Cosplay Animal Ear Tutorial!

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • How to make realistic animal ears for Cosplay!
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  • jorge cameras lopez1
    jorge cameras lopez1 23 hours ago

    USA México anime $ .cosplay. bota. boots. .cosplay furry.

  • Suzan Wiel
    Suzan Wiel 2 days ago

    Made a pair of cat ears for my halloween costume using this technique.
    I didn't have any worbla, but I do have access to a 3d printer. So I printed the base shape flat in PLA and thermoformed this instead. Since I didn't have any long haired fur either, I just used short fur. Then, before coloring and closing, I added long hairs by sewing large loops of acrylic yarn in the desired spots, added glue on the inside to prevent pulling out and brushed/straightened out the yarn. Worked like a charm and the ears came out pretty nice!

  • Antichrist Fox
    Antichrist Fox 2 days ago

    Could you specifically do one for fox plz?

  • GameQueen
    GameQueen 3 days ago


    The toothbrush is from her worst enemy,
    great and evil prank

  • StickyPotato Tea
    StickyPotato Tea 3 days ago

    I don’t have a heat gun 😢

  • mel smith
    mel smith 4 days ago

    You can put then on a fur head band or glue fur on a head band to you don't have to use a clip or wig!

  • Jelena ChargingEagle Chandi BlackBird

    Yay my costume is complete!
    All I needed was furry ears

  • FruitBatsLyra
    FruitBatsLyra 5 days ago

    Do the clips hold the ears in place well on the wig?

  • Cali Cash
    Cali Cash 6 days ago

    I would pay a lot for those, you should make a website or something

  • Queen Bunny Cat
    Queen Bunny Cat 6 days ago

    How do you make a tail?

  • Red Gamer
    Red Gamer 6 days ago


  • Raduga Duga
    Raduga Duga 7 days ago +1

    какая еще вобла?

  • Super Shepherd
    Super Shepherd 7 days ago

    And you use a hair dryer?

  • Tiffany Trippeer
    Tiffany Trippeer 8 days ago

    Do you have any suggestions on making a devil tail?

  • DrakeOri
    DrakeOri 11 days ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TUTORIAL my Halloween costume has ears on it so this is like perfect
    Edit: Thanks for the heart!

  • Fluffy Duck
    Fluffy Duck 11 days ago

    *furries have entered the chat*
    *gamers have left the chat*

  • Ellie Puff
    Ellie Puff 11 days ago

    I want to be a sexy wolf but I don't want shitty ears uk? I'm okay with buying a tail but nobody has good ears
    Edit: I'm thinking about doing cosplay. Not with characters but just dressing up as whatever fantasy thing. On my birthday I'm looking to do a taurus look

  • Oc The Ugly Cow
    Oc The Ugly Cow 12 days ago

    Wtf is wobla?

  • Natsumi S0038
    Natsumi S0038 12 days ago

    Are u a fashion artest!?

  • 猫黒
    猫黒 12 days ago +2

    Furries: *heavy breathing*

  • John Luis Ocampo
    John Luis Ocampo 12 days ago


  • Trinity Colon
    Trinity Colon 12 days ago

    And I want it red and white please

  • Trinity Colon
    Trinity Colon 12 days ago

    Can you please make me one that is a Wolf one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Cris fraga
    Cris fraga 13 days ago

    Its so cute!!!!!!🦊

  • Rockette Hushes
    Rockette Hushes 13 days ago

    Wow thats cool thanks for uploading! Now imma make a ears like that!

  • SnowflakeKitty
    SnowflakeKitty 13 days ago +1

    Oh and btw can you buy these because im lazy

  • Nightmare Alpha45
    Nightmare Alpha45 13 days ago

    I'll just cut the ears of my stuff toys.HAHA!XD

  • Angel Gacha Bear X3
    Angel Gacha Bear X3 13 days ago

    I kinda want to prank my friends on that XD but I’m to young to make that

  • mokaboo
    mokaboo 13 days ago


  • Carmel Cyantha
    Carmel Cyantha 13 days ago

    For shavers, my dog's trimmers has attatchments to keep hair a specific length

  • jasmin Rodriguez
    jasmin Rodriguez 13 days ago


  • Nicki Jean
    Nicki Jean 13 days ago

    Your really good at making cosplay costumes! I wish I had that talent but I can draw anime so I guess that’s good enough for now 🙂

  • Samantha Cruz-Sizemore

    This is so cool

  • Amelia Steward
    Amelia Steward 15 days ago

    Your very good and I'm new and can I have a shout out please and i subed liked and hitted the bell one more thing I hate the people that disliked

  • AnimalsFor TheWin
    AnimalsFor TheWin 15 days ago

    Does this work with real hair? >~< like can you clip this to real hair?

    • Kinpatsu Cosplay
      Kinpatsu Cosplay  14 days ago

      Hi there. Sure you can. The hairclips we glued to the base of the ears could easily be clipped to real hair in the same way that it would clip to a wig :)

  • Nikča Cz
    Nikča Cz 15 days ago

    Please make wolf ears🐺🙏🙏🙏

  • -_kiwi iwik_-
    -_kiwi iwik_- 15 days ago

    El fondo del inicio se me hizo parecido a el de juega Germán =v

  • DragonKitty
    DragonKitty 16 days ago

    w0w, They're BOOTIFUL!

  • Lisa De Groot
    Lisa De Groot 16 days ago

    Can i have these i cant make Them😑

  • phonix the fox
    phonix the fox 16 days ago


  • Tasha Klyce
    Tasha Klyce 16 days ago

    Me, now I can be a furry, without spending 2000 dollars

  • Unikitty YT
    Unikitty YT 17 days ago

    Hey i need Unikitty ears and horn please with no glue but first check out her je look!!

  • Daniel Purwantoro
    Daniel Purwantoro 17 days ago


  • Daniel Purwantoro
    Daniel Purwantoro 17 days ago

    heyyyyyyy girl i need youre help please meak me a blak wolf ears and send to my apartment it is Jl.krisna lll,B 14

  • ÌtsMéShày
    ÌtsMéShày 17 days ago +12

    Im trying not to be a furry...
    RUclip: *im gonna end this mans whole career*

  • Fluffy_CuteWolf itsme
    Fluffy_CuteWolf itsme 17 days ago

    Btw i will do a wolf cosplay animal ear

  • Fluffy_CuteWolf itsme
    Fluffy_CuteWolf itsme 17 days ago

    1 FOR ME
    1 FOR MY MUM

  • Jocelyn T.
    Jocelyn T. 17 days ago

    When you know that you are not about to make them but you think it's cool either way 😅😢😩🙍🐺

  • Robert Woods
    Robert Woods 17 days ago

    can i have those? XD

  • Flamingo
    Flamingo 17 days ago

    tutorial on how furries work

  • elisabeth hoover
    elisabeth hoover 17 days ago

    This is a perfect tutorial on how to make petplay ears instead of spending $80+ on a high end pair of ears 💕

  • Woofiee pass :3
    Woofiee pass :3 17 days ago

    I want to make wolf ears but I don't know how to do these time of stuff.... 😔😔 I really want to make furry ears.... So badly.. But I don't have those materials.. They don't even have it in the stores where the area I live.. MAn.. I want to make those so badly waaah!!!

    • AnimalsFor TheWin
      AnimalsFor TheWin 15 days ago

      You will someday, just ask a parent or guardian to buy it from eBay or Amazon, really any website I was just about to tell my parents about this and if I can make them myself. Of course you will need to have full permission and have a guardian or parent guide you and help, this is dangerous for kids and teenagers, it's dangerous for everyone but parents are more experienced and will most likely help you with these sort of things! ✨☺️ I hope this helped you and built up some courage to ask guardians or parents. Hope you have a good day and create some Furry/Wolf ears (I'd rather make wolf ears too) 🐺 🐾🐾

  • Jea Anderson
    Jea Anderson 18 days ago

    Half the stuff about the fur I already know from how to make fursuits videos

  • Chadi Marc
    Chadi Marc 18 days ago +1


  • Alexander Silva
    Alexander Silva 18 days ago

    Are u from the uk?

  • X TopGamerMollyX
    X TopGamerMollyX 18 days ago

    i need you in my life becouse you show me how to do costumes like i love cosplaying.

  • DeAdLyAsAsSiN67
    DeAdLyAsAsSiN67 18 days ago


  • DeAdLyAsAsSiN67
    DeAdLyAsAsSiN67 18 days ago

    I wanna. Be. A. Wolf maid. 😓

  • DeAdLyAsAsSiN67
    DeAdLyAsAsSiN67 18 days ago

    I need it for my costume