Vegas All You Can Eat Lobster Buffet - Bally's Sterling Brunch

The Sterling Brunch

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Длительность: 12:53
Комментарии: 1949

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Автор logical fruit ( назад)
Now I can ant to go to Vegas

Автор Kjb longlifeShort??? ( назад)
This dude is cringey TBH

Автор Arty ( назад)
Het rasberry jello thingy dessert is called BAVAROIS pronounced "BAH-VA-RWA" I am going to Las vegas in a few weeks and to Frisco in a month, if youre in town let me know! Br

Автор quentin dalton ( назад)
Where is this place at and how much For all you can eat

Автор Sky blue ( назад)
At 5:37, I never knew asians can open their eyes that big...(I'm Asian too):D

Автор American style ( назад)
Yummy for my tummy!!

Автор American style ( назад)

Автор American style ( назад)

Автор Sasmodog ( назад)
Damn, this is making me sooo hungry!

Автор Yingying Gao ( назад)

Автор Kari Lopez ( назад)
I don't usually watch people eating but watching you is so much fun, you give good reviews and your down to earth. Food is life!

Автор Mark Moody ( назад)
you are good love it

Автор jose flores ( назад)
I need the adrees the this Buffet..please

Автор POSITIVE VIBES ( назад)
This review was so off point. Here is the real and true break down. 1) lobster is plain even with butter2) lobster ravioli was ok at best not mind blowing3) bread is good with butter crunchy outside soft inside3) you get great service anything you ask for your waiter will try to get it for you if you want you food cooked a different way like well down meat he will get it for you.4) free orange juice and white wine5) raspberry martini dessert is on point 6) chocolate strawberries are ok 7) king crab was good. No one can mess up king crab
All in all it was once in a lifetime experience for me. I will never come back for the price. There are too many better places to eat for under $200.00
If you want to try it go ahead for me if someone told me the lobster were plain for the price I would have never gone here. In addition remember that parking is not free for casinos on the strip anymore.

Автор Deebo the Great ( назад)
Can't figure out why no matter how full you are you can always eat cake? It is called your backup dessert compartment :D

Автор troy wilson ( назад)
this guy is speechless must be good gonna check out ballys buffet

Автор Jerry Thao ( назад)
putting this restaurant on my bucket list for sure

Автор Gil Cabrillas ( назад)
puro mukha mo naman nakikita

Автор Romeo Calmo ( назад)
he must have are a million calories

Автор TwoBlade5 ( назад)

Автор Hannah Lee ( назад)
Lol *holds popover* "what?! Is this like a bread hand grenade?"

Автор Jim Agliata ( назад)
Dude! You need your own show and channel. Fantastic! I am going there because of this you tube. Thanks!

Автор Bonnie Lee ( назад)
Great detail in the video and oh my God you are so hilarious! I mean that in a good way of course! :) I actually really enjoyed watching you eat! It made me so hungry for lobster!

Автор Annemiek De Haan ( назад)
have you tried the wicked spoon?

Автор jody rhoden ( назад)
I think you are awesome . you look like Jacky chan,you should do movies.

Автор coderspy ( назад)
I disagree about King Crab being better. Snow Crab has much more sweet flavor, whereas King Crab reminds me of red snapper.

Автор Misbehave11 ( назад)
Your the best mikey!

Автор Patricia Buckley ( назад)
i was expecting to see tons of lobster. you need to change the title.

Автор Danielle Pollack ( назад)
..Bib up!

Автор Tiffany Traweek ( назад)
You may not care to know this (especially a year later) but the reason you can eat a lot of sweets after eating a ton of food is biology. The sugar actually causes your stomach to expand a little bit, so your stomach makes more room when it comes in contact with sugar.

Автор N/A N/A ( назад)
Man I could do some real damage their I have had 6 lobsters before in one meal!

Автор kaelin ( назад)
$90 dang I would stay there all day breakfast lunch and dinner

Автор Kevin Le ( назад)

Автор Vonn Meneses ( назад)
Gotta tell you bro, wherever you go, it's much more fulfilling to share the experience with someone :)

Автор ramish rad ( назад)
Hi, I just want to inform you that eating an unlimited amount of lobster, shrimp, crab, and clams can cause renal failure. You can easily get to CKD stage 5 which will require dialysis until your kidneys heal. I'm not sure it's worth it to over do it. Best of luck. Nurse practioner.

Автор Fauzy Pao ( назад)
Meanwhile I'm eating instant noodle watching this

Автор Jon Q ( назад)
Gotta' get there!!!

Автор Monique Boulanger ( назад)
$40-$50 for a lobster tail? I can get live lobster fresh off the wharf for about $5-$6lb

Автор Kyko Samai ( назад)

Автор Shoba Macintyre ( назад)
How could you have not watched Ratatouille? It's not a mainstream food cliche sort of animation.

Автор Nico Beaton ( назад)
I love it when you interact with your fellow diners like that. It's so sweet and interesting, I love seeing strangers being friendly and cool.

Автор Orion Sun ( назад)
90 dollar..woooo...was hungry...kraft dinner looking gooood...wooo

Автор Jaime Herrera ( назад)
this is torture watching this man eat

Автор TheBrownIsland ( назад)
I think the Customer [lady behind you] is wondering, "who the heck is he talking to?" LOL!

Автор mirta000 ( назад)
60$ for steak? Holy hell USA is expensive!

Автор Laila Spencer ( назад)
I love all of your videos, you are amazing to I,wish I could eat lobster but I'm have a very serious allergy to shellfish😷🤒🤕. And the giant dumpling video was cool to. 🍙🍘🍱🍲🍲🍚

Автор Man Hin Yip ( назад)
the dessert is the best part

Автор Paul lale ( назад)
Try getting that price in Indiana or Illinois. They would charge you probably a ton for all you could eat lobster

Автор carliepies ( назад)

Автор Don David ( назад)
Take smaller bites of food! You have time.

Автор Deborah Miller ( назад)
This is like my ideal buffet of my dreams! Eggs Benedict and all-you-can-eat lobster... utopia! This guy's adorbz too so all-round great viewing! Cheers from London, UK!

Автор LifeasKaren ( назад)
LOBSTER!!!! love it! great video!

Автор AMG or BUST ( назад)
Work on that vocabulary man, you use flavorful and some others a ton! Check out All the greats and listen to the variation

Автор ShockL0ver ( назад)
Popovers with beef au jus. Mmmmmmm!

Автор Terry Bowen ( назад)
We live only once. When we are healthy and happy, eat bro, eat , eat.

Автор mike wallace ( назад)
I will try this one next month. The Bacchanal buffet was overrated. Hopefully this is good.

Автор chrisy dant ( назад)
u look like jackie chan's only son 😄

Автор Tanay Ganguly ( назад)
nooo. dont do this . you will male me more fat

Автор GITESH JHA ( назад)
Are you high???😐

Автор Steve Johnson ( назад)
What is the price? $89.95? lol

Автор Mallorie Erin ( назад)
I missed all this when I went so I'm definitely going back.. my favorite video of yours to date 😊

Автор LAWL ( назад)

Автор Oscar Gomez ( назад)
how much it was this buffet???

Автор Oscar Gomez ( назад)
Bachanal buffet in the cesar is like 50 dollars...Champagne is included if I Remember.

Автор Dominic Doiron ( назад)
It's called a trident

Автор Dominic Doiron ( назад)
Jeez go down east to p.e.i and you can get the best lobster in the world for like 25$ cdn

Автор Dominic Doiron ( назад)
If you're from Ontario you will know one word for buffet... mandarin

Автор GoatinaShell ( назад)
wasnt this also on worth it?

Автор lanahuynh2308 ( назад)
I prefer lobsters cooked with ginger and scallion. Nice vblog!

Автор Michael P ( назад)
100% wrong about the crab

Автор Will Putz ( назад)
People are saying "don't eat the bread", and I get that and I totally agree. But he's a food reviewer that's his job to try an assortment.

Автор Black Venom ( назад)
my mouth never watered that much ever before dude my t_shirt is wet

Автор Yarad Yisrayl ( назад)
Leviticus 11:7 And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you. 8 Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you. 9 These
shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and
scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat. 10 And
all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of
all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the
waters, they shall be an abomination unto you: 11 They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination. 12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.

Isaiah 66:15 For, behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire. 16 For by fire and by his sword will the Lord plead with all flesh: and the slain of the Lord shall be many. 17 They
that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind
one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and
the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord.

Автор Salty Fish ( назад)
5:46 that just sums up the whole video XD

Автор HGIB 15 ( назад)
how the hell do you eat all that haha

Автор Jake ( назад)
Bread hand grenade hahhahahahaha!! I swear Mike Chen you are so entertaining, keep it up man :)

Автор qupidmox ( назад)
No caviar?? Wtf.

Автор Gabrielle Rose ( назад)
I'm like incredibly hungry rn

Автор mosindesire ( назад)
$90 wow!

Автор heinke hackbarth ( назад)
take smaller bites and don't talk with your mouth full please

Автор laib 2017 ( назад)
try that ramen noodle place ..it's good

Автор 2Deep ( назад)
yeah, that's on my list of places to eat as well. I would paint eyes on my eyelids when I'm full, nap at the table until I'm ready for next round.

Автор Mathusan ( назад)
You're so outgoing

Автор Cole Tanner ( назад)
Lobster was a cheap meat 200 years ago. http://www.history.com/news/a-taste-of-lobster-history. Slave owners had to legally sign contracts by the authorities to only give lobster or crustaceans no more than twice a week to their slaves. Not until the 1880's did it start rising in price from the cheap meat.

Автор Greg Paris ( назад)
I lived in Vegas from 88 to 95', Showboat Casino had a (loss leader) "all you can eat lobster buffet" every Wednesday for $5 that closed after the first month : ) I ate the hell outta that special

Автор BoSsOm boss ( назад)
He don't know eating manners he eat like a animals .

Автор Brandon Nguyen ( назад)
Who else came back here after buzzfeed's worth it

Автор Nubzyy ( назад)
Everyone in the comments talking about how they would only eat lobsters lol, there's several other buffets around 20 dollars with unlimited lobster in Vegas, hell I've been to a couple $10 buffets with lobster.

Автор Daniel Luu ( назад)
Was this filmed with a potato?

Автор Kev. Da MAN ( назад)
oh man I'm too hungry

Автор Adrian Lorenzana ( назад)
I live in vegas

Автор calia vang ( назад)
you should have a website page or fb page and post up food and place so If I'm near by I can try it

Автор navidski ( назад)
If that place was near me, I'd go there 3 times a week and would gain 30 pounds a month

Автор navidski ( назад)
If Jackie Chan spoke perfect English...

Автор King Tran ( назад)
Buchanal buffet sucks

Автор hollaaa atme ( назад)
my food hero one day I plan to travel and eat different food every where

Автор Toad ( назад)
When you were seated and eating, whom were you talking to?

Автор dbmnfinity y ( назад)
hey dude... is this buffet still around.... I want to ad this to my "foodie-bucket list"

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