Backpack Camping High Mountain Lakes For Trout Dinners With My Dog Ash!

  • Published on Sep 15, 2017
  • Backpacking Into Secret Remote Wilderness Lakes For Trout Dinner With My Dog Ash
    I took this camping trip to scout out several lakes that I'd been curious to know how good of fishing could be had. I caught brookies, cutthroat and rainbow trout. Most of these Lakes I had to hike to. Lol, one of them was car camping all the way with a nice soft bed and pillow!
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    Many thanks, Steve

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  • Steven Nelson
    Steven Nelson 4 hours ago

    Love the video, I live in Utah and hike certain sections of the Great Western especially around (Summit trailhead and Pine hollow,) alot to get to more remote areas to camp and other outdoor activities, where was this on the GWT.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  Hour ago

      I don't say where I am on the internet anymore, too many places being trashed because of it. That is awesome you get out and explore here in Utah, we are lucky to have such an amazing state to do this in.

  • Regalboy Boy
    Regalboy Boy 5 hours ago


  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 12 hours ago

    Wow trout is my favorite 🐠

  • John Fleury
    John Fleury 14 hours ago

    Good show the poor dog must be on diet! Take care be safe

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  Hour ago

      No she gets fed very well, I bring her own special dog food and also share my food with her. Thanks for watching John!

  • gatorshd
    gatorshd 18 hours ago

    Awesome 🐕

  • Joe Garcia
    Joe Garcia Day ago

    I use hand sanitizer to start all my fires if I'm using a lighter

  • Gustavo Carrillo

    You're the man I go on solo campaign missions to Big Sur and Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park

  • nl panther
    nl panther Day ago

    Steve, does your Toyota pickup have a diesel engine in it? sounds like a diesel...I really enjoy the videos...Thanks...

  • William Law
    William Law Day ago

    Excellent video, thx for posting

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  18 hours ago

      Thanks for letting me know that you liked it! Cheers!

  • Lisa Quigley
    Lisa Quigley 2 days ago

    Not sure about making the dog carry that heavy load...ya....I don’t like it.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  2 days ago

      The dogs only carry their food and a blanket for them to sleep on. The pack is definitely not heavy at all or hurting them. Thanks for the concern though!

  • Ray Day
    Ray Day 3 days ago

    Walk, fish, eat, sleep, repeat.

  • William Jones
    William Jones 3 days ago

    Dam I like to be out dare ..with some good weed and dat lean to sip on ...but not around no white honkys cause dey be racist and wanna hang a nigga out in Dem woods ..

  • Walter Engle
    Walter Engle 3 days ago

    Is your truck diesel?

  • michael maestas
    michael maestas 3 days ago +1

    New subscriber for Colorado Springs

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  3 days ago

      Thank you for the sub from Colorado Springs!

  • Recon 1123
    Recon 1123 4 days ago

    Amazing video

  • SMK0311
    SMK0311 4 days ago

    What kind of fishing lures do you use? Great vid.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  4 days ago

      I use a black feathered maribou jig. Thanks for watching!

  • str8 point
    str8 point 4 days ago

    I have ejnoyed every minute of this video. Thanks for sharing

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  4 days ago

      Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate that.

  • TEDMAN73
    TEDMAN73 4 days ago

    dude! youy rock!!!

  • paul fitzpatrick
    paul fitzpatrick 4 days ago

    That dog is so happy.

  • Sam
    Sam 5 days ago

    Damn, all the food you made looks amazing, hey anyone in Australia, you guys know if we can get that potato hash brown stuff here? So many uses for that! The fish with the lemon and the potato omg. Subscribed!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  5 days ago

      Thank you for watching, I am glad you enjoyed it. The potatoes are Hungry Jack brand and I get them here in the US at the local grocery store in the dehydrated potatoe section. Hopefully you can find them there in Australia. Cheers!

  • Dissenting Tirade
    Dissenting Tirade 5 days ago

    shouldn't have watched this hungry

  • Christian Wilson
    Christian Wilson 5 days ago

    at 16.06 how did you get that "hard case" to close with the handle of the pan folded inside. i just got mine and it will not nest like in the video. thanks.

    • Christian Wilson
      Christian Wilson 23 hours ago

      @Firebox Stove thanks a ton, what is the name of the backpack that has the water bottle in the shoulder strap?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  5 days ago

      Squeeze the handle to remove it.

  • Chris Leung
    Chris Leung 6 days ago

    Ash: I'm a dog, I don't eat grass. I am carrying all heavy cookware and no food for me?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  6 days ago

      She actually gets great food and lots of it. I just don't film every time she eats. Thanks for the concern though!

  • Lio G
    Lio G 6 days ago

    I enjoyed this very much. I have never used a firebox stove or even heard of one before! Definitely investing in one as soon as I’m done with school

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  6 days ago +1

      Thank you very much I appreciate your support!

  • Tú Vũ
    Tú Vũ 7 days ago +1

    You have such a good doggo :), i like your video really much. Greeting from Vietnam

  • William Leek
    William Leek 7 days ago

    Anyone have a link to the coffee maker he is using?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  6 days ago +1

      You can find that here: Thanks!

  • AirstripBum
    AirstripBum 7 days ago

    I just can't stand litterbugs! Makes me want to dump garbage in their living rooms.

  • John Kilpatrick
    John Kilpatrick 8 days ago

    Bob ross but hiking.

    • John Kilpatrick
      John Kilpatrick 8 days ago

      @Firebox Stove It's a compliment. I love these videos, especially right before I head to bed. Kind of clears my mind a bit. Love the video

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  8 days ago +1

      I'll take that as a compliment! Thanks!

  • Lankey Bastard
    Lankey Bastard 8 days ago

    You eat better in the woods than I do at home.

  • Amanda Sheppard
    Amanda Sheppard 9 days ago

    Absolutely stunning footage of nature 💗
    Ash in his coat 😍😍 Too cute

  • Steve Jaramillo
    Steve Jaramillo 9 days ago

    Great video, your love for the great outdoors really shows, and your dog seems to love being out there with you also, thanks for posting this!!!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  9 days ago

      Thank you Steve I appreciate your kind words.

  • Daniel McMullan
    Daniel McMullan 9 days ago

    Just to let you know that onions are toxic to dogs and can make them very very sick.

  • tony16074
    tony16074 10 days ago

    Firebox Stove how do you skin the trout?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  10 days ago

      You can see how I do that here: Thanks for watching!

  • Christian Fisherman
    Christian Fisherman 10 days ago

    Where do you get your stove at? O want one..great video!!!!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  10 days ago

      You can purchase the items I use here:

  • Woo Hoo
    Woo Hoo 11 days ago

    I keep thinking this is that guy who eats all the old MREs. Sounds like him.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago

      I'm dope. I don't think I've ever eaten an mre in my life.😁

  • Phillip Griffin
    Phillip Griffin 11 days ago

    My girlfriend wants to know what kind of dog that is.

    • Phillip Griffin
      Phillip Griffin 11 days ago

      Firebox Stove She was thinking part “blue heeler”

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago +1

      I think she's a pitbull mix but we don't know. She's a pound puppy.

  • Jovany De La Flamé
    Jovany De La Flamé 11 days ago

    This is living!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago +1

      Amen! Can't wait to get back out there! do it again!

  • Brad Childers
    Brad Childers 11 days ago

    Even tho this guy wears Teva’s, he’s a real dude. I respect him for eating meat and potatoes. Not a true tree hugger but respects nature without going overboard. I’m a fan.

  • GetOutdoors
    GetOutdoors 11 days ago

    It's nice to see a fellow backpacker with a white T100!

  • alfred bester
    alfred bester 11 days ago +3

    Awesome. You're a mellow dude. Love your cooking rig. One suggestion. Let the water cool enough to stop boiling before you pour it over the coffee.

    • Spencer
      Spencer 3 days ago

      At mountain altitude water boils around 10 degrees lower than at sea level. In Colorado the shops I frequent say to use boiling because of that difference.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  11 days ago +2

      Thank you for the suggestion! Glad you enjoyed watching.

  • bigtone0064
    bigtone0064 12 days ago

    Eagle screeching in the background at about 1:20??

  • Tre Tucker
    Tre Tucker 12 days ago

    Your dog is cool.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  12 days ago

      She really is the best, I love taking her out on hikes with me.

  • The Buddha Lounge
    The Buddha Lounge 13 days ago

    How do you keep the bacon fresh for that long? We didn’t see a cooler.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  12 days ago +1

      I will freeze what I can and then wrap it in my insulated winter gear to keep it as cool as possible. It works really well actually!

  • stolenjam1
    stolenjam1 13 days ago

    I was wondering tho, how did you keep your Bacon and Eggs fresh?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  12 days ago

      I will freeze what I can and then wrap it in my insulated winter gear to keep it as cool as possible. It works really well actually!

  • Anthony Alvarez
    Anthony Alvarez 13 days ago

    Make a clip of you putting ash’s coat on

  • Marco Gallazzi
    Marco Gallazzi 13 days ago +1

    What a beautifull place! Great fishing trip, brought me memories when my dad was alive and we went fishing and hunting in places like this in my country. Sadly most of those places are now either inaccesible, due to very high entrance fees, surrounded by private property, so virtually inaccesible :( or contaminated. A great thing you did taking that trash with you and thanks for the video!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  12 days ago +1

      Thank you for watching, I appreciate the comment. I am so glad you have those memories with your dad. I have noticed places are getting ruined by too much exposure and people trashing it. I try to do my part when I am out and about. Have fun out there!

  • Mike Sidebottom
    Mike Sidebottom 14 days ago

    when u see bells in shit on the trail you know its from a grizzly

    • Mike Sidebottom
      Mike Sidebottom 11 days ago

      @Firebox Stove good luck in the woods im in alaska i know what bears can do i have been hugged by a medium black bear it hurts

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  14 days ago

      Been good for 30 years and knockin on wood it stays that way.

  • Leroy Spires
    Leroy Spires 14 days ago

    I've been seeing this video in my recommended for months. Time to see wtf is going on here that yt wants me to see

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  14 days ago

      LOL thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it.

  • Ira Yun
    Ira Yun 14 days ago +2

    Love your videos! More shots of ash pleaseee

  • Farhat
    Farhat 14 days ago +1

    my trout always tastes pretty bland. now i know that im not using enough butter.

    • stee Cou
      stee Cou 12 days ago

      Butter and fish is the perfect mix.

  • Ryan No Thanks
    Ryan No Thanks 14 days ago

    Lol your doggo trying to cross that bridge!

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  14 days ago

      She is so fun to take out, it was funny to watch her cross that bridge for sure.

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 14 days ago

    damn this makes me wanna get out there and do it

  • kradschutze
    kradschutze 14 days ago

    Ha. Wooly bugger on a spin caster. Works every time.

  • Roy Rivas
    Roy Rivas 14 days ago

    Didn’t no Clint east wood is a cook also 😂

  • tarupam 1975
    tarupam 1975 15 days ago

    try to bring some dog food for ash, everytime you doin it,

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  15 days ago

      Of course I always bring dog food for ash. That's what is in her pack.

  • Amit Jain
    Amit Jain 15 days ago

    your dog is super cool

    • Amit Jain
      Amit Jain 15 days ago

      @Firebox Stove Yes I thought so her face looks like she is part Pitbull. I am sure she must be a great company !

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  15 days ago

      @Amit Jain she's a rescue pup so we can't be sure but we think she's part Pitbull. She's very smart!

    • Amit Jain
      Amit Jain 15 days ago

      @Firebox Stove What breed is she ?

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  15 days ago +1

      Yes she is! 🙂

  • KaMa La
    KaMa La 15 days ago

    Nice Toyota T100

  • Andres Zavala
    Andres Zavala 15 days ago

    what do you use to catch them?

  • Roman Bryan
    Roman Bryan 15 days ago +1

    This is what I want from life alongside my little family😭

  • Jaiden Stonebraker
    Jaiden Stonebraker 15 days ago

    Bro were in utah is this !?!?!?!

  • Steve Beall
    Steve Beall 15 days ago

    What rod are you using?

  • Grant Arnold
    Grant Arnold 16 days ago

    Excellent kit, loved your idea with the dehydrated hash browns and flipping the dish to steam / boil. Is that Toyota converted to Diesel?

  • Roronoa D. Farkward
    Roronoa D. Farkward 16 days ago

    Wilderness is like your home. The house right now is probably lonely

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  16 days ago

      I have my constant companion in Ash my dog

  • 1eyedjacksRwild
    1eyedjacksRwild 16 days ago

    What a wonderful trip. Nice fish. You always do a great job cooking. It is crazy how some people go to all the trouble to get out into a beautiful area and then trash it. I am glad that I cannot think that way. I had watched this video before and remembered what you said about the pull tab. On my last trip out I found a pull tab.

  • Gary Rose
    Gary Rose 17 days ago

    Good times, like to have a cabin there

  • benzitocaliente69
    benzitocaliente69 17 days ago

    Lake Moran....? (Above Sourgrass campground)

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  17 days ago +2

      I don't say where I am anymore other than the state as too many places are being ruined by the internet. Thanks for understanding.

  • crash some
    crash some 17 days ago

    Is that a diesel truck?

  • Ken Shores
    Ken Shores 17 days ago +24

    Thanks for removing and carrying out other’s trash.

    • Firebox Stove
      Firebox Stove  17 days ago +1

      You bet, it is just really sad that anyone has to do it.

  • BeatsByMason
    BeatsByMason 18 days ago +5

    That bacon hash brown and egg look goood 🔥🔥🔥

  • Boston Milly12
    Boston Milly12 18 days ago

    What state is this in