How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 29 470

  • Kalynn Mcfarland
    Kalynn Mcfarland 21 minute ago

    Anyone trynna help a girl out and find the tall white guy’s insta🥺

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 56 minutes ago

    That girl with the red lipstick is super cute. Latina girls with lipstick look good.

  • Hoseok’s Thicc Eyebrows
    Hoseok’s Thicc Eyebrows 57 minutes ago

    i thought the girl in the blue jacket was pretty but after watching her video she is ugly both inside and outside

  • Dad
    Dad Hour ago +1

    2:58 dont worry they said no homo after that

  • ashphoenix123 phoeboe

    The black dude is so fine... The one judging .

  • ૨σ૮ҡεƭ ɱαɳ

    Imagine getting mad at strangers for having opinions in a RUclip comment section

  • Amhiya Harris
    Amhiya Harris 2 hours ago

    does anyone know the guys name or socials 😭 he is so sweet

  • zane 777
    zane 777 2 hours ago

    Blue blazer girl a -5

  • lil princess
    lil princess 2 hours ago +1

    red shirt girl was the sweetest i swear ❤️😭

  • lil princess
    lil princess 2 hours ago +1

    first girl was extremely gorgeous. her hair and her skin tone contrasted so well, and she looks bomb in red lipstick. 💄💁🏻‍♀️

  • Alexa MacCormack
    Alexa MacCormack 3 hours ago

    The redhead girl seems annoying. I feel like she would be the kind of person to argue with everyone at a party or something.

  • Taylor Dominic
    Taylor Dominic 3 hours ago

    I’d never.........NEVER put that blue blazer girl back on this if I was you..

  • Angeluhh
    Angeluhh 3 hours ago

    "All y'all fineasses out here,"I see y'all" 🤣

  • Tru King
    Tru King 3 hours ago

    As the ancient text state, if she ain't thicc she ain't getting the pole

  • caro borrego
    caro borrego 4 hours ago

    I don't know how they can be that honest

  • C N
    C N 4 hours ago

    who is that man, he's beautiful.

  • Crispyy213
    Crispyy213 4 hours ago

    I think i like lesbians now

  • dazin
    dazin 4 hours ago

    I'd be homies with the black dude, he's nice af and he got Carter's digits. 😂

  • Spirit Ac3
    Spirit Ac3 4 hours ago

    Dude looked like he from the lion king

  • Yesennia Deras
    Yesennia Deras 4 hours ago

    you can tell the blue blazer girl was the bitch everyone hated in highschool

  • Mariah Danhoff
    Mariah Danhoff 5 hours ago

    I really HATE that blue blazer girl. My arm does this weird thing when i get mad it like flexes and goes forward but then doesnt... its strange... But! My arm was doing this the entire time!!!

  • Mariah Danhoff
    Mariah Danhoff 5 hours ago

    At 2:11 "Ur FaCe Is A LiL WeIrD"
    This made me FALL off my chair laughing! 🤣🤣😂😅

  • Yankee Suave
    Yankee Suave 5 hours ago

    that first girl is way to pale for a 9 or 10 ugh looking like a vampire

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 5 hours ago

    Welp, this is fucked up. Whatever, they chose to do this.

  • 뿡뿡이
    뿡뿡이 5 hours ago +1

    고르는 사람들 사전설명 못 받고 온거면 ㄹㅇ 개 ㅈ같았겠다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Liza Roeun
    Liza Roeun 6 hours ago

    I feel like these videos make me really sad to see that this is how the world works

  • Dania Martínez
    Dania Martínez 6 hours ago

    What the d did I just watched

  • Sensful
    Sensful 6 hours ago

    I’d give that one girl w the blue jeans and office shirt who’s judging a solid 0 cuz she stupid asf ugly

  • thatone3kidd
    thatone3kidd 6 hours ago

    2:55 when you meet your jail mate 😂

  • theavinhtas
    theavinhtas 7 hours ago

    when the black guy said "aw nah you got a 1 big dog" i started laughing my ass off

  • a.person
    a.person 7 hours ago

    i would feel uncomfortable ranking these people. I would like end up giving everyone a ten because i want them to feel good.

  • Soyra Bhagwat
    Soyra Bhagwat 8 hours ago

    Why the girl in the blue blazer gotta be that way

  • Julius Ilin
    Julius Ilin 8 hours ago +2

    ya'll should do ratings of ppl before and after a glow up for ur next vid. blessings xoxo

  • Gabriella Vallee
    Gabriella Vallee 8 hours ago +1

    I love the guy in the white shirt. He’s so polite, and even makes the 2s feel great about themselves and leaves them on good terms. BUT THE GIRL IN THE BLUE BLAZER DID THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE NEVER BRING HER BACK!

  • Thelma DeLaMont
    Thelma DeLaMont 8 hours ago

    "You're a ten Sir, *YOU ARE A TEN* "

  • Hazbro3
    Hazbro3 9 hours ago

    These ratings are way too high, you can't be handing out numbers that high. I get that it's hard to insult people to there face, but geez.

  • Hannah Adams
    Hannah Adams 9 hours ago

    Okay but the lesbian chick and the black dude judges were the finest outta the bunch, I'd take either of em any day

  • Marisa Rokke
    Marisa Rokke 9 hours ago

    I hope ol’ dude got carter’s number

  • Wealllovemerylstreep !

    The guy in the black blazer looks like Tyler Hoechlin

  • Wealllovemerylstreep !

    The guy with the big hair reminds me of this guy that I really liked at work and he hated me 😆

  • Wealllovemerylstreep !

    Asian guy is so hot. What the hell is wrong with these people! He's a God!

  • Konstantina Soukoura
    Konstantina Soukoura 10 hours ago

    The woman in 2:52 is mean

  • okay but jimin hella fine •—•

    Ngl the girl in the blue blazer is pretty, but her arrogance makes her ugly

  • Love Daisy
    Love Daisy 10 hours ago

    Is the black guy straight ? Cuz like I don’t know how to feel about him. His voice is so deep damnnn

  • Pan Vegan
    Pan Vegan 10 hours ago

    she was horrible to everybody you know that bitch im talkin about

  • Sheik
    Sheik 10 hours ago

    Okay but Blue Blazer Becky out here snorting like a pig whenever she laughs.

  • Maiqole Hill
    Maiqole Hill 11 hours ago

    the blue blazer girl was just fucking rude in general.

  • Angel Anderson
    Angel Anderson 11 hours ago

    that girl in the blue coat was a fucking bitch. honestly she’s pretty but her personality is fucking ugly. work on yourself sweetie.

  • Stained Glass
    Stained Glass 12 hours ago

    The women are mean asf .

  • Naana Kyei
    Naana Kyei 12 hours ago

    Ur face is a lil weird 😂

  • Stained Glass
    Stained Glass 12 hours ago

    The lady in the blazer is just so entitled and she thinks of herself so much .

  • Vick Allison
    Vick Allison 12 hours ago

    Dammn I didn’t find one person in this vid attractive

  • Q Mugabekazi
    Q Mugabekazi 13 hours ago

    Loved seeing the smile the girl in red got (at 05:30) when that guy told her what he would rate her! Cutest thing ever!

  • Eugène Delacroix
    Eugène Delacroix 13 hours ago

    Blue blazer was honest sorry you guys ain't like the truth

  • ExeKuTioN Cro
    ExeKuTioN Cro 14 hours ago

    Bruh what a pity that the one girl is lesbian : (

  • MJ Badass
    MJ Badass 14 hours ago +1

    Everyone is talking about that rude blue blazer girl, but nope imma talk about the nice black boy😍

  • ExeKuTioN Cro
    ExeKuTioN Cro 14 hours ago

    The other black dude looks like Mike tYson

  • Belladonna Pretzel
    Belladonna Pretzel 14 hours ago

    man who the dude who the dude who was a model

  • Only Crazy
    Only Crazy 14 hours ago

    I want that guy with the hat with Carter honestly

  • Casey M
    Casey M 14 hours ago

    the girl in the long skirt yea i get it you don’t like eating people based on there looks and that’s normal but come on don’t be so stupid on how you give your answer! like she was always so unsure like for real? just give your honest opinion those people went there and knew that they were going to get rating based on looks

  • seesaw game
    seesaw game 15 hours ago

    The blue blazer girl sorry but I really dislike ppl like you. I'm a straight forward person but I never make comments like those. It just makes ppl feel bad abt themselves dude

  • G C
    G C 15 hours ago +1

    Guys Madison (blue blazer girl) was honest, and no, not all people are beautiful in their own way. The society has standars and she was ranking them in those standars, so don't feel offended and move on.
    It's so sad how honest people are qualified as rude and the liars as kind.

  • gagan hk
    gagan hk 16 hours ago

    if you can seduce a lesbian then you sure hell know you are goddamn hot.

    ARCHIT KOTHARI 16 hours ago

    2:50 oh man 👍👍🤣🤣

  • Madison Greene
    Madison Greene 16 hours ago

    the guy in the white shirt was so kind...i love him and u could see how comfortable he was with himself and that flowed over into how he treated others

  • Madison Greene
    Madison Greene 16 hours ago

    this is kinda awkward, and super surreal that thisbis actually a thing

  • Ronja Molvik
    Ronja Molvik 16 hours ago

    Blue blazer girl. There`s a difference between being truthful and being mean. EVEN IF you are rating people for their attractiveness, you don`t get a free pass to tear down other people like that.

  • ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ

    My god, the blue blazer girl was sooo annoying.
    There are so many ways to say things, you don't have to do those shitty comments all the time.
    Not everyone takes things so lightly, it doesn't cost anything to be respectful.

  • tae purple
    tae purple 16 hours ago

    Esse vídeo = radiação ☢️

  • Barsha Rai
    Barsha Rai 16 hours ago

    The woman in blue blazer..i would rate her in minus...

  • Rohit k
    Rohit k 16 hours ago

    Who else has not seen lesbian and gays outside of RUclip?

  • Kimchi Fried Rice
    Kimchi Fried Rice 17 hours ago

    I would honestly rate everyone from a 7-10 because everyone is so beautiful here and then there is me the potato

  • KingAndy267 _
    KingAndy267 _ 17 hours ago

    Why so many faggots?

  • Emil Gavrailov
    Emil Gavrailov 17 hours ago

    Terrible show on so many levels- de-humanizing, shaming, awful, disgusting, not OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Burgess
    John Burgess 17 hours ago

    Everyone hates blue blazer

  • Shaina Harris
    Shaina Harris 17 hours ago

    This was harsh but still entertaining

  • chin-sun kim
    chin-sun kim 18 hours ago

    Everyone of them look so gorgeous in their own way I couldn't do this

  • T M
    T M 18 hours ago

    Asians only like white and Asian

  • Person That exists
    Person That exists 18 hours ago

    Carter was so cute and adorable and the way she was so happy when he said she was pretty was so sweet and cute and omg I love her

  • Person That exists
    Person That exists 18 hours ago

    This made me uncomfortable...

  • Nkechi Osuamoh
    Nkechi Osuamoh 18 hours ago

    This can fuck up someones self esteem.

  • Jenny Tan
    Jenny Tan 18 hours ago +1

    "On a lesbian scale he wouldn't turn me." 😂😂

  • Azure Marsh
    Azure Marsh 19 hours ago

    u all mad at blue blazer girl for answering their questions honestly... bunch of snowflakes...

  • hibo sidow
    hibo sidow 19 hours ago

    I really wanna slap that girl in the blue blazer

  • LeftOnSeen
    LeftOnSeen 19 hours ago

    dude lowkey gives me yg vibes

  • Hopeful Bean
    Hopeful Bean 19 hours ago

    *If you are pretty , you are pretty. But to be beautiful is to be loving or else it is just like "congratulations about your face".*

  • Bumblebee
    Bumblebee 19 hours ago

    The girl in the blazer is SOOOOO FUCKING RUDEEEEEEEEE , while she is BASIC af

  • Mariyana
    Mariyana 21 hour ago

    Can I just say they are all beautiful in their own way? Period.

  • some human
    some human 21 hour ago

    I wish they made those people rate the ones that rated them

  • Hannah Meaker
    Hannah Meaker 21 hour ago

    Love the bounty hunter, her style is cool

  • Just kidding Rowling ,

    3:18 his knees are locked that’s for sure

  • Celasun
    Celasun 21 hour ago

    Fucking lesbian

  • Micah Bandow
    Micah Bandow 21 hour ago

    Lots of shallow people

  • Isabel Rodriguez
    Isabel Rodriguez 23 hours ago +1

    4:38 Is a mooddddd

  • mayra
    mayra 23 hours ago

    Carter is fucking gorgeous

  • mr. moneybags
    mr. moneybags Day ago

    0:32 she is honestly so cute!!

  • Lizzzie Carter
    Lizzzie Carter Day ago +1

    That girl in the blazer was a bitch

  • Ava Michelle
    Ava Michelle Day ago

    the tall guy with brown hair 🤤

  • ana
    ana Day ago

    the blazer girl was trying to be funny but she honestly just sounded like a total bitch

  • Alex Nevarez
    Alex Nevarez Day ago

    I can tell this was made in the west coast