Tamir
    Thomas Tamir 10 hours ago

    Big Chief fire breather, how come nothing is said about the special council being all democraps? You jerks are a joke. The aliens come here to look at the animals then go to the circus for a laugh. I wonder if there is a travel agency that has earth tours?

  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 10 hours ago

    If we didn’t get Democrats in 2018 in congress, we were going to collapse as US government in the hands is treasonous republican politicians

  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 10 hours ago

    Protect tax payers’ dollars the individual she works with will protect tem like Trump

  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 10 hours ago

    What qualifications do u have Moran?

  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 10 hours ago

    Cannot stand this woman..go warren, , she is a stupid bit..

  • Branden Stangle
    Branden Stangle 13 hours ago

    Elisabeth always gives the corrupt people that testify in front of her a parting gift at least....It's a bag that includes their ass and bottom jaw back.

  • kvdgadj
    kvdgadj 14 hours ago

    How come they don't impeach her. So much moneys wasted on her.

  • Becca Hollingsworth
    Becca Hollingsworth 16 hours ago

    How are you on real estate fraud and identity fraud and civil rights I like you.

  • Becca Hollingsworth
    Becca Hollingsworth 16 hours ago

    Dang mrs. Warren I like you straight to the point.

  • Cleo puma
    Cleo puma Day ago

    I love watching her. She has my vote!

  • Miss M
    Miss M Day ago

    Cruella "Betsy" DeVil cannot even say 'Senator' correctly. She consistently shortens the word to a disrespectful "Senter".

  • Charlene Lord
    Charlene Lord Day ago

    Of all of rump's duties, the easiest, by far, is hiring experienced competent people. The guy gets a big fat "F." DeVos is the dumbest of the dumb flakes in this country. BTW, I tried to write her a letter concerning student loan debt. She does NOT accept mail, email or phone calls. Bitch probably can't read!

  • Thomas D. Griffith
    Thomas D. Griffith 2 days ago +1

    DeVoss dumb as a bucket of nails. She only got the job because she contributed millions to lying con-man criminal rapist sexual pervert fucking moron tRump's campaign! She isn't qualified to even shovel horse shit from a barn let alone be secretary of education! What a fucking brutal joke on the American people! FIRE THE BITCH!!!

  • joey g
    joey g 2 days ago +1

    Trump has drained the swamp and added alligators ...Shame shame ...Welcome to the banana republic

  • OGG
    OGG 2 days ago

    OMG, Mrs Davos is so stupid!

  • Hildebeast Clinton
    Hildebeast Clinton 2 days ago +1

    Numero Uno: "Have you ever faked your ancestry?"

  • john farmer
    john farmer 3 days ago

    When you loan 10,000 dollars a year to kids with bad grades taking low paying degrees is a froud on them and our country. This happened before Mrs. Devo's got there.

  • zspicer524
    zspicer524 3 days ago

    Why does sen. Warren keep tryin??

  • A Political Animal Now
    A Political Animal Now 3 days ago +1

    devos is a religious freak!!! No way should she be in there!!! It's absolutely despicable!!

  • Each And Eberything
    Each And Eberything 3 days ago

    Thank goodness she is gone.

  • Hot 88s
    Hot 88s 3 days ago

    Somebody please drain the swamp.

  • Jeff Zabelski
    Jeff Zabelski 3 days ago

    Betsy DeVos is a perfect sycophantic rich asshole for Our Lord LittleHands.
    A racist EvenGenital KKKristian RepublicKKKlan would be jealous of her!

  • Les Subrick
    Les Subrick 4 days ago +1

    Devos is like her brother, Prince, they are both deviate billionaire idiots who do NOT give a rats ass about the people in the USA!

  • Gregg Hernandez
    Gregg Hernandez 4 days ago +1

    Jeez, another smiling incompetent sycophant of the Trump administration. These people really make me ill. What is funny is you have Trump supporters who continue to support him only turn on him when his policies affect them personally.

  • Muffin Top
    Muffin Top 4 days ago

    The guy next to Warren has rapey eyes.

  • Carolyn Talbot
    Carolyn Talbot 5 days ago +3

    Elizabeth Warren is a MACHINE! Drain the swamp 2020!🌊🌊🌊💯💯💯👏👏👏

    • Arturo RoblesGiveit2me
      Arturo RoblesGiveit2me 4 days ago +1

      Yes, I like Elizabeth Warren, however, I am concerned about her pivot to a more centrist position on things like healthcare, free college, the Green New Deal and her stance on war which leads me to believe that she might, in the end, be another sellout like Barrack Bahama-Mama.

  • jbjbbsblove
    jbjbbsblove 5 days ago

    Back to viewing this in 2019. Being a presidential candidate, I was reminded of this AWESOME and brutal questioning she did. Elizabeth Warren is fantastic

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins 5 days ago

    A classic!

  • Ashira Mayalall
    Ashira Mayalall 5 days ago

    Queen 👑

  • George Morris
    George Morris 6 days ago

    Warren is a lily white liar ,who stole an education from north American Indians ,a sick progressive COMMIE Ho

  • Wheezy
    Wheezy 6 days ago +2

    Betsy Devos is an evil monster

  • Rangana Bartlett
    Rangana Bartlett 7 days ago

    They kinda look like the same person lol

  • Donald Whittaker
    Donald Whittaker 7 days ago

    Knockout in one round

  • Shelfish
    Shelfish 7 days ago

    Warren 2020!

  • Jerry Thompson
    Jerry Thompson 7 days ago

    I don't see her getting destroyed, I see Warren asking about ethics, when she lied about her heritage, but nope, she didn't mop the floor with anyone...

    • Stormy Ben
      Stormy Ben 7 days ago

      Your an idiot yes warren mopped the floor with her devos sounds like a moron, study and read up on ur facts before commenting and making urself seem like a moron

  • AngryTypingGuy27
    AngryTypingGuy27 9 days ago

    A real bimbo this one is

  • Toni R.
    Toni R. 9 days ago +1

    oh my god she looks TERRIFIED, i love it - even 2 years later!

  • Chuck N
    Chuck N 11 days ago

    I like the part where she said I have not

  • C Davis
    C Davis 11 days ago

    "For Profit" education guarantees that wealthy kids get even more perks while a working poor class remains in the welfare hole. A "for profit" healthcare system treats every disease diagnosis as a profitable commodity and guarantees plenty of "for profit" disease & more Big Pharma drugs to cover up the symptoms......never a cure. A "for profit" prison system removes the mechanism for rehabilitation so that inmates become contributing members of society after their debt is paid because prison re-entry is MORE PROFITABLE! Crony Capitalists can corrupt & monetize all other markets but corporate predators can't be trusted to put the lives of American people over MASS profit in certain areas. BTW: America's "free" market will always be a joke as long as we allow our gov to sell legislature to the highest bidder.

  • Orest Pellumb
    Orest Pellumb 13 days ago

    It’s unbelievable how unqualified the whole dump administration is lol its they are the family guy version

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve 13 days ago


  • John McCoy
    John McCoy 13 days ago

    Trump is about to Fire Mrs. DeVos next . All of Trump's recruits are simply known to be as decoys until we get to him. Basically he's using them as a wall of protection.

  • F B
    F B 14 days ago

    Elizabeth Warren is just another lying lawyer... One of many in our higher arches of government. It is a shame that the American people are letting these bottom feeders control and destroy us.

  • fredric henderson
    fredric henderson 14 days ago

    I Can't wait to see reality tv of Congress,I'm sure it's coming to an American State near you🤔

  • Michael Dally
    Michael Dally 14 days ago

    I have nat, i have nat, i have nat

  • jkev1122
    jkev1122 17 days ago

    Betsy the dingbat shitbag. Totally unqualified. Too bad she doesn't have enough sense to kill herself.

  • Ryan Watterson
    Ryan Watterson 18 days ago

    Elizabeth miss eskimo you almost got a nice review; but no no not; quite you threw Jefe under the school bus for reason; own up to maybe later; and then you had to play D out of karma of course; now in the future; you hate this lady; ; like the devil; ok; but; you gotta be real i gotta play it like i saw; you said almost verbatim; you can play the legal tricks i you want; that Trump "cheated" all this 25 million and in reality miss legal tricky girl you know; that means its in his bank account lets see it? 25 million USD right in Trump's checking account to be funny because we know its not there; now lets back to nailing advocate because those kids deserved better though; now you really had her sweating; for a while almost completely until you went karma with 25million; ok; now she gave truth fully shit because she really knew her ass was grass anyway; so she knows already almost out completely; now lets clean up the job for the boot out.

  • liduck52
    liduck52 19 days ago

    DeVos is like Ginger Rogers. Ask her a question and she tap dances around it.

  • derlaurenz
    derlaurenz 28 days ago

    Elizabeth Warren is the epitome of a perfect fat-free honest grilling roaster. FUCK YOU, George Foreman

  • King Hicks
    King Hicks Month ago

    Wow! Really.

  • Tara Gragg
    Tara Gragg Month ago

    So dumb as a box of hammers was a rumour?

  • Tara Gragg
    Tara Gragg Month ago

    Was it dumb as a box of hammers in that data dump Mz. DeVos?
    American public wonders you are. a Miss or Mrs. dumb as a box of hammers?
    Was that your brother Eric? The one who threw his cell-phone in the Indian Ocean and makes money from Amway? Door to door sales?

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 2 months ago

    Warren is my vote for 2020. She kicks butt! DeVos is a real loser. Crazy how our secretary of education is a blithering idiot. But kind of appropriate I guess haha. DeVos is totally representative of the clueless, suck ass, reality tv worshipping republican army that has taken over. Sloppy work gets sloppy results. Warren 2020!

  • viktor m
    viktor m 2 months ago

    DE Vos Billionaire couldn't give a Fu*K type attitude towards your young ,in charge of their education Not a good look

  • Gus Jackson
    Gus Jackson 2 months ago

    Betsy has the glassy frozen smile of a person utterly out of her depth.

  • Jermaine Wright
    Jermaine Wright 2 months ago

    Yo, did this bitch say she has never had to use financial aid?

  • Eddie Salgado
    Eddie Salgado 2 months ago

    Lizzie, you guys need to invest more money in education, make jail/prison tougher

  • john knowing
    john knowing 2 months ago

    WTF kind of questioning from Warren is this. Lets use dems failed logic next election asking the Dems Have you even ran a business. Have you evener owned a business Have you ever delt with trillions of dollars or billions, Trump has Mitt Romney had, Should we ask NTSB director have you ever flown a plane Have you ever been a train engineer. Have you ever ran a subway train or captained a transport ship

  • Caroline Holiday
    Caroline Holiday 2 months ago +2

    Watch devos'ssly smile when asked about student debt as if she was amused by the idea of morality being a consideration. As if she feels sorry for the rest of us suckers who care about anything other than personal gain

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley 2 months ago

    Betsey is a rich spoiled , DUMB ignorant person with May many YAGHTS. What the Hell would she Know about PUBLIC EDUCATION?????

  • T2
    T2 2 months ago +1

    The eyebrows behind Betsy, they are so angry, guys!

  • Leeanne Bishop
    Leeanne Bishop 2 months ago +4

    Just remember she’s taking money away from those students that need Special Ed kids and the Special Olympics

  • Charles Warren
    Charles Warren 2 months ago

    Senator Warren is a dolt.

  • BlueberryRod
    BlueberryRod 2 months ago +2

    Betsy is a fraud working with a bunch of frauds

    JAYJAYJAY53 2 months ago

    Liz talks a good game but I am still butt hurt over her inability to step up and endorse Bernie in 2016 .I am suspicious as to who she is politically . With Betsy my opinion is pretty clear , I believe her to be a snake . I am not too fond of that smirk either .

  • dan bisson
    dan bisson 2 months ago


  • Sharon Creamer
    Sharon Creamer 2 months ago

    I don't know if Betsy DeVos was the best person for the job. But, I don't know if anybody else could have given a better answer. I think that Elizabeth Warren wanted a -- yes, I will 100% do that -- and achieve it! There isn't anybody that can give that kind of answer. Is Elizabeth (not Betsy) delusional? Also, when are these Congressmen serving their jobs? Elizabeth Warren met with Betsy DeVos; Bernie Sanders met with Betsy DeVos; they plan, prepare and attend these Congressional meetings; when do they do the assigned, 9 to 5 job that they were elected to do?

    • Sharon Creamer
      Sharon Creamer 2 months ago

      @Donna Brown I''ve been reading up on her and as of right now I cannot say, 100%, that I do not want her for the job. I will continue to keep tabs on her and see if I change my mind.

    • Donna Brown
      Donna Brown 2 months ago

      Doesn’t change the fact Devos is in no way qualified for the job Just another rich republican trying to buy influence to make the rich keep their status quo

  • Arturo RoblesGiveit2me
    Arturo RoblesGiveit2me 2 months ago +1

    It is obvious that a crime syndicate is running our country and Betsy DeVos is a part of it. She has the balls to say that she has concluded that Black children's bad behavior in school is due to their culture and is part of their genetical makeup, weird.

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 2 months ago

    DeVos is another useless POS. Another Trump appointee with NO CLUE, who was appointed by Trump because her family donated millions to his campaign...who is only there to line her pockets by getting legislation passed that benefits her bank account.

  • psuedospike
    psuedospike 2 months ago

    Betsy DeVos is a piece of shit.

  • Tennessee Fairfield
    Tennessee Fairfield 2 months ago

    Warren-Sanders 2020

  • Midge Curreri
    Midge Curreri 2 months ago

    GO! GO! Senator Warren. Thank GOD you are attacking the U.S.A. Department of Education political appointee and this country's "Achilles Heel." It's hurting the future generation and the kids today who are in debt. This woman and her brother, BLACKWATER founder, are CONTRACTORS for the ongoing wars in Afganistan. Big donors of Trump.

  • Donna Woodford
    Donna Woodford 2 months ago

    Let's give Betsy a break. While taking on this job, DeVos says she uses her jet plane so the taxpayers are not (directly) charged. However, what she doesn't state is whether the travel expenses are a tax deduction, as in "write-off". If true, this seems a little sneaky to mislead us taxpayers who are burdened by paying more to cover the costs of federal social programs, etc. when her full tax responsibility should not have been reduced. Some accountants know how to substantially lower a tax bill. How is it that Amazon's Jeff Bezos is paying zero taxes for 2018?

  • Daughter of Lilith
    Daughter of Lilith 2 months ago


  • Euclid ofAlexandria
    Euclid ofAlexandria 2 months ago

    Guan Yin aka Kannon sama cries over this one ascended.... ruclip.com/video/YAKHRJWTCHM/video.html

  • Winnifred Forbes
    Winnifred Forbes 2 months ago


  • richard wilmot Ph.D
    richard wilmot Ph.D 2 months ago

    Suze Orman is a ph'king whore. Her Pimp is Elizabeth Warren!

  • Kathy Weis
    Kathy Weis 2 months ago

    Elizabeth Warren is a real intellectual, I really like her. However Betsy DeVos is Cruella DeVil, here is her phone number 202-401-3000. You all know what to do. Do not scream or curse, civil disobedience is the path.

  • Hunter The dog
    Hunter The dog 2 months ago

    B. Devos is obviously put there to serve special interests and there is nothing you can do about it! Kudos to senator Elisabeth Warren..I like the questioning, again She is not there for right reasons...

  • Rosemary Mancera
    Rosemary Mancera 2 months ago +3

    💖Elizabeth Warren for speaking truth.

  • Innovations Science
    Innovations Science 2 months ago +1

    Republicans are traitors for confirming this idiot Betsy stupid void brain jerk

  • // osivot
    // osivot 2 months ago

    She's left handed, i guess she's not total trash.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 months ago

    Ms. DeVos and her family made their fortunes through a pyramid scheme called AMWAY. www.moneyaftergraduation.com/2013/09/16/amway-is-a-pyramid-scheme/
    Ms. DeVos owns several for-profit Charter Schools in Michigan and has donated millions to the GOP. Her brother is Erik Prince and if you haven't heard of him - look him up.
    Ms. DeVos is a perfect example of the ultra-rich out of their natural habitat. They're used to asking the questions and setting limits. This is why I support Warren.

  • Carla Costa
    Carla Costa 2 months ago +4

    I could watch this over and over. Elizabeth Warren is awesome. More democrats should have stayed.

  • Uniqueness Entertainment
    Uniqueness Entertainment 2 months ago +1

    Betsy is a Lucy she don't have no clue how to run are schools. All trumps cabinet wants to do is steal the money away from the use. And replace it with nothing. Packing salt in a deep wound.

  • Kai Geddes
    Kai Geddes 2 months ago +1

    I just realized that there are carefully placed two black students behind DV.

  • omar chandler
    omar chandler 2 months ago +2

    You gotta love it! I’m being interviewed for a job and when asked about how I’ll handle a specific situation I just say that I’ll be vigilant and I’ll do the right thing?!

  • Philosophy Beddoe
    Philosophy Beddoe 2 months ago

    is pocahontas going to be prosecuted for lying about her race?

  • J Mo
    J Mo 2 months ago +6

    Geez. How did this MOUTH BREATHER get this job?

  • Zeb H.
    Zeb H. 2 months ago

    As time goes... the Fraud protections Betsy was suppose to enforce... ain’t happening. Her role in government is a sham, and people in the education system will feel these failures for years to come.

    • Zeb H.
      Zeb H. 2 months ago

      Pa. Isn’t it hilarious that the current president had his very own FAKE UNIVERSITY??!! In fact, it was up and running until he was elected. Then he had to pay more than $20 million (!!!) to people he was stealing from.
      This is why Trump supporters are the worst kind of stupid. If you don’t care/know about Trumps failed casinos and sham universities... you are too naive to have an opinion.

  • Seneca Brown
    Seneca Brown 2 months ago

    "We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated." - Donald Trump, Feb 23, 2016, ruclip.com/video/yAvA8gakl84/video.html

  • spaceballs44
    spaceballs44 2 months ago

    Watching and with her wanting to get rid of the special olympics funding now he’s evil. Well the nickname I give her is Thunder Cunt.

  • Joan Robie
    Joan Robie 2 months ago +1

    I actually have heard Betsy DeVos speak to a group of teachers before she became Secretary of Education. Anyone in the audience knew/knows more about our schools than Betsy Vos. One third got up and left before she was through speaking! The woman knows NOTHING about our schools. I have been a teachers, principal and an instructor at the graduate level.

  • rogerjyee
    rogerjyee 2 months ago

    That smirk. She makes me sick.

  • David Shaw
    David Shaw 2 months ago +3

    Just look at her smirking face at the 29 second mark. It's time the Justice department investigated her for skulduggery and generally being an obnoxious human being.

  • Emmett Mitcham
    Emmett Mitcham 2 months ago

    The colleges are not working for the people, these schools are not teaching kids they are brain washing kids to think liberal and no conservative teachers all brain dead liberals that think they know it all

  • Road Rover
    Road Rover 3 months ago

    Hey Liz, why didn't you ask her if she ever pretending to be a different race in order to obtain tenure at Harvard? You patronising cunt.

  • Masta Flex
    Masta Flex 3 months ago +3

    Paint an eagle upon devo's back , publicly

    L CHAPUT 3 months ago

    This brainless DeVos viper is easily one of Stump’s most disgusting wombats so despicably oblivious and criminally obscene-if this were Salem in March 1692 this horror would be boiled in bubbling pitch.
    And decent people elsewhere would cheer.
    Ding-dong, the witch is dead!

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall 3 months ago

    Do you have any sense of decency?