Vegas All You Can Eat Lobster Buffet - Bally's Sterling Brunch

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  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 7 часов назад

    5 lobster tail 3 filet mignon I would have felt did you in no time. but since you're in the BLT Steakhouse there you have it I would have had to have the filet mignon or the New York strip along with those lobster tails you still there put enough lobster tails in the video anyway still good video I'm just hungry as hell now and I could really kick your butt for eating all that other crap. LOL LOL

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 7 часов назад

    have to eat my words I wish I could eat that lobster tail that is quite huge and it looks delicious took you long enough to get there though. now eat some more just so I can watch it and enjoy at least that part of the video thank you very much

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 7 часов назад

    I guarantee you will not Lobster comes it's going to be the smallest little lobster tails they have because you are taking too long to get to the main event Lobster all you can eat Lobster!!!!

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 7 часов назад

    Native New Yorker near me too either way that little piece of me is overrated get to the Lobster please

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 7 часов назад

    that filet mignon and that little teeny cast iron pan look like a little turd. that's what I'm talking about either way get down with the lobster that's what I'm watching for. but for them to serve a little piece of filet mignon that look like a burnt turd there's nothing else I can say at this moment okay on with the lobster please on with the lobster and the crab legs major damage major damage is your damage major damage

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 7 часов назад

    Lobster ravioli is so overrated everybody does the same damn thing let Gordon Ramsay just be Gordon Ramsay and keep the lobster right there and it's natural shell and don't really mess with God's creation! do you understand what I'm saying I hope so. ravioli pesto anything seems to be clicking when social media that's what everybody gobbles down and eats now they want a Broken Yolk on everything which covers up the taste of the natural flavors of food. either way my brain is still stuck on all you can eat lobster and I see the crab legs that would definitely work a definitely do some damage but I have to make sure they were very very very very very very very very very very very very clean.

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 7 часов назад

    $90 and they have all you can eat lobster believe me I would do some major damage and I definitely have at least $400 worth of Lobster in my stomach LMAO and all the trimmings the hell is going to Vegas not me not for a while but if I come across a $90 buffet with all you can eat lobster I'm still checking it out first because maybe the seafood isn't that good of something you never know you have to be very careful especially at a buffet where everybody in their nasty fingers and hands of been all over the place but like I said I do believe I walk out of there with least $400 worth of Lobster in my belly enjoy my man enjoy🌈😳👍👍 I enjoy your videos just started watching them!!!!!

  • Trainer Dan
    Trainer Dan День назад

    I've heard they have caviar, do they?

  • SurfVato4211
    SurfVato4211 2 дня назад

    Can anyone verify if this is still availible at balleys

  • Tom  Bob
    Tom Bob 2 дня назад

    In this video he seemed very drunk. Also you seemed very arrogant

  • Emmanuelle Catubig
    Emmanuelle Catubig 4 дня назад

    That lady behind you is not comfortable! Hahaha she transfer table

  • BaahBen
    BaahBen 5 дней назад

    $90.....Oh well...

  • Stephanie McNeil
    Stephanie McNeil 6 дней назад

    it still makes my laugh to hear him say it off the hook.. lol

  • Zee Ro
    Zee Ro 8 дней назад

    You can buy a lot of lobster, crab and champagne for 90 bucks.

  • determenator destroyer
    determenator destroyer 10 дней назад

    Oh god I'm hungry now😥

  • desertdispatch
    desertdispatch 10 дней назад

    and wake up with gout the next day:)

  • Sandra Bonner
    Sandra Bonner 10 дней назад

    Lobster. I recall my deceased father telling me of working in his father's fish market in the early 1900's in Massachusetts; he related that in those days, lobster was considered "trash" fish and sold for a low price, often, to jails and prisons.

    With THAT said, broiled lobster, shrimp scampi and rack of lamb. Even @ $90, the owners of said buffet would weep if I were to dine there. I would go down in legend for consumption of these 3 items alone. Waiter: "Sir, madam; would you be interested in some has browns? Toast? Eggs Benedict? We are almost out of lobster, shrimp and lamb; other guests are complaining!"

    Steeley gazes in return...

  • Serge Gutierrez
    Serge Gutierrez 13 дней назад

    "You gotta bib up" You sir just earned my subscription.

  • Ralph Furley
    Ralph Furley 13 дней назад

    For $90 I would think there would be caviar available! But I didn’t see it on the video! ☮️

  • kriza alpuerto
    kriza alpuerto 14 дней назад

    Is it me or you really look like jackie chan? Lol

  • cheryl anderson
    cheryl anderson 17 дней назад

    It doesn't cost $40-$50 for a lobster tail in NY! lol

  • O.C. PublicRelations
    O.C. PublicRelations 17 дней назад

    Glad to see a review where the person says more than "This is Good" ok but what does it taste like? Thanks "Dumpling"!

  • KcNetwork 486
    KcNetwork 486 21 день назад


  • timberlaner
    timberlaner 22 дня назад

    Mike doesn't drink he smokes. That's how this nigga can eat so much

    • timberlaner
      timberlaner 22 дня назад

      Mike blows hella kush before he goes in

  • Rometiklan
    Rometiklan 23 дня назад

    Food porn. Damn, so addicted. Need help.

  • Gordon Chin
    Gordon Chin 24 дня назад

    looks like big nasty cockroaches.

  • Dwight Turner
    Dwight Turner 25 дней назад

    Note to self -- Get to Vegas ASAP.

  • That Rob
    That Rob 27 дней назад

    God damn! Bunch a poor bastards commenting.

  • The Kawaiiteers
    The Kawaiiteers 29 дней назад

    Please do Korean BBQ

  • LetsKatieLoveHue love
    LetsKatieLoveHue love 29 дней назад

    how much did u get bro?

  • LetsKatieLoveHue love
    LetsKatieLoveHue love 29 дней назад

    im eating hot pot tomorrow becuase of u lols

  • Voisch Ka
    Voisch Ka 29 дней назад

    U killed me here 🤤

  • Richard Hutchison
    Richard Hutchison Месяц назад

    I'd like to get one for our trash man for Christmas! BEST INSULT!!!!

  • tcn Brooklyn
    tcn Brooklyn Месяц назад

    Only reason i would go to Vegas to eat

  • Mr.StarofTruth
    Mr.StarofTruth Месяц назад

    thats too much food i would be embarrassed to go to a place like that.

  • Deezy Derek
    Deezy Derek Месяц назад +2

    That's off the hook

  • Kylie Eats
    Kylie Eats Месяц назад

    That lobster tail!!!! Looks so tasty! I need to go!!!

  • Divya Depp
    Divya Depp Месяц назад

    I wish Mark Wiens would react like you

  • C
    C Месяц назад

    This is Cat from Brooklyn NY!

    Have you considered going back to Vegas? After watching your Sterling brunch video and the Bacchanal video I started watching more videos about Vegas buffets. Now reviewers are saying that Aria is the best buffet! Still I love your videos and I have watched those two videos several times each! THANK YOU!

  • Steve l
    Steve l Месяц назад

    For 90 bucks you better not even drink anything.

  • alf
    alf Месяц назад

    rule number one dont fill up on bread

  • IBleedBlue BBN
    IBleedBlue BBN Месяц назад

    I'm so jealous haha!!!

  • IBleedBlue BBN
    IBleedBlue BBN Месяц назад

    The food looks amazing!!! I'd pay $90. to eat unlimited crab and lobster with lamb and free drinks lol.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Ralph Furley
    Ralph Furley Месяц назад

    Thanks for sharing your experience bro!!! My mouth is watering as I watch you eat and describe the flavors!!! I can't wait to try it myself! The only thing is that I'm not sure I can consume $90 worth of food in one sitting! ☮️🍤

  • A G
    A G Месяц назад

    how can anyone dislike this

  • Jonny Parshall
    Jonny Parshall Месяц назад

    This is the best episode of Beyond Science I've seen yet

  • B.K. Mcl
    B.K. Mcl Месяц назад

    I think you just committed one of the 7 deadly sins "Gluttony"(hee hee). I don't think I have ever seen someone put that much food in their mouth ie; huge lobster tail or half a filet and barley chew. For goodness sake chew your food. You gave them a run for their money.

  • Karisma7788
    Karisma7788 Месяц назад +1

    I'm dying! I need that filet mignon and lobster! I'm pregnant too 😭😭😭

  • Robin Johnson
    Robin Johnson Месяц назад

    I need filet mignon.. with butter garlic sauce.

  • trangenusa
    trangenusa Месяц назад

    You missed the Softshell Crab, I've been there, it's fantastic. Amazing.

  • Matthew Rider
    Matthew Rider Месяц назад

    The people complaining about the price, don't really understand the general situation.

    When thousands of visitors are comfortable risking $100 or more per hand on a table game (with high rollers casually risking $10k per hand, and of course many more thousands of people comfortable with $10 per hand stakes), dropping $100 on a buffet is not even close to outrageous.

    Frankly, there dining options FAR more costly than a $100 buffet.

    Anyone ever hear of Las Vegas' $5,000 FleurBurger (a misnomer because what you are really paying for is the bottle of Chateau Petrus)? Or how about XS Nightclub's $10,000 cocktail?

  • jeolban hälfte
    jeolban hälfte Месяц назад

    Mike you can make friends with anyone. I love you so freaking much. It would be so fun to eat somewhere with you :)

  • Lester Lester
    Lester Lester Месяц назад

    I laughed incredibly when I saw the sumptuous plates at his table, but then yielded my laugh when I read that the buffet cost a crazy $90 per person.

  • Sam Pitt
    Sam Pitt Месяц назад

    The popover looks like a Yorkshire pudding 👌

  • Bill Campbell
    Bill Campbell Месяц назад

    How can you eat all that food???  Looks great but I'm afraid I would explode.

  • keep lefft
    keep lefft Месяц назад

    This dude is killing it.

  • zooguy52
    zooguy52 Месяц назад

    it seems a very small lobster there a long line when the empty plate is refilled?...does the refilled plate empty quickly?...and the line begins again? people give up on waiting and fill up with non lobster items?...

  • Charles  Jefferson
    Charles Jefferson Месяц назад

    Love the reviews.

  • Joy Zhang
    Joy Zhang Месяц назад


  • GenosPerformer
    GenosPerformer Месяц назад

    Yeah that's a Yorkshire Pudding with cheese in the middle - baffled how they did it though

  • Ms T
    Ms T Месяц назад

    going to Vegas

  • Steven Jefferies
    Steven Jefferies Месяц назад


  • Steven Jefferies
    Steven Jefferies Месяц назад

    IT'S basically a vegetable stew BUT in France if you order it the chef has generally taken 2 days to make it!! That's the French for you!

  • Johnlocked the impala
    Johnlocked the impala Месяц назад

    Buzzers did a video here and it looks so freakin delicious

  • jackie ASMR
    jackie ASMR Месяц назад

    Literally everything in there looks so good! I'm in Reno so I go to our buffets here in town, my favorite is definitely the Atlantis. They even have a cotton candy machine!

  • craig albrecht
    craig albrecht Месяц назад

    Hey everyone check out this review of Andolinis pizza in Jenks Oklahoma! Some of the best pizza NY Style you'll find anywhere!

  • Jesus saves
    Jesus saves Месяц назад

    Man and food = happiness. This is the right guy. Thanks man

  • Manny Lozano-Damm
    Manny Lozano-Damm Месяц назад


  • Rabbi Schlomo Platinumstein
    Rabbi Schlomo Platinumstein Месяц назад

    There's buffet at the same tier as Sterling in Bangkok,Hong Kong and Singapore

  • Rita Goddard/Benn
    Rita Goddard/Benn Месяц назад

    i would sure love to visit vegas some day heard its nice

  • Reading Dave
    Reading Dave Месяц назад +2

    Popovers are amazing, but only when they are fresh.

  • stephan moore
    stephan moore Месяц назад

    @9:19 He stole that move from Iron Chef Chairman Kaga!!! Lol

  • garry arganis
    garry arganis Месяц назад

    i can eat what you ate in 3 sittings lol

  • Paul Farmer
    Paul Farmer Месяц назад

    Your reactions are priceless. Thanks for the hard work! Lol

  • rafael diaz
    rafael diaz Месяц назад


  • rosyred2015
    rosyred2015 Месяц назад

    U should come and take me to go eat with u! Looks deliciously!!!

  • AsianNuggets|Reptilian-Governor
    AsianNuggets|Reptilian-Governor Месяц назад

    How about kobe xd

  • Moh Michael
    Moh Michael Месяц назад

    To the host of this show ... please STOP uttering 'Oh My God'. You have uttered it countless times. God never agreed or happy to see you, munching his creation. High time for you to stop eating them. Start to love them.

    • Joy Zhang
      Joy Zhang Месяц назад

      Moh Michael 🤦🏻‍♀️

    NOVA MIX Месяц назад

    Wait whaaaaat

  • Darith Tuy
    Darith Tuy Месяц назад

    You are so fun to watch love it I'm so going to Vegas for my bday just so I can sit there and do the same lol!!! You are awesome

  • Mrs JeonArC
    Mrs JeonArC Месяц назад

    Yung pinoy ka at studyante. At mw be like: When can I get there?

  • Azai Kyousuke
    Azai Kyousuke Месяц назад

    how is lobster for vegans? they can't eat any kind of meat including sea food!!

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Месяц назад

    I love how you do every buffet justice. You definitely know how to EATTT!

  • UtubeCliche
    UtubeCliche Месяц назад

    why would you get all the dishes at once? Some of the stuff had to be cold by the time you tried it

  • Marshal Jim Duncan
    Marshal Jim Duncan Месяц назад

    8:55 Are you sure that wasn't biscuits and sausage gravy?

  • John Line
    John Line Месяц назад

    Keep the reviews coming because you are going to die young trying to digest the intake of such huge bites. Please take smaller bites and spend a little more time chewing. You will feel better and I will not be grossed out watching you stuff gigantic pieces of food into your mouth. Other than this, I really enjoyed your review.

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey Месяц назад

    I love this Buffet you got it awesoom very good wish I can get there maybe I winning a jack pot thank you very good video .

  • Christopher Scriven
    Christopher Scriven Месяц назад


  • Ty John
    Ty John Месяц назад

    Eat too much bad your health and we need to protect our planet for long term benefit.
    Don't eat too much seafood.

  • christian
    christian Месяц назад

    I would have stayed there for a day

  • Karen Taylor
    Karen Taylor Месяц назад

    I love this guy, good tips, he really enjoys his food, awesome.

  • Ryan Cavanaugh
    Ryan Cavanaugh Месяц назад

    I love this video, it reminds me that I'd have hated him anyway.

  • m5rule
    m5rule 2 месяца назад

    Clearly a rookie! Never have bread in a buffet.

  • Greg Marks
    Greg Marks 2 месяца назад

    Those lamb chops

  • Alfredo Felix
    Alfredo Felix 2 месяца назад

    buen video amigo

    HENG HONG 2 месяца назад

    Man, I need to go to that buffet also! You make it look so good!

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison 2 месяца назад

    This dude ate everything on the menu except for "thank you please come again"

  • Colin Maruskin
    Colin Maruskin 2 месяца назад

    I'm not leaving until they have to call 9-11

  • Corrie- Onagoodday
    Corrie- Onagoodday 2 месяца назад

    I am mad u didn't invite me. We both loved all the same things

  • Hieu
    Hieu 2 месяца назад

    I love how he interacts with the people around.