Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Leeds United Away (18/10/2003)

  • Published on Feb 28, 2016
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  • Biney  Diawuo Moses
    Biney Diawuo Moses 6 hours ago +1

    Nothing special all about running

  • Biney  Diawuo Moses
    Biney Diawuo Moses 6 hours ago

    Nothing special all about running

  • Lê Trần Hà Nam
    Lê Trần Hà Nam 6 days ago

    Đá như lồn

  • Imam rose
    Imam rose 6 days ago

    I love you......... Ronaldo 😘😘

  • North 7
    North 7 9 days ago

    3:48 What the heck man, look at that pace, 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Oh my god

  • Sokkanann Tuy
    Sokkanann Tuy 19 days ago

    wtf is wrong with the referee

  • Buyung Adyputra
    Buyung Adyputra 19 days ago

    wasitnya goblokkk.

  • BLack
    BLack 26 days ago

    fuck you ronaldo

  • brent irvin
    brent irvin 26 days ago

    Messi would have died in this league

  • Pereonface GGcookking
    Pereonface GGcookking 27 days ago


  • jasyh inyg
    jasyh inyg 28 days ago +1

    3.37 😱😱

  • Pritam Pandey
    Pritam Pandey 29 days ago +2

    Dribbling ❌
    Gliding with the ball☑️

  • Angga Maulana
    Angga Maulana Month ago


  • Lita Zo
    Lita Zo Month ago +1

    he's been taking freekicks since he was 17 yr old . incredible

  • jeffescantube
    jeffescantube Month ago

    young ronaldo was beautiful

  • 박선우
    박선우 Month ago +1

    How much did you get from Leeds ? Referee
    U shoud watch this video with your sun how shame you are

  • Pengbear
    Pengbear Month ago +7

    At 4:40 the commentators annouced james milner coming off the pitch.

  • Cambodia SGD Videos

    Wtf ref.

  • joseph abraham
    joseph abraham Month ago

    A lot of penaldo fans say ronaldo was skill full when he was young and I don't see any skills

    • Keima Tainaka
      Keima Tainaka 23 days ago

      Barka dog mad!!

    • Sile72
      Sile72 Month ago +2

      Retard Alert
      He plays in physical 100 km per hour league not 5 km per hour league Retard
      18 yr Ronaldo in Laliga in 2003 would be unfair on the slow laliga.
      He would have scored 50 goals in shitty laliga in 2003. With fastest players in laliga 2003 would be 15 km per hour

  • Canyon Vang
    Canyon Vang Month ago +1

    His hair style sexy

  • xixvالحسن vsv
    xixvالحسن vsv Month ago

    that crowd is shit

  • V Machinima
    V Machinima Month ago +2

    Just imagine what he could do today if he still had the same agility and speed he had back then when he was 19...
    today he is so much more efficient, but its not this explosive anymore, he cannot do anymore 10/12 explosions per game, still he can do a couple, and last game again'st Swiss he did a run he wouldn't do at 18 and scored quite easily the 3rd goal, because at 18 he would try to drible one more player instead of scoring....

  • V Machinima
    V Machinima Month ago +44

    This must be one of the very first games he did for united, because he still had the same haircut of the last game with Sporting...
    he was 18 here... EIGHTEEEN.... and its so funny the reaction of fear of Leeds united fans.... They were buuuing Ronaldo everythging he touches the ball... because they knew he would represent the most danger, this is an absolute dominant United side with great stars like Van NistelRooy, Paul Schools, Gigg's, and yet, every game the one that stressed out everyone was Ronaldo...

    I remember that Portugal U19 team went to play vs England in Goodison Park more or less on this period, and it was exactly the same, english supporters buuying everytime he touched the ball out of panic... he was the real Devil

  • jengiskhan
    jengiskhan Month ago


  • Fred Ngugi
    Fred Ngugi Month ago +9

    I love the commentary on this video

  • wazzobazzo
    wazzobazzo Month ago

    CR WRONGFULLY(!) booked for diving? Considering the compulsively diving bitch he actually is that's damn bizarre.

    AYAN CHAKRABORTY Month ago +1

    Referee sold for sure. Messi fan ready to give yellow cards for diving.

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain Month ago

    Ronaldo is 18 in these clips, but the Leeds players and fans are treating him like his a 30 year old, I think these experiences are what lead him to have s killer mentality. Look at Phil Foden and Sancho very talented players that are similar age to Cristiano was then, they get cheered and treated like kids when they play.

  • LordLenni
    LordLenni Month ago +1

    3:26 "What? I did nothing wrong!"

  • Артур Кулемин

    16 years

  • Titeola Júnior
    Titeola Júnior Month ago

    A saída dele disse muito: aquele olhar que não jogou bem e que precisava treinar mais para melhorar. Uma lenda, maior guerreiro da história do futebol. 3º melhor de todos os tempos, atrás apenas do Pelé e Messi.

    • george santos
      george santos 4 days ago

      ouve la o burro a gente tb tem olhos nao precisa que nos digas quem e melhor que quem, para ti pode ser o terceiro para outros o primeiro ,,e tu estas em que lugar ,burro do caralho troglodita microcefalo ,deves de ser filho do leiteiro so pode

  • Alexandre Lopushanskyy

    4:40 young james milner xD

    • Metal Dadi
      Metal Dadi Month ago

      lol ! now it's "old james milner"

  • Abdullah Larik
    Abdullah Larik Month ago

    3:22 chop was ....😎😎

  • Yung Al-Ghazali
    Yung Al-Ghazali 2 months ago

    that ranch teeth ronaldo got lmao

  • funny videos
    funny videos 2 months ago

    Very nice video

  • Cr7 Love
    Cr7 Love 2 months ago


  • Chitlinthu Mynmar
    Chitlinthu Mynmar 2 months ago


  • Andria Artwork
    Andria Artwork 2 months ago +1

    I like his pace.. good pace and good at dribbling.. Best player in the world

  • Daniel Lang
    Daniel Lang 2 months ago

    6:36 WTF ?

  • So magical
    So magical 2 months ago

    did don revie bribe the ref?

  • Danmark er mit fædreland

    Filmaldo 🎬

  • Ashish Tyagi
    Ashish Tyagi 2 months ago

    6:43 Ronaldo is like
    Fuck it

  • lvnao htriai
    lvnao htriai 2 months ago

    Damn he was so fuckin fast

  • Ajoy falconry
    Ajoy falconry 2 months ago

    This time ref very stupid

  • WeedBlogTV
    WeedBlogTV 2 months ago +3

    Cristiano deserves everything he has today and more.

  • Sh
    Sh 2 months ago +1

    اسطوره من يومك 😎👌🏻

  • ScarfaceFranckRibery
    ScarfaceFranckRibery 2 months ago

    As always, nothing special. Just keeps losing possession

    • cnbbr
      cnbbr 2 months ago

      Yes nothing special this beast

  • Şaban taşan
    Şaban taşan 3 months ago +2

    Burak Yılmaz burdaymış bi ara demekki

  • - wintakZ
    - wintakZ 3 months ago

    holy shit he was fast as fuck

  • McLalin78
    McLalin78 3 months ago

    That referee was a big dick...:). Other words are useless!!!

  • Uncertain boy
    Uncertain boy 3 months ago

    His deliveries are so good

  • Sam Desu
    Sam Desu 3 months ago +2

    Baru sadar kalau ronaldo pernah ompong giginya yakk?

  • Antoine Descartes
    Antoine Descartes 3 months ago

    He was already : Penaldo.

    • Keima Tainaka
      Keima Tainaka 3 months ago

      Antoine Descartes pessi dick already?

  • Arsh Mir
    Arsh Mir 3 months ago +5

    Am i watching a SHAOLIN SOCCERS first match.... Coz everyone hitting ronaldo

  • Bastomi Bangorejo
    Bastomi Bangorejo 3 months ago


  • chess burger
    chess burger 3 months ago +1

    Mbape ? who is he ?

  • Abomachine Grins
    Abomachine Grins 3 months ago +1

    Ronaldo play with low playern. He is only stop with foul

  • k. Hajji
    k. Hajji 3 months ago +4

    Ronaldo since my childhood i grew up watching u playing
    I cant imagine how those days moved so fast and now we are here
    Ur at ur final years of playing and i still cant find ur substitute to make me love football again
    Or maybe
    When u end ur career i will end watching football
    I think it might be the best decision!💔💔

  • samantha Sanchez
    samantha Sanchez 4 months ago

    Buscando penales como siempre! Grande PENALDO

  • Türkiye Savunma Sanayisi

    Pas özürlüsü

  • D XeneRation X Shahid
    D XeneRation X Shahid 4 months ago +6

    Ref was high on cheap drugs

    MICHAEL J. SCOFIELD 4 months ago +1

    skora bi katkı yap be kardeşim

  • Ricardo Ricardo
    Ricardo Ricardo 4 months ago


  • thg&wyl oficial
    thg&wyl oficial 4 months ago

    Essa epoca dava gosto ver os jogos

  • Yago Santana
    Yago Santana 4 months ago +2

    Melhor da história não tem pra ninguém sou MT seu fã cr7

  • música musicaa
    música musicaa 4 months ago +1


  • mc lmadlom
    mc lmadlom 4 months ago +8


  • tepes navidas
    tepes navidas 4 months ago +5

    What a diver!!

  • Ariza Ronaldo 1992
    Ariza Ronaldo 1992 5 months ago

    Back to the past ago on Manchester United, young Cristiano Ronaldo is very handsome and cute with amazing skills.

  • Buka toko
    Buka toko 5 months ago

    This is Ronaldo's hairstyle that i like the most,handsome maximum

  • Buka toko
    Buka toko 5 months ago +24

    This is Ronaldo's hairstyle that i like the most, handsome maximum

    • Graham Kali
      Graham Kali 23 hours ago

      @K.i.D earlier this year too

    • K.i.D
      K.i.D Month ago +2

      he knows it and tried bringing it back in 2016 season lol

  • Dave Alvarenga
    Dave Alvarenga 5 months ago +2

    He was so cute and a fantastic player!!

  • Rifqi Maulana
    Rifqi Maulana 5 months ago +3

    laugh to ref 😂

  • Adidzar 26
    Adidzar 26 5 months ago +1

    Ronaldonya masih belom diomelin sir alex ,dia masih mudah jatoh 😂

  • Al Iqlaasu diin
    Al Iqlaasu diin 5 months ago

    Oh my got shirt

    SR RΩGΣR 5 months ago +1

    ai vem esses kids nutella, falando "penaldo" pqp isso tudo é inveja.. olha oq cara fazia 18,19.. kids bando de lixo msm

  • Trap Music Pr
    Trap Music Pr 5 months ago

    De los pocos comentarios en español

  • Brian MMA Kid
    Brian MMA Kid 5 months ago


  • Diter Bolen
    Diter Bolen 5 months ago

    Судья мудак

  • Kamliana
    Kamliana 5 months ago +6

    He is incredible

  • Desi vlogger
    Desi vlogger 6 months ago

    Ronaldo all goals for juve are here

  • Leela mahendra Charan reddy

    Is Portugal team famous before Ronaldo

  • john paul D
    john paul D 6 months ago +3

    Ref is a fool

  • Muhammed Shibily
    Muhammed Shibily 6 months ago

    the like I gave is only for CRISTIANO RONALDO 😘😗

  • Sweater Wearing Squirrel
    Sweater Wearing Squirrel 6 months ago +1

    Wonder if the ref was given the game ball by the Leeds players afterward!?

  • Duel Link Guardian Sena

    So fucking idiit refree

  • Romel Williams
    Romel Williams 6 months ago

    Two man get pille 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😅😅🙃🤣😂

  • Jack Bentley
    Jack Bentley 6 months ago +2

    The raw talent of Ronaldo is amazing. Such amazing acceleration, balance and skills. It's like he's walking on air. We'll not see another like him in our lifetimes

  • Ashraf uzzaman
    Ashraf uzzaman 6 months ago +1

    worst refree and the worst crowd boo to the greatest of all time Cr7

    • JaketheKing 99
      JaketheKing 99 5 months ago

      Ashraf uzzaman it’s because Leeds hate Man U + Ronaldo was diving dumbo

  • priyo bkash
    priyo bkash 6 months ago

    very interesting game

  • Pqadada
    Pqadada 6 months ago

    Very speed

  • M.sangma Sangma
    M.sangma Sangma 6 months ago

    Rinaldo better too young broo

  • bryan pereira
    bryan pereira 6 months ago

    referee asshole

  • Andria Arts
    Andria Arts 6 months ago

    His Pace at the time was incredible

  • Talisson Sousa
    Talisson Sousa 6 months ago

    O desgraçado jogava muito

  • Pawel Kowalski
    Pawel Kowalski 6 months ago


  • Sule Cuber
    Sule Cuber 7 months ago

    His dribbling was better then.

  • Martin Kiewhuo
    Martin Kiewhuo 7 months ago

    The best no words

  • Henry Mac
    Henry Mac 7 months ago

    Anyone else sick of this whining twats voice.