Tasting Singapore Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

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  • Mohamad Mziri
    Mohamad Mziri 8 hours ago

    Its cool that this whole series came from Ants and Bees

  • Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor 2 days ago

    Singapore MREs look awesome! I need to stock pile some of them.

  • Velysean
    Velysean 15 days ago

    I love how we are all literally just watching a guy opening and eating food for entertainment...

  • R41H4N
    R41H4N 19 days ago


  • Benny C
    Benny C 26 days ago

    They have Pocari Sweat???!!! 😱 Them Singapore soldiers really be living their best life.

  • Dawn Roffey
    Dawn Roffey Month ago

    I’ve been to Singapore a couple of times, food is usually really tasty 😋 this doesn’t look good at all.

    VSzC GAMING Month ago

    YESS !

  • GlenRush
    GlenRush Month ago

    ORD lo

  • Mary Bendix
    Mary Bendix Month ago

    never saw anyone get so excited over matches and napkins. boom

  • Mary Bendix
    Mary Bendix Month ago

    safety first!

  • chan you jin
    chan you jin Month ago

    You should have crush the chocolate biscuit and mix water with it well glad you like it. Hope to see you in Singapore

  • overdosed flow
    overdosed flow 2 months ago

    I'm from Singapore hahaha

  • ahmad firdaus
    ahmad firdaus 2 months ago


  • Eric West
    Eric West 2 months ago

    I love Pocari Sweat

  • Oldsmokey
    Oldsmokey 2 months ago

    Way to many ads dude jeez.

  • scylla019
    scylla019 2 months ago +1

    Any Singaporean’s getting PTSD looking at the biscuits

    • Ivan Ng
      Ivan Ng 2 months ago

      Field camp is alright but the food is a nightmare

  • Slappz
    Slappz 2 months ago +1

    Surprised there isn’t any milo in there

  • Haxofall
    Haxofall 2 months ago

    Taras better be joking about liking Singapore's MRE. I'd vomit 🤮

  • John Yio
    John Yio 2 months ago

    And usually we just eat the powder, then drink some water.

  • John Yio
    John Yio 2 months ago

    The thing is, we never eat it hot :) eat it in the cold rain, with my rifle, my buddy and me.

  • Blahlaluu
    Blahlaluu 2 months ago


  • Nina Brd
    Nina Brd 2 months ago

    Try Greek MRE!! 😍

  • Wonderful Time
    Wonderful Time 2 months ago +1

    try malaysian MRE please

  • Zero Scum
    Zero Scum 2 months ago

    Please do a Myanmar mre

  • Rc
    Rc 2 months ago

    THIS? Is what you consider Unique? It's the food we get from the rice fields, ain't nothin special about this...

  • stream NCT127- KICK IT _

    Is he nervous? He shaking a lot

  • Imam Sofyan
    Imam Sofyan 3 months ago +1

    MRE Low Budget ? 🤣

  • Pandiyan R
    Pandiyan R 3 months ago

    Can you try indian military food

  • LoneSpartan35
    LoneSpartan35 3 months ago +2

    The way he says carackas is so seductive

  • Trainee
    Trainee 3 months ago +3

    Me: Very very sweet tea and it does taste like fruit tea.
    Auto-caption: Very very sweetie and it does taste like booty.

    • Jahalang82
      Jahalang82 2 months ago

      Reminds me of Tropic Thunder when that one guy is singing about Booty Sweat energy drink.

  • Temasek SDQ
    Temasek SDQ 3 months ago

    Yes delicious military ration, when I served my two years Long ago.

  • Dawn Morris
    Dawn Morris 3 months ago

    Even thouh the date is past......that food will stay good for a long long time, even after the expiration date.....☺

  • Eliseo Lopez
    Eliseo Lopez 3 months ago

    " i love chewing meat " 😂

  • Stella Lew
    Stella Lew 3 months ago

    Welcome to Singapore

  • Gissie
    Gissie 3 months ago

    get MRE kits to persecuted christians.

  • Syahmi Shaibi
    Syahmi Shaibi 3 months ago


  • Jovina Ng
    Jovina Ng 3 months ago

    pocari sweat.
    yea, totally taste like lemomade

  • Studio of art
    Studio of art 3 months ago

    indain mre test

  • suhan BlueSkyGaming
    suhan BlueSkyGaming 3 months ago

    hi taras! can you do a royal malaysian army MRE?

  • Danial Makrof
    Danial Makrof 3 months ago

    Next time, please try Malaysian Army MRE

  • Dinkley Winkley
    Dinkley Winkley 3 months ago

    Em from Singapore

  • Josh playz
    Josh playz 3 months ago

    Yay I'm in Singapore

  • Ze Wei Liew
    Ze Wei Liew 3 months ago +1

    “I think it is expired a year ago , but i think it is ok to eat it “

  • eternaladdictionxx
    eternaladdictionxx 3 months ago +5

    "i like how singapore mre is in english"
    if nt what in malay isit ?

  • Ethan Jin
    Ethan Jin 3 months ago

    My country lolol

  • Raygon So2
    Raygon So2 4 months ago


  • Ashley Ong
    Ashley Ong 4 months ago

    O cool im a singaporean haha

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    Milo Buddy 😏😏

  • Dawn Ripper
    Dawn Ripper 4 months ago +3

    This comment was brought to you by the future two-year military enslavement gang!

  • sumaira .N
    sumaira .N 4 months ago

    Im from Singapore anybody else

  • ᏆᎳɨֆႠპმ !
    ᏆᎳɨֆႠპმ ! 4 months ago


  • Ahmad Akhdar
    Ahmad Akhdar 4 months ago +4

    6:13 turn on the captions
    “ and it does taste like booty “

  • Martin Chow
    Martin Chow 4 months ago

    Fum fact…90% inside the package are made in malaysia

  • Awg Haziq
    Awg Haziq 4 months ago

    His hand are shaking so much

  • Ishwar Malavade
    Ishwar Malavade 4 months ago

    You also have to try Indian MRE.. it's too delicious with good ingredients.. Please try once..

  • Allen Lau
    Allen Lau 4 months ago

    Thats an accessory pack. Main courses are a different package

  • Keith Teo
    Keith Teo 4 months ago

    ORD LO

  • PolyMath
    PolyMath 4 months ago

    i ate this in Army 20 years ago

  • Amer
    Amer 4 months ago

    I have never seen you eating malaysian MRE.

  • El Capitano
    El Capitano 4 months ago +1

    Singapore's MRE contents seriously looks pathetic as compared to other nations' mres.

  • Kriegstic
    Kriegstic 4 months ago

    Im so embarrassed by this compared to other MREs.

  • El Capitano
    El Capitano 4 months ago


  • Novan Tan
    Novan Tan 4 months ago

    Bless Singapore 🇸🇬

  • Nelson Ng
    Nelson Ng 4 months ago

    I am from Singapore

  • Rachel Ye
    Rachel Ye 4 months ago

    you pronounced 'chocolate' as 'charcoal'

  • Andre Cheong
    Andre Cheong 4 months ago

    Gotta have the penguin premium tissue pack

  • NX14
    NX14 4 months ago

    Ayy I'm from Singapore

  • Isaac Mendez
    Isaac Mendez 4 months ago

    Oh you got 2 of the best melas there. The sausage and glutionous rice. They had a few others which aint so good. Reminds me of my time serving the army 15 years ago...

  • The Absurd Gamer
    The Absurd Gamer 4 months ago

    That warm water jug has infinite capacity. 🤣 I've been noticing

  • kcazzzzz
    kcazzzzz 4 months ago

    if you ever go to singapore, try out the food. singapore is famous for having a large variety of good food because of its multi racial background. do some research on what food to try before going

  • Elijah Yeo
    Elijah Yeo 4 months ago

    sorry i gagged abit when i saw the meal... reminds me of my national service

  • Cool Grandma
    Cool Grandma 4 months ago


    KEGAN YEO 4 months ago

    the rice is actually glutenous rice

  • Lata Bose
    Lata Bose 4 months ago

    this is how many times he said BOOM

  • Lata Bose
    Lata Bose 4 months ago

    im from singapore 😂

  • Marcus Tan
    Marcus Tan 4 months ago +7

    We just pour the powder from the satchet into our mouth and drink water :D

  • DTSM 426
    DTSM 426 4 months ago +2

    8:10 Singaporean main language is English...

  • Zac hahaha
    Zac hahaha 4 months ago +1

    the chocolate cracker u can add water and it will become spongecake !

  • copper the Shiba inu
    copper the Shiba inu 4 months ago +228

    Anyone from singapore 🙋‍♀️

    • CnG YT
      CnG YT 11 days ago

      Oh my god I have waited for so long to get this response

    • 1_ Al Hafiq
      1_ Al Hafiq 12 days ago


    • Helix Jovian
      Helix Jovian Month ago

      Lion mermaid 😁 haha CRH probably would be drinking a whole lot of vodka with this MRE. But you know what suits Chinese tea and teh tarik, nasi lemak 👍👍 yeah beautiful.

    • Victor Reymond
      Victor Reymond 2 months ago

      huge fan of crazy russian hacker

    • Victor Reymond
      Victor Reymond 2 months ago


  • Insanity
    Insanity 4 months ago +2

    Yes russian people testing mother singapore mre.... Its all goingnto plan