Fixing My Defective 9900KS Test Rig...

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    Troubleshooting is a part of the PC building life! This is how I diagnosed the issue with my 9900KS test rig in preparation for my official review coming in a few days!
    Intel Core i9 9900KS
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Comments • 80

  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  5 months ago +80

    I didn't wanna give you guys a boring ol' unboxing video. Instead, I wanted to document my troubleshooting process for this test rig. It, admittedly, was not what I expected and is explained toward the end of the video. Thanks for watching!

    • Abel Felix
      Abel Felix 4 months ago

      Greg Salazar I’m having the same problem but it freezes and I can’t control alt del so i need to shut the pc down while playing games would you know what the problem is my specs are:
      I7 8700
      Rtx 2060 by msi
      Psu cx650m by Corsair
      Ram 16gb vengeance pro
      Mobo msi b360 gaming plus
      Ssd wd blue 250gb
      CPU cooler enermax liqfusion
      Anything helps I’ve tried reaching out to other people but no response and I can’t pay anymore money because I paid over 1200 for it pls help.
      Thank you

    • jim glass
      jim glass 5 months ago

      hi there do more reading m8. things I would have checked did I need a new BIOS LOL

    • Jezy
      Jezy 5 months ago +1

      Doh" lol😂

    • bobhumplick
      bobhumplick 5 months ago

      yep this chip is a new stepping. basically this chip will be what intel release as the i7 10700k and is an r0 stepping instead of p0 stepping like the normal 9900k is. it has silicon changes for vulnerabilities and is different enough that...well you know by now. its not just a better binned 9900k. its a whole new chip. the i5 should be basically an 8700k, probalby with these same silicon changes. they should all clock a bit better as well which is nice. an i5 10400f for 135 on sale on newegg with 6 cores 12 threads would be an amazing budget cpu. even at 150 or more will be great. plus i3 with 4\8. intel should have done all this 2 years ago at the latest though

  • Alan Ngo
    Alan Ngo Month ago

    Here's a troubleshooting guide for anyone scrolling thru the comments
    - PC doesn't turn on: Check PSU, or front panel connectors
    - Fans spin, but no display: Check MOBO, RAM, GPU, CPU, PSU(sometimes it may be a loose cable, or your cable isn't plugged in to the right component), Clear CMOS
    - Weird Behavior in OS: Check BIOS and flash to latest
    Obviously this doesn't cover ALL PC problems but it should give you a rough idea of where to start

  • DarkPhoenix
    DarkPhoenix 3 months ago

    It looks like IDE mode when windows is in ACHI mode. It just crashes at startup. This is a strange case though

  • Tuuchen
    Tuuchen 3 months ago

    Not looking any further to the video, I guess It's the BIOS.

  • Leonardo Simmons
    Leonardo Simmons 4 months ago

    LOL I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Just upgraded to the 3950x (from 9900k) and my system straight fell apart, was having problem after crash after green screen. Troubleshooted for about 5 hours... turns out I installed an old BIOS and a quick update fixed everything.... it happens to the best of us

  • Alan Ngo
    Alan Ngo 4 months ago

    Rule of thumb: if a windows update or new hardware is causing ur pc to screw up, double check ur bios

  • Under A Bridge Too Far
    Under A Bridge Too Far 4 months ago +1

    I'm at 8:49
    OOH! I know it needs a bios update! My Z390 Aorus + i7-9700K stepping R0 did the same!
    I also spent hours disasembling and reassembling the system :( I thought it was a bad/shorted mobo. Ended up going to bed trying a last desperate mesure... updating the bios...
    ... woke up... it was in the desktop fully functionning waiting for me... (ಥ﹏ಥ)
    Turns out even Z390 isn't out of the box compatible with 9th gen. At least you can go into bios and update it with a usb stick and another PC.
    It is a very weird issue usually boards needing a bios update for CPU comptability will completely lock up before you can reach bios.
    And usually all CPUs within same gen have the same baord and bios comptability.

    Edit: YES! I'M RIGHT!

  • Serial Thrilla
    Serial Thrilla 4 months ago +1

    Hey hey, Greg! You disappeared from my subs as "Science studio", but I found you again!

  • carl white
    carl white 4 months ago

    I've had the same issue with i7-9700 k and mine did the same thing but I gut another one of the same model and it fired right up

  • Jose F. Hernandez
    Jose F. Hernandez 4 months ago

    Not to brag or put you down (maybe just a little)... literally the first thing I thought within the first two minutes was that you didn’t update the Bios....
    *this info does not help anyone... but I do feel like a tech wiz by saying that so.... imma go buy me some chick Fil a

  • RojasTKD7
    RojasTKD7 4 months ago

    LOL, Wasn't a defective rig, was a defective user.

  • Bunny Love
    Bunny Love 4 months ago

    Hi bud you say it's your fault for not checking the update for the bios but it was a good vid to show the potential problem if we did not check for an update or got the right one and problem solving

  • RG TEK
    RG TEK 4 months ago

    First three letters of "assume". Shoulda updated the BIOS first, not swap parts. You know better.

  • Rico Swave
    Rico Swave 5 months ago

    Code 18. happens to the best.

  • Briguy1027
    Briguy1027 5 months ago

    Watching watching, and then at 12:26 I think you hit the nail on the head as to the problem, LOL. I seem to remember seeing that you did have to do that step with this chip.

  • Nuclear PCS GT
    Nuclear PCS GT 5 months ago

    same issue just change that damn board ...problems will be fixed

  • Cipi SixZeroFour
    Cipi SixZeroFour 5 months ago


  • Hipopotamus on Mars
    Hipopotamus on Mars 5 months ago

    @Greg Salazar, May I ask whats the keyboard+touchpad combo are you using in the video?

  • Itbankrock
    Itbankrock 5 months ago

    Every time there's a new hardware, always update drivers and BIOS. Lesson learned I guess.

  • xyz360400
    xyz360400 5 months ago

    I guess different base and boost clocks in the chip mean that a microcode update for the BIOS is required to support the chip. I guess it kinda makes sense since the clocks are controlled by the board itself and not the chip (hence things like MCE and overclocking etc.) but like you, I would have thought it wouldn't necessarily need a new BIOS. At worst I would think it would just clock the chip to the defaults for the 9900K which shouldn't cause any issues but I guess not.

  • Brian Kitchens
    Brian Kitchens 5 months ago

    Take your ring off! Making me nervous. lol

  • Jar
    Jar 5 months ago

    "Just needs a bios update", I hate that shit, what about new users buying a brand new motherboard + cpu? They have to buy an older chip with it just to do a bios update.

  • NICKydex01
    NICKydex01 5 months ago

    Face Palm! Who would have thought a bios update was needed...

  • Bendy52
    Bendy52 5 months ago

    really didnt update the bios ? with all this experience xD

  • Joshua Harmse
    Joshua Harmse 5 months ago

    Windows = gay

  • rm3d
    rm3d 5 months ago

    You what they say about assuming. It makea an ass out of u and me 😁 . But now we know and we'll check bios update info 1st before installing a new cpu

  • Miguel Carvalho
    Miguel Carvalho 5 months ago

    Come on Greg! New CPU = new BIOS...
    You're obviously not a newbie.
    I understand that maybe you thought that the 9900-KS would be more or less the same as the 9900-K. But having into account all the microcode changes, the first thing I would check before even installing the CPU, would be for BIOS updates.

  • Brian Beard
    Brian Beard 5 months ago

    That is a "Fail at Failing while Failing Epically" situation... LOVE IT!

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson 5 months ago

    this is a very noobish mistake for a tech reviewer to commit. I would hate to see him do a review for the Ryzen 3950x when it comes out.

  • Karthik Raja
    Karthik Raja 5 months ago +1

    imagine after 15 min he realizes his keyboard turned off due to no charge

  • servo101
    servo101 5 months ago

    Sorry man, but any tech tuber worth his salt would have checked for BIOS updates for the mobo to support the new proc. This was a 15 min video of you painfully figuring out you simply needed a BIOS update. Your content is usually good but this was one of those that wasn't.

  • Jonathan Teh
    Jonathan Teh 5 months ago

    One thing to add to your toolkit is a USB thumb drive or similar with an Ubuntu distribution that can be booted from the drive to serve like a PC on a stick. A Windows 10 image by itself may not be ideal as it has numerous issues of its own because of Feature updates and driver issues.

  • Gamevet
    Gamevet 5 months ago

    Bios update?


    Just checked out the end of the video. This isn't good, if someone buys a Z390 board at the launch of the 9900KS and can't post. Hopefully they have another PC that they can update the Bios with a thumb drive.

  • Devansh Jangid
    Devansh Jangid 5 months ago

    Aaaaargh I wanted to be the first to wish you b'day

  • Irfan Ahmed
    Irfan Ahmed 5 months ago

    Nice learning with you Greg. Yes it might have been a small step that you missed but really informative for me. 👍

  • thegeorgezila
    thegeorgezila 5 months ago

    So someone else, besides me, bought and uses that silly little keyboard.
    Well now I don't feel so foolish.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 5 months ago

    Well, I'm glad you could be humble about it even though a BIOS update would have been my first go-to with a new CPU. I do see why you didn't, though. Same"ish" chip, just an extra letter on the end! Understandable! Gotta love the BIOS updates!

  • EvilTurkeySlices
    EvilTurkeySlices 5 months ago

    I’ve had a system freeze on the bios splash screen because my k55 keyboard was plugged into it, I’ve seen some weird stuff.

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn 5 months ago


  • rtxrt73
    rtxrt73 5 months ago

    I've had this same issue happen with 2 gigabyte motherboards and x370 and x470. In both cases the motherboard went and took a set of memory sticks (2x8gb) with it. I was able to get the memory replaced under lifetime warranty, but I've not been able to get gigabyte to do either motherboard on warranty...

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri 5 months ago

    Ha! Go figure. Loving these POV vids man, they are compelling.

  • PATSFAN420
    PATSFAN420 5 months ago

    see how shit cost 3X+ what it used to cost sheet should have no issues anymore it should be perfect plug and play for what we pay. same quality part 3 times the cost.. think about that.

  • SedlStef
    SedlStef 5 months ago

    With your GoPro on now, I'm getting seasick, sorry 🤢

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres 5 months ago

    I'm not pro update, but looks like it's something to do very often these days

  • BlueScope819
    BlueScope819 5 months ago

    Really cool style of video, perhaps a computer build like this, it's pretty cool.

  • Rebecca Dax
    Rebecca Dax 5 months ago

    Given the situation here, I doubt that many of us would have thought a BIOS update would be required. Leave it to Intel to release a new CPU that requires a BIOS update and not tell reviewers (or did they?).

  • Ghazzy
    Ghazzy 5 months ago

    Salazar SILTHEREN.

  • Niko
    Niko 5 months ago

    @ Greg Salazar, Mate, do me a favour and don´t ask your cat to don`t make noise! She doesn`t understand you! Please! It is a cat! And sorry mate, if you think she do understand you. I´m sorry! But i can`t understand peaple talking to them ped`s as there were human. I like cats but they are not human! Spare us from it. Maybe you are a catman, but i can`t understand this. lol, Again i`m sorry, i had to say it this way; otherwise your videos are best and i love to learn with you! Greetz.....was that mean,? I hope not...

  • James
    James 5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. Always good to learn. 👍

  • yotoprules
    yotoprules 5 months ago

    I KNEW it was the motherboard from the start. I had a similar issue where it would just lock up on boot, resetting the bios solved the issue, I figured this would also be BIOS related.

  • Some Moof Milker
    Some Moof Milker 5 months ago

    Thought PSU fans didn't spin up until they were under stress?

  • ً‎‎ًYuyuko
    ً‎‎ًYuyuko 5 months ago

    me looking at my uhd 630 and the i3 8100

    CPU:nah im staying here till you die bit#$

  • Yousuf Ahmed
    Yousuf Ahmed 5 months ago

    Greg Salazar is still better than Salazar studio hehehe

  • fanclass0f76
    fanclass0f76 5 months ago

    I've installed several new motherboards over the last few months. On a brand new board I always install the latest bios available prior to any OS install.

  • Eelko A.
    Eelko A. 5 months ago

    The only new variable is the CPU... you should have started with that, and don't forget the M/B (bios?)
    Okay at the end you came to the same conclusion...

  • zakázaný Phoenix
    zakázaný Phoenix 5 months ago


  • Frijin
    Frijin 5 months ago

    Get a motherboard with postcode display, that would have told what is the problem (?)

  • Brennan Guernsey
    Brennan Guernsey 5 months ago

    New CPU means new bios, noob lol

  • Vladislav N
    Vladislav N 5 months ago +2

    Its difficult for me to comprehend how a guy that does PC tech videos for living can not think of updating the BIOS first of all things in this situation! If you install a CPU that was not "in the wild" at the time of your current BIOS version release date - does not matter if its "same architecture" or not - your BIOS may be driving it at totally incorrect multiplier and voltage values, not to mention the required architectural changes...

  • Brandon Gonzalez
    Brandon Gonzalez 5 months ago

    Where you got those custom cables for psu?

  • ZoommaiR
    ZoommaiR 5 months ago

    As everyone else is asking, why the name change Greg?

  • ZoommaiR
    ZoommaiR 5 months ago

    Sorry man, this was hard to watch. Clues pointed to CPU from the start. Maybe I'm just old.... lol

  • DTXGaming
    DTXGaming 5 months ago

    Bit of a futile exercise; if the previous CPU worked, it doesn't make much sense swapping other components.
    As the saying goes: if it looks like a duck and quacks as a duck... The moral is: always run an up-to-date BIOS... unless the up-to-date BIOS is corrupt :D

  • rae ver
    rae ver 5 months ago

    ok is this a trend or something new again. last time I checked it was science studio haha. XD

  • Huaie
    Huaie 5 months ago +2

    When I see your name, I always think of that boss of Resident Evil 4. 😅

  • Manuel G
    Manuel G 5 months ago +1

    without watching the video.. the first thing i would assume would be a bios issue.
    i had tons of weird problems, dead PCs (no reaction to pressing the power button) , freezing PCs in any situation..
    it was every time! the bios and the HID compilant headset device driver when using a HyperX Cloud II.

  • Brandonien
    Brandonien 5 months ago

    this happened to me, disabled the wifi and bluetooth module in bios and it worked fine, repeatable results when toggled on and off.

  • Geoff Totten
    Geoff Totten 5 months ago

    Cats are bastards! Love them though.

  • flickmyslots
    flickmyslots 5 months ago

    I don't agree with your trouble shooting method in this scenario, i instantly thought it was voltage related which would indicate bios. I thought it would be the first port of call updating your bios for a brand new chip.

  • Blank
    Blank 5 months ago

    i actually had the same problem with an i9-9900K and i solved it just by turning off the pc when i get to this screen then restarting :)

  • dimarg00
    dimarg00 5 months ago

    i m using mx4 as a paste for a 3770,is this carbon pad better?will i see any difference?

  • SL InWorld
    SL InWorld 5 months ago

    My 9900k gives me the watchdog error if Intel virtualization is enabled

  • M M
    M M 5 months ago

    So if every tech tuber is also getting a Special Edition Limited KS, yeah now I get why there is nothing in stock and the stock is low worldwide.

  • Trancestor
    Trancestor 5 months ago

    I dont get it, if someone gets a new pc with the 9900ks how are they supposed to update the bios for the ks if they dont have another 9th gen intel cpu laying around?

  • mathewburgos3
    mathewburgos3 5 months ago

    Bruh, this camera view is bliss lol. The quality is phenomenal brother, keep up the great work.

  • Andres Gallego
    Andres Gallego 5 months ago

    My Gigabyte Z390 Aorus pro had similar issues, Gigabyte has good mobos but they are kinda hit or miss.

  • LexlCZl
    LexlCZl 5 months ago

    why in the world you keep renaming this channel of yours, you had salazar in there before, very indecisive...

  • 84Actionjack
    84Actionjack 5 months ago

    Pop and swap component troubleshooting with a known good was the primary method we used for my 10 years as an electronic technician in the military. Sadly, now most electronic gear goes back to the manufacturer for repair and replaced with a fresh unit off the shelf.

  • ntme9
    ntme9 5 months ago

    This felt like a staged PSA. I have a 370 motherboard and when you said one reason you didn't use the 370 is because having to update the BIOS, I thought you're going to have to update the BIOS on the 390 too..

  • Imran Isak
    Imran Isak 5 months ago

    Happy Birthday