TOP 10 Worst Entertainment Company in KPOP

  • Published on Oct 8, 2017
  • TOP 10 Worst Entertainment Agency in Kpop Industry
    Netizens have voted for the worst entertainment agency in Korea.
    For the past few days, a poll was created on the website instiz in which allowed fans and netizens alike to vote for the worst entertainment agencies in Korea. The poll provided 24 different choices which included some of the biggest companies in the market such as YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, and much more. However, out of the 24 choices, one of the three biggest companies, JYP Entertainment, was excluded for this particular poll.
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Comments • 3 589

    K-POP MUZIK  Year ago +165

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    • Mara Rodelas
      Mara Rodelas Month ago

      This is a big DISLIKE

    • Mara Rodelas
      Mara Rodelas Month ago

      Why woolim is here huh?? Woolim is the one of the best entertainment and its in the 2nd huh? I just dont understand whay woolim is here??
      Can someone tell me!?

      NIGHT GAMING 5 months ago

      Why did you put yg

    • Derrick Bryce Jayoma
      Derrick Bryce Jayoma 6 months ago

      Gladly you didn't include JYP as the worst entertainment.

    • LaLa Lisa
      LaLa Lisa 7 months ago

      K-POP MUZIK tell me the background music please

  • CC Yang
    CC Yang 11 hours ago

    What's the song at 1:07?

  • CCSA Channel
    CCSA Channel Day ago

    fantagiooo ~💜

  • Namelsi Balderama

    Fantagio is next to the best company because of their big respect to talent not just fame 💕

  • Layward
    Layward Day ago

    All I can see here:
    -a compagny
    -listing the great groups
    -listing the group they have now
    -say they just profit
    Wow video of the century! :o

  • A-V-O-C -A-D-O
    A-V-O-C -A-D-O 2 days ago

    SM is the WORST COMPANY for me but LOVE the ARTISTS SM forgot they have a group called EXO 🤬

  • Zelda's GachaStories

    YG is not better than any of these sorry
    Pledis is higher because they are basement lovers
    And JYP treat their idols just fine

  • jada phommachanh
    jada phommachanh 3 days ago

    Jyp bighit And starship:bitch please *evil laugh*😂😭

  • Dancingwith Blue Fire

    I LITERALLY HATE SM ENT. THEY PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE TO THEIR ARTIST. To the point one of their artist got depressed because of pressure of the company that leads him to commit suicide. I love super junior before but they are so fuckin racist! They separate Super Junior from Mandarin and korean artist. To hell with them I'll be their no. 1 basher for mistreating their artist

  • EXO L
    EXO L 5 days ago

    Song title??

  • My Kookies
    My Kookies 6 days ago

    Jyp and big hit r the best cause they care about personality not only visuals and voice

  • MooMoo Radish
    MooMoo Radish 6 days ago

    RBW cant relate....
    For everyone's information Rainbow Bridge World is the home of the Vocal Queens Mamamoo..
    They are also the home of Oneus, Onewe and vromance

  • Lily Pulcher
    Lily Pulcher 7 days ago

    Star road entertainment is soo bad. They hit the trainees, and they don't make them debut at all

  • oaks bby
    oaks bby 9 days ago

    Jyp is actually amazing-

  • Waniel Daniel
    Waniel Daniel 9 days ago

    I agree 100% that MMO/LM is one of worst agency... After what they do to my precious idol,kang daniel.. Luckily daniel out from this shit company and now have his own agency...

  • Nat Su
    Nat Su 10 days ago

    Is Music K a korean entertainment company? Thanks.
    Please enlighten me people.

  • laishram nicky
    laishram nicky 12 days ago

    Jyp , bighit, yg

  • Marjorie Palafox
    Marjorie Palafox 12 days ago

    lol where’s BIGHiT??☠️😂😂😂😂

  • Maryam Alfalahy
    Maryam Alfalahy 15 days ago

    " exo and rv are the most active groups"
    Me exol crying : bitch where?

  • Maryam Alfalahy
    Maryam Alfalahy 15 days ago

    Sm should have been no.1 that motherfucker is so pissing

  • BTS and TXT family
    BTS and TXT family 18 days ago

    Jyp and Big hit: *drinking their $500,000,000,000,000wine, happy and content*
    SM: drinking 5,000,000,000 while going through his pile of law suits
    Pledis,Tos,YG,cube: *drinking poisoned water, dead*

    Yes I know Bighit and jyp have problems but they are in my opinion the best, if you have any good or other bad companys comment them so I can write them( the reason I put SM in the middle because I don't think there that bad of company compared to YG and others, while they are not a good company

  • yasmine.c31
    yasmine.c31 18 days ago

    sorry but cube is the best company and not jyp and bighit jyp starve their idols and bighit doesnt give their idols enough rest. yall only hate cube because they they kicked out hyuna and edawn, i also dont like that they got kicked out but it was kinda their fault there are strict rules about dating and they broke them

  • HeE HeE
    HeE HeE 19 days ago +1

    Hyuna left cube Entertainment she is now in Psy entertainment :)

  • Rina Marie Annica Silva Yoto

    Yet, YG is the worst company

  • Odnalor Oncal
    Odnalor Oncal 19 days ago


  • Liam Wragg
    Liam Wragg 19 days ago

    Would you like to ya know...explain any of this?

  • F Nabila
    F Nabila 19 days ago

    Media line entertainment (abusing their idol, many of them still young) is the worst and they're not here

  • moonchild
    moonchild 20 days ago +1

    K but like can someone tell me the name of the songs tho?

  • Jaffa Faner
    Jaffa Faner 21 day ago +1

    Ugh i love wanna one but its the most worst kpop company i dont know how did this happen.why did. Ymc. Entertaiment do this but to their attitude? (yep its my first favorite kpop group❣️)but i love wannna one with all my heart but they disbanded.i love wanna one if they disbanded its ok to me when i watch this its hurt my heart i was like crying...

  • Irwan Irwansyah
    Irwan Irwansyah 21 day ago

    I don't think that it's worst😕😕

  • Myung myung
    Myung myung 22 days ago +1

    WOOLLIM??? Seriously??? You put in the list w/o a reason?? In my own opinion they may not be the best but they're the better company.. i don't understand y they're in the list..😞😞😞

  • Cha Cha Hame
    Cha Cha Hame 23 days ago

    Why woolim?? Lovelyz is ok also infinite

  • Zeikamartand
    Zeikamartand 23 days ago


  • Hypmic baeee
    Hypmic baeee 25 days ago

    I was so ready to type an entire rant when I saw the Jyp's logo in the thumbnail but when I watched the whole vid
    'Yeah another clickbait again.'

  • XXcelestial libraXX
    XXcelestial libraXX 27 days ago +1


  • zainmalik new
    zainmalik new 27 days ago

    YG stan
    Cube stan

    LOLBOYGACHEWOLF XD 28 days ago

    Not yg entertaiment

  • Peter Ladiona
    Peter Ladiona 29 days ago +8

    Why i like JYP
    Treats everyone family

  • army,blink and txt fan but i like other groups tooo

    I already know that yg is there

  • kpoptrqsh
    kpoptrqsh Month ago

    gentle reminder that hunus entertainment doesn't treat their groups well and neglects TALENT *cough* romeo *cough*

  • Anaïs Velia
    Anaïs Velia Month ago +1

    I'm sorry for all of u saying
    Omg JYP and Bighit are the best they are so nice with their idols
    They have no scandals and other shit
    And saying YG and SM are bad cuz they treat idols shit and have many scandals
    Lemme clear this
    U don't know how YG and SM treat their idols
    And also Bighit and JYP pay to not have their scandals revealed
    U should all go do more research and don't think that bighit and jyp are clean companies
    Cuz none of the companies are
    They all have their secrets

  • Itzy4life
    Itzy4life Month ago +1

    What is the song called?

  • v's voice is just heaven

    Blackpink seriously needs To quit YG.

  • v's voice is just heaven

    To me bighit is the best company, good music + Treats idol perfectly.
    I mean YG Has good music but this company is so fucked up, like They stole Blackpink's money from the tour which is over 17+ dollars so he can enjoy his trip to london wtf? (He is currently getting investigated by the police) Lisa and jennie enjoy writing songs but YG of course doesn't let them, and they don't even gjve them the right to say that they're not allowed, like in one interview they just kept silent and rosé mumbling around. (the interviewer asked about how They Feel When they write songs like what do they Go for)
    +Let's not forget the fact that Before they start any interview, Lisa and jisoo are not allowed to say a single word, rosé and Jennie must be the ones who speak, They know nothing about the next combacks they have, like everyone does things for them and they force them to do it, while, jennie and lisa can write songs, Lisa can choreograph, and rosé and jisoo can style themselves some times, not ALWAYS but like sometimes, like cmon at least once.
    Jyp? It's not a good quality music Company but hey they're like a famiy to their idols wich is good, however they need to improve about music.

  • Mara Rodelas
    Mara Rodelas Month ago


  • Mara Rodelas
    Mara Rodelas Month ago

    Wait..what!? Woolim is the 2nd worst entertainment?? Why?? How could you say that?

  • dariii nochujk
    dariii nochujk Month ago

    Yesss i agree with u WOOLLIM IS THE WORST AGENCY. Because they're lack of manage promote their artist especially LOVELYZ. Woollim is not fair to promote each member, bc kei is ALWAYS appear on realyt show. ITS NOT FAIR for the rest of member!!!!!!!!

  • Zamiel Abyss GeEnna Dunamis

    JYP left the group

  • I'm Satan
    I'm Satan Month ago

    In my opinion, SM ENT. Is worse than any other company. And people calling YG ENT. "YG dungeon" or something like that, try to be a trainee at SM and tell us ur results. :)


  • Czarames
    Czarames Month ago

    MBK 10th
    Nam Dohyon?
    Lee Hangyul?

    • mieza vvil
      mieza vvil Month ago

      They messed up their old group such as T-ARA , SPEED , 5DOLLS . Hopefully when MBK debut "MBKBOYS" they will treat them well 😔

  • Secret time I love
    Secret time I love Month ago

    Miss Secret

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban Month ago +1

    Wtf give us a reason why there the worst 😒

  • K-Canna Queen
    K-Canna Queen Month ago

    You have some rearranging to do, friend... SM IN 9th... ummm that’s a bit ._.

  • Jayde Gaspar
    Jayde Gaspar Month ago

    What's so good about BTS

  • James mark Ines
    James mark Ines Month ago +3

    Fake video 👊👊👊👊wooliment is not belong here.. The artist who belong to this company are very talented, raised of being humble and having a good heart... They never had an issue ever since like other companies.. Don't show your favoritism in this video. Obviously you don't put any other companies that are worsier than woolim. 🤔👊Any WY keepit up woolim.
    Love from: Phillipines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • Mara Rodelas
      Mara Rodelas Month ago +1

      @James mark Ines yes but that's so insane.They just want to put down woolim...dont judge woolim. do they have any proof that woolim is worst entertainment?
      Not now that Infinite L is going to leave woolim not because of woolim but he just want to pursue his dreams but he is still part of Infinite
      Ps: share ko lang po

    • James mark Ines
      James mark Ines Month ago

      How sure they are fake video

    • James mark Ines
      James mark Ines Month ago

      @Mara Rodelas they just want to put woolim down that's why

    • Mara Rodelas
      Mara Rodelas Month ago +1

      Ohh same! Im so angry with this like what the... woolim is not worst entertainment! They treat their infinite lovelyz and others so how could they said that woolim is the 2nd worst!? Im so angry!!

  • 해라Haera
    해라Haera Month ago

    I know starship will not be in the list 😊 they literally have the best profit share between their artist and the company. 70% goes to the artist and only 30% for the company. MONSTA X ARE IN THE GOOD HAND ❤

  • Dabothe Laish
    Dabothe Laish Month ago

    Jyp and big hit are not in the list..congrats

  • Jing-wei Kung
    Jing-wei Kung Month ago

    That’s why I stan only Jyp and BigHit

  • Mia Myung
    Mia Myung Month ago +1

    In my opinion SM should be 1, because of how they treat their idols, (including their staffs) after the NCT incident many k pop fans or NCTzens unsubscribed to SM.
    My other opinion YG is number 2, because BLINKS says that Jennie gets the best clothes, blah blah blah.But now they have a new CEO so lets see

  • Fluffie Bean
    Fluffie Bean Month ago

    JYP literally overworking ALL their current idol groups to death but people still praising it, as well as BigHit giving literally the worst promotion to BTS. Korean and Japanese Armys are only Armys that get Subbed/Understandable Bangtan Bombs even though they have fame worldwide. Also, BigHit won't allow female trainees under his company, and yes I know what happened but not all female trainees are going to be like that (kinda sexist to me). But go on shouting at the tip of your lungs that they're the best company.