NEW Conor McGregor Funniest Moments and Trash Talk

A compilation of Conor 'The Notorious' McGregor's trash talk and funniest moments.

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This video includes:
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Funny Moments
Conor McGregor Funniest Moments
Conor McGregor's Funniest MMA Moments PART 4
Conor McGregor Trash Talk
All of the Conor McGregor Insults
Funniest MMA Moments In History
Best of Conor McGregor

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Автор Bryan Jackson ( назад)
this whole video was fucking hilarious

Автор Pure Gaming Heart! ( назад)
why are famous people such dicks.. not all talking shit etc... but most of them .. jeez

Автор tom underwood ( назад)
that left hand puts guys on there asses Eddie could of gotten paid but he didn't he fought for what he was contracted and didn't renegotiate it ! shit Diaz was smart enough to renegotiate his contract and get that papper !!

Автор Wolfy McGee ( назад)
These aren't his funniest moments. These are his most cunty moments. I miss pre-money Conor, back when his trash talk was actually creative. The only funny moment here is the "who the fuck is that guy," which his fans ruined in a week.

Автор jerardo hernandez ( назад)
no one ever heard of Ireland until Connor McGregor happened 😂😂

Автор Jozelyn Sutton ( назад)
Mcgregor. is a cool guy like if u agree

Автор Big Perm ( назад)
I like Jeremy Stephens... But, that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen....

Автор FreeriderTruthTemplar ( назад)

Автор Nathan Russell ( назад)
shut our mouth what u going to do

Автор Stugots666x ( назад)
Eddie looks like a mini Dana

Автор The Legend27 ( назад)
"little boy belt" boi your shorter the coner you faggot fucker

Автор yay or nay ( назад)
"i have an unhealthy obsession with spending money..but i have a healthy obsession with making them" BBBBBBBRRRRRUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Автор Connen Tyson ( назад)
Lucky charms head ass.......Lame!

Автор Ty Wilson ( назад)
Ahhh the joy of being white. When you are black like FLoyd Mayweather, Adrian Broner, etc and you say suck my balls and use foul language and are brash you are a thug and controversial. Oh but the joy of being white like Conor McGregor, you can completely copy and emulate black culture and get a completely different perception. Conor is funny and entertaining and a must watch. Floyd and every other black athlete is a bad role model and you cant wait for them to lose.

Автор FF S ( назад)

Автор Michurin ( назад)
Eddie what a bitch he made out of you!The world will remember you as Conor's little bitch!

Автор LJ Cool ( назад)
"The double champ does what the fook he wants" 😂😂

Автор LJ Cool ( назад)
Jeremy Stephens career is now over. 😂

Автор jay jay ( назад)
He's the man!

Автор ben pep ( назад)
can somebody shoot this big mouth?

Автор Nikolis ( назад)
1:50 that lo key dab tho

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
Shut your fooking mouth this guy omg hahah

Автор Cory Lowther ( назад)
"I fight at all weight divisions" go up to heavyweight and fight junior dos Santos then lmao

Автор David Saylor ( назад)
Gimme your belt!

Автор Yo Mama ( назад)
Connor is Always calling someone broke when he trash talks. When in fact. Before his first fight. He collected a welfare cheque. lol.

Автор Jimmy Celtic ( назад)
I fucking love how cocky and confident he is awesome

Автор Heverton Gonçalves ( назад)
Conor apenas um trouxa que ganho uma 4 lutas e perdeu várias , é só é conhecido por falar muito !

Автор Ahmed Ali ( назад)
Wish more American white boys can be as cool and chill as my nigga Conor, he jams biggie and tupac, talks trash like Ali and backs it up.

Автор Adam Lahlou ( назад)
"I have an unhealthy obsession with spending money, but a healthy obsession with making it. So it's all good." - iconic

Автор James Wilson ( назад)
i dont follow ufc that much and i know hes a cocky dude and people hate him but connor is funny as hell.

Автор Gabriel McCarthy ( назад)
eyyyyeeeeehhhhhhrr 🍀

Автор jpat gon ( назад)

Автор Senol Eren ( назад)
please sombody beat that ugly guy!... he hass big month... fuck him to mutch bla bla... fuck your money!!! fucking so muth money end fuck hookers...

Автор Andrew Bradley ( назад)
kendo Nagasaki would knock the b,Jesus outs both of ya,

Автор Andrew Bradley ( назад)

Автор deandre harris ( назад)
Conor McGregor said he was a pimp

Автор chris bolton ( назад)
Cris cyborg🇧🇷 vs Conor mcregor🇨🇮

Автор XzibitCA ( назад)
0:52 "ofcourse i can take the two belts, i can defend them simultaneously" L:OL

Автор absolutely flawless ( назад)
have a belt taken away,mystic mac being right, kabib being a pullout merchant,8 times its happened, I hope Connor walk away from this ufc gone wwe Connor don't like it March 5th

Автор Yondell Anthony ( назад)
1:22 who the fook is that guy 😂😂😂

Автор News Tube ( назад)
You missed a lot..

Автор Amadeus Shun ( назад)
Fook mark henry

Автор Rossi Rossi ( назад)
Eddie eats canvas haha gobshite yank

Автор Prince Gio13 ( назад)
sorry I'm late I JUS DNT GIVE A FUCK!!!! this guy is fucking awesome.

Автор Henk Peters ( назад)
"Shut yoo fooking mouth!"

Автор Chase Martinson ( назад)
I love Conor, idc what people say " Oooooh he tapped out" who gives a shit, a lot of people tap. I will love the guy no matter what and hes just a monster.

Автор George From Jungle ( назад)
Shot your focking mouth !

Автор Biggie Smalls ( назад)
4:55 eddi shit his pants

Автор Biggie Smalls ( назад)
confidentslevel over 1000000000000

Автор Albertouz ( назад)
1:17 when Conor realises it´s someone talking xD

Автор iraklis perakis ( назад)
his attitude is a combination of Muhammad Ali because of his trash talking, Floyd Mayweather because he talks about how much money he has and Bob Sapp because he eats his opponents pictures

Автор BackToTheGrind ( назад)
1:50 Cheeky lil dab

Автор Zombie Slayer ( назад)
2:33 jcole wet dreams

Автор Caden Davenport ( назад)
I love conor mcgregor he is so awesome

Автор Raymond .Hilling ( назад)
1:51 who saw that dab in the back?

Автор Conor Hultgren ( назад)
In comparison to Conor Eddie is a fuckin bitch! Theres only one little boy on that stage!hahahaha

Автор Ryan Newton ( назад)
alverez looked scared

Автор Jay Rhem ( назад)
Conor is the Face of Dublin and the MMA, bow the fuck down

Автор jaxnitsua1200 ( назад)
pewdiepie is Irish now?

Автор Khang Huynh ( назад)

Автор w33d monster ( назад)
Conor is actually god lol

Автор The Russian Beast ( назад)
U will be in fiar one day Conar and Eddie

Автор Eyeball ( назад)
Dab 1:53 left corner

Автор William Logan ( назад)
eddie is a bitch he backs from connor

Автор absolutely flawless ( назад)
mystic mac was right 1 round

Автор Memo Moussa ( назад)
Poor Eddie didn't know what was waiting for him . Got fked up n disappeared for 4 month .

Автор Jordan 123 ( назад)
They say Conor is crazy when in reality he's like every other bloke from Dublin he was just the first one to do it

Автор Joshua Schulte ( назад)
keeo yo head man dont get to cocky or you will end up like Ronda

Автор itdoesntmatterwhoweare ( назад)
Electing Trump for president, but still censoring a simple "fuck" in videos. Welcome to america

Автор iKazekage ( назад)
conor: "what you gonna do"
eddie: "be careful."
lol the plan

Автор Meygen Cain ( назад)
1:51 a guy in the back dabbed lml

Автор RAY RAY ( назад)
ufc looks a shit fest...filled with arrogant fucks

Автор Paul Rodriguez ( назад)
This video clearly shows that all Conor fans are know him only since his second title fight, so the last fight.

Автор Ander ufc ( назад)
ooouu that looks good!!!

Автор Youlose ! ( назад)
Someone is gonna smash this fool. If he ever defends the belt against a real contender. Maternity leave...GTFO

Автор Devil Dog2016 ( назад)
might be a prick but he can back it up

Автор ElJulioso ( назад)
Gimme yer belt!!!

Автор Gonsalo Garcia ( назад)
Alvarez seemed afraid in the press before the fight , almost like he believed Conner more than he believed himself

Автор Angel Robles ( назад)
"who the fuck is that guy" lol

Автор TheJusnic82 ( назад)
0:56 buuuuuut he hasnt defended ANY belt EVEN ONCE...winning a belt is glorious, defending a belt is Legendary. This is why Mighty Mouse is todays greatest fighter ever.

Автор Warssay Habte ( назад)
1:50 - weak dab

Автор Brandi Michelle ( назад)
okay I just want to hear what Joanna has to say lol

Автор DJdevil319 ( назад)
He so Irish god you gotta love it
its like talking to a old school Irish Warrior

Автор Arron W ( назад)
conor loves his ephidrine as he fights every week. He sure loves his coke on his time off.

Автор hillman5921 ( назад)
"I want an apology." "SUCK THESE BIG IRISH BALLS"

Автор Jasmine Campbell ( назад)

Автор NAwsome Guy ( назад)
what press conference was when a lil kid said how long will it take you to rip his head off && conor said in one

Автор David Valdez ( назад)
the Irish r back baby

Автор catalin3xxx ( назад)
This guy doesn't have the brain nor the looks.

Автор Chris Jamieson ( назад)
He did not defend the belts simultaneously though did he?

Автор Jimmy Page ( назад)
"and i fight at all weight divisions" uh no you don't bro.....

Автор YVCIIVII ( назад)

Автор Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz Motivation MMA ( назад)
Una gran mentira resulto esa pelea!

Автор Charles Cosgrove ( назад)
Where's the video from of him talking in the cage?

Автор Sean Meredith ( назад)
Against Conor u just got to stay mentally focused and don't let him get in ur head

Автор The Phenomenal Guy ( назад)
His question is why you talking *SHIT!!!!!!*

Автор California Connection ( назад)
Eddie is a little punk who got punked at the fight conference. You can tell he was scared, you can see it in his eyes when he refused to get close to Connor eye to eye

Автор asvpshmooglez ( назад)

Автор TehBuQz ( назад)

Автор plokoon900 ( назад)
that last one lmao

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