Backpack Camping High Mountain Lakes For Trout Dinners With My Dog Ash!

  • Published on Sep 15, 2017
  • Backpacking Into Secret Remote Wilderness Lakes For Trout Dinner With My Dog Ash
    I took this camping trip to scout out several lakes that I'd been curious to know how good of fishing could be had. I caught brookies, cutthroat and rainbow trout. Most of these Lakes I had to hike to. Lol, one of them was car camping all the way with a nice soft bed and pillow!
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    Many thanks, Steve

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  • 쥐바퀴
    쥐바퀴 3 hours ago

    멍멍이는 먹는거 구경만 하고.. 멍멍이는 밥 안주나????

    BABY GOD ANGEL 10 hours ago

    i love the way he took good care of forest ^^

  • Coleen Nicolas
    Coleen Nicolas 10 hours ago

    Where is this? so beautiful

  • kubotamaniac
    kubotamaniac 15 hours ago

    You are lucky to have nice lakes and trails like that! Where I live, the company named Irving are taking over all the woodlands, and are clear cutting all the forest, and when we replant, they spread Glyphosate everywhere, so everything is scrapped.......

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  Hour ago

      That's too bad, Utah really is a beautiful state and very fun to explore as well. Thanks for watching!

  • eskimoassasin6
    eskimoassasin6 Day ago

    I love that you made your dog hold all your stuff like a horse with saddle bags too funny

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  Day ago +1

      LOL she only carries her food and blanket, I carry my own stuff. She is the best though, loves to be included.

  • Tony Geis
    Tony Geis Day ago

    With all that cooking outdoors don't you attract bears?

  • Chef Smeagol
    Chef Smeagol Day ago

    It was a hard eye opening transition from taking my eyes off this video and looking up to normal civilized surroundings around me. You took me so far away. Excellent excellent excellent. You got a new subscriber mate

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  Day ago

      Thank you, I really appreciate your kind comment and for the sub! Glad you could enjoy and relax while watching. Cheers!

  • Mi Sirenita
    Mi Sirenita 2 days ago

    Love u man...keep exploring!!!!

  • Don Ramon
    Don Ramon 2 days ago

    should get a drone to scout ahead for you

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  2 days ago

      I do have one and use it from time to time but not a lot.

  • Genius Loci
    Genius Loci 3 days ago

    what's the thing with the stove? why no campfire?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  2 days ago

      @Genius Loci Oh gotcha, well thanks for stopping by and watching! :)

    • Genius Loci
      Genius Loci 2 days ago

      @Firebox StoveI see, sorry. Just watched your video in a bunch of bushcraft videos. ^^'

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  3 days ago

      Because this is what I invented and sell! Thanks for watching!

  • Robin
    Robin 3 days ago

    Mother nature has been so bestowing on Canada.

  • Darrell Goodman
    Darrell Goodman 3 days ago

    Looks like Colorado high Country.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  3 days ago

      This is in Utah, but close lol. Thanks for watching!

  • Vlad Seb
    Vlad Seb 4 days ago

    why do ppl dislike this vid?
    He pick up track after other trash you have to give his that... and carry it out!

  • Vlad Seb
    Vlad Seb 4 days ago

    Butter as a starting fluid and use left over grease, resourceful!

  • mark lee
    mark lee 4 days ago

    What beautiful country

  • Sherpa Prem
    Sherpa Prem 4 days ago

    Dog 🐶 ☝😁

  • 1inspect0r1
    1inspect0r1 4 days ago

    Такое невозможно смотреть, можно слюной захлебнутся :))

  • luc matte
    luc matte 5 days ago

    What kind of dog is Ash.Want one!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  3 days ago

      She was a rescue pup so I am not exactly sure what she is.

  • Briar Bunbury
    Briar Bunbury 5 days ago

    i like how the dog has its own little hiking backpack lol

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  3 days ago

      LOL she loves to feel included and gets so excited when I get it out and we are getting ready to go. Thanks for watching!

  • Oleg T
    Oleg T 5 days ago

    Thank you for your content.

  • Katrin McDonough
    Katrin McDonough 5 days ago

    yummy food for you. besides the little bit of fish what else did that beautiful dog eat?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  3 days ago

      I bring her own special food on our trips, she has allergies. But I do share with her and she eats lots on our trips. I don't film it all though. Thanks for watching!

  • Richard Clemmens
    Richard Clemmens 5 days ago +1

    You ever fish for bass,bluegill, crappie?

  • Peter Y
    Peter Y 5 days ago +2

    13:55 You're making me hungry!

  • Que Huynh
    Que Huynh 6 days ago

    share some food for the dog , man u greedy u eat too much

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  3 days ago

      She has allergies and has to have her own special food. I do share with her but I don't video every single bite she takes. She is my pet and a part of the family, why would I not feed her. Making assumptions is not the best thing.

  • Texasaurus
    Texasaurus 7 days ago

    This is the first of your videos I've seen. Absolutely gorgeous camping and hiking? Where is this?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  7 days ago +1

      This is in Utah, thank you for the kind words!! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • NotTheRightGuy
    NotTheRightGuy 8 days ago

    Soo satisfying 😍♥️👌

  • William Kiene
    William Kiene 8 days ago

    Very nice.....I sent this to my grown up grand kids.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  8 days ago

      That is awesome to hear, thanks for watching! I hope they enjoy.

  • Barry Snyman
    Barry Snyman 8 days ago

    Where it this remote wilderness lake?

  • B H
    B H 8 days ago

    Very abnormal grey cloud blocking the sun...hmmmm

  • Brandon Lynch
    Brandon Lynch 8 days ago

    Bob Ross of camp fire cooking. Chef?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  8 days ago

      Thanks for watching, I have been a chef for some time before.

  • Everything
    Everything 9 days ago

    Lol I know exactly where this is.

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole 9 days ago

    All good boys get bacon 🥓

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  9 days ago

      Yes, it should most definitely be a reward lol.

  • Jason  Rideout
    Jason Rideout 9 days ago +1

    Awesome dog keeps the pack on him lol i luv it

  • Nova Vant Harr
    Nova Vant Harr 10 days ago

    How did you teach your dog to stay by you even overnight? Id love to go camping with a dog of my own but I'd be afraid of him running off and getting lost

    • Nova Vant Harr
      Nova Vant Harr 10 days ago

      @Firebox Stove that's awesome!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  10 days ago +1

      Yes I sure did!

    • Nova Vant Harr
      Nova Vant Harr 10 days ago

      @Firebox Stove did you teach yourself how to train her to do that?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  10 days ago +1

      She has been with me for around 8 years and is trained to stay by me. She would never wander off at this point. You could train one to do the same and I bet you would have a great time out there.

  • Velden Noyes
    Velden Noyes 10 days ago

    Were you on the south end of Boulder Mtn? I grew up in Lyman UT, and I miss that whole area you were in! Isn't highway 12 one of the most amazing drives!?

    • Velden Noyes
      Velden Noyes 18 hours ago

      Firebox Stove respect! I don’t tell people how to get to some of my favorite places down there. I’ll stop taking up your time with my comments, but thanks for what you do! It is great to watch your videos between classes and on homework breaks. If I can ever do anything to help you guys feel free to reach out. Best of luck! 👍

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  10 days ago

      It is all such amazing beauty. I don't say where I am specifically anymore because all these places are being ruined by the internet it seems. That is awesome you grew up here and know the amazing, cool places to go.

  • mary magdalene
    mary magdalene 11 days ago

    It would be nice if you show us when Ash eats his/her proper meal too, not just you eating. Ash looks healthy and looks well fed. However, since you only show us you eating most of the time and give the dog tiny bits of food, it feels like you do not properly feed the dog. Which give this nice video a bad taste. On your next video, please show us that Ash is eating well too.

    • mary magdalene
      mary magdalene 10 days ago

      @Firebox Stove I'm very sure you are feeding her very well because she looks well fed and healthy. But for some reason, it just does not feel right when you show us when you eat and we do not see her eating her meals. At first I was worried that she is not getting fed so I had to look at her closely but was glad that she looked healthy.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago

      Ash has food sensitivities. I have a special dog food that I feed her that isn't very exciting. Everybody wants me to cook her a gourmet meal or give her half of mine which would make her terribly sick

  • Cas
    Cas 11 days ago

    What breed of dog is Ash?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago +1

      She was a rescue pup so we are not sure what kind of dog she is for sure. Thanks for watching!

  • Cas
    Cas 11 days ago

    So peaceful. That trout looks delicious as well! Great job

  • cribbsprojects
    cribbsprojects 11 days ago

    Bravo on pickin the trash... do it here all the time...

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago

      It is horrible that we have to do it at all. But I am glad you are out making a difference.

  • Leonidas Lantz
    Leonidas Lantz 12 days ago

    Just found your channel. I really liked this video.Thanks for sharing.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  12 days ago

      So glad you liked it! Thanks 4 joining me!

  • Martyn Glover
    Martyn Glover 12 days ago

    Truly a beautiful video 👍

  • 쌍포TV
    쌍포TV 12 days ago

    It's a cool camp video. I saw it well. The dishes also look delicious. cool.

  • feral kid
    feral kid 12 days ago

    I've always liked the short hair dogs. Mostly pitbull mix. Game dogs, alert, easy to scrub clean, easy to check for ticks, don't collect cockleburs, and when it's cold at night they want to cozy up in the bag with you. Keeps you toasty warm.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  12 days ago

      She's saved me from cold nights a few times!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 days ago +2

    u dont feed the dog ??

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  12 days ago +3

      Never, it's amazing she doesn't even need food!

  • Dallan Genesis
    Dallan Genesis 12 days ago

    hmmm that Fish Looks soo Delicius

  • Vaughn Blaylock
    Vaughn Blaylock 13 days ago

    Straight up one of my favorite experiences on RUclip. My family and I are getting ready to move to Southwestern Wyoming. I've been gone from the west for 36 years, and she is finally calling me home.

  • Jonathon William
    Jonathon William 13 days ago

    That trout looks so yummy

    • Jonathon William
      Jonathon William 10 days ago

      @Firebox Stove i bet. Been binge watching and love the channel, all the food and great locations. And especially the red dog coat lol 👍🏻

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago

      Thank you, it tasted great too!

  • PJ
    PJ 13 days ago

    I do the same when I see trash, I simply pick them up and bring them with me

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago

      It is sad that you have to but so many people leave things like this anymore. Thanks for watching!

  • PJ
    PJ 13 days ago

    Alsome breakfast bud!

  • Aya's Reviews and toy colections

    This must be what heaven looks sounds and smells and tastes like. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rafat Khan
    Rafat Khan 13 days ago

    Wow man amazing peaceful place 😍

  • Exposing Liars
    Exposing Liars 14 days ago

    What does Ash carry? His own supplies??

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  14 days ago +1

      Yes, she carries her coat, blanket and food. I got the goats to carry some of my stuff.

  • andy freer
    andy freer 14 days ago

    Nice breakfast 🍳

  • The Dude
    The Dude 15 days ago +17

    He's literally the Bob Ross of camping fishing and cooking lol

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  15 days ago +2

      Thank you, I get that comment a lot and it makes me chuckle.

  • Hussain
    Hussain 17 days ago

    الكلب كاره عمره 😁 مشغله شيال 😂

  • Fernando Fisherman
    Fernando Fisherman 17 days ago +1

    Beautiful Lake. So good

  • Ganx
    Ganx 17 days ago

    May i ask, what part of the Country, or what state area you're in? East coast here and aside from the coast, dont have much nearly as beautiful near me.

    • Ganx
      Ganx 16 days ago

      @Firebox Stove thanks for the reply. I've been watching a ton of your stuff and really enjoy it! Hopefully you can keep the great content coming. Be safe out there. ✌

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  17 days ago

      I am in Utah! Thanks for watching!

  • Shaun Williamson
    Shaun Williamson 17 days ago

    you mention these a planters when talking about the fish in the first lake what does that mean?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  17 days ago +2

      That just means they were dropped in by plane to the lake by fish and game, stocked that way.

  • Shawn Snow
    Shawn Snow 18 days ago

    This man cook better in the wild than I do in a real kitchen 🥓🥘🍳🧂

  • Justin Kitamura
    Justin Kitamura 18 days ago

    If RUclip could show you who watches this video not just the number of views, I think you'd be surprised to see, I've seen this specific vid over 200 times. I literally fall asleep watching this vid pretty much nightly. Your other vids are great too but your solo vids with just Ash are incredibly relaxing and entertaining. Love your family too, don't get me wrong (inc. The goats) but for the nightly escape from the big city (LA), this helps me dream of the peace & serenity like in the lake district, UK...
    I was hoping to find out what kind of dog Ash is to get one for my wife and I but saw on comment # 28,327 she's an adopted mutt.. You/Ash are lucky to have each other.
    Take care my friend and thanks again for the restful nights!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  17 days ago +1

      That is great, your comment made my laugh. I am glad you are enjoying watching so much and that you find the videos relaxing. Yes Ash was a rescue pup and we are not sure what she is but we do know she is amazing lol. Thanks for the support and for watching!