Comey says FBI investigating Russia interference

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017
  • FBI Director James Comey delivers opening remarks during a hearing with the House Intelligence Committee. Comey says the FBI is investigating Russia's potential involvement in the 2016 election.
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Комментарии • 127

  • The Babadook
    The Babadook Год назад


  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson Год назад

    Ok so he's guilty without evidence how's that work

  • Lexi3130
    Lexi3130 Год назад

    We need to protect people's privacy!! Guess Susan Rice and the Obama administration didn't get the memo!

  • caroyln ankrum
    caroyln ankrum Год назад

    Are those leaks TEALLY being investigated or are you just giving it lip service for the press and the public? Pardon my cynicism.

  • Rk RK
    Rk RK Год назад

    trump has to ge this pumk out office asap

  • NORMLfan13
    NORMLfan13 Год назад

    Don't believe this propaganda for a minute and fight endless war and political corruption! Lies about Russia because they want to protect Syria from our 'democracy' where countless ppl die just like in Iraq. Protect the real victims and investigate something real like the pedophile rings that are our shadow government!!

  • Jeremy S.
    Jeremy S. Год назад

    So we are told what we already knew and media acts like we have something special? Yes investigation going that will lead to nothing! Russia has been hacking for many years since Obama failed at cyber security. Nothing to do with Trump votes.

  • Shay Wils
    Shay Wils Год назад

    Donald trump fans are mad 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Larry Clark
    Larry Clark Год назад

    But the Trump tower was not wire tapped, I do not get it????

  • chris leff
    chris leff Год назад

    should Comey have trump locked up for helping with Russia interference

  • Boam Boam
    Boam Boam Год назад

    Trump is obviously mentally disturbed we need Prez Pence now.

  • Charlie G
    Charlie G Год назад +2


  • Armed American We The People
    Armed American We The People Год назад

    I don't believe one word that comes out of this left wing supporters mouth

  • DM Tea
    DM Tea Год назад

    They used to hang people for treason in this country!

  • timber_beast
    timber_beast Год назад

    The GOP support the Putin infiltration of our White House. They have sold us out just so they can implement their idiotic policies and appease all the racists who are in a state of hysteria over having a black president.

  • lagaman11
    lagaman11 Год назад

    POS Comey cannot speak about ongoing investigations, unless of coarse it is about Hillary Clinton. This POS got is Orange Con-Boy elected president. It is what he wanted and he succeeded. Now, what do you suppose the chances are that this POS will investigate Trump fairly, and to the fullest extent of the law?

    • lagaman11
      lagaman11 Год назад

      Hey Metallic Winter, is there anything in the world that Trump and his cronies could do that you cause you to re-think your thinking process? Let's say that it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Trump's campaign coordinated with Russia to swing the election in his favor, would you still insist that Hillary is the villain and Trump is innocent?

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      lagaman11 You got it the other way around since he's actually in clinton's pocket (he's benefitted from the foundation, his brother works for them and he's an Obama appointee). Comey's true loyalty is questionable, but one thing he isn't is loyal to trump, otherwise clinton and obama would he in jail and you'd feel like an idiot for ever supporting them and letting you see trump as their scapegoat, but alas reality isn't that kind and the truth stays distorted.

  • Kokainuser
    Kokainuser Год назад +1

    Get shit on Donald 'the cuck' Trump!

  • terence nelson
    terence nelson Год назад +1

    no good trump asss!!!

  • terence nelson
    terence nelson Год назад +1

    Get Rid of that son of a bitch!!!! trump.

  • TheSchmuckLook
    TheSchmuckLook Год назад +1

    Seems to be a whole lot of smoke. Is there a fire or is someone just blowing smoke? But, there DOES seem to be a LOT of RussiaRussiaRussia, doesn't there? I say-INVESTIGATE!!! Then tell it ALL. Period.

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      TheSchmuckLook Thank you, someone with common sense. The media basically makes this whole "Russia fiasco" look like a typical conspiracy theory with a great deal of propoghanda and government support (suspicious huh?), yet so little evidence and lacking an actual investigation (more like they're trying to fabricate evidence against trump or look for any single tiny fact that links trump to russia). I bet you one of these days they'll make up the biggest bs like "trumps "ties to russia" will be the day he sits with putin (probably could be any Russian) and eats ice cream together" and a good deal of Americans would still buy it...

  • La Wilborn
    La Wilborn Год назад +3


    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      La Wilborn More like "make the world one world government for all the globalists to rule while the general people are slaves" ..

  • Ot Gman
    Ot Gman Год назад

    BS! Comey is republican and he has already proven that he has no problem placing party over country.

    • Lone Star
      Lone Star Год назад

      They were only started the investigation dumbass.

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      Ot Gman Yeah, democratic since nothing came of his so called "thorough" investigation. Funny how deadly the media could really be since they're making it seem like a rat like comey is actually out to help trump.

  • Jsylvington V
    Jsylvington V Год назад

    ongoing investigation wtf is taking so long ?

  • Svetlana Klimenko
    Svetlana Klimenko Год назад

    okay I guess

  • mymovetube
    mymovetube Год назад +2

    putin trump administration

  • Maaike R
    Maaike R Год назад +2

    So they normally don't talk about an on going investigation but the public needed to know this administration is treasonous as hell and they are trying to take him down as we speak. And considering the fact that some have already been taken down only suggests the rest will follow sooner or later.

    • Maaike R
      Maaike R Год назад

      Metallic Winter About Russia not pulling crap: try turning on the news....any international news channel will do. They invaded and occupied Ukraine...shot down a passenger plain killing innocent people. Are threatening other neighbours. Not just most eastern European countries know Russia can attack them at any moment. But most recently Scandinavian countries got threatened by Russia enough to reinstall the draft in their country. And in the waters of several European countries (and recently at the American coast) unauthorised Russian subs were spotted off they entered another countries water without permission....thats in breach of international law!

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      Maaike R Lol you just listed Mexico. You just listed Mexico as an ally... Well, can't say you're lying since you're right, Americans have been working side by side with Mexico for who knows? But what does Mexico do besides being a corrupt dump with crooked police officers who won't do their job unless a cartel lord gives them the ok? Smuggle drugs to America "illegally" (?). And to add more proof to your point, the lady Michelle (Obama's fishing boat) was caught smuggling the biggest supply of cocain in the Caribbean since 1999, so yes Mexico is an ally, but is that a good thing? Also, what proof do you have about russia "pulling crap all over the world" and when exactly have we been formal enemies in russia? Last I checked we were allies in the last war (the one in the 1940s or something not too sure?) and no, I'm not talking about the cold war and the whole Russian iron curtain commie shit because at the end of the day, they're no longer communists (can't say the same about America since the people are doing a good job of letting the government make us all communists), we never fired a single nuke at eachother and Russia has stayed out of American business since then (except for being brought back as a scapegoat courtesy of the same government that fabricates bs that they feed to the country on a daily basis through their ultimate weapon, the media).

    • Maaike R
      Maaike R Год назад

      Metallic Winter Yeah real enemies? Like NATO, not just your security agencies but the security agencies around the world, allies like the UK, EU,Mexico and Austria who have been proven true and on the right side for generations. Or is it just one enemy whose history is full of cons and corruption being bought by Russia (which historically has been an enemy for generations and pulling crap all over the world as we speak). What's more likely?

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      Maaike R Well, goes to show how stupid the American population really is. Of course they don't talk about most investigations instead of this one. Maybe if you thought about it, you'd realize they're putting way too much effort for a so called "treasonous administration" (hah! have you seen Obama's? Most are from the Muslim brotherhood and Joe Biden did not do shit as vice president besides shady shit behind everyone's back) without being clear and making up propoghanda so the stupid general public could eat their shit and help them bring down this administration, yet a lot of these hypocrites have been doing questionable and God awful shit behind the American people's backs and nowadays, in front of our faces. Wake up, because you're part of the problem for buying all this propoghanda from the real enemies of America.

  • James Champaco
    James Champaco Год назад

    Just the fact that Trump/russia/fraud are used in the same context is bad....

  • kyle stewart
    kyle stewart Год назад +4

    subpoena Trump's taxes and save the American taxpayer millions of dollars. that will either clear president Trump or impeach president Trump either way the country will be able to move forward.

    • Tim Thompson
      Tim Thompson Год назад

      kyle Obama didn't fashion policy to directly put money in his pocket, while currently Trump and his family are already making their wallets fatter.

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      kyle stewart Also, what's wrong with making more money after presidency (obama most certainly helped himself)? Is it just the fact that it's trump? Hate trump all you want, but you should at least have one good argumen as to why. Also, not too big on trump, but quite frankly he has no sort of benefits from being president of America, he's doing it for the people and actually bringing back jobs and Making progress towards getting rid of our debt, not increasing it like some presidents.

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      kyle stewart Umm, do you not no any speck of business? He's a business man who owns a boatload of legit (hate him or not, that's a fact) businesses, so of course he would get a lot of money from there. Do you even know or have any reason to hate trump besides what the mainstream media is. Also, hypocrite. You're so focused on trump, but can you tell me what happened to all the donations they got from Haiti? Because Haiti looks the same as it did when the earthquake struck and the people there have said they received no cash, so where did it go? Can you answer that and all the other shady shit the Clinton foundation has done with money?

    • kyle stewart
      kyle stewart Год назад

      +Metallic Winter I'm not interested in how much he pays in federal income tax. I'm interested in WHERE and WHOM his business & money comes from. Trump won't divest from his businesses and that means he wants to go back to making billions AFTER his presidency. So this means he can be leveraged by countries and other powerful people around the world. it's very clear TRUMP cares more about TRUMP than being a public servant aka president.

  • akabaker80
    akabaker80 Год назад +5

    Trump is a moron

  • BJ Andrews
    BJ Andrews Год назад +3

    we as American people have a right to know I want to know I need to know i have to know. I am an American too.

    • Toby
      Toby Год назад

      You can tell by Comey's demeaner that the Trump administration is fucked.

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      BJ Andrews You're right, we do have a right, but of course they're not going to act on it and keep us in the shadows of what really goes on in america (which is exactly why they didn't show anyone clinton's emails and just debunked it as a closed case), but they won't do that at all unless they have a motive (like how they're basically making the trump administration a scapegoat), because these assholes don't give a fuck about us the people, they just use us till their advantage while finding loopholes in the law until they can abolish it like the globalists pricks they are.

  • German Navarro
    German Navarro Год назад

    Edgar j. Hoover its almost need it in this days.
    he will have the goodies on everyone in the daily bases without investigation need it.

    • German Navarro
      German Navarro Год назад

      Darrell Smith
      it will be delightful. 😆

    • Darrell Smith
      Darrell Smith Год назад +1


  • Sofus
    Sofus Год назад +5

    Was trump not again, down in florida at his Maredella-asshole southern Saint petersburg or whatever he calls it.

  • Donald Lash
    Donald Lash Год назад +5

    This will go down in history as the Biggest Bull shit story. Bigger then The Clinton Indictment. Bend over America and get ready to take it up the wazoo

    • Donald Lash
      Donald Lash Год назад

      +Joe Monroe I hope President TRUMP and the American people see that. I think Trump is a good poker player and that playing one against the other The art of the Deal

    • Joe Monroe
      Joe Monroe Год назад

      The elites can control him. Maybe they have some dirt on him.

    • Donald Lash
      Donald Lash Год назад +1

      +Darrell Smith You ever wonder why there not investigating The vise President Pence

    • Darrell Smith
      Darrell Smith Год назад

      +Donald Lash Well that is just like those Dam Republicans make it HARD AS POSSIBLE

  • Love Joy
    Love Joy Год назад +26

    so very careful but comey investigated Hillary nine times and spoke on it each time so what bs....DUMB republicans and how long can a man b in power while being investigated for treason....white privilege republican privilege because no other groups of ppl can do republicans out...DUMB America

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад +1

      Skankhunt42 That's funny, you just described yourself and a good portion of liberals who are letting this corrupt government divide us. The fact that you and a good portion of liberals are willing to mindlessly insult someone's intelligence just because they don't agree with you. Ugh, I wouldn't have a problem with you idiots if you weren't the ones letting these crooked globalists brainwash you with the media, didn't have such god awful standards and call republicans what you idiots are, and if you guys weren't so cancerous In real life or online.

    • Maximiliano Ríos Vera
      Maximiliano Ríos Vera Год назад +1

      sadly for you, they do, people with poor education and low iqs usually vote conservative, don't be scared and look it up, this happens everywhere and I know for a fact that you don't know who I am.

    • ll coolj
      ll coolj Год назад +1

      Erehtolleh1 are you skankhunt42 mother lol? It's a South park joke f#cking idiot. How dare you insinuate that when it's the tolerent liberals that are going around attacking people that support President Trump. You're delusional but it's not your fault. You've been brainwashed by the left, there is no hope for people like you.

    • Erehtolleh1
      Erehtolleh1 Год назад +2

      Don't feel sorry for them THEY ARE TRUMP, they always knew he is corrupt and they did not care!

  • Virginia Ryno
    Virginia Ryno Год назад +6

    Shit head Comey is a bought and paid for fool. Fire the bastard.

    • The Babadook
      The Babadook Год назад +1

      Literally every single method of typing now comes with spell check and you just misspelled imbecile. Then you continued to go full furious retard with those ridiculous desperate insults.
      Holy crap and you even edited it and it's still horribly misspelled rofl

    • Virginia Ryno
      Virginia Ryno Год назад

      Tim Thompson - Fuck you imbicil, Fuck your twat faced MOTHER, and Fuck The Drumpf. You Dick sucking homo. Oh say hi to your crossdresser father.

    • timber_beast
      timber_beast Год назад

      you sound like you are in a panic now "virginia" LOL dumbass

    • Tim Thompson
      Tim Thompson Год назад

      Virginia You didn't answer my question, you ignorant twat. And thanks for showing us what an ignorant, poorly educated Trumpanzee you are. It says it all.
      Why would I call my mother a cunt? She was a loving, well educated woman. You, however, are an ignorant, vile, lying cunt who supports a pussy grabbing liar who brags about committing sexual assaults.

  • mexcan fun
    mexcan fun Год назад +4

    Sure, another distraction, investigate Russia instead of Clinton

    • mexcan fun
      mexcan fun Год назад

      +B33SON I don't usually reply to complete fucken idiots.

    • Lone Star
      Lone Star Год назад

      Clintion is old news. Nobody gives a shit about her anymore. Not even Fucking Trump give a shit at this point. He just said that shit to get your braindead vote. Except Mentally Retard Trumptards who have pathological hatred of the Clintions . Nobody cares about Hillary Clinton.

    • Ginger P
      Ginger P Год назад

      Metallic Winter : I never made a comment on a coverup of HRC's email one way or the other. If you recall, I asked YOU about the assertions made in your post. Having a difficult time comprehending? Regarding a coverup, you say common sense allowed you to come to this conclusion. I gotta say, this is astonishing news. Why have an investigation is all one needs is common sense?

  • Love mend
    Love mend Год назад +30

    thank goodness! see you trumpster's they did screw with the election and matter of time traitor trump is exposed

    • Dylan Johnson
      Dylan Johnson Год назад +1

      Robin ketaneh one his inauguration could've been larger you know why because people were blocking the entrance to it they weren't with obamas
      Two he's never disgraced a women and if you have proof please show me
      Three he doesn't attack reporters because they have the wrong political view it was because they were being biased towards him and making up news to make him look bad
      Ex trump removes MLK bust

    • Robin ketaneh
      Robin ketaneh Год назад +1

      you are A fucking moron...Idk where to start. Trump takes his "investigations" from the news, forgetting he is the news. He lies about everything, starting with the inauguration day, and the number of people attended all the way the number of the electoral college. Not to forget, his disgrace for women, for military heroes, his bully mentality against any reporters that disagree with his ideas, water boarding, and many others. He is more like a dictator from the middle east, so I recommend you go live there instead and leave the free world free.

    • David Carlson
      David Carlson Год назад

      Metallic your stupid. their fucking trolls and you being 10x worse.

    • Metallic Winter
      Metallic Winter Год назад

      Laura Bess Used which marines life? And what about innocent children? Last I checked trump isn't involved in pizzagate (or one of the pedophiles that are being arrested as we speak), but some demonrats have been caught and arrested, so what does that tell you? And Russian asskisser? I'll ask you what I asked the last guy (and all the liberal retards who I've encountered), what proof do you have of Russia being involved in politics and why would they be? What would they have to gain from trump besides a way to fight the shadow government?

  • Robert Gasia
    Robert Gasia Год назад +5

    Comey = common sense

    • Virginia Ryno
      Virginia Ryno Год назад

      Robert Gasia-👍

    • Robert Gasia
      Robert Gasia Год назад +2

      Virginia Ryno: same for trump

    • Virginia Ryno
      Virginia Ryno Год назад +1

      Robert Gasia - Comey has shit💩for brains.