Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Ned challenged himself to take the SAT as an adult. Will he score as well as he did over a decade ago?
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Comments • 13 632

  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys  3 months ago +19265

    B (Ned edited the video wrong lol 😂)

  • Rin Akāo
    Rin Akāo 3 hours ago +1

    Well... can anybody tell me what is SAT? (Yeah, non north American here)

  • Erick Flores
    Erick Flores 2 days ago

    Buys ball and chain
    "It's for the studying"

  • Erick Flores
    Erick Flores 2 days ago

    Dude he was an Ivy League Chemist, his score is understandable

  • L J
    L J 3 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that has no clues how that SAT grading system works? (I’m Dutch if people were wondering)

    BISS ASS 4 days ago

    What’s the maximum score for the SAT??

    BRIBRI'S B 5 days ago

    Y'all, I always remind my students and tell them that they shouldn't stress themselves out if they don't excel in some tests because there's this thing that we call Multiple Intelligence. Buuut that doesn't mean you shouldn't give your best. You'll always know what you're really good at if you give 100% effort and you'll never have regrets because you tried your best. Aaannd just because you're not good at one thing, doesn't mean you're not good at anything. This is just a process of knowing yourself more.

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn 5 days ago

    Ok but I was just studying for the SAT a month ago and I recognize SO MANY OF THE MATH QUESTIONS IN THIS VIDEO

  • Angelos-Thomas Papakostas

    What is it out of

  • Aurora Lights
    Aurora Lights 8 days ago

    and Ned officially messed up the data of college board to put the students in their percentiles, because this Bitch, Ned, got an insanely high score in the midst of stuggling high schoolers

  • Alayna Gayle Williams
    Alayna Gayle Williams 10 days ago +1

    this reminded me that i need to sign up for the sat

  • Hayden Laver
    Hayden Laver 12 days ago

    I'm laffin at ned's anime high school girl ass running out the door with toast in his mouth

  • Nida Abbas
    Nida Abbas 12 days ago

    I messed up my Math SL P1 and I didn't know I needed this video till now

  • Cat Lurver
    Cat Lurver 12 days ago

    Whos at the bottom at the end of the vid clapping

  • anus finger
    anus finger 13 days ago

    ahhhh 1500 I got 1800 so there biatch boys!

  • Noodle Kaboodle
    Noodle Kaboodle 13 days ago

    I have my Phys chem 2 exam tomorrow morning, instead of revising Raman spectroscopy I watching Ned have the same break down I've already had a hundred times 😂😢

  • Tbro223
    Tbro223 14 days ago

    What’s the point if the SAT when it only rlly counts when if your gonna have a career with some to do with math ?(because the SAT has lots of question in math)

  • Pheonix Tan
    Pheonix Tan 14 days ago

    Try guys try PSLE? Its for singapore 12 years olds when they decide what secondary school they are going to

  • Mika Sipman
    Mika Sipman 15 days ago

    Bruv, you didn't know what a radian was? Yale sounds easy then

  • Kai Oppa
    Kai Oppa 16 days ago

    I never took the SAT but I got a 23/36 on the ACT BOTH TIMES I took it 😒
    I did better on everything the second time except for math... it dropped by 5 points

  • Emeralds4Gachalyfe
    Emeralds4Gachalyfe 17 days ago +1

    When I see that I got a 1060 and cry at how stupid I am

  • Sans Salamat
    Sans Salamat 17 days ago

    Calls his buys lots of beer "it's for the studying"😂😂

  • Michelle Manzanilla
    Michelle Manzanilla 18 days ago

    I want to find myself a Ned 😭

  • Amanda Christian
    Amanda Christian 18 days ago +10

    Senior in college and this video somehow STILL managed to give me major SAT anxiety

  • LittleOgre8695
    LittleOgre8695 19 days ago

    you can tell how long time ago they filmed this video, its Ned's old house!
    Before the office makeover, before Ned and Ariel move to the new house!

  • ArchieMF 23
    ArchieMF 23 19 days ago

    The first question should be ‘B’ not ‘C’

  • 靖玟 koh ching wen
    靖玟 koh ching wen 19 days ago

    we dont even hv multiple choice....

  • Gem Videos
    Gem Videos 20 days ago

    Damn son you get that score 🕺👌

  • Alchemic Reduction
    Alchemic Reduction 20 days ago

    *blinks in Indian education system* standardized tests are easy

  • misha
    misha 21 day ago +1

    I’m in 8th grade and these questions are easy as fuck what the fuck America?
    The only major problem I had was all the shit is in English, and I had to translate it into D u t ch

  • EDPK
    EDPK 21 day ago

    Omg he went to John Marshall lol 😂

  • The Place Bungalows and Restaurant

    Make video for you guys take IQ test

  • The Place Bungalows and Restaurant

    You guys should take IQ test please

  • SquaredPotentia
    SquaredPotentia 22 days ago

    So what can agree and conclude on? *Most things you learn in school don’t help outside of it and in life.*

  • Ben Nguyen
    Ben Nguyen 22 days ago

    Am I dumb or isn't the first question's answer B?

  • crwyon
    crwyon 22 days ago

    wait ned looks so fine after shaving? damn

  • Ruma Bhattacharya
    Ruma Bhattacharya 22 days ago

    Ask him to solve JEE advanced questions. He'll shit his pants if he isn't quick enough with his answers. JEE advanced is an indian entrance exam for admission in engineering colleges and universities.

  • adeen 17
    adeen 17 23 days ago +1

    Anybody else feeling dumb while watching this? 😂

  • Laura Nope
    Laura Nope 23 days ago +1

    Ned used to be a chemist before working at BuzzFeed. Dude is god:)

  • abbey miranda
    abbey miranda 23 days ago

    is he using mathspace?

  • Sleepythebear
    Sleepythebear 23 days ago

    9:45 PREEECH

  • BEE
    BEE 23 days ago

    I got an 1130....on my second try....1060 on my first....

  • Kallen Wachi
    Kallen Wachi 23 days ago

    How the fuck?

  • Anupama Sharma
    Anupama Sharma 24 days ago

    Ned is looking so smart

  • Min Soo Kim
    Min Soo Kim 24 days ago

    Make Eugene take the full Suneug, the korean sat test

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 25 days ago

    I studied for the SAT for one month and got a 1520.

  • Kelsie TV
    Kelsie TV 25 days ago +1

    I can't remember what I got lol but I passed

  • fatima zara
    fatima zara 25 days ago +1

    The education system in America looks so much easier than here in the UK. I guess our equivalent to SATs are GCSEs, which go from year 10-11. Then straight after that you’re thrown into A Levels, which effects massively what university you go to.

  • Rachel Sciarillo
    Rachel Sciarillo 26 days ago

    They really NEED to get rid of the SAT! It was legit torture for me. I’m a great student but just couldn’t sit through the SAT without going absolutely crazy. Everyone learns differently and excels in different aspects. It’s extremely unfair to basically say to kids that some kids are “better” than other kids and deserve to go to a better school because of a test score.

  • Rachel Sciarillo
    Rachel Sciarillo 26 days ago

    He didn’t drink that much lol look at the bottle.

  • Sarvamangala Lakshmi
    Sarvamangala Lakshmi 26 days ago

    Nerdy Ned!!!!!

  • Brenda G.P.
    Brenda G.P. 26 days ago

    I think not getting burned out while studying helps get good scores in any test. We had this stupid test in Florida in H.S. called the FCAT, (Math and English) which I studied for maybe a couple of hours the day before, and I passed with really good scores--mind you, in my opinion, it wasn't a very hard test, but I still knew kids who failed it--Anyhow. My point is that overdoing it and freaking out can affect your ability to take a test.

  • Sabrina Tatalias
    Sabrina Tatalias 26 days ago

    I mean honestly, a lot of colleges anymore don't "just look at SAT. Mine wasnt the best, but my GPA was like a 4.5 so my school bumped up my academic aide. Dont let a score on a test diminish your motivation or aspirations for school. Its not about the score at the end of the day, more people just care about the work you do and what you participate in too

  • Purplecocoa5
    Purplecocoa5 26 days ago

    10:52 Just rewatched, who is the guy in the bottom right corner who's muted?

  • Arfnudaniack Blue
    Arfnudaniack Blue 27 days ago

    Now try the ASVAB

  • YB
    YB 27 days ago

    10:53 who's the guy in the bottom right clapping?

  • Furkan Ayas
    Furkan Ayas 27 days ago

    try to understand intel 8051

  • Claudine
    Claudine 27 days ago

    Love that you all say that there's more too mesure a person by than test like that! Drunk studying kind of dum.

  • Erin Rogoff
    Erin Rogoff 27 days ago

    Before I took the SATs back in high school, I thought it stood for Special Assault Team . . . My friends thought that was hilarious. I can throw a punch better than I take tests.

  • Phoebe Siminsky
    Phoebe Siminsky 27 days ago

    10:43 Did anyone else notice that it said 'Welcome Edward' on the screen

  • Haris boi
    Haris boi 27 days ago

    Wow, Ned is like a smart dude...

  • Lisełka
    Lisełka 27 days ago

    you should try final high school exam from my country

  • Ruth Saechao
    Ruth Saechao 28 days ago +1

    I walked into school after months of ditching and took the SATs. I got a 1230. I ain't mad, but how?

  • akita sOuNd
    akita sOuNd 28 days ago

    highschool is 2 years sleeping and 1 year regretting

  • tricia reyes
    tricia reyes 29 days ago +35

    He was a working chemist before joining buzzfeed. (For the people downplaying the fact Ned was a yale alumni who ended up in Buzzfeed, thats for you. Besides, being on buzzfeed is cool y'all. )
    ..happy for them also now that they have their own channel and left buzzfeed ☺👍👏

    • I killed a man ten years ago
      I killed a man ten years ago 15 days ago +5

      As Ned very aptly stated on their podcast, you can be a comedian with a chemistry degree, but you can't be a chemist witha degree in comedy. So it was very wise of him to graduate with a chemistry degree and get some experience in the field before going to buzzfeed.

  • Paul Pecanka
    Paul Pecanka 29 days ago

    10:28 You are welcome

  • Achy ka
    Achy ka 29 days ago

    Maths isn't exactly useless. It helps develope a part of your brain that is crucial to logic and problem solving. Think of it this way: doing a sprint on a treadmill is beneficial to your health and to keep fit but how often in your life to you actully need to go into a full blown sprint. Athletes do it all the time but a common everyman doesn't have a reason to run at all. Same is with the brain and maths. You may not use it every day (or at all) but it good for ya.

  • 6th Gear Tech
    6th Gear Tech 29 days ago

    This just proves most things you learn in school only need to last for awhile.

  • Kristen Harders
    Kristen Harders 29 days ago

    As a midwesterner I sometimes forget that people actually take the SAT. lol

  • Steve Gunderson
    Steve Gunderson Month ago

    I was in the military never took sat test, so there is an alternative way to get into college, just not for these flakes!

  • Paris Saniah
    Paris Saniah Month ago

    Funny how he got his results on my birthday

  • Fanasticulous
    Fanasticulous Month ago +1

    Watching this while having to learn for my final exams. Well, I should start drinking too...

    • Ellie
      Ellie 28 days ago

      it's not worth it

  • Anushka Chakraborty

    I liked what Ned said about students putting a lot of pressure on themselves for these tests because it is true. It is messed up!

  • head hunter
    head hunter Month ago +12

    Ned: Drinking is bad kids
    Ned: Let's go let's go let's go

  • Ivett Henrietta Cser

    Man I remember studying for both the SAT and ACT exams. The self study was similar to Ned's vid with two differences, had tea for drink and 6 cats.

  • Dollface8985
    Dollface8985 Month ago +2

    Brains, Humor and looks.. full package ladies and gents 🤣👍👍💕

  • yasbutterfly Y
    yasbutterfly Y Month ago

    This gives me flashbacks of maths in A-levels

  • kaelin meag
    kaelin meag Month ago +1

    Great video, but why did Ned de-age like 10 years from shaving that barely there beard off his face?

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on Month ago

    Ah i got whisky on my study notes

  • Nancy Vang
    Nancy Vang Month ago

    wait, we get timed during the SATs???!!!!!!!!????????

  • quirk1b4a
    quirk1b4a Month ago

    nEd SCORES A 1550 AND GETS INTO YALE I SCORE A 1560 AND FAIL YALE my essay just sucked ig smh Ned you absolute genius

    • Jenny Matthews
      Jenny Matthews 17 days ago

      quirk1b4a THE most important thing in life is experience. There are plenty of people working BigLaw (what I want to do) who went to law schools that aren’t even in the top 100 (school rank is VERY important for getting your first job as a lawyer, but it’s also not the top determinant- that would be class rank)

    • quirk1b4a
      quirk1b4a 17 days ago

      +Jenny Matthews Yes!! I figured out that although as a high schooler the university I will be attending seems like it will define me and the quality of my career forever, it's very likely that those who may not necessarily attend a prestigious school could be the ones succeeding. (Probably shouldn't be saying this - I'm happy yet slightly terrified and numbed to say Columbia has (most likely hesitantly) thrown me a bone. The whole thing about 'cheapness' has been forcibly removed from my word bank yikes) But I've decided to work hard and hope that one day it'll pay off.
      And I love how even if people are like "Why did Ned end up in Buzzfeed after Yale", Ned's probably the person happiest in his career in his graduating class. NAMES DON'T DEFINE EVERYTHING Y'ALL

    • Jenny Matthews
      Jenny Matthews Month ago

      Yale is overpriced and Harvard is so much better anyway (I bleed crimson lmao and I’m hoping to maybe get a doctorate of law from Harvard in a few years, so know that there is some bias in this 😂)
      But also, look at where the other guys went!! Keith went to Iowa State, Eugene went to USC, and I believe that Zach went to Emerson- which is a good school, but I believe that USC is ranked way above it.
      My point is, where you go to college in no way effects what your life is like. My mum earned a MechE degree from a very non-prestigious school in the UK and is currently a pre-cal teacher. One of her old coworkers went to Harvard for her undergrad and got a masters and a doctorate from UT Austin. Out of the two of them, my mum is by FAR the better teacher. When you go to those Ivy League schools, you’re mainly paying for a name and getting your foot in because of other people’s misconceptions of what the school is like (I can’t speak TOO hypocritically about this phenomenon, though, as I go to UT Austin. I’m going to be benefiting from this for the rest of my life). Look up the “public Ivies” and apply to one of them!! Same (if not better) quality education, for a much cheaper price- if you’re paying in-state tuition, that is

  • Sophie Tomasi
    Sophie Tomasi Month ago

    I feel like a point is being missed in this video. In many places in the US, the ACT/SAT DOES determine your future. For a lot of students its the difference between going to a university or going to a community college. Or being able to afford school at all. In the US, if you dont have a college education, you cant work most jobs that pay enough to survive on. I appreciate that people are trying to be positive and say "the score doesnt determine worth", but it does. Because when I studied with a learning disability for months for a test that was designed for someone like me to fail on, I was rejected to almost every school I applied. Luckily im in the arts, so I found a college/conservatory that bases its acceptances on auditions. But I know many people like myself who will never be able to afford school now. Thats the reality of the school system here.

  • Mruffy Days
    Mruffy Days Month ago +1

    The Try Guys try to take the Gaokao.

  • Ashlee Lew
    Ashlee Lew Month ago

    Ned should try O-Levels next and I swear he will be thankful for how easy SAT is

  • Sharon Martin
    Sharon Martin Month ago

    My son got a 34 on the ACT my DIL got a 35. They both got lots of scholarships and graduated debt free. Work hard kids, it's worth it.

  • Andrew Ashman
    Andrew Ashman Month ago

    I studied for a month and received a 1570. 😀

  • May Pickles
    May Pickles Month ago

    Quick qu: wtf are SATs for? (From a gcse-muddled mind)

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely Month ago

    Since Ned's real name is Edward, I think he should go by the name Nedward. Am I the only one? Probably.

  • lilvampire02 XD
    lilvampire02 XD Month ago

    I just took the SAT...I don't know my score..until 2 months RIP...😖

  • Kyelee Johnson
    Kyelee Johnson Month ago

    Ned: Where are the number 2 pencils (is in the food isle)

  • LeoStar
    LeoStar Month ago +1

    Who tf spells StationARY with an -ery?

  • LeoStar
    LeoStar Month ago +1

    I got really confused because over here in England, an SAT is what you take in year 6 (5th Grade i think?) to determine what class you are put in for secondary school (Middle School?)

  • Lena M
    Lena M Month ago

    I remember getting a 1615 and being sooooo upset with myself lmao, my goal back then was at least an 1800. I ended up just fine though; got into the college of my dreams, graduating with my bachelors next year, and have a job lined up. To whatever high schooler needs to hear this: you'll be fine

  • dad?
    dad? Month ago +1

    Yo let's give it up for Ned who likes Knob Creek!!!

  • Ashlee McPea
    Ashlee McPea Month ago


  • Seawox Ni
    Seawox Ni Month ago

    Im from Canada so what is a SAT??

  • trisha marie
    trisha marie Month ago


  • ggukedpotaeto
    ggukedpotaeto Month ago

    tbh this encouraged me to practice for the SAT more than my teacher...
    i took the PSAT without studying but i mean i’m satisfied with that, no need to put pressure on myself.
    college is still college, isn’t it?

  • anna huynh
    anna huynh Month ago

    ned, one day later: (makes a 1500)
    boys i barely scraped a 1540 and ned is my inspiration for the next time i take it sjkssk !!!

  • Ash Tree
    Ash Tree Month ago

    Me sitting over here crying cause I didn’t study and got a 950