DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation!

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
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    DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 4 Ford Escape. I took the challenge of finding the dirtiest car Facebook Marketplace and I paid $600 for this 2002 Ford Escape. This is by far the dirtiest and nastiest complete disaster interior detail I have ever done. I share my car cleaning process and all of the tools and products used to clean this car interior and bring it back to life. Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! Follow Me On Instagram @StaufferGarage
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    Lilly Brush -
    Amazon Storefront -
    Wagner Steam Cleaner -
    Sandia 50-1000 Carpet Extractor -
    Carpet Drill Brushes -
    Brushless Drill -
    Carpet Cleaner Solution -
    Chemical Guys Silk Shine -
    Invisible Glass Cleaner -
    Folding Workbench -
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  • Stauffer Garage
    Stauffer Garage  Month ago +82

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    • grizzlygrizzle
      grizzlygrizzle Day ago

      Regarding Magic Erasers, you should search for microscopic images of them to better understand how they work. They are made of open-celled melamine foam, which is something loosely like a microscopic scotchbrite pad, only softer. More accurately, imaging a foam of bubbles, with all the membranes absent, leaving only the intersections, the web of where the bubbles meet. It's a fascinating product, and I found that seeing its structure gave me a better sense of how to use it.

    • Elizabeth Marks-Graham
      Elizabeth Marks-Graham 13 days ago

      Stauffer Garage Ive always thought
      Why not change the cabin air filter after cleaning the interior so good most are right behind the glovebox ?
      It would be pretty gross to have the clean air going through the dirty filter

    • Alq7tany
      Alq7tany 16 days ago

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    • Thereal Dukeskywalker08
      Thereal Dukeskywalker08 17 days ago

      Spirit2 Soul1 ?

    • Cerberus 666
      Cerberus 666 29 days ago

      Is this before you got the bissle

  • Tina M Wright Beauty Babe
    Tina M Wright Beauty Babe 28 minutes ago +1

    Omg just new to your channel You Do AMAZING WORK Your Should Have MILLIONS Of Subscribers

  • andrew dixon
    andrew dixon 5 hours ago

    You probably get asked this all the time but do you ever do the exterior of the cars?

  • Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis 6 hours ago

    Ekkk roach 丐亢 there house prob looks like that.

  • Daniya Stephens
    Daniya Stephens 7 hours ago

    this video makes me itch 丐

  • Colin Fairfield
    Colin Fairfield 7 hours ago

    19:51 So lazy they can't even be bothered finishing their joints!

  • juan dizzle
    juan dizzle 10 hours ago

    Good job all of it , nicely cleaned brought back to life.

  • Sarah Sanchez
    Sarah Sanchez 13 hours ago

    I would think youd have to remove the entire carpet to get whatevers under it. And i can imagine thered be roaches in the ventilation and under the plastics of the car. Nasty!

  • B eyedubya
    B eyedubya 13 hours ago

    I remember when my mom got some furniture from one of her friends not knowing it was infested with roaches. She almost crashed when one fell on her from the ceiling of the car. We threw the furniture away and bombed her car with a fogger

  • Amy Gorman
    Amy Gorman 17 hours ago

    The previous owners could have sold it to the government for biological warfare!

  • Mario Miranda
    Mario Miranda 19 hours ago

    I used a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to clean my cars steering wheel and the steering wheel disappeared, now I have to walk to work 喫

    LZ VOLT 20 hours ago

    Thanks this video reminded me to clean my mothers car tomorrow its not that bad but still needs a lil cleaning

  • Only1ShaKiya
    Only1ShaKiya 23 hours ago

    WOWWW They fucked the game up with the roaches

  • Amanda Johnston
    Amanda Johnston Day ago

    I desperately want you to be wearing a face mask in this vehicle - who knows what kind of gunk youre kicking up!

  • Gary Fontenot
    Gary Fontenot Day ago

    I have detailed 2 vehicles in my lifetime. We pulled everything out including the carpet, and pressure washed it. Is there a reason you don't pull it all and pressure wash it? The extractor is satisfying footage, but is there some concept of it being better to vacuum the soil out and not pressure it out? Seems it would be faster and easier with the pressure washer.

  • Simone Simo
    Simone Simo Day ago

    Oh my god, I've never seen such a dirty car in my life. i think the owner is a pig !! 亢亢亢亢五 Deep cleaning? I believe radioactive decontamination is needed!! 不不

  • Gayle M
    Gayle M Day ago


  • Summer Pugh
    Summer Pugh Day ago


  • Just your friendly Neighborhood Monsters

    #roachmotel Favorite hashtag I have ever seen!

  • gregvisioninfosoft

    What would be the point in having the original owners buy this car back, or any car for that matter? For in a month, my bet is that any car they own would look just as they originally brought it to you.

  • Oleg
    Oleg Day ago

    郋郋郅郋郕 郇迮 邾郋 , 郋 郋郇 迠迮郅邿 郋 邽迣訄迮 !


    I liked the way how you took out the seats and gave great attention to the vehicle's carpet areas! In addition, I liked how you gave the utmost attention to the center console and the stereo system in that ride!!!!! I have subscribed to your channel as well!!!!!

  • AHMED _D
    AHMED _D Day ago


  • Thomas Charles Bishenden


  • Meghan Yockey
    Meghan Yockey Day ago

    Oh my god! That carpet is GRAY YALL!!!! Holy cow!

  • Dave none
    Dave none Day ago

    A nice addition to chemical solutions in the second or maybe a 3rd was cycle is ODO-Ban from Home depot. I could use a tip on how to get seat belts really clean...

  • Mark Klaus
    Mark Klaus 2 days ago +1

    All a magic eraser is is super high grit polish. Plastic polish would do the same thing.

  • Mark Klaus
    Mark Klaus 2 days ago +1

    Its much easier to remove the seat covers then throw them in the laundry machine. You dont have to wait to have them dry and the water doesnt get into the foam. Just sayin.

  • Mark Klaus
    Mark Klaus 2 days ago +1

    I want to gross up a car for you to clean. I would smoke a carton of cigarettes then mix the ash with a bit of mountain dew then use a paint brush to cover the interior with my ash paste then sprinkle more cigarette ash, crumbs, and debris all over it. Then catch a bunch of mice and let them live in it. Then ide go scrape up some road kill and throw it in the back seat. Last i would mix salt, beer, cow blood, and poop into a nice smoothe and dump it all over the floor.

  • rmberry7
    rmberry7 2 days ago

    Any hints for cleaning the internal roof lining?

  • Robert D.
    Robert D. 2 days ago


  • JoshDoingThings
    JoshDoingThings 2 days ago

    When your friend with a dirty car like this is like Ill drive and youre like...naaaaah. Either I drive or we walk.

  • Florian Gehrmann
    Florian Gehrmann 2 days ago

    amazing. Nice Job. Yeah

  • serb chetnik
    serb chetnik 2 days ago

    I would have bought a new carpet

  • skyliner
    skyliner 2 days ago

    so many copycats doing the exact same videos :P lol is all i can say

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    Amazing what pigs some people are, this is so disgusting

  • Karl Hungus
    Karl Hungus 2 days ago

    I think I would have pushed the thing over a cliff and called my insurance company.

  • GarrettRN
    GarrettRN 2 days ago

    Southern Ohio here. Do you do any exterior cleaning such as high end motorcycle. Chrome wheels and leather seats?

  • Dhymez DoneDidIt
    Dhymez DoneDidIt 2 days ago

    That car hadnt been detailed in years if ever!

  • Panda Xiongmao
    Panda Xiongmao 2 days ago

    Men who can sweep carpets clean are a major turn on. You sir is so damn sexy!

  • Armen Madfouni
    Armen Madfouni 2 days ago

    OMG how fast he is working? he finished detailing the car within 20 min莞 I can never do that

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton 2 days ago

    The owner legitimately paid $600 for the detail? The car's worth $500 on a good day. It's an old escape with rust. Barely worth anything detailed. The before interior totaled it essentially. All the detail supplies are completely soiled from that nasty job. Bet the ad revenue was definitely worth it though aha.

  • Whip Lash
    Whip Lash 3 days ago

    I would have bought a new carpet.

  • shametria goffney
    shametria goffney 3 days ago


  • Em Ma
    Em Ma 3 days ago

    Use magic erase on rims and road grime on plastic and rubber trim.

  • cayla Victoria
    cayla Victoria 3 days ago

    Wow I cant believe that I wonder what there home looks like 亢

  • Stoop_Kid
    Stoop_Kid 3 days ago

    7:45 it was probably the roaches, I would've covered it up and put a raid bomb in there before cleaning.

  • RWSS2013
    RWSS2013 3 days ago +1

    What's the song playing, plz? Thx.

  • Mimi Shella
    Mimi Shella 3 days ago

    Today I was grossed out by all the papers in my car, but now I am so happy with myself. Can't wait for it to warm up enough to do this to mine. satisfying.

  • JC JB
    JC JB 3 days ago


  • Jayden Carson
    Jayden Carson 3 days ago

    Obsidian Chill has a longer description in his videos

  • Russell Westley Jr.
    Russell Westley Jr. 3 days ago


    ONYX_LEGACY1415 3 days ago


  • Rick Ryatt
    Rick Ryatt 3 days ago

    Did Homeless children live in that car?

  • Cederrick Ashley
    Cederrick Ashley 3 days ago

    Oddly satisfying to watch #roachmotel

  • Angel Lozano
    Angel Lozano 3 days ago

    Boi those coins are green ew

    Also wtf you have 666K subs oof

  • Jenny Keller
    Jenny Keller 3 days ago

    great video and great much would you charge to do this?

  • ThePastaManCan
    ThePastaManCan 3 days ago

    What was the profit made from taking this on?

  • AirPowered
    AirPowered 3 days ago

    Surprised he didnt use a rake in the beginning...

  • Gery Rusdiandy
    Gery Rusdiandy 3 days ago

    Heyyy dude love your content!! Can you help me a bit? my car got caught in a flood earlier ive clean my car but it still smell like crazy, what should i do?? Sorry for bad english. Thanks!!