BEACH EPISODE: Ultimate Level 9 CPU Tournament

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • On the way to the Dark Realm, but our transportation broke down so we decided to have some fun at the beach! Joker might help us next week!
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  • monkeyorphan
    monkeyorphan 2 days ago

    I love you Alpha

  • PetrifiedWood 1324
    PetrifiedWood 1324 2 days ago

    Blue incen just went thru puberty

  • Dragonsoldiermon
    Dragonsoldiermon 3 days ago

    Fun fact I actually had a lv 100 pichu it knew Volt Tackle-Light Screen- Thunderbolt- and Mega Punch

  • Glenn Huff
    Glenn Huff 4 days ago

    I love how they used the beach level music from Sonic Heroes.

  • Jumbo Baggins
    Jumbo Baggins 4 days ago

    OH NO
    *F I L L E R*

  • Black Void445
    Black Void445 4 days ago

    “No I think that’s just called slave labor”

  • Adam Henry
    Adam Henry 4 days ago

    Nice thumbnail!

  • KettleCheddar
    KettleCheddar 6 days ago +1


  • ARandom VideoMaker
    ARandom VideoMaker 6 days ago

    Welcome to jackass

  • Fatstr'
    Fatstr' 8 days ago +1

    Did anyone see wii fit go from 58 to 108?

  • Tr1stan Gaming
    Tr1stan Gaming 8 days ago

    "I think ken is going to find love before he finds his first stock..." I think it's the other way around for all of us

  • Marion games
    Marion games 11 days ago

    Only clicked on this vid cause of ike

  • Tastes Like Tater
    Tastes Like Tater 12 days ago

    3:58 wish i could never have heard that

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 12 days ago

    Do you want to know what anime is the best
    Shows video

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 12 days ago

    Alpharad-So right now, before we get to the dark realm.
    We need SEXY beach EPISODES!!!

  • Grongo Lawless
    Grongo Lawless 12 days ago

    Does Travis have a channel

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait 13 days ago

    Ike is best
    Ike is hAwt

  • Ntails
    Ntails 13 days ago


  • Lancaster
    Lancaster 14 days ago

    Pls do Level 1 CPU tournament

  • Some Teenager In A Basement

    I am uncomfortable

  • Emory Briddell
    Emory Briddell 14 days ago

    Out of all the people to ship you choose Ken and Rosalina why

  • Daddyishott t
    Daddyishott t 14 days ago

    Ken is ProJared

  • frog dad
    frog dad 16 days ago

    you should do a team battle cpu tournament

  • Flaming Gilgamesh
    Flaming Gilgamesh 16 days ago +1

    Wait. PG Incineroar is Dante and Blue Incineroar is Vergil

  • NatTheNewt
    NatTheNewt 17 days ago

    Not the best one here ma boys. The commentary was uhh kind of gross! Really don't need to be talking about samus getting fucked thx

  • Xero
    Xero 17 days ago

    I love how u referenced the hyperbolic time chamber

  • Benton Xavier
    Benton Xavier 17 days ago

    You guys should do a cpu tournament but with group stages. Like the football world cup but with smash characters.

  • Meggy
    Meggy 17 days ago +1

    (constant innuendos about Zero Suit and Ike)
    Me: I mean... I think Ike would be a little hotter without that cape-

  • Vsolid
    Vsolid 18 days ago

    Ima need some sauce for that ZSS thumbnail fam

  • jesse thacker
    jesse thacker 18 days ago

    Im disappointed joker didn't have his swimsuit or his butler outfit

  • jesse thacker
    jesse thacker 18 days ago

    I fucking love the commentary

  • Anotheremptychannel
    Anotheremptychannel 18 days ago +1

    Wow, what a nice episode for the characters to relax and enjoy themselves
    Wait a minute...

    *Why'd they change their hair?*

  • headpat
    headpat 18 days ago +1

    I almost beat my meat to the thumbnail

  • DxKing 300
    DxKing 300 18 days ago

    Incineroar vs Blue Incineroar is just Dante vs Vergil

  • Edward Quijada
    Edward Quijada 19 days ago +1

    I was actually rooting for Wii Fit Trainer

  • gamechanger501
    gamechanger501 19 days ago

    The Matts are the watchers, silently observing the universe

  • peter heil
    peter heil 19 days ago

    15:56 incinaroar said „vincent“

  • Doc pig
    Doc pig 20 days ago

    Stop it you’re literally beating a dead horse now

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop 20 days ago

    I hope that wii fit gets a tan cause if I looked that pale I would think I was a vampire.

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard 20 days ago

    for more

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan 20 days ago +2

    Does anyone know the thumbnail source for the Ike? No homo

  • Evan Hall
    Evan Hall 20 days ago

    Rip Pichu

  • Rival The World
    Rival The World 21 day ago

    Woah! That custom robo music! What a throw back

  • Orangecrust
    Orangecrust 21 day ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I clicked for Samus
    And so did you

    (Get yer mind outta the gutter)

  • Jew Polish
    Jew Polish 21 day ago +5

    7:38 "what's on the line for this match do you think-" "top" "...oh"

  • brandonakahowl
    brandonakahowl 22 days ago

    It’s the OVA

  • Swordex 123
    Swordex 123 22 days ago +1

    Is this filler?

  • hey man,
    hey man, 22 days ago

    hey man u wanna explain why the dog looks so interested in a human grill? not on my liberal christian ad killing youtube

  • Marcus Webb
    Marcus Webb 23 days ago

    click for the tits, stay for the plot

  • Gaming _Xclusive
    Gaming _Xclusive 23 days ago +2

    Y'all know you came because of the thumbnail

  • pkslider725
    pkslider725 23 days ago

    Plot twist: Ken and Rosa threw on purpose so they'd have more time to hang out.
    (Also, I'm probably alone in thinking "Wii Fit Kirby" reminds me of Miles Edgeworth...)

  • K-leb
    K-leb 23 days ago +8

    After seeing this video, I demand Sakurai add beach outfit/swimwear alts to every character.

  • CCuppy
    CCuppy 23 days ago +1

    Oh god it’s so sad knowing what happens in the next episode

  • yellow
    yellow 23 days ago

    1:51 can we get Cloud 9 to sponsor that jigglypuff??

  • Lost Hope78
    Lost Hope78 23 days ago +1

    Rest in peace dedede, Vincent, and parsec captain falcon

  • PokeyStarstudios
    PokeyStarstudios 23 days ago +1

    I need a link to the Samus picture. For scientific reasons

  • the game project
    the game project 23 days ago +1

    blue incineroar = best fighter anyone who beats him cheats

  • Vulpes Dump
    Vulpes Dump 24 days ago +2

    those thumbnails getting me everytime

  • ZATCH543
    ZATCH543 24 days ago

    Where's kribo on the merch?

  • Emric Gauvin
    Emric Gauvin 24 days ago

    F* it, red Incineroar is naruto and blue is sasuke

  • Christian Account
    Christian Account 24 days ago

    I came here after seeing Endgame
    Depressing :'c

  • Chef
    Chef 25 days ago

    “I don’t think you’re allowed to say that and be white”
    -Alpha 2019

  • _TheRPB _
    _TheRPB _ 25 days ago

    Wirst part of this filler ark was that my favorites had to fight each other in the last round

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 25 days ago +1

    7:26 clearly neither of you have played Ikes games ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Yiotukiru
    Yiotukiru 25 days ago

    is there going to be another saga

  • AaronCube
    AaronCube 25 days ago

    Where can I get that Ike art

  • Mizuxe_ gamr129
    Mizuxe_ gamr129 25 days ago

    Oh god.. Are we gonna start getting Rosa x Ken fan art? Nvm probably just spoke it into existence

  • hoboayoyo
    hoboayoyo 25 days ago

    What was the track used for grand finals?

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 25 days ago +2

    ncie thubmnael

    EDIT: sorry, hard to type with one hand

  • Donybonz
    Donybonz 25 days ago +1

    Bruh I don't understand why Skill Share Kirby isn't on the shirt he deserves it.

    • QualityToons
      QualityToons 22 days ago

      he did win in endgame so yeah

  • skrilllfury 21
    skrilllfury 21 25 days ago +2

    This video spawned SOOOOOOOOO much IkeXSamus fanart

  • Ectoplasm 97
    Ectoplasm 97 25 days ago

    Marth, Greninja and Joker are all still in the waiting room to make their CPUCS Debut.

  • a random person e
    a random person e 25 days ago

    if love is the ultimate power where's lucas? his favorite thing is literally love if you played mother 3

  • Dragooncroft
    Dragooncroft 25 days ago +6

    Anyone know the thumbnail pic source for Ike?

  • Zander
    Zander 25 days ago

    Why Is Vincent Wearing a Blue Toad Shirt?

    • e p i c
      e p i c 25 days ago

      Because that's his beach outfit

  • Tedtube gaming
    Tedtube gaming 25 days ago

    skillshare is not the same as normal kirby

  • Twilight Mage
    Twilight Mage 25 days ago

    How do u do a beach episode without Zelda?!

  • Agent719
    Agent719 25 days ago

    Link was just saving his strength for the real battle.

  • PlayBud101
    PlayBud101 25 days ago

    Funny I was playing Mario party 7 while I was watching this after it auto played.

  • DK Duckoo
    DK Duckoo 25 days ago

    Show boobs

  • Shizamza Shazam
    Shizamza Shazam 25 days ago

    Can we just have an incinerator tourney to see which color is truly the strongest?

  • Neal Dihiansan
    Neal Dihiansan 25 days ago

    Seeing final battle me: It’s so beautiful (cries)

  • Neal Dihiansan
    Neal Dihiansan 25 days ago +1

    Pikachu + Dedede= Garfield

    • Yiotukiru
      Yiotukiru 25 days ago

      r.i.p King DeDeDe may he forever style on opponites

  • 214361 card
    214361 card 25 days ago

    kirby saved the flippen world

    • Yiotukiru
      Yiotukiru 25 days ago

      but we lost some along the way may they rest in peace dedede falcon and vincent who will we have to style on opponites those were our guys

  • DragonDude 3833
    DragonDude 3833 26 days ago

    I don't know why, but I feel like Audible Link and Skill Share Kirby are sponsoring something...

  • Jordan Greenhaw
    Jordan Greenhaw 26 days ago

    Its called Smash Art

  • Sweg pokemon Dob
    Sweg pokemon Dob 26 days ago

    Dude... their roleplay... is better than that deadpool from vr chat.

  • A guy on the Internet
    A guy on the Internet 26 days ago

    I tried doing the exact same matchup. Here were my results.
    ROUND 1
    Vincent won to Jigglypuff
    Duck Hunt won to K Rool
    Shulk won to Ken
    Ike won to Zero Suit Samus
    Kirby won to Wii Fit
    Pichu won to Pikachu
    Dedede won to Link
    ROUND 2
    Duck Hunt won to Vincent
    Shulk won to ROSALINA (all is right with the world)
    Kirby won to Ike
    Dedede won to Pichu
    Shulk won to Duck Hunt
    Kirby won to Dedede

    More people should do this.

  • Kim
    Kim 26 days ago

    Clicbait there weren't any hot boyz

  • BlackBoyBlam
    BlackBoyBlam 26 days ago +1

    14:53 Jacob's reaction to villina ice vs iggy

  • Mimik U
    Mimik U 26 days ago

    Hule incen Lost his cus when the dark attack

  • Cosmo Clam
    Cosmo Clam 26 days ago

    "Like the video and subscribe to the video"
    -Alpharad 2019

  • aDark1
    aDark1 26 days ago

    “You’re an Inceneroar at heart! Don’t give in to the Darkness!”

    Inceneroar is a dark type...

  • SkyOlverLance
    SkyOlverLance 26 days ago

    13:27 Link was Dash Dancing

  • Eternal Pioneer
    Eternal Pioneer 26 days ago

    Can the Samus art be sourced please? Who made it? I'd like to see more. :)

    • Eric DGamer
      Eric DGamer 24 days ago

      Ok sorry just kind of thought it was disturbing to have you channel background as just a picture of boobs

    • Eternal Pioneer
      Eternal Pioneer 24 days ago

      +Eric DGamer What? :( It's just a cute Rosalina and some boobs. It's nothing disturbing or perverted, not more than the thumbnail I am asking about (which also isn't).
      Sorry if I in some way disturbed you or made you uncomfortable... But it's really not perverted content.

  • Squirtle128
    Squirtle128 26 days ago

    In-game Shulk would say Monado Buster sometimes when using the move (cause that’s the Art name) so like... calling it Monado Smash isn’t wrong

  • Jerry Campbell
    Jerry Campbell 26 days ago

    24:05 - 24:24
    Incineroar is actually next level of Devil Trigger confirmed.

  • 420Praiseit Gitgudneosucksasstoo


  • PiercingSight
    PiercingSight 26 days ago

    "It's a lot different than the last episode that was just a filler arc because, well, this is animated by a different studio!"

  • HalftrackHero
    HalftrackHero 26 days ago

    Friendship confirmed more powerful than love 🤔🤔🤔