Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Leeds United Away (18/10/2003)

  • Published on Feb 28, 2016
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  • Isis OSIRIS
    Isis OSIRIS Day ago

    An example of some corrupt refereeing. How much did Leeds pay the ref? And they still didn't win. What a bunch of useless twats Leeds United were-and are...

  • Passion Foot
    Passion Foot 2 days ago


  • swampy
    swampy 4 days ago

    In few months this match would be 17 years old

  • LiL NUZZi
    LiL NUZZi 12 days ago

    The ref cant even run. Dont expect him to do his job well LOL

  • cricket yard
    cricket yard 21 day ago +1

    18/10/2003 is my birthday date

  • One Zkhe
    One Zkhe 24 days ago

    Haha milnerr

  • rue de bac
    rue de bac Month ago

    Those Leeds wankers shower of no good bastards

  • Ahmad gaming
    Ahmad gaming Month ago

    Godd speed

  • محاكاة _ MOhakah

    The same vinisuos in real madrid this days

  • Hi Q
    Hi Q Month ago

    2019 I looking video

  • Karl benz 05
    Karl benz 05 Month ago

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  • G N K F O R E V E R

    A young ronaldo on the grind trying to prove what he is now. He looks like you keep holding the sprint button on fifa.

  • Single mom X.x.X Stepan

    am i gay now? i now question my sexuality and life existence 🔔 💛 💜

  • Joanne EnnaJo
    Joanne EnnaJo 2 months ago +8

    This guy gonna be huge someday, trust me

  • Cangcut Labeg
    Cangcut Labeg 2 months ago

    Ngeri pas ronaldo muda

  • Jase Rogers
    Jase Rogers 2 months ago +1

    "Young" James Milner. Milner was 35 even here.

  • Trọng Đỗ
    Trọng Đỗ 2 months ago +1

    Legend :))

    ROHIT V 2 months ago +1

    infinite fouls on ronaldo..n it was always like this..defenders used to hate him cuz they didn't want to get humiliated by those tricks and pace of CR. they couldn't stop him so they used to be dirty by pushing him, holding him by his shirt or tackling in a nasty way

  • Atatürkçü Trakya Türk Cumhuriyeti

    His theet😂

  • kaustav kesh
    kaustav kesh 2 months ago

    Still not even close to 1% of Messi's natural talent.

  • sale
    sale 2 months ago


  • yon cornelly bayondha
    yon cornelly bayondha 2 months ago

    He's everywhere

  • Khairul Ashraf
    Khairul Ashraf 2 months ago

    The commentator is too emotional. Annoying

    SHIJIL VS 2 months ago

    They are booing to ronaldo so just think how much great was cristiano.

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 2 months ago

    este joven ronaldo era un demonio....

  • Carlos Cortez
    Carlos Cortez 2 months ago

    Estos videos son unas reliquias.

  • Vito Roagy
    Vito Roagy 2 months ago

    06:39 That's a clear foul you fucking blind bitch.

  • 김두한
    김두한 3 months ago

    강두형 축구 혼자하던 시절

  • Lex
    Lex 3 months ago

    судья пидор

  • Campion
    Campion 3 months ago

    is this ref fucking blind

  • ProMo
    ProMo 3 months ago

    The commentator is annoying. The Scottish one

    FORT TEAM G90 3 months ago

  • indra momo
    indra momo 3 months ago

    Speedd fast skils dribling ronaldo 2003

  • elcapullo
    elcapullo 3 months ago

    the borest video ever!

  • Alexander Schulze
    Alexander Schulze 3 months ago

    i dont like him but you got to respect the skill

  • Rossco
    Rossco 3 months ago

    he was rapid

  • Paul Hynes
    Paul Hynes 3 months ago +1

    Even at a young age learned his trade during his early years did not bottle it like Di Maria

  • Sexual Chocolate Robbie

    Look at Alan Smith he joined United the next season.

  • Mi Cielo
    Mi Cielo 3 months ago

    Siempre demostró ser el mejor a pesar de que siempre a sido odiado por los envidiosos 😍

  • Julian El Sanjaya
    Julian El Sanjaya 3 months ago

    Handsome player cr7

  • Mr. Sundar
    Mr. Sundar 3 months ago

    Referee was definitely bribed. Leeds BOOOOOO👎👎👎

  • MaekMMG
    MaekMMG 3 months ago +4

    I miss this premiere league 😣

  • AyYan ali
    AyYan ali 3 months ago +6

    You kniw you love cr7 from cre of your heart if you watching this vdo in 2019 & forever

  • Midun rayen
    Midun rayen 3 months ago

    Ronaldo ❤️👍👍 pantastic skil

  • João Emanuel
    João Emanuel 4 months ago +1

    Crê mito

  • Jesus Manuel Baeza Plaza

    Aquí todavía tenia la boca del piraña. Valiente personaje...

  • Ornn Sokleng
    Ornn Sokleng 4 months ago

    Good morning

  • Aman Aoyuh
    Aman Aoyuh 4 months ago

    The best

  • Phil Hewitt
    Phil Hewitt 4 months ago +1

    Graham Poll, what a dickhead ref he was, who can remember when he booked the same
    player three times in a world cup game.

  • Superman J
    Superman J 4 months ago

    Not one of Ronaldo's better games lol. He was still raw back then

    NO NAME 4 months ago

    He play like stupid player

  • Caspio
    Caspio 4 months ago

    Cuando Ronaldo era veloz.

  • Ahmad Mizan
    Ahmad Mizan 4 months ago

    Then after 2007 he changed to robot.

  • Dzidzor Sunu
    Dzidzor Sunu 4 months ago

    Young James Milner

  • Ijaz Kamal
    Ijaz Kamal 4 months ago

    Ronaldo vs bloody refferee

  • Liverpool Y. N. W. A
    Liverpool Y. N. W. A 4 months ago

    Y. N. W. A

  • Medley Swing
    Medley Swing 4 months ago

    Referee was absolutely woeful. Ronaldo was blistering back then

  • NdoroBambung
    NdoroBambung 4 months ago

    Ronaldo have good spirit and mental..he trained him self everyday so well and hard and become very good player..

  • Muhammad Taufik
    Muhammad Taufik 4 months ago

    Messi is the best

    NGUYỄN THANH CAO 5 months ago

    1 CR 7 toàn diện