BEACH EPISODE: Ultimate Level 9 CPU Tournament

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • On the way to the Dark Realm, but our transportation broke down so we decided to have some fun at the beach! Joker might help us next week!
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    Swear to my Bones from Persona 5 (Outro):
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  • Invinci-Creep 7049
    Invinci-Creep 7049 2 days ago



  • Hooded OP87
    Hooded OP87 3 days ago

    me: (crying because they got rid of it)

  • CBT
    CBT 6 days ago

    Michael Jackson Kirby

  • Sūpāburasshu Ninja


    EPHRAIM CHO 12 days ago

    He’s so mean to puff

  • Officialblue Tonguedskinm

    Joe is relentless when it comes to jokes

  • Perhaps Not
    Perhaps Not 14 days ago

    I'm not crying your crying

  • LunarGirl64
    LunarGirl64 15 days ago

    Blue Incineroar: "Who cares-"
    Wii Fit Trainer: *"DIVINE INTERVENTION"*

  • Elle Vaporeon
    Elle Vaporeon 26 days ago

    842,771 views..... nice Thumbnail trap

  • Dimetrodon 22
    Dimetrodon 22 Month ago

    This may be a filler episode, but it still introduced F-DI

  • jjgg 193
    jjgg 193 Month ago


  • Ozzy
    Ozzy Month ago

    The commentary during the Ike vs ZSS fight is sending meee

  • Stephen Resterio
    Stephen Resterio Month ago


  • MasonChuu
    MasonChuu Month ago

    So who’s going to send the dirty dedede drawing to alpharad?

  • What’s Up
    What’s Up Month ago

    You can tell they put blue incineroar

  • Ryusuta
    Ryusuta Month ago

    Incineroar and Wii Fit Trainer win! They realized that friendship is more important!

  • Jasminder Singh
    Jasminder Singh Month ago

    destiny Islands i Luv it

  • Jeezus Kryste
    Jeezus Kryste Month ago

    15:57 am I the only one who heard him say “Vincent”

  • Clu313ss
    Clu313ss Month ago

    6:23 I saw Jacob skurt around agreeing lol

  • Nolton Alfred
    Nolton Alfred Month ago +1

    Pg incineroar is naruto and blue incuneroar is sasukae

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago +2


  • Bryson H
    Bryson H Month ago +1

    PG incineroar brought his cousin blue incineroar to one of his tournaments so he could watch and he wanted to fight, then blue wheat through puberty and is now the monster he is today

  • Kioriin
    Kioriin Month ago

    How to sneak sponsorships into video 101

  • Jonathan Zandstra
    Jonathan Zandstra Month ago +2

    Alpha: "Ken where did you go wrong
    me: Shulk...

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker Month ago

    The funny part is: there are 515 dislikes, bu you know all of them are just dissapointed by the thumbnail.

  • N1ck 56
    N1ck 56 Month ago

    Does anyone know the artist

  • Candelaria Contreras

    This ova tho

    JCPOTATOBENJY Ya Month ago


  • Just Another Animator

    Audible link lost his sponsorship :(

  • Blamo Stramo
    Blamo Stramo Month ago

    Upset that Ridley isnt on the shirt

  • The Great King Dedede

    So noone's gonna talk about how Dedede has never been under Semifinals up to here?

  • guillehcv 0.0
    guillehcv 0.0 Month ago

    Really? No Bayonetta?

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster Month ago

    Oh hey guys its Shulk

    Remember when he used to be here

  • The Lintnerd
    The Lintnerd 2 months ago +3

    18:20 I appreciate the light political satire.

  • Fizitrine
    Fizitrine 2 months ago

    Thumbnail artist?

  • The boy
    The boy 2 months ago

    Why do u do click baity

  • Sasha Kucher
    Sasha Kucher 2 months ago

    wow, I just made a comment on the supercut that we needed a beach episode.... Wow.

  • SwerveStarEx
    SwerveStarEx 2 months ago

    Final round spoilers
    PG Incineroar: Blue Incineroar, you may be a Heel, but you aren't truly dark! For you it was always about the show, and despite your cruel face in the ring, you were truly a kind soul at heart! Remember who you are, and come back to us! Remember how you got your start! Remember why you began to fight! REMEMBER THE BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP! *ALOLAN WHIP!*


  • Dawnofthefandomz
    Dawnofthefandomz 2 months ago

    One day Shulk will win it all.... One day. Maybe Lucina will too

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 2 months ago +1

    13:00 - dedede is gonna die
    *Skips 10 seconds*
    Aw crap!

  • donald estrada
    donald estrada 2 months ago

    fuck king dedede who actually is that dumb enough to like him

  • DomSeban Jon
    DomSeban Jon 2 months ago

    Rip puff :(

  • DDP
    DDP 2 months ago

    I'm saying this when it's summer time. I'm going to Arizona in a few days. And that's where heat hits the perbirvial fan

  • Waves
    Waves 2 months ago

    Link: Aight I'm bout to head out

  • Ryan Pickett
    Ryan Pickett 2 months ago +1

    My main wins again

  • Bomble sivart
    Bomble sivart 2 months ago

    I'd buy the shirt if it had ridley on it

  • Dragon Gamer Z
    Dragon Gamer Z 2 months ago

    Welp, now we have the one thing that solidifies the CPUCS as an anime: ships

  • Mikah Cariglio
    Mikah Cariglio 2 months ago

    How many times have you referenced Tom Hardy's Bane?

  • Galaxie Perfect
    Galaxie Perfect 2 months ago

    PLEASE make that Samus art in the thumbnail a shirt!! I would but that!!

  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago +3

    11:24 Pikachu is showing that friend ship might be better.
    5 Seconds later
    That friendship might be overrated
    I'm dead

  • maddox munoz
    maddox munoz 2 months ago

    anyone else notice link didnt have the audible symbol next to him

  • Remote-Kid's Game Corner

    Damn, and here I wanted to confess to Zelda after winning the tournament. Welp there's always next year, am I right?

  • Ice Kirpika
    Ice Kirpika 2 months ago

    I think Kirby will win

  • P1P1301
    P1P1301 2 months ago could you... not include..... The female Pokémon trainer.... :(

  • Anders B
    Anders B 2 months ago +4

    7:40 When u talked about all the plans for Ike and Samus her percent was on 69.

    I think not!

  • Jiden Hayward
    Jiden Hayward 2 months ago

    Rip vincent

  • Jeremy Bird-Fremont
    Jeremy Bird-Fremont 2 months ago


  • NoobMaster69 ,
    NoobMaster69 , 2 months ago

    " Ike is coming on top in more than one way"😏😳

  • NoobMaster69 ,
    NoobMaster69 , 2 months ago

    7:34 "Second biggest thing in his arsenal". Wonder what the first is ,😏😏😏😏

    • NoobMaster69 ,
      NoobMaster69 , 2 months ago

      "Ike is coming on top in more than one way" 😶😏

  • Austin Baker
    Austin Baker 2 months ago

    Got damn that is an absolutely S tier soundtrack!

  • Sleepy's sad
    Sleepy's sad 2 months ago +1

    *you forgot that beach episodes are supposed to be lewd*

  • Emery
    Emery 2 months ago

    I’m calling you out. You’re keeping Ken and Rosalina & Luma at lower levels. No Cheating allowed. every cpu needs to be level 9

  • SaltyCheese 97
    SaltyCheese 97 2 months ago +1

    19:15 RIP: banjo kazooie never made it into smash

  • Ewan Deveaux
    Ewan Deveaux 2 months ago

    Ike x Samus can't happen because Ike is gay :^)

  • Table 2.0
    Table 2.0 2 months ago

    I feel like the Blue Incinaroar’s Character development is the excuse for this arc being crucial to the plot tbh

  • Mr. Game and king
    Mr. Game and king 2 months ago

    But incieroar is a fire dark type

  • mr. mister
    mr. mister 2 months ago

    the CPUCS is my 3rd favorite anime. Just behind Shrek and Cory in the house

  • Billy Edmisten
    Billy Edmisten 2 months ago

    I'd get that shirt but squarespace kirby isn't on there so I simply cant

    • Billy Edmisten
      Billy Edmisten 2 months ago

      Also I'm aware I put squarespace instead of skills skillshare my mind blanked

  • David Gray
    David Gray 2 months ago

    I just realized Shulk is part of nudist beach.

  • ThePropeople
    ThePropeople 2 months ago


  • HankusTheDankus
    HankusTheDankus 3 months ago

    I love you Alpha

  • PetrifiedWood 1324
    PetrifiedWood 1324 3 months ago

    Blue incen just went thru puberty

  • Dragonsoldiermon
    Dragonsoldiermon 3 months ago

    Fun fact I actually had a lv 100 pichu it knew Volt Tackle-Light Screen- Thunderbolt- and Mega Punch

  • Glenn Huff
    Glenn Huff 3 months ago

    I love how they used the beach level music from Sonic Heroes.

  • Jumbo Baggins/JelloGO
    Jumbo Baggins/JelloGO 3 months ago

    OH NO
    *F I L L E R*